Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gentle reminder, registration day ends today for THINK CHRISTMAS

UPDATE please connect with LESLEY here
I  believe we have 50 participants 
for our Think Christmas, 
and that is a lot of HO HO HO ! 
You only need to make 1 block or more 
of a christmas theme or red, white and green anything..!

Thanks to Lesley for managing this blog hop...
See you then,
mdm samm

 NEW Blog Hop Scheduled...

Think Christmas in July, albeit end of July and 1st week of August.
 Blog hop will run  JULY 30th-August 3rd.

Think, Santas, Snowman, christmas balls, trees, anything red, green and white. Think Christmas blocks. (6.5 or 10.5 or 12.5)  YOU could be inspired by this blog hop to make a new Christmas designer quilt. YOUR blog hop friends will cheer you on. 

Lesley from "the cuddle quilter" will be your hostess.  Check her blog out if you are not familiar with it...She is a very prolific quilter and I know for a fact she loves anything Santas... I remember her from last year and she was Santa everything....Gotta love someone who has the spirit with her every season....She loves this season ( Christmas) sew she seems like the perfect choice in managing this blog hop. She will coordinate all the participants, with a schedule and she will oversee the blog hop with me... I will do little, really just a cheerleader....Yeah Lesley...

#1 You will sign up with her directly at this email. Lesley's direct email

#2 Here is the Blog hop button to place on your blogs... copy code.. below button

Sew we quilt

copy this code to HTML.

located on top right of this blog ...see graphic, copy and paste
the code below to your gadget HTML. 

#3 Let her know by next Tuesday, June 26th. DEADLINE.

#4 BE Inspired -Think Christmas. YOU know it is 

181 days till Christmas

#5 Lesley will have some wonderful prizes to giveaway, sew far we have Westminister Fabrics
and Michael Miller. They have some pretty amazing collections coming out!

Here are some of Lesley's finest pieces... to have you THINKING CHRISTMAS

Yes it will be...!

Don't you just love her Santa...

She does lovely red work, you can do that too..!

Ohhh look another Santa....

and her new signature by moi! ....

I already have a few things planned...red white and green..
Sew I am in...who is next? 

Prizes to win for those who participate
and for those who hop!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

But first a POLL for the BOWL, Bowls with Borders Blog Hop...update

 ( this just a POLL, would ANYONE be interested?)

A paper piecing thought- was planted
and bowls is all I could see...
I thought "what is happening to me?"

I kept cutting and sewing and stacking up high
well the colours and fabrics just made me sigh..
I can't stop now, I am on a roll
perhaps you will join me for a poll..

Should we do a blog hop, each do 3 
will you follow along with me?
Will your stack be red and black
or multiple colours will that be a fact.

Will they be floral or abstract designs
will you be thinking this is a sign...

Will you please join me in the fun,
a bowl party is not fun with just one....

YOU start with 4 and then add 3 
and before you know it
you have 33....

( or more) 

as you can see, it's hard to stop
I just kept cutting and piecing
without a thought...

How large will it be, 
will everyone see,
I have lost my mind
is this a crime?


It's time for lunch I must run
but I will be back with more bowls
this is just too much fun...


Okay day 2 and yes it is true..
I kept sewing and stacking
and the bowls just grew...

Will you be joining me and all the CREW...?
I sure hope- yes I do!

written by me
( hate to admit that lol)

My DH shared with me this morning..
he thinks I am reading far too many Dr Seuss
to the grandkids...lol

I heard from the lady who made
the pattern, she is going
to provide the pieces to make 
the bowls for FREE!
Please let me know who would 
like to make a stack of bowls..
If there is enough of you..
we can have a quick blog hop
to see them all....
It is a very easy pattern!
You will have 6 weeks to complete
your stacking bowls..
Who is IN?

sew we will scrap a round robin
( logistics and all and just have a
blog hop say mid August....)
Yes I am in !

I will be doing another..
this one I am going to complete
and show you...and it is already spoken for!

Will need a volunteer to manage
this blog hop?
I will help of course..
New button on your blog,
new personal name tag...
and lot's of traffic...
drop me a line
with subject line..

more pics here of bowl with borders...
that will be the name...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jean Ann with her Barbara Fritchie Star...

Editors note: I asked Jean Ann for something patriotic that would be ideal for our upcoming RED White and Blue Blog hop....Her block and story will no doubt inspire many of you..., perhaps inspire you to make a block from it....thanks Jean Ann...

Here is a star block with a patriotic story that is more fiction than truth, but it is still a favorite story in the USA. I will put the directions to make the quilt on my blog today. 

Barbara Fritchie Star

The center star in the quilt is 16", and the border stars are 8". Make 1 center star and 

The incident allegedly takes place during the American Civil War when the southern rebel troops were marching through Fredericksburg, Maryland. Barbara Fritchie, a 96 year old woman is the heroine of John Greenleaf Whittier's poem that describes an incident where it is said Barbara Fritchie waved a union flag at the enemy. The legend itself says that the flag was hanging out of an upstairs window and the Confederate troops shot it as they marched through town.

Here is an excerpt from the famous poem

"Shoot, if you must, this old gray head,
But spare your country's flag," she said.
A shade of sadness, a blush of shame,
Over the face of the leader came;
The nobler nature within him stirred
To life at that woman's deed and word;
"Who touches a hair of yon gray head
Dies like a dog! March on!" he said.....

The house is still standing in Fredericksburg, the exterior fronts a downtown street with many tourists walking by to see the popular tourist destination and visitors can visit the Barbara Fritchie House and Museum at 154 West Patrick Street. http://www.fredericktourism.org

Fredericksburg is in Virginia.  correction...

Jean Ann Wright, Quilt Editor, Author, Designer

Friday, June 15, 2012

Paper Piecing - should come with a warning!

                                   Paper piecing is it a technique? or is ART?

NOT sure...
But I will tell you ever since I saw Paper piecing
by the artist in her own right Annie....
I think she did it for me...
Her Paper Piecing is ART...

I became obsessed with wanting to do this with ease...
I tried her method and I tried many paper piecing artists
methods...BUT it was not until I saw Elaine 's
 post here  on Sew We Quilt..
that I thought I can do this with Freezer Paper...

 That weekend I headed out to our retreat and no other than Christine,
my dear quilter extraordinaire, guided me in making Elaine's method
with freezer paper and my ADD a Quarter ruler...
( Kelly has some)
That I finally got it....Christine certainly shared my joy too lol.

I don't think I could have made these cereal bowls had
it not been for this ruler..YEAH ADD a quarter...
and a few of my dearest online friends..

SEE nobody does it alone..not even me... lol

Sew the bowls yes my chintz bowls...I ordered
this out of print book called Cups and Saucers
by a Dutch lady and even though it is from 2000,
and the colors were all dark ..her patterns are magnificent..
( publisher Martingale and Co)

I recently purchased this book from Martingale & Co.

Create delightful paper-pieced quilts and showcase a subject you love--sewing! Discover 12 pictorial sewing-room blocks in both 4" and 6" sizes,  ( I enlarged all of mine) plus a larger block depicting Sunbonnet Sue quilting. Choose from eight quilt patterns and turn your blocks into small wall quilts, or make a sampler quilt using all 13 block designs.

 What is nice too, is you can purchase this in the download version...did not have to wait for it...

WE are having a blog hop soon for
RED white and Blue, it begins July 1st....
we have over 90 participants...
Jane from Jane's fabric is our hostess....

I am doing nothing but paper piecing blocks...
sew far I am up to 16.....yep, paper piecing 
has kind of hooked me.... or some other term
that would reflect this amazing technique or art???

sneak peak of some I have created....

My heart is now sew into this ....I have made a few diff't hearts...

 Took me a few tries to get my geese flying in the right direction...

Oh and of course you would be surprised if I did not have something
coffee related...? 

What books, paper piecers have you been inclined to look too?
Who are your new teachers....?
Should we have a future paper piecing blog hop????
I am in lol

Will I ever stop? well not at the moment anyway..
there is still a few days before July 1st...

ps. Sharon provided us all with some wonderful links..
some I was aware of and others welllllllll I am just over the top
excited to share with you as soon as I hear from the designer.....for now..
thanks to Sharon..

Sharon has a lot of Carol Doak books/CD's, but also these sites/piecers
she recommends...

and google these ladies...
lindakl, quirkygranolagirl, verykerryberry, charise, ayumills, jennifer ofenstein

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

YOUR blog hop headquarters...

Send us a B. L. O. G H. O. P.  "announcement",
and we will let everyone know what you are doing and where you are....

We will be Blog Hop headquarters, we have many blog hops scheduled too....

If you want to know about them, let us know..
if you see them in our quilty world..
I will list them all every Tuesday!

#1 send me your button and a short summary
and I will post them here every tuesday...
send to madamesamm@me.com

#2 your name and blog url would be also

#3 carry on..

Join Melissa Ann here for her tour...
Tour here!~

Hi Madame Samm! I am having a book tour this week for my book, A Year of Making Life Beautiful: 45 Projects to Make, Grow, Craft, and Sew.  It is set up in months, each month containing a quilt pattern, recipe or two, craft or two and something about the garden. Available in spiral bound or hard cover at find it here! It's over on Friday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Need a cuddle...

LIKE Shannon Fabrics on  Facebook and you could WIN this*!  
*Ten different yards of The Cat In The Hat Cuddle by Dr. Seuss.

Click HERE and like them on Facebook between June 11-25, 2012 and you'll be entered to win!
Connect with them on Facebook to see their latest news and to share your own creations!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring Market in Kansas 2012 YOU TUBES, Need some Inspiration...lot's here..

br />

 It's a circus over here ...lol


More fabrics, and ribbons and music to stroll by ....


Hop on over to Bunny Hill.


Some great inspiration here today, if you could not make it to Market, well today, from
your home, screen, IPAD, join us for a quick stroll on some pretty amazing lines, fabrics
and sewing ideas....

This young lady has the Ombre collection..quite nice indeed..


 Hard not to love this lady ....she is sew darn animated, and has some very interesting new projects...HOUSE one...look at this one..
Monica Lee

Andover Fabrics

Riley Blake Designs


 These ladies always deliver....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An original exclusive laminate project. ( RBD fabric collection)

Did anyone of you guess it was this...?????
A Clothes PEG BAG. In Europe we call them PEGS not PINS<
you can call it anything you like...

NOW have you ever seen such a bag? lol

The pattern for this can be found  here at RBD ( Riley Blake Designs) 
(they posted it to the wrong page, now fixed but they lost all of your comments) 
for the original C.P.B.  Lot's of photos, pretty easy too with the laminates...
fabric a diff't story....

At the beginning of the year RBD asked me to be part of their
design team, I  was quite taken by their offer, as many of you 
know I am not much of a quilter, sew this is indeed new to me...
I don't do a lot of patterns, I am from the old school, 
I see it in my head, I take a pair of scissors and I cut the material and sew.
Hard to do patterns ....well take a peak...
at their blog...you tell me lol. 

SEW here it is....I have been having issues with the # 3...
it took me that many times to get this just picture perfect..( above)
( and I don't mean in the photo shoot, the actual design of it- 3 attempts)

And then once I got it the way I liked it...I had to make a couple more...
WEll actually more lol

WHY? well because I have these neighbours who don't sew.....lol

This one is made a bit different as it was made from fabric, sew it needed a lining..
All of these are already sold....you see I have these neighbours, who went a bit
girly on me, when they saw my first one...NOW I was not selling that one...
but these....were designed with them in mind....
They let me keep them long enough to take some photos....
( nice of them wasn't it?) smiling here....

You can see more on my other blog of another fabric
and laminate CPB creation..

With all this sewing, I had a bit of time to write
a poem that seems befitting, don't you think?

WILL she ?
by mdm samm

NOTHING- nothing smells as sweet as sheets brought in from the kisses of the sun-
It would be such a surprise if anything artificial could be undone.
Placing the sheets upon a line, is a chore that is loved each week-
It is something the neighbours always seek..

Will she have her whites with pink flowers, or her yellows in buttercream?
Will she be putting out her nighties and her lacy undies with not a care it seems.
Will her mans Tees be all pinned in a row...
one for each day- like a garden that you sow....?
Will the breeze embrace each piece on the line,
will it carry it to the skies one at a time.....?
Will she be sitting on her porch, with a quilt in hand and smile upon her face?
Will she be taken to a memory that was a such a slower pace...
Will she be cradling her coffee cup filled to the brim
Will her heart keep singing, will she.....?

Now be sure to go to Riley Blake Design to get the pattern for this...
say hi for me...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An original LAMINATE project sneak peak....

If ever you wondered what to do with LAMINATES.....
I may, just may have you interested...
Here is a sneak peak...more on WEDNESDAY, here and on 
Riley Blake Designs Blog...

( they have some lovely photos of their booth
at market and our very own Deonn has her quilt showcased

Can you guess what this could be....
sorry no hints...I am not good at it..
YOU would guess in a second...lol

Monday, May 28, 2012

Block party serving some TOAST....and JAM....

Breakfast is being served, beginning with some toast from Debby......


Debby Kratovil was Special Projects Editor with QUILT Magazine for 15 years, with over 600 articles published. In 2006 alone, she saw 54 of her quilts published, with another dozen sewn for major fabric companies. She has seen 25 of her quilts make the cover of quilting magazines, with 9 covers in 2006 alone. As she says, "I sew for the camera, making sure my quilts are very photogenic." She is a popular teacher both locally and nationally, as many happy students will attest. Debby authored "Bold, Black & Beautiful Quilts" (AQS, 2004), six quilting calendars for Accord/Andrews McMeel Publishing (2006 - 2012), a perpetual Quilter's Block-a-Day Calendar and companion CD by Martingale. Her latest book, Supersize "Em Quilts, is filled with 22 projects to appeal to any quilter's discriminating taste. Debby is a prolific quilter, designer, and illustrator. Her next book, "Perfect Paper Pieced Points" is due out in February 2013. Best of all, she enjoys every minute of it.
Currently she designs and sews quilts for 3 fabric companies and her quilts appear in a variety of magazines. She loves to travel and teach and working for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo takes her to a dozen cities a year.
Debby takes her wide range of quilting skills from a pile of fabric to a finished quilt, then to creating the patterns and professional illustrations print-ready. Debby likes to say, "I've never met a fabric I didn't like." One of her special talents is making a beautiful quilt using challenging fabric collections. She is on very good terms with her computer and computerized sewing machines, which enables her to take a project from start to finish quickly.
Debby lives in Fairfax, Virginia with her husband Phil and dog Belle. She has 3 grown daughters and an awesome grandson!

Editors note....from Mdm Samm

And what is toast without a spoonful of  JAM...?

I am adding this, as I get many requests for a great jam that is perfect 
for low calorie reducing plans and especially diabetics.

ST-Dalfour here is the link..
What is nice about this...is you can now get it everywhere
in the world...U.S. Canada, UK, Europe.

I was raised on this Jam( we called it la gelee) , in France, where it originated it was
the only Jam the sisters supplied us with as a treat with our home made biscuits...
I ordered it from France for years, now it is here...
My favourite is the gourmet pears and royal fig...

So while making yourself a nice toast block, treat yourself to this
JAM, you will be glad you did....

It is only sweetened with fruit juices. nothing artificial about this...

Thank you Debby for supplying us with yet another great block...

Toast anyone?