Sunday, March 4, 2012

Behind the Seams of our March Banner Winners, from USA, Australia and Bulgaria

It was a month of HEART and there is no denying that...
Linda, Deonn, Bente and Christine 
delivered that and more...
I will certainly miss the impact this month had on me
and all those who were part of it....
Cheerio Ladies...come back again!

NOW it's time to swing into SPRING
with these ladies...

302 Green quilts were submitted...gosh a lot of you like GREEN
quilts. lol. I chose these 4 for impact, design, blend and most
of all from different parts of our globe.

Our March line up begins with
LuAnn, Jess, Amanda and Boriana....
Congrats Ladies, you will have us all swinging into Spring
with A RUNNER month....all runners this month will be

Let's take a Peak at their 
Beginning with LuAnn

Thanks to Madame Samm for choosing my Nearly Insane quilt to appear on the March Swinging Into Spring banner here at !Sew We Quilt!  I am thrilled!
I love the story of this quilt. Several friends and I that met regularly at our local quilt shop were intrigued by the Nearly Insane quilt. This quilt is a reproduction of the sampler quilt made by Salinda W. Rupp of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1870.  In 2003, Liz Lois published the Nearly Insane book which is much like the Dear Jane book. There are few directions and just line drawings of the blocks. We decided to form a Nearly Insane Support Group and meet once a month to work on our blocks and share our progress. We analyzed the blocks, redrew lines and even listed them according to number of pieces. Each member brought something to the group. I love to draw in electric quilt so I shared how to print paper piecing patterns and redraw the blocks to make the piecing easier. Another taught us the importance of preparing block kits to be ready to sew a block when we had time; one shared with us why we should photograph our blocks and journal to keep track of our progress.  Another member loves the history of quilting and searched second hand bookstores and eBay until she found copies of the book, New Discoveries in American Quilts which contains the Salinda Rupp quilt to give to each of us. I truly enjoyed the process of making this quilt.
I am from Indianapolis. USA

And now with Jess

Hi Madam Samm and everyone! Yay, I am so excited to have my quilt included in your March banner!
#1 This quilt started with a charm pack of "Origin" that I had in my stash for ages and had no idea what to do with because it isn't my usual style but I seriously loved it!
Then I won a Kate Conklin pattern giveaway and I chose the Charm Bracelet pattern because - yes you guessed it - it used a charm pack...and solids which I was dying to try out, I love solids now BTW...I got the design for the quilting from The Freemotion Quilting Project and it is called Circuit Board.
Anyway, even while I was making this quilt I had no idea who this quilt would be for until one day we were visiting friends who are special to us but live quite far away and as we chatted I was studying their lounge room - the quilt would go perfectly here!
So not long after (about 4 months LOL) they got a surprise in the mailbox and I hear that they loved it and they use it when they are travelling!
#2 The quilt is a Kate Conklin Design called Charm Bracelet. I did put a label on it but forgot to take a picture.
#3 A new photograph  - I don't have the quilt anymore but have attached a couple more photos for you. I am kicking myself for not taking better pictures now!
#4 link to your blog post - More here on my quilt
I hope this is what you are after - I am not a super story teller so I hope it sounds ok!
Thanks so much, Jess

I am from Queensland Australia...

Now let's go to Amanda's

Hi Madame Samm and everyone at Sew We Quilt

You can find my original post here…
It is called “Portraits of My Garden” and is available at various shops and also through distributors.  The main thing I’d say about this quilt is it is REALLY easy.  That surprises people when they first look at it, but there are no seams to match!
I made it with Veranda and it was part of my original collection of six quilts that were the first in my pattern line.
It is twin sized and is really great quilt for large-scale feature prints that you can just not bear to cut, and it takes on a different look with different values and quilting patterns in the background area.  Can’t remember how long it took because I sewed those original six patterns in such a rush.  But again, this was the easiest of the quilts so maybe a few days?
Thanks for featuring it.  

 I am in Charlotte North Carolina!

And now last but not least

Hello Madame Samm I am so deeply honored to be chosen, thank you, here is my story of my Spring quilt
Winters in my country are long and freezing. Usually, at the end of March I am really fed up with all that snow and cold and my soul starts dreaming about blooming flowers, summer dresses and sand beaches. Last April I was looking through the window and I noticed that the lilac shrub in the garden starts bursting into bloom. The blossoms were so fine and lively and smelled so sweet and I was thinking…oh could I have this moment forever.
Same day, going out for shopping, I went to a fabric shop just to have a look. And there I saw some new fabrics in lilac and light green. Looking them, the picture of the lilac shrub under my window came in my mind and I knew I need these fabrics for a quilt that will capture the spring feeling and will keep it in my house forever.
So, here it is, my Spring quilt with modern design and cheerful colours. I made it in one weekend without stopping for breath.
I hope you like it as much as I do..
My name is Boriana and I am from Bulgaria. 
Here is my blog

Wow!, I think I enjoy the stories behind the quilts
as much as the quilts themselves.
To think we are global and that is what brings
us all together. some fabric and threads....

A reminder as we swing into spring, that 
some great comments from YOU, will have these ladies
soaring... Let them know please how much you appreciate
them as they ARE what makes this blog sew unique..
YOU are all Smart, KIND and important to us all.

This month is about runners, all kinds of runners.
sew stay tuned....

And if you have any quilts with RED or WHITE or YELLOW
please send them off..YOU may be on our banner next month...
please send photos to madamesamm@cogeco.ca

Friday, March 2, 2012

A special story that unites us all.... Guidelines4Quilting

You may have heard of Giles from Gile's Blog
( he is in the US)
he leaves comments ( he did here just yesterday in fact)
 I am sure he leaves comments on  many of your blogs too.
He is challenged with his sight and possibly is unaware of 
the global kindness that really surrounds him this very day.
He is a quilter and he has a friend in UK.
another quilter and her name is Patricia. 
She has her own unique challenges and they both
have befriended one another....
Don't you just love when that happens?
Globally, through quilting we unite!

ENTERS this company, 
Ritzko and John from Guidelines4Quilting
principle owners.  Patricia notes that Giles would certainly benefit from this
very special ruler that this company has designed.
She had seen it on YouTube
(from the US)

Grip Stris on Guidelines Ruler

Patricia requests assistance for another, a quilter on the other side of the world-and this company
comes through. For anyone who has limited sight, and limited dexterity from arthritis or any ailment that robs you from your strength...This is something you too would benefit from. 

I wanted to share this story and company, because I get approached
weekly with a variety of requests, but this one struck me...
I am familiar with both these quilters, their challenges, their hearts
and their passion for quilting. I wanted to share this story
because it is a reminder of what one simple request 
can do to enrich the life of another.

And besides I think their system would benefit many of you!

What one gesture, for one individual from a company
who clearly understands what it means to spread

Our quilting world is enriched by you all
Giles, Patricia and Ritzko and John.

my best
{and I from Canada!}

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's all about Heart and Holly has much of it...and look another Giveaway!

I'm so glad to be back, thank you Madame Samm for having me.

This time I was told the theme was heart, hand and red. Well, I chose heart and form of red (pink)...and added "home". This project is a little door knob hanger that's pretty quick and easy.

So if you're ready lets get started!

Supplies you'll need:
- 2 squares 6 1/2 inches (one for the front and one for the back - I tend to cut a little bigger and trim down once I'm done appliqueing)
- scraps of fabrics - pink, brown, teal, yellow, green
- a bit of embroidery floss in white and brown
- 3 teensy buttons for embellishments
- a bit of ribbon
- pattern (downloadable PDF)

I'm a hand appliquer - I know this strikes fear in some of you so by all means, if you like fusible - use it! You'll just need to reverse the pattern or if you don't care the heart and house will be flipped.

I traced all of my pieces onto freezer paper and cut them out. I then ironed the freezer paper to the RIGHT side of the fabric.

I trimmed around each piece so there was about 1/4" seam beyond the cut freezer paper. I usually hit them with the iron again just to make sure they are secure.

I dab a little bit of glue from a regular ol' office supply gluestick (non-glittery, non-purple, not gel type gluestick) to the edge of the fabric. Then using an awl, I turn the fabric back on itself (wrong sides will be touching). What you’re “feeling” for is the tension between the fabric and the edge of the freezer paper. Continue doing this until your shapes are completely turned. (You can visit my website for more instructions if you'd like.)

Once all of my pieces are turned I pull the freezer paper off - rrrrrip!! Using the pattern as my guide I use a bit of white basting glue (like Roxannes or Appliglue) and glue everything together.

This is what the back looks like.

Then I get my hand applique supplies and stitch everything down. Of course you can use machine applique if you want to. The great thing about the glue is that it holds everything down so no pins! Oh, at this point you'll see that I traced the word "home" onto the grass. I did this the improvisational way using a window (I was one place, my light box was another - always seems to be the case). :)

Next I embroidered my words and window. Use two strands of floss. The spool that you see in the picture is Cosmo embroidery floss that comes in two strands so there's no having to separate it. I then added my little buttons.

I trimmed my square to 6 1/2 inches and cut my ribbon.

Place your finished applique square on top of the background square right sides together. Insert your ribbon making sure that the FOLD is on the INSIDE pointing TOWARDS the BOTTOM. Sew around the outside using a 1/4" seam. Leave about a 3" gap at the bottom between where you start sewing and where you finish.

Turn and stuff your project. Whip stitch the bottom and YAHOO! you're done!!
That wasn't so hard.

I hope you enjoyed this. And for those who want to try a little something different with their fabric I also created a companion no-sew project using fabric.

You can find this on my blog - eatcakegraphics.com/sprinkles

Until next time...toodles!

Big Thanks to Holly for dropping in and it is the end of the month...
and yes we did have a giveaway yesterday and today...
and there will be 2 winners....A Fat Quarter Bundle of Michael Miller Fabrics
Rouge et Noir ( red and black) and It's a girl....( no translation there)

Michael Miller Fabrics is known for their outstanding collections and with
our theme being reds and white and Valentine colours..
This seems like a most appropriate giveaway...

Take a peak some of their newest collections....

michael miller fabrics check out what is new....

Which one would you like to win....
What can you make from these?

Thanks To Holly and to Michael Miller...
Tomorrow our NEW Banner...

Winners announced tomorrow!

Congrats to Audrey and J.oneshania
Heard from Audrey, sew her choice was
It's a girl thing and J.oneshania
will be getting the rouge et noir.
Picked at random selection,
one is heading to Newfoundland
and the other to NewZealand..
NEW followers!
Thanks to all who participated..
YOUR chances are always great!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's all about heart.....( Plan B) we asked Alex to fill in...

Madame Samm invited me to do a guest post even though  I do not have a blog. Love that about her. We were sipping some coffee at her home a couple of weeks ago, she made me these homemade buttermilk biscuits with fresh blackberry preserves, (she is one heck of a baker and hostess, did you know that?) Well, this one day we got talking about all the tools that I (we) have purchased , that I thought I had to have and simply put = are useless. She thought this would make for a light topic for me to share with all of you. My name is Alex, ( short for Alexandra) and I have been quilting for ------ this many years. I hate to admit how long, since you would think I would know better. So work with me, and let's just say decades. Ok, here goes, are you ready?

Show of hands. How many have purchased this? They call it the Gypsy Gripper. I think back when it first came out it was over $25.00 and let's not forget shipping , let me add that too, total cost almost $35.00- way too much. You put this on your ruler to stop it from moving. Yep, I had to have it only to find out that little dabs of glue on the back of my ruler will do the same thing, cost for dabs of glue, oh I don't know pennies, if that. M.Samm shared with me that tidbit! (after I bought it, thanks Samm)

Next on my list was-again had to have it was this 
bobbin winder. How many purchased this? Don't be shy?

Oh dear, I  had to have this, it takes a lot of batteries, and yes it has an adapter, but by
the time I find it in my sewing room, (and the adapter, lost it)  in a box somewhere covered with piles of must have patterns and books, I had to have. ( more on that later) here it is a bobbin winder. And yes my machine ( new one) has a terrific bobbin winder, and I don't have to dig around to wind my bobbin. I think I paid $ 32.95 for this and shipping. let's not forget that I used it once! and that was years ago, I think it was the PINK packaging that got me. mmm, I am noting something here..."STAY away from  everything PINK

And  now yes the bias tape maker with all the tips.
Had to have this too!

Oh this was a doozy, you thread your fabric strips through these tips, ( which cost $10.00 for each size bias tape you want to make. Yep, I bought all 5 of them, so that was $50.00 just in tips.) The same tips in a sewing store, $2.00, are you hearing me, I sometimes don't do my homework till after. And-did I mention the machine cost me $109.00, why I know this is because I taped it to the inside of the cover? As soon as it arrived I knew this was another brilliant purchase I would regret. I did and I do and what do you know..it is not Pink but it is Orange...isn't that YOUR favorie color Samm? ( Oh, btw she has one of these too) 
( editors note, NO I don't) 

I conclude that my iron, does a better job because it gets hotter, AND I find I can do this in less time than this machine can do it. Are you hearing me ladies, you can buy 3 cheap irons for the cost of this blunder. Did I just say that? I am really talking about silly old me, for falling for these commercials. So yes, another had to have purchase- and tell me I am not the only one who purchased this?  ( besides Samm)
 editors note: I sold mine! and no not to Alex.
I am waiting. Ah, show of hands!

the tips you need to use this machine, those were all extra. !
Yep, have them all. 


Oh yes some of my magazines, and btw all of them are quilting ones. And this is just some of them. Quick calculation, each pile has around 94, (I counted them) there are 5 piles ( I am showing you) Average cost per magazine, I am rounding it off to $7.00 dollars, some are higher, and a few under that. But on average 
$ 7.00 ea. I have my calculator so the total cost per pile that I spent, because I just had to have them all is, are you ready?. $658.oo for one pile x 5. Oh just shoot me dead now! I could have purchased completed finished quilts for the cost of all these magazines- or at least kits to make one or two or three...Madame Samm said to me this would make me feel good, I am not feeling it. Ha. Ha.

Can you take some more? How about this Quilters Fabric Calculator. Again one of those gotta have me one of those. Still have no idea how to use it. Never have used it, probably will never use it. But had to have it. Cost $39.00 (no shipping with this one) NOW ask me why? go ahead and ask me?  I actually purchased it in a brick and mortar store and the owner told me, she uses it all the time.( been there on many occasions, never seen her use it)Are you listening to  this ladies, I have never even seen it on her counter, on her table, oh, but I have seen them on her display in the package!. 

So again I am not sure if I feel any better, to be perfectly honest with you-I am feeling a bit like a dope.
 Please don't ever ask me to any  market for quilters, on second hand
it would certainly give me a pass to come back again and entertain you
because you know I would be making purchases on must have tools
that I will never use. (especially if they are pink)

 Madame Samm, is this where I thank you?
I think I will feel better if I know I am not the only 
one who has any of these in their homes! Show of HANDS?

What have you purchased that you just had to have but never used?
I won't tell! Listen ladies, I won't even tell- you know?

Love Alex xx

p/s I hear there will be a giveaway that will certainly melt my heart
if I win tomorrow, these will be things we could all use...

Le'ts stick with Pellon and have a giveaway!

If you love adding stitching to your quilts 
or you embroider...then you will love this collection
of PELLON, embroidery stabilizers.

In stitching this piece....
my swinging into spring..
I used the Stitch N Tear Lite.
What I loved about it...was it was easier
to hold in my hands...I don't use hoops
when I stitch....it was a breeze to pull my needle
through....and once completed...I did not need
to stretch my linen....

This give-away  has
Sol-U-Film Lite
Stick -N -Tear
Stitch-N-Tear Lite

These can be found at JoAnn's this month

February Pellon Giveaway..

Here is what you will be getting...
1 winner. total package giveaway is worth approx $90.00
I have a few extras to add, like scissors, thread and some needles toooo.
A pattern for stitching and some linen...why not? lol

371 R Fuse and Tear
SRP $16.99
Details: This iron-on embroidery stabilizer is great for decorative stitching, appliques, monogramming, buttonholes, chartered needlework and stenciled borders.  It saves time and hassle by eliminating pinning, shifting, and puckering. The easy, tear-away removal leaves no sticky residue. 

835R Stitch-N-Tear Lite  
SRP: $16.99
Details: This sew-in embroidery stabilizer is great for decorative stitching, quilting, satin stitching, thread sketching and buttonholes. The soft, lightweight stabilizer does not pull or distort stitches during removal, making it best for projects where heat or water is not the preferred removal method.

841R Stick-N-Tear
SRP: $26.99
Details: This sew-in embroidery stabilizer eliminates hoop marks on fabrics.  Great for knit fabric, velvet, ultra suede, brushed denim, silk, flannel and nylon. There is no need to baste before using making this the ideal stabilizer to use for small areas such as doll clothes, ribbon, cuffs, collars and socks.  Easy to use application, simply peel off paper backing and apply to fabric.  Upon completion of design, tear-away excess stabilizer.

553R Sol-U-Film Lite
SRP: $15.99
Details: This sew-in embroidery stabilizer is great for edges, shadow work, lace work, bridging and 3-D work.  The water soluble removal method makes this the ideal stabilizer for delicate and intricate designs. Simply submerge project in any temperature water and the stabilizer will dissolve leaving no trace of a stabilizer.

380R Soft-N-Stay
SRP: $16.99
Details: This permanent stabilizer is ideal for projects that will come in contact with skin.  It features a lightweight, soft, non-woven texture that remains with the fabric through wear and laundering.  The stretch resistance of this stabilizer works great in open-weave fabrics, organza, netting, lycra, dense embroidery designs and free-form embroidery work. Upon completion of embroidery, simply trim away excess stabilizer along the outer perimeter of stitch work.     

Winner announced tomorrow...

What was the last thing you stitched?

Big Thanks To Pellon, for sticking with us...        

Be suire to leave comments with Alex too....our guest today@
Winner will be chosen from Alex comments too...YOU can enter there too..! Twice as many chances...

Congtatulations to Diane who won the Pellon collection, a pair of gingher scissors, Presencia threads , needles and this pattern, and frame.....
she already sent me her reply.... A very happy winner...
to all those who entered, your comments were lovely to read...Happy happy day...
And another giveaway today..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's all about Heart and will you just look at what Cherry did in teaching us how to: Make your own fabric

Thanks Madame Samm for inviting me to share my little heart project with you all. My name is Cherry and I blog over at Cherry Blossoms. I have been playing with art quilting for a little while, and today I want to show you how I used fabric pens to make my own fabric design.

These are the supplies I used:

 high thread count fabric - I used 200 ct Pima Cotton (don't wash the fabric)
mechanical pencil
black Micron pens in sizes 05 and 005
Fabrico Dual-Tip markers in various colors
Freezer paper
Your own drawing or Clip Art
a light box - optional

For my little quilt, I used Clip Art I found in my publishing software, but you can always use any drawing you choose; in the future, I plan to make a quilt with some of my children's drawings. This is also a great way to make labels for your quilts. The markers are acid free, fade resistant, and will not wash away, and  best of all, the fabric stays soft!

I found these images 
and played with them until I was pleased with the arrangement, color, and size
for the word I used a pretty font, enlarged the letter "A"
and for the "o" used the little heart image after cropping the stem and leaves out

Next, I changed the color to grays and printed it out

Now the fun begins...
first, cut a piece of fabric several inches larger than the design
and tape it on to the paper to keep it from moving during tracing

Using a light box, trace the design on to the fabric using a mechanical pencil

Remove the paper from the back... 

To make the "coloring" process easier, iron the shiny side of freezer paper
to the back of the fabric with the drawing, this way you won't be stretching the fabric with the markers

Now that the fabric is nice and stable, start tracing over the pencil lines with a black Micron 005 pen.
Once you've done this, the next step is very important: you must heat-set your Micron ink with a dry iron.
If you don't do this, it will run when you start coloring with the Fabrico Markers

Make long, light strokes when coloring with the Fabrico markers;
you can always come back and darken any areas by coloring over them again
 That was so much fun!!!

Of course, to be a quilt, it most have a little batting, a backing, and some thread to hold it together,
and since I don't plan to wash this one, I drew some quilting lines for the wall and floor using the mechanical pencil, giving it a little bit of shading

I used white thread for the whole thing and, yeah, made a few mistakes where the white thread showed on the dark coloring, so I just went back and "covered" my little mistakes with the markers...
...Oops! don't tell!

Add a little binding and hanging tabs...

And you're all done!

You've got to try it, you'll feel like a kid again...


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's all about Heart and this lady will shower you with her quilt and pillow! and pssst 2 guests today...

Let's add some colour and comfort in red!

Red is such a passionate colour and I admit it's one of my favourites, especially when I use it in varying shades to make something scrappy! Back in November, here on Sew We Quilt, I gave a tutorial to make scrappy bento box blocks. (In case you missed it, click here).

Now what can you make with a single block? How about a pillow? I 've put together a tutorial for you to make your own, including instructions for inserting a hidden zipper closure on the back and also for binding the finished pillow. {Click here}.

Now maybe you will discover that you're like me and can't stop with making one block. ;o) If that's the case, then maybe you'll want to turn (30) blocks into a quilt (60" x 72"... that is the perfect size for cuddling under with your sweetheart)! It will make up in no time, once you have your blocks ready.

Think of all the fun it will be to use so many different red fabrics together.

Plus, any extra blocks can be used to make a pretty pieced backing!

I hope I've inspired you to grab some colourful fabrics and start sewing!

I'm ever so happy to be here and want to express my thanks. True to her word, the gracious Madame Samm invited me back and once again I want to thank her for letting me share with you.

PS....In keeping with this month's theme, I recently completed another pillow in red... this one includes a heart. You can read all about it on Sew Me Something Good. Happy sewing!