Monday, August 13, 2012

32 pins on our first day... Blog HOP begins, Bowls with Borders begins NOW!

Have you seen the over 20+ different set of bowls OMG?
Good Day, we are glad to SEE you are with us....
32 pins for our first DAY....wow..

It all started with making a gift for a sweet friend
and sharing that gift on my other blog ( with my final posting)
and many asking me where it came from.
I shared the link.... to Regina's pattern.

Each time I shared another stack, another flood of
emails came in..."where did you get that?"

Flash to today...a blog hop came about..

165 ladies who made these bowls...
will be sharing what their bowls look like..

That I am pretty excited about..
Their BOWLS according to
their selections of fabrics, their appliques
each one will
be totally different...
I have not seen but one completed creation.
I will be as surprised as you...

See what one share of links from an inquiry about paper piecing
 from  Sharon at Vroomans quilts did?
See what one person who knows how 
to make time did ? ( hey, that is me lol)

And here we are....

CAROL from just quilt
is our  fabulous bring in the LIGHT cheerleader for this event..
 She deserves many cheers pulling
off the LARGEST  blog hop...
I think I can say that !!!
in all of our QUILT WORLD
This is the BIGGEST blog hop
Yep I said it...

SEW let's--- now HOP .....

Here our fabulous creators today...

August 13th
 ( these first 4 ladies, do not have blogs
sew they will link to THAT OTHER BLOG
they are in order, and can receive comments on
each one) To the ladies, you can reply
right on the blog to all those who left
comments for you..HOPE that helps)

Be sure to come back later
to see who was our top 2 creators
and who is an honourable mention..

WE already have a button

to see them all on a PINTEREST BOARD
started...the link will be the first one...

OMG Did you see our Creators today?
it was a very difficult decision...
names aside, we only look at YOUR bowls..

Our TOP 2 choices today

the detail, the colours, the overall affect..
we all agreed this would be in our top 2
GREAT work my dear...now who's is it? 

We loved the detail, the colours, nice to see them horizontally..
Who do you think made this..?

and our Honourable MENTION today
without any doubt is this LADY...
HERS was why I chose this pattern
for a friend...it started me thinking
if I love it, YOU MAY TOO?

Congrats winners....
You will be put into a draw for winners of top 2 and honourable mention
at the end of the hop..

ps. 2 count them 2 large sponsors
announced in morning...

1 winner for comments that were left on everyone's blog, ( big prize)
1 winner out of the 164 ladies participants..( 1 man) ( 165)  ( big prize)
1 winner who is in our top 2, honourable mention each day ( big prize)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cheer Cheer Cheer- Bowls with Borders will be HERE? ( tomorrow)

 Yes Yes Yes...Bowls with Borders  begins tomorrow 
MONDAY Aug 13-28th!...
165+ will be participating in this blog hop. They all will be working from this ONE PATTERN by our dear REGINA. All of us ( me included) have made at least one set of bowls...some of us made more wink.

CAROL is more than ready.... LINK to the Schedule on the right side bar, it will take you to her lovely, creative, captivating blog...She is STICKY...YOU want to STICK by her, cause she always has something funny to say and share...She is a DAHLING of a Cheerleader.

mmmm we need a Cheerleader Doll....yes we do...who would be interested in making one in a contest?
Just a thought lol

Anyway back to my cheer this morning....I AM CHEERING for all of you who are participating...I CAN HEAR YOUR CHEERS from HERE...lol Or is that the humming of your sewing machines...

GET ready to CHEER on all of our FRIENDS who Quilt...and piece...

Each day we will have the top 2 winners, here, and yes an honourable mention for those who completed their bowls...pieced, quilted and bound...( although optional) some did that before they knew all we required was the topper...


Anyone who is on the list ( blog hops)  and cannot commit for what ever reason ( must be a good one)
if you do not let us know, you will lose your chance of getting in future blog hops...WE really want to see what you create. We want you all to put up your blogs at Midnight, sew we get everyone to comment around the world....71% read emails between midnight to 8 am in the morning!

All the cheerleaders..x

Friday, August 10, 2012

OUR Next BLOG HOP , NEW Cheerleader announced today!

ON OCT 1 - the 10th of OCT our NEW blog hop
try saying that 3 times...lol
will me managed by our newest cheerleader

Cherry is a talented designer, quilter and long armer.
You could say she is like those banana splits we used to get
at Dairy Queen, with that cherry on each scoop..
Yep- she is as sweet as that. !

Cherry challenges me, raises the bar sew to speak.
I always look at her creations and say
" I want that " lol 
I am sure I am not alone in that thought...

NOW for This Quilt HOP...
YOU will have till next Friday to get your name
to Cherry, email below.

* weekends will be holidays, from this day forward 
on blog hops...

Cherry's email
send your I'm IN --in your subject line

DEADLINE : August 17th..

Ohh yes, what is expected....duhhhhh..

1. a block unfinished 10.5 or 12.5  
2. USE any fall fabric in any colour as long as it FALL colours
3. Give your project a name...suggestions:
Fall escape
Turning a new Leaf
SAD summer is Leafed...lol
4. Take nice photos
5. Do a giveaway or don't ( optional)
6. Place your creations on your scheduled day by midnight E.S.T.
7. BE a cheerleader for all those who participate.

Why blocks unfinished? YOU could
add them to a quilt of all the blog hops you were in..
For instance, I have blocks from RWB, Think Christmas,
and Leafs me happy ( ok not done yet)
Bowls on Borders...these will be a quilt for me.
I will add a couple blocks from each hop...

YOU could do the same...!

Here are some examples of FALL creations
that Cherry made!

This will get us all  in the spirit for Falllllll!

Sew Jane, Lesley, and Carol have a new teammate....
I see they are already shaking their pompoms..
ready to help you out any time!

A big Welcome to Cherry to our TEAM.

p.s . this is not our Halloween Blog HOP...
( that will be our next hop for end of oct announced next week) 

Here is your new button for your blog...
Just grab the code on your top right!

P.S. Participants are already FALLIN in..
yeah...unless you have a question..
WE will be reading, we won't have time
to reply as we will be on our timer lol.

You LEAFS us happy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bowls with Borders BEGINS MONDAY Aug 13

Gentle reminder Bowls with Borders ( just the topper, not quilted optional) begins MONDAY. Carol ( just Carol) I am going to change that to THE Full of Light CAROL... from JUST LET ME QUILT is hosting.. If you love her now, you will love her even more after this....She has no easy task to manage over 160+ in this blog hop...But I have every confidence in her and our other Cheerleaders who I know are helping out behind the scenes...

WE are both excited to see what 160+ ladies have made with their design from our very own  dear Regina   on  Her English Page    and her German page for her friends there and here too
her German Page.

How we met--- Sharon from Vrooman Quilts posted a comment with links to various Paper Piecers...Thanks to Sharon I came across one pattern that struck me as a special gift for a special friend.
I ordered the pattern and Regina was very sweet to help if needed.

this is mine, before quilting and binding..!

I started working on it immediately, very well illustrated and a fairly easy paper piece pattern...I started piecing mine. This friend I am making it for loves bright colors...sew bright she got...I kept showing
photos on my personal blog ( that I have shut down now except for a personal sew long)  and within
days I was asked where did you get that...I told them of course..Then I had this brainstorm...oh yes they come swift and fury...and I thought of a round robin, but that was not one of my best.... Sew my backup plan was how about a blog hop..Yes let's do a Blog HOP....

I connected with Regina, once more...and asked her what she thought about it and would she be willing
to give portions of her pattern for free to all those who signed up and hopped with us...She was eager
and didn't even hesitate.  I also stated if people came to get the pattern for free and did not follow through they were to pay her for the pattern. She thought that was more than fair.. And some have and I have dealt with that, as I know situations come up and they just can't do it....all of them sew far have paid Regina...Now that is a nice gesture...

Ohhh then I connected with Carol asked her if she would be interested, she did not even hesitate to get her purple pom poms ..and I designed the bowls to reflect her favourite colours... WE posted it and within days, actually hours we had over 160 names...WOW...OUR biggest blog hop ever .....

And it starts this MONDAY AUGUST 13th..... ARE YOU all STITCHING ? lol

  Regina has been wonderful and I am pleased that her friends will be joining in the party and on
Monday, we will have a UNIVERSAL blog hop...

Here is what I know about this DEAR Lady..

Regina Grewe lives in Germany and is well known for her nature oriented
patterns. She started quilting in 1999 and developed a lively interest in
its technical aspects. Soon she became a teacher for piecing and appliqué in
Germany and Europe. Along the way she developed her personal style on paper
piecing techniques and patterns. She also runs an international website
where she provides free patterns and tips. And that I can agree with, she

has been very gracious..

Thank you Regina, our sweet Carol and YOU who will be participating...
bowls, bowls. bowls. I can see them everywhere..! 

My world in Laminates....did you know ...

Good Morning....

If you ever thought of working with LAMINATES, take a peak at these...

Ok, what are LAMINATES ?...They are  some of YOUR favourite fabrics with a resin on it...I like to compare it to a very soft cloth with a shiny surface....( I can see RBD cringing over that definition..)  lol Ok, let's carry on...What is wonderful about these is that they are easy to wipe down, easy to keep clean, keeps the rain out on a rainy day...  can be worn for months, yes months...there you go...

You may remember my Peg Bag I designed a couple months ago..YEP, their Laminates!

Big apology here...RBD put my post on the wrong page...It is up now effective 12:30 PM EST
same link!

and yes my very own ruffled petit pot...( don't ask) lol
Yep their Laminates again.....

When Riley Blake Designs first came out with their laminates..I thought "oil cloth" from years ago.. Heavy plastic fabric and they smelled...remember that...Oh I can ...WELLLLL I  was sew wrong.....RBD Laminates, are soft, pliable , they don't smell and  are easy to work with once you know some tips...( those will be found on RBD blog today) along with the pattern for something in the CAFE.... (with more patterns to follow). ( their page has not been updated yet..
Laminates don't need to be hemmed, especially when making ruffles..and YOU KNOW I love ruffles...
well they are everywhere here in my Laminate Cafe...

Go to Riley Blake Designs, button on OUR blog on the right...that will take you to the Designers Page... I may have  said a few more things over there..... yep I am sure I did lol
( their page has not been updated yet...check back after 9 am)

These are extra photos that I took.... Thought you would like to see ...

This was done with a filter...it was sew hot outside it felt like this lol
Our temps here on the escarpment in Ontario Canada are high 90's and 100...
This has got to stop, it is interfering with my quilting...

As you can see, Sumantra ( seal/rag doll) is never far. I should of called her Velcro. She follows me 
everywhere. Many of you been wondering where she is...well here...with me lol
( this photo without a filter..for some of you camera buffs)
I just pretend to be lol

Time now for Brunch will you join me...

And on the GARDENING FRONT...seems we are now Pepper FARMERS
too...I think we have 3....yes count them 3...oh not 3 plants..
3 peppers...lol

Ok, now shoooo go see what else I did at Riley Blake Designs...
( after 9 am..just checked, still not up, I am up..they are not lol)

p.s Thanks for the all wonderful photos of  timers...they will be
suitable for my wee project for all of you tomorrow.
Tune in ...I am going to share how to MAKE TIME!

And winners  of our Think Christmas blog hop was just announced
take a peak below...

and this  Friday we will announce 

I know we have at least 2 registered..
Me and A cheerleader lol

Summer Breezes .....( winners announced)

...brings us some winners today...
YOU don't think I would forget do you?

All of our winners were picked and we are pleased
to announce...

For the visitor who followed all the creative blockers..

SUSAN in (u.s.a.)

...YOU won a collection from both Michael Miller and Westminster Fibers ( esprit)
All Christmas collections....

Sunshine Girl ( in uk)

 won for the participants of Think Christmas who created such great contributions...
you too won both collections from Michael Miller and Westminster Fibers ( esprit)

warmest congrats to two ladies...
They now all have been notified and all of them 
are pretty excited! 

tinks mom ( u.s.a.)

And for the person who was in our top 2 and honourable mention.....
( she was an honourable mention) go back and take a peak at our 
Pinterest board....2nd button on your right...
Selina wins the 24 yds of fabric from all the designers (3) 

Congrats ladies...

And to all of you and our lovely Santa Lesley
for participating in our blog hop
anyway that you did.

( you matter to all of us who will 
keep cheering you on)

p.s.  Hi Debbie in Tx lol

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get a timer.... p.s I met my deadline! ( photo attached)

Good Morning....

Thanks for being part of my morning, afternoon or for some of you evening!
Ok, here is a sneak peak of a project I am doing
for Riley Blake Design for Wednesday.
Today being Tuesday, it will be  in their hands by late afternoon...
( more on that tomorrow) lol 

Now today, here is what I need from you....
Send me some photos of a timer...
an hour one... that one above is mine...

Here take  a closer look...

If you don't have one...look at amazon..they have a gazillion..
ok, that may be a stretch..but trust me here...

Send me 1 photo of yours to this email...

On Thursday of this week. I will share my secret
to TIME....some of you for the past 2 years
have asked me where I find the TIME.

I am going to share how I balance my life...
 AND can you guess what I am working on for Riley Blake Designs..?

 p.s I met my deadline.....

This is my project for Riley Blake Design!

More tomorrow!

It is bright, isn't it?

p.s p.s the timers are coming in...thanks..
cannot reply this morning...
have to write up my patterns..
but THANKS I have quite a few lol

Monday, August 6, 2012

And yes I am resting... will you ?

I am giving myself 20 minutes this morning lol

I have a deadline to make!
see you tomorrow!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Think Christmas winners on our last day...

Yes today is the end of this delicious blog hop
hosted my our very own Santa Lesley
sew some winners must be chosen
for our top 2 and an honourable mention...  

And our top 2 winners today are....

 This was sew amazing..thank goodness I placed my coffee down
otherwise I would have been wearing it...
the degree of choosing the right fabrics, right down to bottom of the  tree
to the golden star...well done sweetie , well done..

It was difficult this morning to choose just 1 more...but we did
 choose a well executed block...look at this ladies points
in her outside sashes... and the fussy cut of DR Seuss, and will you look
at the framed bits like an old photograph of yesterday...
yes by golly, she had to be mentioned....

And our HONOURABLE Mention for best
overall block turned into something is
this lady's..the detail in her fine embroidery,
her blocking and pillow and yes even
the photo got top billing today...

August 5

Briarside Lane
Pigtales and Quilts
Quilts From My Crayonbox
Quilt n Queen
Pattie at That Other Blog
Quilting, Losing and Tea
Why Knot Kwilt
Madame Samm

Wow ladies...what a wonderful blog hop...to all those who played along contributed not one but many blocks, to those who still were not a show today...I believe it was time zones....please let us know when your blocks are up sew we can add you to our PINTEREST board....Thank you ...thanks to Santa Leslie for being a gracious hostess  for this blog hop...TO all of you, for being part of such a wonderful
break from our lives for a little bit of Christmas...

Think Christmas will be repeated next year....sew keep us in mind....for year 2...Santa Leslie
has already polished her boots and her gold buttons on her Santa suit...

Don't forget to leave your comments on my blog..I will be adding the Giveaways there along
with those who comment...we already have you registered....

Good LUCK to you all..it is not too late to send off comments to everyone on our hop...YOU have till WED....

YOU just SMACK of delight....

Ahhhhhhh Good morning to all of you above me, beside me and all around me...lol. I have just a few minutes to let you all know that YOU all mean sew much to ALL of us...thank you for cheering us all on...what a lovely gesture...to see your words upon our screens, to know that someone looked at our stuff and liked it...YOU are all kind, smart and important to us all..thank you for sharing your minutes with us..we are better for it...

NOW I Must run, I have a few things that require my skill....you will see soon enough! thank you on behalf of ALL of us..do please stay tuned wink..

Mdm Samm x

My Christmas tale in Paper Piecing...

Good Morning and welcome to my Christmas tale...
 I Love that I am your last visit of the tour...
( I do hope you followed the order of quilters today...and I am my last yes lol)

MY tale begins...( in paper piecing photos)

It is likely still dark for some of you...sew I provided some light...
You will note it's cool this morning because the wicker is barely moving..

You may be browsing awhile sew I poured you a large cup of your favourite brew...
It was especially made for you....Ohhh my-  do you feel a chill.....?

 It is possible you feel chilly after all you are still  walking around in those undies..
I am sure I have a dress that  will suit you for the Christmas tour...
Let me see....

 Ah yes, I found one...It suits you perfectly..you like dots..me too!
Ohhh you want to see the tree...well let's go into the parlour..
You first....

I know, I know, how can you not love an aqua tree?

I knew you would like it...look our local cardinals even brought some
red ribbon..our cardinals are very talented..they drop in all the time..

OHHHH...you feel like something to eat..
Well, let me see what we have....

 I have some pepper mints for you..
YOU love CANDY CANES...me too ....

Oh that ornament!!! It has a story
would you like to hear...

 This ornament was made in the 60's, oh silly girl that is not a store
it's the year....lol  This was made from old tablecloths, you know
we  used to save every bit of scraps... enough to make these ornaments.
I think these came from Amanda's place a long time ago..
( these young ones lol)

Ahhh but they have such heart, even if at times they seem a bit wonky....
( saying to myself) lol

WE know their hearts are in the right place...
and we know that because.....

They still believe in Santa....

Thank you for dropping by, I don't want to rush you or anything,
but I think I heard the doorbell...more visitors are waiting...
Off you go...x

To a seasonal holiday with warmth...
( or should I say a cool breeze)

Ohhh and a special treat for a special cheerleader....

And by now you know we have giveaways ...some pretty amazing 
ones ...our participants of this blog hop have
at least 2 chances, some have 3 to win all that 
our generous sponsors provided...

Thanks to Michael Miller, Westminster Fibres ( Esprit)
all of our participants...all those who were our top 2
and honourable mentions, those who followed along 
and were cheerleaders for you and all of your new found friends..

And a big THANKS to Santa Lesley
who was one of the best cheerleaders on our team..
She cheered, she organized, she was there when
you needed her... I could not have done it without
her passion to excellence..
Now she can sleep through the night ..wink..
That large runner above is yours, to do what
you wish. A large body pillow, a start of a quilt
for just Santas, a runner....from my heart to yours...

WEDNESDAY we will announce the winners..
Give many you a chance to see them all..

PLEASE let me know here...
WE will go by honour system
Tell me you visited them all and left comments
and you could win 32 fat quarters of fabric...

The other ladies, will know who won
by random generator on WED.
Good LUCK!

OH  come back next week to see 
what next blog hop YOU can be involved in..
There are many reasons why you should consider..
YOU will SEE!

IN case you did not go in order..
Here is whom I shared my day with ...

August 5

Madame Samm ( yes that is me)

What is a hop without a giveaway?
NOT 2  but  3 giveaways?

1 winner of all those who participated
and created blocks... you will get one Michael
Miller bundle and one Esprit bundle...
( every one is included here even Santa Lesley)

1 winner who followed every day
and left comments to all participants..
You will get same as above lol
I know a few who did.... how many more by 
WE will go by honour system
if you tell us you left a comment for everyone
we will believe you!

1 winner for all those who were
the top 2  and honourable mentions each day...
YOU will receive
24 YARDS total 
( and that is approx...I think it is a lot  more than that) 
of both of these collections..

The winners will both receive
Christmas collections from

( I am doing a special project that you will see soon with this
collection...cotton couture..have you seen it?)

Valorie Wells Christmas collection

Total 32 fat quarters each..

I think it would be enough for next years
Think Christmas don't you think?

Or maybe a Christmas project
you will have plenty of time
for that now...

Winners will be announced next WEDNESDAY!

Thanks for playing along...

A deep appreciation for 
our sponsors who are always
eager to help out..
Michael Miller and Westminster Fibers.
Thank you time and time again!

Oh and be sure to come back tomorrow..
we still have 1 more day of participants...
who will be our top 2 tomorrow
and honourable mention?

oh we are very close to our 200+ mark
on Pinterest...I think I saw 220 amazing
contributions.. the doors are closed..

220 wow! 
can you hear me clapping!