Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 17th with Books for Women by Women with Chana Wilson

LET'S WELCOME Chana this morning
with a question and answers to her book! 

Q&A with Chana Wilson, Author of Riding Fury Home

  1. What led you to write the book?

When I decided to become a therapist, it meant I had to go back to college to finish my bachelor’s degree before grad school, but my dilemma was that I had a terrible writer’s block.  I asked myself, “What about writing scares you?” and what leapt out of my mouth was, “That the truth might come out!”  That truth was all the realities of my childhood that I had to keep secret because of stigma and shame.  So, I took a creative writing class where I deliberately wrote those stories.  In class, we did short free writes, and sweat would be pouring off my body.  Then, we had to read out loud what we’d just written.  The first time, as I read a story of one of Mom’s suicide attempts, there was a potent silence.  Afterwards, I could see how moved my classmates were, and some of them shared hard stories of their own.  The shame ebbed away as I saw that my very intimate, vulnerable stories resonated in others, and became a story larger than just my own. 

I put my creative writing away for years and wrote academic papers.  When my mother was ill with cancer, she said, “I’m going to lick this thing and live to write a book about my life.”  When she didn’t make it, at first I thought I was writing her story for her, but I soon found I had to re-inhabit the story myself, and explore my own narrative.

2.    What is the meaning of the title of your memoir?

Riding Fury Home has multiple meanings.  One theme is a child’s suppressed rage at her fragile mother.  My mother attempted suicide and was committed to a mental hospital when I was just seven, and there was no room to express my need for her and my grief at losing her.  My father and the doctors said that she needed me, so I had to be very good to her.  All that discounting of self led to a deeply buried rage.  To ride that home is the journey of working through the hurt and anger between my mother and me to come to some forgiveness.

I was also crazy about horses.  In the chapter titled “Riding Fury Home,” my mother takes me to a rodeo where Fury, a horse from my favorite TV show, is making an appearance.  My mother had developed a driving phobia, so we lurch down the road with her sweating and cursing at the wheel.  At the rodeo, I’m completely entranced as Fury, a wild black stallion, races around the arena with no rider, looking so beautiful and free.  But as we drive home, I’m ripped from reverie by my mother’s driving, and I feel hatred for her for ruining my happy dreaming.         

3.    What would your mother have thought about the book?

Writing the book after my mother died gave me a certain freedom.  If she’d been alive, I would have had to push myself to be fully honest in spite of my fears of hurting her.  I think some of it would have been hard for her to hear, because the book went deeper than we’d gone.  We would have had to go through another round of processing the impact of her being unable to mother me in my childhood.  But I believe that it would have been healing for us, and in the end, she would have welcomed that process.   

On another level, my mother was my biggest booster, always proud of my accomplishments.  Purely in her “mom” role, she would have cheered wildly for me as an author.  She would have backed my writing the book, because as a therapist and feminist, she believed in revealing complex human truths.  That I acknowledge in the memoir the profound gift of her love and mothering of me later in life would have thrilled her.  And she would have been delighted that Riding Fury Home pays tribute to her resilience and zest for life. 

This book will be gifted today! 

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  1. The 'shame' themes certainly speak to the broken parts in me. I bought 'dancing at the shame prom' over the weekend, and will be looking into getting this book, too. I am grateful to you for bringing these important voices to our attention!

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    Evin5 at aol dot com

  5. Relationships with our mothers are always so complex, so this book looks like a good read.

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  7. This book too sounds like a good read. Relationships with Mother's is quite complex. Looks like I can relate to some of what she writes about.

  8. Wow. What a courageous woman. This is definitely a book for my reading list......if I don't win. :-)

  9. Your book sounds like it was right from the heart..would like to read it..

  10. It's such a conundrum ... I think an author's most compelling works are often the ones that are most painful to put down into words. I'm sure that Riding Fury Home is no different! :)

  11. Not everyone could write a book like this.

  12. This book sounds like a fabulous read.
    Thank you Chana for writing it, so much courage on both your parts.

  13. I definitely want to read this book. My mother suffered from depression, and although I don't know of any suicide attempts, I do know many times she was not able to function. It is comforting to read someone else's story and how they coped, knowing relationships with mother's can be difficult in the best of circumstances and coming to terms with my own relationship with my mother. I miss her.

  14. I think book sounds like a good read. Growing up I had a very difficult relationship with my mother until the very end. the 20+ years without her allowed me to look back and understand why things were the way they were and make sense. I'd like to read this author's point of view.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. I've almost bought this book twice in the past. THis time I think I will. It sounds like something that would help me understand the people around me who suffer with similar problems. Fortunately, they are not family members, but there are children involved who need to be understood.

  16. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

  17. Sounds like another thoughtful and thought provoking book by a talented woman author. Keep up the good work.

  18. Wow, what a sad childhood Chana experienced. It breaks my heart the pressure that was put on her after her mom's suicide attempt.

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  24. Mother-daughter relationships are very complex, to say the least. This book sounds like a good read.

  25. I can relate to the author and her story. Her book can be cathartic to others. My mother also made several suicide attempts. She slowly slipped into mental illness and died from complications of MS. I never saw her after my dad put her in a care center. She was not allowed visitors. I loved my mother and I know that somewhere inside herself she loved me and my brother and sisters. It is still very sad.

  26. Rosemary B here:
    Well, this looks like quite a story here. My mom is still alive and she drives me nutty, but I love her so much. I cannot imagine having to put your mom in the mental hospital as a kid. how sad
    I have missed commenting on several of the past book reviews, but I have read all of them. Elisabeth Eaves book looks very good too.
    Thank you for these lovely reviews!

  27. Chana was very brave. Telling others of the dark secrets is a very hard thing to do. Thank you for sharing another great book. jbechosend at sbcglobal dot net

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    in stitches

  29. I would love to read this book as it sounds like she had a life a lot like I did. I have never told a lot of my secrets

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  31. Wow, how difficult and freeing it must have been to write this book. Thanks for the review :)

  32. Chana's childhood is so totally different then mine. I love hearing stories of survival and success. These early relationships definetly mold us, for good and for bad. Sounds like an interesting and inspiring story.

    Thank you and all the Sponsors for the amazing giveaways and the chances to win.


  33. The front cover sold me........this is how I felt the last few days but I am getting my WORDS on ..


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