Thursday, May 3, 2012

Something wonderful happened......while I have been working (ahhhh on holidays)

While you are all waiting for the next series to unfold.....
I thought, why not entertain you with a few block designs...
I have spoken to a few designers...that are more than willing
to share some blocks with all of you.

WHY? Why not?

#2 Will get you sewing more
#3 Blocks can become quilts
#4 and ohhhhh it gives you something to do
while waiting for the new series...
Yep that's it ! lol

SEW for the next wee while, we will have 2 blocks to introduce each week. Today it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Jean Ann Wright. What a lovely lady too, you just know right away when you make a connection, there is something "sticky" about  that person...   I am certainly going to stick with Jean Ann.
I have always said, 

"Quilters have the biggest hearts and the sharpest scissors..."
(I have been working on a design for this) 

She will have you cutting in no time flat...
Debby Kratovil and Jean Ann Wright have done many of these
Jean Ann and Debby Kratovil, work on these perpetual calendars, this one is still available here
 Debby will be providing blocks too. ( very soon)

All about JEAN ANN Wright

Jean Ann Wright majored in textiles and fine arts combined these interests to become a fiber artist. From 1986 to 2007 she edited QUILT magazine. She then redesigned and edited The Quilting Quarterly for the NQA, leaving that position become a full time designer. Her inaugeral book, Circle of Nine, was co-authored with her sister, Janet Houts. Jean Ann designs quilts for major fabric companies and recently designed two fabric collections for Newcastle Fabrics and a Log Cabin Trim Tool available from your local quilt shop or her website:

Jean Ann has won awards for her quilts at the IQA, and in other local, state, and national exhibitions. She has judged the IQA show in Salzburg, Austria and Houston, Texas; and numerous other shows. She presents programs and quilt workshops at the Houston Quilt Festival and local and regional guilds. Follow her blog:

Jean Ann Wright, Quilt Editor, Author, Designer

#1 Block...

This is the Depression Block
but there is nothing depressing about this...
it will become a Happy Days Quilt...
YOU can get the pattern on Jean Ann's blog

This is the Quilt design, you can get from her... see nothing depressing about this...

and here is your block to work on. Certainly if enough of you make it...I will set up a link, if I must lol

Thanks to Jean Ann, she is starting us off on our first block party...YEP, we are having a block party and you are all invited.... Be sure to drop by her blog if you want to make her Happy Days Quilt...She has all the details there ....And pssst. if you follow her, I bet YOU will make her one happy lady too!

my best

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yep, give a dog bone..what is that saying lol.....

Yes I know ....oh holidays 
does not have the same meaning for you
as it does me...
( lots of behind the scenes stuff)

OH OH OH ...
we have 100 count them....
ahhh don't.....
100 for the RED and White Blue 'Blog hop..
just saying lol.

and what is that saying about a dog and a bone..
help me out here...

Blog hop entries closed! 

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Craft Taffy retreat with Quilt Taffy....get out of here...!

Haven't you all wanted to spend a couple

hours sipping tea with Corrie at Quilt taffy...How about 4 days
sewing up a storm. Eating with her, sleeping with her...( well that did not sound right) lol sleeping under the same that sounds better...
She is sew darn funny...I understand
she is having her very first get together..
The cost is fabulous...
The food will be fabulous
The company wellllllll fabulous too...
I am just thinking how wonderful it would 
be with you and you and you ...

are those taffy pins...get out of here...
I want

Here are more details...

Craft Taffy Retreat

Join Us!

Come for 4 days and 3 nights of
or whatever you want to do - 

to your hearts content
or as long as you can stay awake.
You'll have time to work 
on your projects,
time to relax...
we'll have some demos, 
giveaways and
a lot of fun.
Limited spots available.
In beautiful McCall, Idaho
October 17-20, 2012
All of the details are here.