Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's day 2 of Think Christmas........will they....???

Will our quilting ladies today come close to the blocks of yesterday.....will they top our 43...
I am there cheering them on...will you????

 Look who is showing their blocks today...

I see Jane, and Deborah and  Judith, and Mrs Pickles..
oh and yes I see Susie too...
and only because their names were..

WE are up to 73 blocks on day 2

July 31 

 Jane's Fabrics and Quilts

Quilting Fiesta

Scrapbox Quilts

From This to That 

Buzzing and Bumbling

No Loose Threads

Deborah B 

Judith Handmade Treasures

Gran-Knot-Y Embroidery Lady

Mrs. Pickles

Susie's World

Come back later to see who are our top 2 today....They will be entered into a draw at the end of next week for a fat quarter bundle from Free Spirit... We also have an honourable mention for best well photo, block or project...YOU know the one that has you saying..

                                 " I WANT THAT NOW"

but you know you can't have it..but you would like to have it even if you have to make it yourself..That kind of honourable mention........Yep, you get it... lol

Mdm samm 
is saving the big cheese for 
someone special today!

 go see Leslie second button on your right for the whole schedule...
go see the PINTEREST BOARD, 1st button :Think Christmas....updated every day!
( usually first thing in the morning)

Top 2 Christmas blocks/projects for today on our second day.

WE had a hard time deciding today....
there were sew many wonderful blocks
and projects.  These certainly wrapped us all in warmth
hope they will for you too! 

Who's lovely wrapped block is this? What a great idea
for a block.... 3D 

NOTE : her stocking is paper pieced..look closely
at the detail on her blog...wherever she is lol

Who's blocks turned into this lovely wall hanging..?
EACH block had such lovely detail...

These 2 winners will be in the running for 
our fat quarter bundles from Esprit at the end of our hop..
Congrats Ladies..

And our  HONOURABLE MENTION for today is .....

This lady presented this block and how these lovely bowed blocks can be made
in this over the top lovely quilt... 
What a wonderful day it was...Now we need to return
to each of our blog hop quilters and leave some over the top


If you want to catch up on yesterday's and the rest of the 
schedule for our blog hop...
link the second button on your right...
That is Lesley's schedule page!

Monday, July 30, 2012

It's our first day and we are at 43 blocks THINK CHRISTMAS

Ok, I have my coffee in hand, ok, not while I am hitting my keyboard...I am not that good...lol
and I am thinking it is our very first day to THINK CHRISTMAS hosted by Santa Lesley, and we are at 43 blocks for the very first day....43 Christmas blocks...OMG....and each day, we choose the top 2 winners who will be in a pool of other daily winners on the last day to win a fat quarter bundle fabric of christmas fabric. We also will have an honourable mention for a project that just blew us away....NOW who is that today... is anyone's guess...!!!

SEE the THINK CHRISTMAS button on the sidebar...if you click on it, it will link you to our PINTEREST board...all the blocks each day will be added there...

OUR hearts are full and it is day 1, I am thinking is it to early to put up our Christmas tree..... ahhhh yep it is .... or is it?

OK, here are our  top 2 winners today...and out of 43 blocks it was very difficult for us to choose.......

 TOP 2 WINNERS for today, July 30th are.....

YOU gotta to love this SANTA. where is it in our 
hop today? Clue she added it as a tut....

And this tree is from a collection of feathered trees. 
this one just blew us away for the finesse of the stitching.
Who made this one?

And our Honourable mention made this....

 She could not stop at one tree, she made 30....
Who made this amazing completed quilt???

I have already done the hop...
but if you have not..here are  the quilters 
from today...
YOU will be just sew amazed
at the level of their creativity
and dedication to stitching and thinking

July 30

For a list of all those who participated..
Go here....

Santa LESLEY is responsible for gathering
these amazing quilters, sending many reminders
to keep them on track and believe it or not...
43 blocks for our very first day....
6 more days to go...
let's hear it for ...

P.s... Did I forget to note????

Some of our quilters are giving away some
pretty nice giveaways...
although optional...
I am saying...WOW! lol

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Who is thinking Christmas on MONDAY...???

I can hardly wait, I am sew excited, my machine and cutting tools, I got them back, for those who 
have been following that saga...lol  have been working over time and you know what that means..
I have a few blocks to show too...but not till the last day...

BUT look who we have for MONDAY. AGAIN each day we will choose the top 2 and feature them here. Those top 2 will be gathered for the end for a lovely bundle of fabric from Free Spirit. !

These ladies I know possibly have butterflies...I do too. See you  on MONDAY girls...

July 30

Friday, July 27, 2012


( what was I thinking...apparently not too much.....but there are 2 days added to Lesley's blog hop
hosting days..or Mrs Santas show and tell... or whatever she wants to call it....we are all getting
pretty excited....2 more days ...yes!.)

I am sew excited that Lesley at the Cuddle Quilter  here is the schedule for the hop.. It all begins on Monday...

 I thought why not have a christmas dinner, complete with turkey breasts stuffing,cranberries and coleslaw salad.. For dessert I will be serving pumpkin pie..Yep we are Celebrating Christmas in July....this weekend... just drop in anytime. there is surely to be some fixings for you too!

And Think Christmas, we will see you Monday....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dots on Dots Blog hop one more day to sign up

dots on dots will be hosted by 
this cheerleader

and Corrie has her dots on sale in her store..
if you need any dots fabric check here

Get all of your polka dot fabrics out of your stash..
and start creating...
YOU can stitch, appliqué, paper piece,
block anything as long as you have polka dots
in your blocks...
Make anything you like 
BUT DOTS have to be used in your block...!

Oh I can see it now........lot's of dots..

This blog hop will begin on Sept 10-20th...
( no weekends)
9 days of dots....

Sign up today

its easy.

choose some of your DOT fabric in your stash, make 1 or
 1,000 (* this is for Mdm S.)
10.5 or 12.5 blocks. unfinished
You can add a a lot of dots or just a smidge
Take photos of your blocks
Showcase on your day, schedule will be posted next week
Share a tut or not...optional
Have a giveaway or not, optional 

Please sign up with Corrie 
 Friday, July 27th.  

Sign up closes this Friday! 

Please place this button on your blogs
the code link is on the side bar...

If you plan on playing in our blog hop,
CHEERLEADER for all those participating too.!
It is something to cheer about..

Now let's hear it......
Let's Cheer for DOTS!

We will always have 2 months 
lead time to the next blog hop..
Next weeks announcement is for 
2 months and 1/2
Downtime will always be 10 days 
between blog hop...
For those who work well under stress...wink..

Friday, July 20, 2012

No really, I can hear the constant hum of sewing motors...

Our dear Santa Lesley has been busy I can assure you...SHE has the new schedule up for Think Christmas...I can see many of you will be busy as I will be this weekend sewing up our blocks and projects for this wonderful surprising uplifting blog hop....hosted and cheered on by


OHHHH the bowls with borders who will 
be cheered on by our Carol 
is very busy with that too...
Have you started your bowls..?
Have you thought of what you will do with them..
I have ....mmmmmm
 I see Carol has her Pom's Pom's displayed
Each host is giving a set of pompoms
as a symbol of being chosen for our cheerleading squad..
( Leslie has her on her blog too lol) 


There is something buzzing in our world this week. I can feel it...I can't tell you specifically ..
but there is something else..

WELLLLLL could it be the next 2 blog hops....?
Could be.... Here are the next 2 members of our cheerleading squad...

I am working on the new buttons and on 
MONDAY we will start the signs up..
How does that sound?

Corrie from Quilt Taffy
will be hosting one of them


Cherry from Cherry Blossoms
quilting studio
will be hosting the next one...

Yes they will be...and they are
terrific Cheerleaders..oh my our squad
is growing ...

Check back on Monday for the announcements..

I remain, Squad Leader...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oooops forgot to tell you ....

we all will be busy preparing for

Lesley from the Cuddle Quilter.... over here has the schedule...but don't go there yet....wink...she is adding more names..check out on FRIDAY. ok...

Meanwhile you can hop on over here and see what is on my bucket list...

I even set you a table...next...lol 

I am working on this before shot ...which will be a new cafe highlighted in Ombres and Chevrons a la Riley Blake Designs... Oh just wait till you see the transformation....

My best

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WOW I hate seeing anything END....

Ending anything makes me sad..... Sew let's lift each other with this news........I was reading in between the lines to the wonderful CHEERLEADING comments this past week, about some who have missed out on THINK CHRISTMAS blog hop that will be starting very soon....GOOD NEWS!

WE will extend the blog hop for 2 more extra days..but we only have sew many spots...
Sew here is WHAT YOU WILL DO.... Tomorrow at MIDNIGHT and all day....
let LESLEY know ( she will be hosting this event) that
subject headline...I WANT IN!...


Lesley who is hosting this event will let you know if she has space for you....I am already thinking
this is going to be a terrific blog hop...just THINK CHRISTMAS> I am with trees, and umbrella's for Mrs Claus, and bags, and ribbons, and .......

pssssst...later this week, I will be announcing the next 3 blog hops that will follow Think Christmas
and Carol's Bowls with Borders.....3 more coming...what could they possibly be...

Well I am designing buttons this week..sew you just wait and see...wink... who is still on a ROLL!

p.s winners announced on my other blog

and now I will be resting...NO I won't I will be sewing
what else would I be doing, besides some homework
and tidying up our home and making some potato salad
and baking a dessert of cho-chip cookies and .....

we will see you later in the week...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Red White Blue Last Day of our Blog Hop

What an amazing Hop this has been. It was a pleasure being your tour guide. I now need more fabrics, more books and more time for all the ideas I received from this wonderful ride!

A huge thank you to Madame Samm for allowing me to host this hop.

A huge that you to all the participants who worked so hard to and did inspire us. This is what quilting is all about.

Helping and inspiring each other.

I (Jane) will leave the button up on my side-bar so we can go back and start all over from the beginning. I know I will there are many new blocks in my future.

BUT Wait...

We are not done

Day 16 is right here...

Who will Madame Samm pick as out top two today?
TOP 2 today..everyone is up.. are.......

Love this one....as it looks like you fall in...great job on this log cabin..

this one was a delight a summer breeze waving the flag....nicely done

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Red White and Blue Blog Hop Day 15 July 15th

we are at day 15!
only 1 more day left...

can you believe the number of blocks we have...
on our link here to our Pinterest Page

excluding today's..
I think we are nearly at
293....we will top over 300 tomorrow...
you watch...

I wonder what todaywill bring?

July 15th

Be sure to return later

to see who was chosen as our top 2 blocks of the day?


ohhhh and at the crack of dawn we have the top
2 to reveal this morning...and what a delight 2
they are..

This lady did an amazing appliqué...and perfect for a sunday morning to wake
you all up and ask you to be sure to visit our amazing creators...

and this young lady who happens to make her star into
a  great bag give-away.....get over there and sign up...
She is one funny lady! 


Now go out there and be great cheerleaders..
cheer on our fabulous team....they have been amazing...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Red White and Blue Blog Hop Day 14 July 14th

we are at day 14!

can you believe the number of blocks we have...
on our link here to our Pinterest Page

over 285+ blocks

Hmmm, What will today bring?

July 14th
Susie’s World
unDeniably Domestic   ( she had forgotten her day...go read why) lol

please check back with she had google trouble yesterday..

And here are our top 2 blocks of today...
Wow, what a great day...

Doesn't this just scream summer...reminds me of checkerboard games at the cottage...

 And this is a great wall hanging or possibly a great summer
runner, all it needs is some berry stains lol

Terrific days girls....2 more days to go....WOW
we will be over 300 blocks...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Red White and Blue Blog Hop Day 13 July 13th

we are at day 13!

can you believe the number of blocks we have...
on our link here to our Pinterest Page

excluding today's..

Hmmm, What will today bring?

July 13th

Be sure to return later

to see who was chosen as our top 2 blocks of the day?

And I am glad you are back..
wait till you see who are the top 2....wow.!

she had sew many amazing star paper piecing, we could not agree
on just one...sew we had to go eerie, meenie, ......and this one got it..
isn't just striking...?

And will you look a t these pair of shoes..are they not just amazing..
LOVE them! and they are paper pieced too!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red White and Blue Blog Hop Day 12 July 12th

we are at day 12!

can you believe the number of blocks we have...

on our link here to our Pinterest Page

todays total 241 blocks

I wonder what will today bring?

July 12th

Our top 2 blocks, and we had a hard
time narrowing it down to 2...
this was very tough...a few top 2
were a must...here they are...

Can you believe this...and this pretty lady is giving this away as a kit...
yep she is...go see who that is...

and this lady made this....it was her attempt at appliqué
and I think she poured her heart into it..

There many that could have made the top 2 lists today..
wish we could them all here.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red White and Blue Blog Hop Day 11 July 11th

we are at day 11!

can you believe the number of blocks we have...

on our link here to our Pinterest Page
we are at 208 blocks....

including todays....

I wonder, What will today bring?

July 11th

Be sure to return later
to see who was chosen as our top 2 blocks of the day?

Here are our top 2
Did you hear me squeal.....
Don;t you just want to stop everything and join
this sweet lady for tea at 3....

And this lady had all kinds of great ideas on how this block would look like
in a quilt...just lovely