Friday, November 9, 2012

UR Priceless Coin Purse Blog hop with Andover Fabrics Sponsoring

 Andover Fabrics is our sponsor for this hop
and they are providing 3 RED Thread Bundles..

Here they are on FACEBOOK too...
join us will you?

MANY GIVEAWAYS announced...

Nov 5-13th
( weekend exempted)

Something we don't hear enough but should....
For the next few days, U R PRICELESS will be MY key word !
Will it be YOURS too...?

I remember doing a POLL to anyone who had a pattern
for a coin purse.....Never found one....then I purchased
a few, but did not feel any were what I was looking for...

Sew like anyone in need, I reached out to a few Europeans
friends, looked at my  leather bag from Big Pharma and out came this...
For those who have joined us in our blog hop
the Pattern was FREE for YOU...
40 photos sew you too could make your very own coin purse!

I have seen some previews and MY OH MY 
did you make it your own....

I cannot wait to see what you all have created....
and why?
Because I think U R PRICELESS to me
and Katherine...

Katherine from Sew Me Something Good 
will be cheering you on and keeping you organized...
She is a great bag maker, sew I can just imagine what she will
be showing us all...
You can reach her here if you need anything...


The schedule is on our side bar...it will take
you to the list of PRICELESS creators....
 Look who is up today?

 Friday Day 5 - Nov. 9th

Each day we will select the top 3 greatest, latest, best
coin purses will be posted here...
We really won't have any honourable mentions
as they are all completed projects...

The  faded apples with the polka dots in a muted colour
makes this one of our favourites this morning..
Doesn't she just make you smile...PRICELESS.

What an innovative idea....state coin purses....
perfectly suited for any college student...
with a gift card for Christmas. - what a delicious idea..

Another delightful PRICELESS idea... a pocket....
strikingly patriotic....

 Andover Fabrics is our sponsor for this hop
and they are providing 3 RED Thread Bundles..

Here they are on FACEBOOK too...
join us will you?

MANY GIVEAWAYS announced...


#1 all those who participated will have a chance to win

#2 All those who are in our top 3

#3 All those who leave comments ( each comment leaves
you another chance to win) 

It pays to participate in our blog hops
YOUR chances are a possible 3 in 100 chances..( more on the comment left)
I think that is amazing...
Where else can you get that kind of opportunity? 

YEP! I was thinking the same! 
HERE at SEW We QUILT where everyone is a winner..


                                  This one was made from Andover Fabrics The RED Thread collection!

Here is where you can find pattern and materials to make your very own !

 YOU can purchase Coin purse 
pattern here! 40 PHOTOS, worth a 1,000 languages :)

 Corrie AT Quilt Taffy Handles and Fusible Fleece 

                                    You can see all the coin purses HERE!

P.s Please check right side of blog..NEW POLL> future blog hops..
Working on August- December 2013


  1. This has been a fun blog hop. Thanks so much!!

  2. I am up early... Just finished hopping around to see the fantastic coin purses for today! Now I gotta hop upstairs to finish a project I have started! :)

    Good morning everybody!!!

  3. Good morning :) Love all the ideas people are using for fabrics. They are all soooo cute.

  4. LOL! I do love the idea of a collegiate purse -- but *not* State! It's still cute though! There were some very fun offerings today!! :)

  5. Very nice choices today, what a great idea that pocket! Too cute!

  6. Some very gorgeous ideas for this very cute purse :) Thank you.

  7. I am so happy to be a part of this blog hop! Thank you again!!! And how fun to see all these amazing coin purses and meet amazing bloggers (and non bloggers too...so neat that you have That Other Blog :o) I am working my way through Day 3 still...since I am visiting when our our grand baby naps and late at night...she has been taking some short naps & I am trying to not stay up took late! lol

    Thank you also for stopping by already to visit my "fashion show and feature magazine...(not to mention, my uber loooong post :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    OOH! I LOVE the pocket that pocket!!!

  8. I may have to find time to do more purses! I see a few Christmas presents checked off in my future!

  9. Thank you so much for this blog! And thank you for picking one of my purses. I had so much fun doing this so again thanks so much for the encouragement. Would you believe that I have more planned? And people have been asking me to make one for them! Guess I will be busy in the days to come.

  10. It was a great day of blogging today! Thanks for all the hard work.

  11. This is a great day on the blogs. I always give my grown up kids checks for Christmas. I am making coin purses to put them in!!! So many great ideas everyday on the blogs. Thank you so much for organizing these TERRIFICALLY AWESOME activities.

  12. More and more great little purses. I'm looking forward to next week's work too.

  13. Another perfect day of wonderful coin purses! I love the ideas, that have been posted, when they have a problem and how they solved it. Going to be a boring weekend with out new coin purses to look at, lol!

  14. Thank you for the inspiration - it makes you buy more frames and stitch more purses!

  15. Such a great pattern to show off those fun prints. Love those apples. Might have to copy that one :).

  16. Rosemary B here:
    I finally visited all of the blogs from today and yesterday.
    So many cute purses so many adorrrrable blogs too.
    thank you Missie Samm for just being you ♥

  17. These are so cute! Congrats to the Top 3!

  18. Excellent choices! I really, really like the addition of the pocket to the outside of the coin purse. Very creative.

  19. So many cute coin purses! You picked some little beauties today. :)

  20. Each time I check in to the blog, I am rewarded with ideas. Thank you for the good job in grouping talent and projects.

  21. forgot to stop by here yesterday. I think the little purse with the pocket is a cute idea. hope you are having a great weekend.

  22. Madame Samm,I know this is al little late,but how do I purchase a couple of patterns to offer as a giveaway on my post? Thanks :)
    Congrats to the top 3! All of the purses Rock!

  23. These coin purses are SO cute!
    Now I want to make some!


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