Saturday, December 29, 2012

YES recap, reminder of IN YOUR WORDS


What does this mean? 

Well in my own words LOL ...our plans to 
do NANCY DREW blog hop for January
will be delayed till March..
( will make a new button today with new dates)

Sadly the fabric would not make it to anyone
till then end of December and that would only give
you a couple weeks to make something...
SEWWWW we will just postpone..
Carol is crushed lol---but she will get over it...
We will keep her busy getting ready for this one....


As I always have a back up plan..
ALWAYS, even if it took me but 10 minutes to think of one..
as she will be managing this blog hop..
As a retired teacher, she was just over the top excited by this one...
I am hoping you will feel the same...
She will be putting up a post tomorrow to give you some
ideas on what we can do with WORDS.

This blog hop will have you incorporating
one word, 3 words, lots of words
that will be your new mantra for 2013

YOU can add them all to a quilt, wall hanging,
runner, mugg rugg, pillow...
anything you would like...

I added some of my very favourite words...
I am going to make this into a quilt.....
the US is not United States
it is US as in US together....

Here is one for YOU...copy it and use it as your BOARD, place your very words in there...

Give you something to think about through this month of December as we unveil our month of our Books for Women by Women....( begins Monday)

I believe this will be an absolute delightful blog hop..
it will be a great exercise into turning
your passions into something that will
reveal-- who YOU are...It will give
everyone a snapshot  of YOU
and will be an absolute slide into our next
blog hop which will be revealed in a couple weeks...
( this one is pretty exciting too)

Sew IN YOUR WORDS, you can applique, stitch, piece,
glue, paper piece, embroidery..anything you want ...
But you must include WORDS....

Group is full now...

SEW who has words and wants to show us who you ARE?
I am in....YOU Know I have a few lol

my best

MONDAY DARE TO DRESDEN will be launched...


  1. Oh I do love this!!! I Adore Linda and all her creations so she is a fabulous Head Cheerleader for this. She and I have so much in common as we are both retired teachers...words are our game. I am over the top with ideas and how I can incorporate this into my new sewing group. Yep...I wanted a small group of ladies to sew with and the one I was associated with was wonderful but with 150 ladies we never actually spent time sewing. SEW...I started my own group..got the word out thru churches, and other social media and I now have a growing group of around 10 fantastic ladies who are over the top to either learn to quilt or upgrade their skills. We meet every 2 weeks except for this month they wanted to meet every week! We are taking our first road trip in 2 weeks to a local quilt store and then of course lunch at one of my favorite little lunch places tucked into the corner of a very cute Tennesse town right on the *square*. I already know what my *conversation* starter will be next Thursday...WORDS WORDS WORDS!! You INSPIRE ME as always!
    Warmest Blessings
    Gmama Jane

  2. Hi!!! Sounds wonderfully fun!!! I can use my words!!! I always liked the word for the year!! So this will be great!!!! Thanks Again!!!!!! I better hurry over to Linda's!!!

  3. This is fabulous and will surely be lots of fun!

  4. This is going to be a lot of fun!! My mind is just swimming with ideas!

  5. I sent my email to Linda. This sounds just fabulous! I am super excited to participate in this blog hop. Thank you so much for putting this together.

  6. I thik I will be in on this one as well!

  7. Hi, honey! You have a great blog, very interesting and you are very beautiful! I'm your new reader! If you do not mind, I'll wait for you in my blog!))))


  8. Sign me up. This one sounds like a lot of fun - ideas already flowing!

  9. I am totally amazed - I took your banner and actually put my own words in it. And I did it without calling you to rescue me. :) Great blog hop idea by the way! blessings, marlene

  10. Love it! I am thinking now .....lol

  11. You do know that frame will be stitched, stitched. stitched in one form or another, right? I even have some NEW, soft, single stranded, silky thread to maybe do it with too!! LOL!!! It was fun being first!! hee hee!

  12. Sounds like lots of fun. A former educator myself, it has a lot of appeal! ~karen

  13. sounds like fun with a great new cheerleader!!

  14. I love words and words in quilts, and words on fabric, so yes,yes,yes I will be joining in on this one.

  15. This sounds very exciting! Love the idea!

  16. You have such marvelous ideas !

  17. Okay, thats a challenger and I like to challenge myself...
    I'll send an e-mail to Linda right away :-)

  18. Rosemary B here: YEAH! I arrived late. Hubbs and I were watching the last two episodes of Mansfield Park the 1983 version.
    This looks like so --- erm, SEW much fun. This is going to be a massive challenge for me.
    It is going to make me s t r e t c h... not sure... do I want to stretch?
    Yes, I do, I will email Linda and notify her directly that I will join... this is going to be hard for me because I like comfy, you know.

    I am glad that US is US and not the other (U.S.) because the latter I am rather disappointed and displeased with :-P
    Have a nice eve, Missie Sparky *snick*

  19. Words...what a novel idea...giggle! You, my dear, are always thinking! This sounds so very interesting and challenging and fun and opens up so many possibilities!

  20. I hate to have to wait for Nancy Drew, but this new blog hop sounds like more than enough fun to make up for the disappointment!

  21. This sounds like fun! I have always been "wordy."

    Looking forward to what Linda has for us tomorrow ... :) Pat

  22. I would love to play along!! I am always quilting words on to my customer quilts! I quilted a love letter in to an inner border for a woman who made her hubby a quilt for Christmas a few years ago. I also quilted the chorus to God Bless The USA in to a quilt of valor as well... and many more quilts have gotten words quilted in to them too. These 2 were my favorites to date...

    Miss Emilee needs a quilt... hmmmm It is time she got one and now I have a reason to personalize it and deck it all out... :)

  23. I was always told that I talk too much....So I am in!!

  24. I have the board posted with my words. Go to my blog and take a peek! :)

  25. Is it too late to join? I'd love to play ...

  26. Looking forward to checking out the newest hop!

  27. I can't wait to see what people do -- I hesitated too long (again, duh) because I just couldn't figure out my words until this week, lol. Just as well, I will sit back and be inspired! :)

  28. full? I only found out today....bummer. if there is any room left, would love to join in. I may do it on my own anyway since I got a vintage yellow embroidery hoop for Christmas just dying for something to hold. rrregena@aol.com

  29. Thanks for the wordboard. Mine is here ... http://scrapatches.blogspot.com/2013/01/my-wordboard.html ... :) Pat


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