Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcoming Mr Iced with realllll snow!

Nothing could get me more in the Christmas spirit than
waking up this morning to some reallllll snow...

And sew Mr Iced..( my creation)  had to come
out with me for a photo shoot....

This photo was taken with the silver reflector..
kind gives it a blueish tone....
Isn't he.....

This photo was taken with the white reflector to reflect
some morning sunlight on Mr Iced....
OHHHH he looks a bit off...look at his button..
to the side...it is supposed to me in the centre..
He was just sew darn excited to get out there this morning..

I am working on the pattern...it is very easy 
and is done with some white flannel....he is really soft and white
and yes Mr Iced has black boots..

What snowman have you ever seen with boots?

Well mine likes to be dressed and he gets cold feet it seems...

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend with family 
and friends...

Around here after I make Mr Iced as a pattern
I will be baking some shortbread and some gingerbread...

We have snow...yep...snow...

one month till Christmas EVE! 


  1. He is very cute even with the button a little off. We all have days that are just a little "off." The snow looks beautiful (as does the photo)-- have fun baking!

  2. Perfect timing. It is the first snow in Columbus Ohio this morning. Your snowman is adorable!

  3. Flakes in Indiana but none as cute as Mr Iced!

  4. Hi!!! Mr. Iced is adorable!!! I haven't even seen a flake yet!!!

  5. Oh! He's really cute. Could be a Florida snowman. Will you let us know when the pattern is available?

  6. Too cute!! Your just getting snow? Wow!! Here in my part of Saskatchewan, we've been under snow's spell for a month already!
    Enjoy the white stuff :)

  7. Oh wow, he is really cool! What a lovely idea! Now I see why you could stop sewing pillows, lol!! Snowmen just melt my heart too!
    Have fun with real snow and Mr Iced!

  8. I <3 Mr Iced! Fabulous photos. Looking forward to the pattern ... :) Pat

  9. Ten je úžasný!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. SNOW! I'm so jealous! We do have very cold temps but with sunshine. I do love snow and coming from a part of the USA that has lots of snow and moving to the deep south with little to no snow, I get very lonesome for snow! AAAH, to snuggle on the couch and watch it snow or bake in a warm kitchen with snow on the ground is such a festive treat. Enjoy your winter day! I love Winter too!
    Gmama Jane

  11. that is so cute! and what is this all about you not having snow out East yet! We have had snow here since October...lots of it in fact!!

  12. He is really cute. cold weather here in NC but no snow. we don't usually see snow until the new year.

  13. Sweet snowman. Reminds me of "Frosty".
    We seldom get snow so I enjoy seeing your photos.

  14. Musím k Tobě znovu, on je perfektní i s knoflíkem mimo a botama, je SUPER!!!!!

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  16. I LOVE Mr Iced. How cut is he! The snow may melt on the roads, but Mr Iced is melting my heart!

  17. Hello Madame Samme,
    your photos are so beautiful, have fun in the snow and a nice weekend!
    Thanks again for the cute coinpurse, love it !
    liebe Grüße

  18. He is really adorable. I remember seeing a picture of that shortbread last year and I'm hoping that this year you will be willing to share the recipe.

  19. Oh, how very darling he is! He looks like he belongs on Holiday Lane! ;)

  20. Adorable snowman! He is sooooo cute!

  21. What a cutie! Makes me smile. :) blessings, marlene

  22. Mr. Iced is too cute!! and snow! I am jealous!!

  23. Mr. Iced brings snow! Isn't he lovely!

  24. I love snowmen and Mr. Iced is sew cool :o)

  25. Lucky you & Mr.Iced too! Send some my way would you? I Love Snowmen,sew would love to get a pattern to make a family of Mr. Iced's ;) Enjoy your Snow!

  26. Love your Mr. Iced...I sure am starting to enjoy snowmen...almost as much as Santas...chuckle!

  27. Mr. Iced is adorable! He would just fit perfectly with my collection of snowmen!

  28. I decorate with snowmen in January, so Mr Iced would be perfect!

  29. Tell Mr. Ice to be careful out in that snow! He could really hurt himself out in it! I'm glad you got some snow to really kick off the Christmas season!

  30. He is certainly adorable! Love the little boots!
    We are enjoying temperatures in the 70's, so no snow coming here! (I would love to see it again some time!)

  31. Hello again, Madame Samm! Your photos are fab... you do not disappoint! Thanks for the tips and techniques, too.

    I am wondering, though, just how you managed to get it to snow for your photo shoot!
    Perfect timing and perfect background to introduce us to Mr. Iced ~ and Mr. Iced is sew very sweet.
    Looking forward to the pattern.

    No snow here, either... warm, in the lo 70's with 80 expected this weekend. UGH!
    Someone should remind Mother Nature is it almost December!

  32. I love winter and snow too! So I run away to the Sierra mountains whenever I can during the winter months!

    LOVE Mr. Iced!! He looks very swanky in his boots :)


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