Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's a month of kitchen stuff...and look at what shell is bringing us....Penny Pitcher

Well hi there! I'm Michelle May of The Raspberry Rabbits! I am honored once again to be invited by Madame Samm to share a tutorial with you!

Lately I have been designing wool applique patterns and thought you might enjoy a fun little tutorial. I am a penny "pincher," but since the theme this month is kitchen related, I thought a penny "pitcher" would be perfect! hee,hee,hee. I crack myself up!

I truly love a warm country look in my home and wanted to make something that I could hang from a peg hook or a doorknob in the kitchen to add a little color and fun. This project would also make a great gift for Mother's Day! You could add a card and some flower seeds or candy or whatever your Mom would like!
So let's get hopp'in with our Penny Pitcher!

First you need some wool felt. I used my BFF #7 (bundle of fun felt). I sell these in my SHOP along with many other supplies and patterns.

You will also need some fusible web. I am the queen of using fusible web! LOOOOOOOOVE IT! Ok...sorry about that. I get carried away sometimes.

Trace the pattern pieces onto the fusible web. Like I said, I'm a penny pincher, so I'm pretty stingy with my fusible web. I try not to waste any of it so I trace smaller pieces into larger areas.
This is how I cut them out.
Now fuse the pieces to the wool felt. There really isn't a wrong or right side to the wool felt. I usually just pick a side. Once you have fused the pieces down, cut them out on the pencil line.

You will need two 5 3/4" x 9" pieces of black wool for the background. You also need a 3/4" x 2 3/4" piece of yellow wool and a 5 3/4" x 1" piece of orange wool. These sizes are all listed on the layout page for your convenience.

Using the layout page as a guide, fuse the pieces in place onto one of the background pieces. Oooo...pretty!

Now you need some floss. I'm a designer with Valdani Threads and I Looooooooove their 3 Strand, handoverdyed, colorfast floss. These are the colors I used for this project. I have them in my SHOP along with lots of other fun colors.

Now add some decorative stitching to your applique. I like using a running stitch as I like a simple, primitive look. If you like a blanket stitch, then you could use that. Whatever makes you happy! :) I also used 1/4" buttons inside my flowers.

When stitching the orange strip, don't stitch the sides or the bottom just yet.

Now you'll need some freezer paper for this part. Trace 4 penny flaps onto the dull side of the freezer paper.

Then fold a piece of black felt in half. Line the top of the freezer paper flaps up on the fold of the felt. Now cut your flaps out on the pencil lines.

Next, fuse the stars to the flaps keeping them closer to the bottom as the top of the flap will be sewn inside the background pieces.

Make simple stitches around the star to hold in place and add a button. Then fold the flap over and stitch together around the edge.

Whip stitch the penny flaps to the back of the appliqued piece being sure to line them all up.

Pin the remaining 5 3/4" x 9" piece of black wool to the appliqued piece. Now stitch the sides and bottom of the orange strip securing the front and back wool pieces together.

And then stitch down the sides leaving the top open. Again, use whatever stitch you like.

Add a piece of wire for hanging. You could also use some jute, ribbon, or yarn if you don't have wire.

Finally, fill your little Penny Pitcher with flowers, a card, candy or whatever you like and you're done! Wasn't that fast and fun?

Here are the links to the pattern layout and the pieces.



Thank you very much Samm for inviting me again. I had a great time and I hope everyone enjoys this project.

Hop over and visit with me and the bunnies sometime. We also have a Free BOM going on! It's "The Adventures of Harrington and Hannah." We would love to have you join us!

xx, Michelle May, The Raspberry Rabbits

Friday, April 20, 2012

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

IT''s a month of kitchen stuff and look what Susan has for us.... A quilted kitchen floor mat

Hi everyone! My name is Susan, and I blog at So Sue. I am thrilled to be guest blogging at !Sew WE Quilt! to share with you my latest addition in my kitchen. Thank you, Madame, for the opportunity.

I recently dropped one of those narrow and tall olive oil bottles. It was pretty traumatic. I had just filled up the bottle all the way to the top the night before I knocked it over. The bottle shattered into a million tiny pieces and the olive oil was all over my nice jeans, counter top, white cabinet door, hardwood floor and an ugly black floor mat ($8 from Home Depot!). I used almost an entire roll of paper towel to clean up this mess. Needless to say, I tossed out the floor mat with olive oil all over it and was convinced that it was time to make a nice quilt for us to step on! *sarcasm*

I have been eying Robert Kaufman's Treasures & Tidbits collection and knew this would make the perfect floor mat. I selected seven green and orange fabrics to match my kitchen. What do you think!?

Ah! Go ahead! Go step on your quilt; it feels amazing!

- Seven different 1/8 yard cut of fabrics for the top
- About one yard of fabric for the back
- About 1/3 yard of fabric as binding
- Fleece
- Non-slip drawer lining to go under the mat so it won't slip

1. Prewash all fabrics. This is a must if you want to machine wash this floor mat!

2. Cut the 1/8 yard of fabrics into thirty-five 5.5" x 5.5" squares.

3. Assemble the 5.5" x 5.5" squares into a quilt, with 1/4" seam allowance, that measures 35" x 30" when finished (seven squares across and five squares down).

4. Quilt them using fleece as it holds up better than cotton.

5. Before you bind this off, create four corners so you can tuck the "non-slip" drawer lining into each corner. This will allow me to remove the liner when this mat needs to be washed.

6. Bind off, and that's it! I used a 2" strip for the binding; I wish I made it a bit wider. I think I will use 2.5" to 3" strip next time.

I cut up two pieces of non-slip drawer liners and taped them together. They work so well!

Happiness is stepping on my beautiful quilt and looking at it every time I walk by my kitchen!

Yes, it's official. My husband thinks I am crazy for spending the time and money on this. But he agrees that this looks fantastic in our kitchen. Now he wants to me to make matching chair cushions, placemats, potholders, etc. I know how I plan to use up my scrap fabrics from this collection!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will make one for your kitchen too! Be sure to stop by my blog and say hi. I can't wait to meet you!

It's a month of kitchen stuff and with Lisa, she is serving up some TEA coasters ...

Hi there, its Lisa here from Lazy May embroidery. I was so pleased to be asked by the lovely Madame Samm to contribute to her wonderful blog once again, and even more delighted to find out the theme was 'in the kitchen'.
I love (almost) everything about the kitchen, cooking, baking and especially eating (you'll notice washing up and cleaning are excluded from the list!) and I also love embroidery! So here is an easy little embroidery project that combines the two, simple stitched (and pre-stained!) mug mats.
So when you have finished toiling in the kitchen you can sit down with a nice cup of tea and a large piece of cake and place your mug on a fabulous handmade mug mat. I hope you enjoy this little make, if you like what you see you can check out more of my iron on embroidery patterns and makes at www.lazymay.co.uk.
To make 4 mug mats you will need:
  • About 1 metre/yard patterned fabric (I used pink spotty cotton)
  • About 1/2 metre/yard lining fabric (I used some old fleece material but you could use heavy interfacing or toweling material too)
  • Embroidery thread in four shades of brown, pink and red
    Needle, pins, scissors, embroidery hoop, ruler
  • The mug mat pattern below printed out on A4 (letter) size paper, click the image below to get the full sized version.
1) Cut four squares from your fabric, the squares need to be large enough to fill your embroidery hoop.
2) Transfer one of the four mug mat patterns to the centre of each square, there are various ways of transferring the pattern, you can find a handy guide printable guide here
3) Once transferred embroider over all the lines apart from the square border. I used the following threads and stitches:
4 different shades of brown for the coffee/ tea stains, I used three strands of embroidery thread and a stem stitch.
Red for the text, I used 2 strands of thread and a backstitch
Bright pink for the brackets, I used 4 strands of thread and a split stitch.
You can find some simple stitch diagrams here
4) Next you need to trace the transferred square through to the back of your fabric, push a sharp pencil through each corner and then join the dots up with a ruler on the back.
5) Now you are ready to assemble your mats, cut around the square line leaving a gap of around ¾ inch, do the same with your other 3 embroideries. Then use one of your cut out squares as a template to cut another 4 squares of your patterned fabric and four squares from your lining or fleece fabric.
6) Stack the squares in threes in the order show below.
7) Place the three squares directly on top of each other and pin in place.
8) Stitch over the penciled square leaving a opening of about 1.5 inches, you can either machine stitch this or do it by hand using a small tight back stitch.
9) Turn the mat inside out, use a pin to pop out the corners as much as possible
10) Trim the lining fabric that is poking out and tuck the two layers of patterned fabric inside, sew up the hole neatly.
11) Press your mats with a hot iron and make yourself a nice cup of tea, you’re done!