Monday, April 2, 2012

Behind the Seams for our April Winners...

There is something about each month that goes by
that takes with it some sadness but also  replaced 
is some joy..
SAD because I hate to say goodbye to another banner and 
 joy to say hello to a new design..
Of course made up of YOUR quilts. 

Sew my dear LuAnn, Jess, Amanda and Borianna, thank
you for adding such JOY to our month of March...
Hope to see you all again someday!
there !that was no sew hard lol

To Sharon, Linda and Dawn
wellllll surprise....wink...

Each month I see a design in my head....
 and it usually flows on my first attempt.
But not this month...this was my 5th design..
I lost my mojo for a bit....lol
( me ladies here saw at least 3 designs...I thought
I would stop sending and just surprise them 
when I finally came up with one that suited me lol)

But I think you all will agree, this one is a delight....
Sew ladies thanks for being part of it all
Again we had 183 submissions....and YOU 3 fit 
well under the umbrellas...
The rest of you...keep sending..
I do appreciate seeing your talent...
MAY we need PASTELS..
sew please send....
( madamesamm@cogeco.ca)

With Sharon..
This is Sharon from Vroomans Quilts my blog  and it is an honor to have my grandson's 'Broken Crayons' as a banner quilt.  Oh, I had to go back for this was the first quilt I made as a blogger.  Looking for a project idea for a Scrap Along and the Modern Project, I dumped my 32 gallon tote (now I have three of those) hoping to be inspired.  My daughter and grandson made a surprise visit and he immediately enjoyed jumping thru the pile of scraps.  Then started to pick pieces up and naming the colors.  Bad NaNa me, only a simple little baggy of broken crayons became the focus of matching fabric to a bit of crayon - and Broken Crayons was born.  I made blocks like crazy while my daughter kept widget finding color bits. 
I like to label all my special quilts being gifted - and made a fitting 'crayon box' label (insert picture of label).  Unfortunately when M. Samm notified me of being on the banner and getting some 'new' photos, I found out that 'Broken Crayons' had been lost in one of widget's travels.  No full alert is called for as there is a new opportunity (and NaNa still has that baggy of broken crayons and lots of scraps)  for there will be a Crayon II as there is now 'little widget' to teach colors to.  And widget has expressed he wants a 'colorful cars driving on the moon' quilt.  Hmm, wonder where the inspiration will come for that!

Now with Linda...

Madame Samm! I'm so excited and honoured to be chosen for this April banner - you did such a pretty, spring-like job! I LOVE my quilt! It was started in a class with Heather Stewart my blog as a colour study. What a challenge! Working from stash and lots of swapping with class mates, with 3/4" logs, each block needed a range from light to dark in one colour. Making this quilt certainly revealed where the gaps are in your stash. The chevrons took for-EVER but I am so pleased with the finished product. I'm still looking for the perfect place in my home to display it, there isn't a label on it (I know, I know!) but I am really bad at naming quilts so if anyone has any ideas!!!
Thanks again Madame Samm

and last but not least, 
here is Dawn

I am sew excited to have my quilt featured on the April banner at Sew We Quilt! It is such an honor to see my quilt along side these other beautiful creations. My quilt was created as a challenge after Madame Samm requested red, yellow and white quilts for the April banner. I thought, nope I don't have those colors. But I kept thinking of that color combination and thought why not? I do love the colors in the fabric line Charlevoix by Minnick and Simpson however it also included blues. So I dug through my stash to see what else I could find...only 2 fabrics with those colors. Do you know of a fabric line using only those colors? I'd love to know. 

I got out my graph paper and colored pencils and started drawing a couple of ideas. Then I remembered the chunky chevron tutorial that Amy Gibson taught on Craftsy in February that I wanted to try. I extended the chevrons to make it into a mini quilt. I really love the way it turned out. It finished at 16" square and will hang in my sewing room that will get a fresh coat of yellow paint soon! The label (yes, I label my quilts) has the name of the quilt, Rambling Roses, the words red, yellow; white challenge, the date completed, March 2012, and my name. You can read more about it at my blog: take a look here Thanks sew much!

Sew there you have it....another new banner for the month made up of stitches
by You. I love that every month the design is a reflection of what  I see in my inbox...
YOUR creations... Thanks April Ladies. you make us all  smile...

This month we will be featuring tutorials for the Kitchen...
Sew if you are passionate about anything in the kitchen...this may be your month..
I can see you giggling...I know...I would love to close my kitchen for a month and just stitch...

The month of May will be made up of PASTEL quilts...sew if you have
any please send along to me...May will also be about pillows....Mmmmm already coming
up with ideas for this one...

Sew visitors and friends alike, your comments will shower our winners with butterflies, there is no doubt!

YOU is kind, smart and important to me..

Sunday, April 1, 2012


you can find me here
 http://www.flickr.com/photos/66254127@N08/7108637715/ and here crafty jenny

this is Betty Lou's from sugarlandquilts.com

Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Stick together with a PELLON giveaway. ( giveaways everywhere....another one for our end of month celebration)

March Giveaway!!
Total Prize Value is approx. $60

We are all about educating the quilters, sewers and embroiderists
( tell me there is another word for you-us lol)
of what is available. Let' Stick with PELLON is my 
Marketing message for you all...Why look at anything else?
Sew look what they have  sent for our monthly give-away..

WOW...yep I thought the same...
Thanks to Erin and all the supportive PELLON
creators...our world is stickier because of YOU!

Here is a link to pellons' projects
working now....

805R Wonder-Under®
·        New Packaged Version!
·        Sewing machine safe fusible web with paper backing. One of our most popular products. Turns any fabric into a fusible. Excellent for intricate fabric designs.
·        15" x 2 yards
·        SRP $6.15

987F Fusible Fleece
·        New Packaged Version!
·        This low loft 100% polyester fleece easily adds softness to home decorating, craft and apparel projects. The easy iron-on application eliminates the need for pinning, basting or sewing.
·        22” x 36”
·        SRP $5.99

Nature’s Touch Packaged
·        Nature’s Touch Cotton batting drapes beautifully and is soft and durable. A lightweight and breathable batting that is perfect for all seasons.
·        100% natural cotton
·        90” x 108”
·        Loft ¼”, Shrinkage 3-5%
·        Stitch distance 8-10”
·        Available at Joann’s
·        SRP = $29.99
810 Tru-Grid™
·        With it's accurate 1” graph you can create, duplicate, alter and enlarge craft designs. 
·        Cuts, sews and gathers like real fabric. 
·        Tru-Grid™ stays "true" to the straight of grain, it is strong yet sheer, can be basted and can be tried on. 
·        100% Polyester
·        45" wide
·        SRP for 1 yard = $2.70

EB96 Natural Blend 80/20
·        Needle Punched with Scrim 
·        96” wide x 1yd
·        SRP for 1 yard = $3.99

·        Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. A needle-punched insulated polyester fleece on to metalized mylar. Great for pot holders, table pads, and ironing board covers.
·        93.75% Polyester / 6.25% Metalized Mylar
·        45" Wide
·        SRP for 1 yd = $6.95

EK150 Easy Knit Tape
·        Packaged
·        Knitted Fusible Tape
·        1.5” x 10yds
·        SRP = $5.49

Sew who is IN for this giveaway.???
...IN being the OPERATIVE WORD....what can your I.N. 
mean today..

As in i.e..
I (innovative)
N ( need)
( hey I like that...lol)

Sew be funny, creative, you can add more words as long
as I and N has a new meaning...

winner chosen on Tuesday!

Thanks Pellon, I will stick with you forever lol

Congrats to 
This package of Pellon is on its
way...There is no doubt 
in my mind you will find
many projects to work on with
this impressive giveaway..
Along will be some presencia threads
and needles too...


It is the end of our month of runners BONUS day of Twister Tool Table Topper Tutorial and a DOUBLE giveaway from Quilted Works!

Hello from your friends over at Quilted Works! We have loved all of the darling Table Runner ideas that Madame Samm and Friends have shared with us this month. We are so excited to be a guest blogger here again to share one of our favorite Table Topper Tutorials! Everyone needs to have a cute table topper for every holiday and every occasion, so you really can't have too many! Also, remember to enter the GIVEAWAYS at the bottom of this post, and you could be the lucky winner of an entire kit to create this Table Topper...
Today we are sharing a fun technique that involves a Charm Pack and the "Lil' Twister Tool" created by Country Schoolhouse Designs. For this project we are using the "Oh My" charm pack by Sanae for Moda, but you can really use any charm pack or (36) 5" charm squares.

Everyone is always wondering, "How did you make that?" It may look difficult, but is actually A LOT easier than you think! Let us introduce you to the "Lil' Twister Tool." It's a small square ruler that allows you to easily make pinwheels without tracing or having to use templates.

This ruler has nice gripper feet on the bottom to prevent it from slipping around on your fabric. Let's get started and I'll show you how to use this nifty little guy!

Supplies you'll need for this tutorial:
  • 1 charm pack or a variety of 36 - 5" squares
  • 4 - 3" strips of white border fabric (or contrasting fabric to coordinate with your charms)
  • Lil' Twister Tool
  • Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat, thread, etc.
  • Outer border fabric as desired
  • Quilt back fabric and binding fabric
  • All seam allowances are 1/4"

First, lay out the 36 charm squares that you want to use. Using a 1/4" seam, sew 6 squares together to create a row, repeat this to create 6 rows. Press the seams on each row going in the opposite direction. Sew the 6 rows together to create one big block that is 6 squares across by 6 squares down.

Next, we are going to add a white border. Cut four (4) 3" strips. Measure the width of your large charm square block and cut the length of the borders accordingly. Sew on the borders and press.

After your borders are sewn on, it should now look like this:

Here comes the fun part! Now we get to use the Twister Tool. We're going to go from left to right. Place the Twister Tool in the upper left corner so that it is on the white border and overlapping the top row of charm squares. The lines on the Twister Tool will line up with your seams. The only exception is there will not be seams in the borders. Just use the seams from the charms to line up the tool.

Use your rotary cutter to cut around all four sides of the Twister Tool.

The cut pieces will look like this (the colored lines are to show where the original seams are):

Make sure to go from left to right, then top to bottom. It's easier to cut your piece and immediately bring it up and place it. Keep two rows together to make sure you're laying it out correctly.

Sew each row together, making sure not to stretch the fabric. You will have 7 rows total. Make sure to press the seams in alternating directions on every other row.

The fabric will be very stretchy. Try your best not to pull or stretch the fabric while you're pressing the seams.

Sew all 7 rows together and there you have it! Doesn't it look amazing?

You can also add borders...we added an inner border and outer border. Our inner border was cut at 1-3/4" and the outer border was cut at 4-1/2", however you can do them as large or small as you like.
Finished size of our table topper came out at 32-1/2" square.

Now for the EXTRA fun part! We are offering TWO GIVEAWAYS with this Table topper tutorial! So you have two chances to win a darling kit to make the Twister Tool Table Topper.
  • For a chance to win the kit for the Table Topper used in this tutorial, be sure to leave your comment here on Madame Samm's blog. This fun kit includes everything you will need to complete your table topper (except batting)!

  • For a chance to win another (different) Table topper kit, please visit the Quilted Works blog and leave a comment for us there!
    Happy Spring everyone! And thanks again to Madame Samm for inviting us to be a guest blogger. We love quilting and sharing with you all!
Love, Your Friends at Quilted Works

Congrats M Masek
You have been contacted
and you are the lucky winner from here..
The other winner will be posted at their site...
comments are now closed!
Thanks for playing along

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A hint of spring with "basic grey" giveaway ( leave a comment with both LuAnn and Rhonda today our special guests)

Does this not have you thinking SPRING...?
even a hint of it, I am sure many of you would
love to sip into action and create something
beautiful with this lovely giveaway..

OUR giveaway today  is from 
basic grey. Check out their latest patterns
here, Sunday basket brunch pattern as well
as these notions are also included...
Hello LUSCIOUS is the name of this fat quarter bundle..
And LUSCIOUS it is!

basic grey has a blog too
Do peak in and say hello. I know they 
would love to know you like them....
They have agreed to be our new sponsor...

Ok, today, leave a comment
to both LuAnn and Rhonda
for their pretty spectacular
tuts...Don't you agree,
and leave a comment here 
with this..


Winner will be announced on Tuesday of next week
by random generator

Good luck everyone and to basic grey
you have added anything but grey to our morning..

so 3 comments to be left to win
Rhonda, LuAnn and here! 
Congrats to Kvander
a first time winner
and an over the top
excited lady....
Love when that happens
YOUR package is on its way...
Thanks to Basic Grey
and all who entered
with some very nice comments

it's a month of runners and table toppers and look at LuAnn's Table Cloth ( 2 special guests today again lol)

Hi I’m LuAnn from Loose Threads here to show you the red and white tablecloth that I made. With all of the excitement over the quilt display, Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts, I wanted to make a quilt in red and white. I also love the combination of redwork embroidery and quilting, so I was thrilled to find the Scandinavian Christmas Hearts pattern from Northern Quilts.

This is one of those quilts where the fabric really does do the work. The quilt has a large block in the center with long strips of fabric surrounding the border of red and white squares. It can be used during the Christmas season right on through the month of February.

Each corner of the tablecloth has a different redwork heart that is set on point.

Yes....the hearts are on point so imagine my surprise (and shock) when I took this heart from the embroidery hoop and discovered that I had traced and stitched it the wrong way.

Now I'd like to show you what I did with this block.

I made a quilt-as-you-go table mat using the block and leftover fabric from my tablecloth. Here's how:

I found a hexagon template and traced it onto freezer paper and then enlarged it so that it would cover my redwork design.

I ironed the freezer paper onto the block and then trimmed the block. Then I cut a piece of background fabric quite a bit larger than the block. Place the background fabric right side down.

Next place a piece of batting on top of the backing and secure the block in the center with a few pins.

Cut your scraps into 1 1/4" strips.

Place a strip right side down and sew. I used my walking foot.

Finger press the first strip open, and place a second strip on making sure that both ends of the strip extend beyond the first strip. Sew.

Keep adding strips and work your way around the block.

Continue around the block until it is the size desired.

I added a border cut at 2 1/4".

My binding is the same striped bias binding that I used on the tablecloth. The quilting is finished so the table mat is ready to use or give as a gift. This method can work for any orphan block you have, too.

Thanks to Madame Samm for inviting me to be a guest blogger here at SewWeQuilt today. I hope you will come over and visit me at Loose Threads. I have enjoyed this month of table runners, and I'm happy to be able to show you a couple of mine here.

it's a month of runners and you will be going into circles with Rhonda on this Transformer Table Runner

Hey Y'all my name is Rhonda and I blog over at Quilter in The Gap. I live in the most amazing place called Cumberland Gap aka The Gap. Here in The Gap there aren't too many people - only 210 and of that 210, I don't know of any other quilters. Now there is a very good chance there is another quilter here, I just don't know who they are....if you happen to know who they are will you send them my way? Oh how quickly I digress....

When I was about 9 my mother decided she needed to have more children (at the time I wasn't sure why) and not being a woman to do anything in a small way she took me from being an only child to being the oldest of three...she had twin boys....ugh!!! As they got older they watched all kinds of gross shows like Dukes of Hazard, He-Man, and Transformers. Now I am not talking about the cool Transformers of today with the great effects but instead the terrible cartoon of the mid-80s. I hated boys TV but it does stick with you!!

So, when it came time to name this table runner that easily converts to placemats, hot pads, and even wall art if you so desire, Transformers were the first thing to come to mind! This Transformer Table Runner is super easy to make! Before we get started let me show you a Christmas version I make for Cindy:

Picture taken by Cindy
Here is the version we will work on today:

Cindy's picture is much more creative!! LOL
You probably noticed today's version only has 4 circles instead of 6. The choice is yours. You can make it as long or as short as you like. Think of the fun the kids would have with this runner if it were 10 or more circles long....UBER FUN!!!

Ok...let's get started...I have babbled on long enough!!

Supplies Needed:

1 yd. white solid or fabric of choice
1/2 yd red solid or fabric of choice
1/2 yd turquoise solid or fabric of choice
5 fat quarters Rendezvous fabric or fabric of choice
1/2 yd for binding
white thread and/or matching/contrasting thread
2 yds Insul-Bright Batting
2 yds lightweight fusible interfacing
3 fabric covered buttons & fabric to finish
3 "under" buttons (this will make sense later)
embroidery floss or ribbon
rulers and rotary cuters choice

1.  First you need to decide the size of your background circles. I would start with the dimensions of your table. You don't want it to be too wide for you table or too small for your table. For me, 18" wide was just about right. So, knowing this dimension, cut your base circles this diameter. You need two circles for each piece (front & back). For today's runner you need a total of 8-18" circles. I cut 4-18" white circles, 2-18" turquoise circles, and 2-18" red circles.

2. Now you need your decorative circles. This is all about personal preference. You can cut as many or as few as you would like. I cut the following sizes: 13", 2-12", 11.5", 10.5",2-7", 6.5", 6", 2-5.5" 3.5". It is very possible (and quite probable) and I didn't use them all.

NOTE: I used the following rulers to cut my circles: Circle Cut by ezQuilting and Cut A Round. I would highly recommend the CutARound but I think I need more practice with the Circle Cut.

3. Lay out all your decorative circles (this does not include your background circles) on your interfacing. Be sure your fusible side is facing the front of your fabric. This will make sense later. Pin. Roughly cut around each circle.
Circles are face down and the interfacing is fusible side up!

Pin the circles to the interfacing and then roughly cut out so they fit in the sewing machine easier.
4. Sew all the way around each circle - do NOT leave an opening for turning.

5.  Trim tightly around each circle with pinking shears if you have them. If you don't have pinking shears be sure to snip into the seam allowance.

A circle trimmed all the way around with pinking shears.

Trimmed very close to the stitching line.
6.  Carefully pull apart the interfacing and the fabric and snip the interfacing enough so that you can turn the circles right side out.

Carefully cut a slit in the interfacing.

Turn circle right side out.
7.  After turning the circles right side out, carefully press them on a pressing sheet (I use a piece of parchment paper). Press them so that they are nice & round and there is no interfacing showing on the front.

Press on Parchment paper so it doesn't stick to your ironing board

No interfacing showing from the front.

NOTE:  Don't skip using a pressing sheet or parchment paper because at this point the fusible part of the interfacing will be on the outside and if you aren't careful you will press it to your ironing board!

8.   Carefully place each circle where you want them on the front and back. Remember you will be stitching through all the layers so you might want to think about how that stitching will show through the various layers. I used pins to show placement. I didn't want my stitching to cut through a circle like this:

Test project where the stitching cuts through the circle. YUCK!!!
Instead I wanted my circles to be more concentric like this:

Much prefer the a more concentric look - again the choice is yours!
(please ignore ugly stitching - my machine hates me!!!)
I use the pin method for placement. Let me explain... I put pins in the perimeter of the circles. The allows me to see where I can/need to place the circles on the other side. Does that make sense? Maybe pictures will help....

Place pins around the circle on the top side.

On the backside the pins without heads (the ones not holding the background piece on) are the ones you would want to stay within the perimeter of. 

9. After placement has been worked out, press them where you want them. This is why you wanted the fusible to be on the outside - it does away with pins through all those layers which will cause ugly bumps. Now, stitch all the circles down using a walking foot. I stitched very close to the edge of each circle because I liked the look of that. I stopped there. You may decide to do some more decorative stitching or maybe even some hand stitching (I did hand stitching on the Christmas version above).

Circle after stitching, prior to trimming and binding.

10. Trim each circle and bind using your favorite method. Here is a great tutorial on bias binding - which is needed for these circles.

11. Let's make our buttons! First cover your 3 buttons by following the directions on the package. Your three "under" buttons should be a bit smaller than your fabric covered buttons but not too small. they are the buttons that will really be used. The fabric covered buttons are only for decoration.Using a piece of wire that is about12" long run it through the fabric covered button and then through the "under" button leaving a space of about an inch between the two. Run the wire back through the "under" button and wrap that inch long piece of wire several times. Snip wire once you have a strong enough piece. Tie off a piece of embroidery floss or ribbon and wrap the wire so as to hide it. Glue down the edge using Fabri-Tac or glue of your choice. See collage below for what I hope will be clarification. NOTE: you are essentially trying to make cuff links.

12. Now to turn these circles into Transformers!!! Each circle needs two buttonholes and they need to be directly across from each other. This allows them to used in any configuration desired. The button holes should fit the "under" buttons NOT the fabric covered buttons. Lay your circles out and decide where the buttonholes should go - they should be directly across from each other.

You are done! Phew!

BUSTED!!!! Standing on the table for that one shot!

Even the backs are cute...so essentially you have 8 circles!

My sad attempt at an "artsy fartsy" shot...so, not a photographer!!!
I sure hope you will try making your own Transformer Table Runner. Since you used Insul-Bright Batting you can unbutton your runner and use the individual circles as potholders or hotpads. They can also be used as placemats. The choice is yours!

A great big THANKS to Madame Samm for having me over for a visit today! You are much appreciated for all you do in blogland!

I would love to have you stop by the The Gap sometime. We have a grand time there! We are getting ready to start a new round of the Finish A Long with some spectacular prizes....come check it out....UFOs be done!!!