Saturday, June 30, 2012

RED White and BLUE blog HOP begins Today....

The Red White Blue Blog Hop will begin
today, right now...this moment...
YOU can find all the blocks each day
link blog hop button on far right corner,
on this blog...YOU will see all the blocks there each day!

Jane @ Jane's Fabric has the full schedule...
Jane is managing this blog hop....
if you get lost and don't know where to go..
return to Jane's, she will always have the list
of participants there...

EACH participant should have their days list like this one below......

And each day, we will choose our top 2 favourites...

and OUR top 2 favourite blocks today 
This one belongs to ..........
of today's showing....
Love the colours, the perfect points....

And this one....
let's go for a twirl, great photo, use of stars
in her choice of fabric and blue binding...
yes most certainly a great choice...

and there are many more...take a peak....
who do these belong to?

Each day we will choose the top two blocks
and post them here...
Sew yes, we have some blog hopping to do 
for the next couple of weeks..
We have over 100 participants for this one...

Carry on..

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bowls and Borders Blog HOP IS FULL, 169 participants.


Had everyone received their pattern?????

Good Morning ALL

We have had an overwhelming response to the bowls

Effectively immediately, we cannot accept
any more participants..

Everyone who has signed up 169 + of you,
( and yes that is it) lol
will receive the pattern  FREE on July 1st.

This is a FREE pattern, REGINA has
been gracious to share her gift of Paper Piecing
with all of you...
If you do not participate, or you have a good excuse 
that you cannot play along.... YOU WILL BE
CHARGED 5 EURO's .....
Sew be sure if you are making this commitment,
you will be making your stack of bowls...YOU will
have 6 weeks to do this... ( I did mine in 3 days)
We have all of your emails and sew does Regina,
SEW if you cancel out after you have received the pattern,
I will send REGINA a note to invoice YOU.

FAIR, I think sew!
If you feel at this moment you cannot make
the commitment, please let CAROL know
before JULY 1st....

I look sew forward to seeing what you all will

We have some on a waiting list, sew cross
your fingers still might get a chance to participate.

My best

 Yes today is the day to 
sign up for the Bowls with Borders..
and how exciting this has been. 
Ok, I speak for myself because I got to make it first...
Here is my progress sew far..

This will be our button above, I just have to make
the code, sew come on back later...
you have till July 1st to place this button on your blog.

FREE Pattern only for those who participate in the blog hop.
YOU do not have to have a blog, we will host your photos.
Those who do not want to participate will be given
Regina;s links on July 1st. ( you can purchase directly from her.
cost is 5 Euros) 

I had done all the vertical stitching, today I will work on the horizontal.
and tomorrow I will be binding it...
The sun was just setting when I got these shots...

And of course my rag doll cat Sumatra, who loves the camera
somehow managed to get in this shot too!

Carol will be managing this blog hop, Carol is witty, organized
does some amazing quilts and is certainly an asset to our quilting world

Here is  Carol's blog

Isn't her banner captivating?

Well you will sign up with Carol, here is her email addy,

you will send off your name and url if you have a blog
and please let us know if you do not have a blog, we will
post your pictures on either Carol's blog or this one..

I  have been constant contact with Regina, she will be
home from holidays,  on July 1st and will provide the pattern pieces
for FREE for those who will be in our blog hop.
If you just want the pattern, you will have to purchase it directly 
from her. 

Only those who participate in bowls with borders
will get the pattern for FREE. I think that is gracious
of Regina, she has many of her German friends who will
be playing along. The most wonderful thing about
the quilting world is our quilts speak for us...
In this case, lot's of bowls will be popping up 
in August....

You have from July 1st to August 13-28th
to complete your bowls....

Carol will assign you dates of your day on the blog hop
Next Saturday. 

I will assist her too...

Those who are followers of Carol's and this blog
will be eligible for prizes....If you are in it, you can win it!

You can make a stack of 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19 and so on..
I am going to make yet another too!

This is a paper piecing pattern but really easy to put together
if you need assistance check this out..
Elaine's method is what got me hooked on P.P. 

Hope all this helps...

Sew please connect with Carol, and she will
gather all of your names and url's and keep you posted...
I will set up a list, HERE, when it is final.

Bowls for Borders will be open until JULY 7th 
sew sign up now!

the first 10 to sign up with Carol , will have
a name tag made by me, in your very own colour...

 WE are well over 100+ and they keep coming
in we will have to stop at 150...
and we extended the blog hop by another 7 days...

just leave us a note here saying
 and then go see Carol
Thank you!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sneak Peak for the RED WHITE and BLUE

Oh look yet another sneak peak of a block for 
our next blog hop 
Celebrating RED WHITE and BLUE.
And no worries, I have quite a few more to show case..
yes quite a few lol

Jane from Jane's blog
is managing this blog hop, and she has done
a fabulous job to date.
With over 100 participants, I would
say RED WHITE and BLUE is of course
a favourite. I know for sure it is Jane's fav holiday
and colours ( JULY 4TH)

What can you expect....

WELLLLLL, every day from July 1st to July 16th
we will have daily hops to see what everyone
has done with their RED and WHITE BLUE blocks..

Each day here, on this blog I will choose the top 2 favourites
of the day and showcase them here with links back to 
the blocks creators...

Many of our creators will be having giveaways too...
that is always nice and we will have some giveaways too...

Sew to all of our creators,  be sure to take some great
photos..if you need help, you can always count on me
to photoshop them if needed...( for brightness and contrast)

I am sew excited for the RED WHITE and BLUE
to begin, I may just make another today lol

Ohhhh by the way we have 55 participants for our Think Christmas
and 80+ participants for our Bowls with Borders...

Congrats to Lesley and Carol for a job well done sew far!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gentle reminder, registration day ends today for THINK CHRISTMAS

UPDATE please connect with LESLEY here
I  believe we have 50 participants 
for our Think Christmas, 
and that is a lot of HO HO HO ! 
You only need to make 1 block or more 
of a christmas theme or red, white and green anything..!

Thanks to Lesley for managing this blog hop...
See you then,
mdm samm

 NEW Blog Hop Scheduled...

Think Christmas in July, albeit end of July and 1st week of August.
 Blog hop will run  JULY 30th-August 3rd.

Think, Santas, Snowman, christmas balls, trees, anything red, green and white. Think Christmas blocks. (6.5 or 10.5 or 12.5)  YOU could be inspired by this blog hop to make a new Christmas designer quilt. YOUR blog hop friends will cheer you on. 

Lesley from "the cuddle quilter" will be your hostess.  Check her blog out if you are not familiar with it...She is a very prolific quilter and I know for a fact she loves anything Santas... I remember her from last year and she was Santa everything....Gotta love someone who has the spirit with her every season....She loves this season ( Christmas) sew she seems like the perfect choice in managing this blog hop. She will coordinate all the participants, with a schedule and she will oversee the blog hop with me... I will do little, really just a cheerleader....Yeah Lesley...

#1 You will sign up with her directly at this email. Lesley's direct email

#2 Here is the Blog hop button to place on your blogs... copy code.. below button

Sew we quilt

copy this code to HTML.

located on top right of this blog ...see graphic, copy and paste
the code below to your gadget HTML. 

#3 Let her know by next Tuesday, June 26th. DEADLINE.

#4 BE Inspired -Think Christmas. YOU know it is 

181 days till Christmas

#5 Lesley will have some wonderful prizes to giveaway, sew far we have Westminister Fabrics
and Michael Miller. They have some pretty amazing collections coming out!

Here are some of Lesley's finest pieces... to have you THINKING CHRISTMAS

Yes it will be...!

Don't you just love her Santa...

She does lovely red work, you can do that too..!

Ohhh look another Santa....

and her new signature by moi! ....

I already have a few things white and green..
Sew I am in...who is next? 

Prizes to win for those who participate
and for those who hop!