Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amy Bradley DOLL KIT.. Seriously....are you a FABRIC ADDICT?

Amy Bradley can put a smile on anyone's face...
I love this FABRIC ADDICT doll...
This is a complet kit and Amy
 is sponsoring us here for the whole complete kit to one of YOU,

Amy is one of the best pattern writers around..
it helps she is a graphic designer too..sew everything is 
very professional. Anyone of you could make this to look
just like this...

Leave a comment with our lovely guests today Joan and Linda....and here with -

begin with...I am a serious fabric addict ....

Draw will take place this  Monday...

To our delightful Amy, thanks so much...this will be coming directly from her.
Just love our most delightful sponsors...

Congrats DENISE you won 
Amy's doll kit..
( sent you an email...please send me your details)

And TO ALL Of YOU other
Fabric addicts..oh my you made me chuckle...
p.s JOANNE, I want to meet you...lol...
Picked by random generator...
I would have picked you all...lol

It's a month of runners and look at what Linda has us hopping about ..A " Wabbit Wunner"!

Hi! I'm Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling here to show you a little runner you can make for the children to enjoy on a spring morning or maybe just while enjoying a healthy snack! This is an easy one to make and can be any size and color you want.
Mine finished out (after quilting) at 38" x 12 1/2".
 (Come visit me at Buzzing and Bumbling today for more ideas for using ribbon in unusual ways in your sewing and quilting!)

Here is how you can make the runner above.
Start by cutting 2 pieces each 14" by the width of the fabric. Remove the selvages and on one piece cut a 6" strip from each end. 
Make 3 loops of ribbon to be the tops of the carrots.
Space them evenly along the edge of each 6" strip. Baste in place.
Place the center of the runner top (the portion left after cutting 6" from each side) right sides together with each 6" strip. Sew the 6" strips back on, but catch the ends of the ribbon loops in the seams.
Press the seams toward the ends of the runner so the "carrot tops" point toward the center.
Make carrot appliques to either iron or sew on under the ribbon loops. Mine are 4 1/2" long and 1 3/4" wide, but carrots come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Think an elongated raindrop shape. (YOU CAN DO IT! You don't need a pattern for this.) Line the carrots with batting and applique to your runner. (Either by hand or machine.)
Now make a bunny shape. This is not hard either. Mine is 6" wide and 5 1/2" long. You don't have to use the shape I did. You can use a rectangle, or an oval. Or let your kids draw one for you! (I use an easy (but not common) freezer paper method that you can find a tutorial for  here. ) I also line the faces with batting. You will need 2 faces.
You are also going to need ears. Think large leaf shapes. (Here I'm testing the size by placing my pattern on the bunny face. You will be making 4 ears. (These are not appliques.) Cut out 4 pink ears and 4 ears from your bunny fabric.
For each ear, place a pink piece right sides together with the other fabric piece. Sew around both sides, leaving the bottom open for turning. Turn right sides out and press.
Pinch the bottom of the ear over so that the fold gives a more natural shape. Sew this pleat in place and when you applique the face on, slip the ears in place so that they are sewn on with it. Leave the top of the ears floppy.
Applique above the carrots.
Add features. I used a pom pom for a nose, embroidery for details, and acrylic paint for eyes and teeth (outlined with embroidery). Press well and place on a piece of batting. I found it easier to make a "zig-zag" stitch around the edges of the batting and top to hold them together. Trim the second strip that you cut so that it is the same length as the finished runner top. Place this right sides together with the runner. Sew around the edges, leaving an opening for turning. Turn, press, and sew the opening closed. Quilt your runner. 

 Thank you, Madame Samm, for inviting me here today! When you said you were going to focus on runners this month I was afraid you were talking about exercise!

It's a month of runners and here is Joan with her Snapshots of possibilities...... ( 2 guests today)

Let's call this NOTE
Ahhhh table runners! Now Madame Samm has caught me with my favorite weakness. They are usually a fast project, that allows you to bring a little art into your life and frequently can be done with scraps. Can you give me a big hallelujah??? Best yet, they can be bring a little joy to the table every day! I am not much into the cooking “thing”! Actually I rather despise the kitchen, but I sure do love to see my beautiful table with a runner to reflect holidays, seasons, or just my mood.
Spring Showers

This passion of mine lead me to a wonderful Yahoo Group, “The Quilted Table”. A place where table runners are the name of the game. Monthly our fearless leader Sharon, posts free online patterns for runners. We make them up should we choose, and post the photos of our completed projects. I love seeing how different they all look. Then 4 times a year we have swaps. They are probably my most favorite. I have met some wonderful quilters thru these swaps, and received some fabulous runners from them.
For the Birds

Here is the first runner I did, once I found the group.
It’s was a freebie from Red Rooster and I was well on my way to falling in love with our group once this was completed. I wish it was still available to share with you all, but unfortunately it's not! :-(


As they say a picture is worth a thousand words… So I am going to let the photos tell the rest of the story. Some of the wonderful runners and toppers that I have made or received from our fabulous swaps.
Witch ONE?

Fall Harvest

Irish Spring

Oh Lucky!

Bunny HOP



For the Birds 2



It's Fall
Black CATS

Heart Felt
Holly Berry!

Around the Block

So... I do hope that this will entice you to check out the Quilted Table Yahoo group. I know I can speak for all, when I say, we would sure love to see you! And be sure to give Sharon, our wonderful group mom a big “Hello” from Joan!

Bunny Belly
Happy March!


And stop by MoosestashQuilting when you can! There are some fun things coming up real soon! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's all about runners and look what Deonn has us awing...Bloomin' Blossoms!

A hint of SPRING is trying to peek through the fresh snow around here!  (Northern Hemisphere, that is!) 

This morning, as I awoke to the sound of avalanche control detonations going off in the mountains nearby, I looked out the window to see my one little daffodil bent over with snow.  About 6" of it!  Spring is such a fickle woman! 
Let's make a quick little Bloomin' Blossoms Posy and see if we can bring a little SPRING to the table!!

For each flower, cut:
  • 4 @ 4-1/2" squares for flower petals
  • 2 @ 2-1/2 x 4-1/2" rectangles background
  • 2 @ 2-1/2" squares background
  • 10 @ 1-1/2" squares background
  • 2 @ 2-1/2" squares for leaves
  • 1 @ 2-1/2" square for flower center
  • 4 @ 1-1/2 x 15" background for inner border
    4 @ 3" x 22" for outer border
  • 1 Fat Quarter cut into 18" square for backing
  • 1-1/2 yards small rick-rack
  • 2-1/4 yards Jumbo rick-rack
DRAW a diagonal line on wrong side of 1-1/2" squares of background.
LAYER small background squares on corners of leaves and petals as shown.

 CHAIN-PIECE background squares; 

 STITCH along drawn lines. 

 TRIM corners off.

 PRESS.  Arrows indicate direction of seam allowances. 

 ADD 2-1/2" background squares to Leaf segments.  PRESS.

ADD Background/Leaf units to Left side of Petal units as shown.

Lay out Posy as shown:

STITCH flower center to first petal, about 1"

PRESS toward the petal.
 Now it is ready to add the second petal.
 Working clockwise, STITCH each petal in the order shown.
 NESTLE seams at leaves.  PRESS seams toward petals.




 FINISH partial seam.
Make one, two, three, as many as needed to fit your table!

(Mitered Border Photo tutorial HERE
Printer-Friendly Instructions HERE)

Then:  Embellish with Rick-Rack if desired
* 1-1/2 yards small, stitch through center
* 2-1/4 yards Jumbo, baste to edges

Next Step:  ENVELOPE the seams.
Place 18" backing square right sides together over quilt top.
PIN, then STITCH, using 1/4" seam allowance.
Leave about a 5" opening along one side for turning.

Next:  Place quilt, top side down over a 20" square of batting.

PIN (or lightly spray-baste with adhesive spray)
 then STITCH along the previous stitching lines through all layers.

TRIM edges and corners.

TURN runner inside out through opening.

HAND-STITCH opening closed.


QUILT as desired.

Ah!  All Ready for SPRING!

There's always something fun going on over at Quiltscapes!  Hope you can stop by for a visit, online, or any time, if you happen to be in the neighborhood! 
Happy Quilting!