Tuesday, November 6, 2012

UR Priceless COIN PURSE- Blog Hop Day 2 and sponsor is Andover Fabrics

Nov 5-13th
( weekend exempted)

Something we don't hear enough but should....
For the next few days, U R PRICELESS will be MY key word !
Will it be YOURS too...?

I remember doing a POLL to anyone who had a pattern
for a coin purse.....Never found one....then I purchased
a few, but did not feel any were what I was looking for...

Sew like anyone in need, I reached out to a few Europeans
friends, looked at my  leather bag from Big Pharma and out came this...
For those who have joined us in our blog hop
the Pattern was FREE for YOU...
40 photos sew you too could make your very own coin purse!

I have seen some previews and MY OH MY 
did you make it your own....

I cannot wait to see what you all have created....
and why?
Because I think U R PRICELESS to me
and Katherine...

Katherine from Sew Me Something Good 
will be cheering you on and keeping you organized...
She is a great bag maker, sew I can just imagine what she will
be showing us all...
You can reach her here if you need anything...


The schedule is on our side bar...it will take
you to the list of PRICELESS creators....

Tuesday day 2- Nov.6th

Each day we will select the top 3 greatest, latest best
coin purses will be posted here...
We really won't have any honourable mentions
as they are all completed projects...

Well this seemed like an obvious choice to us...especially loving
coffee the way we do...this lady captured this ladies heart...
love it....great photo shoot too...

We could not overlook the wee handle..great addition and the fabric choice
was bright, light and a winner to us...lovely shot my dear...

And this one, love the fabric, the setting...see the June Tailor mat in the background,
the threads and buttons on the fabric...lovely choice...

 Andover Fabrics is our sponsor for this hop
and they are providing 3 RED Thread Bundles..

Here they are on FACEBOOK too...join us will you?


#1 all those who participated will have a chance to win

#2 All those who are in our top 3

#3 All those who leave comments ( each comment leaves
you another chance to win) 

It pays to participate in our blog hops
YOUR chances are a possible 3 in 100 chances..( more on the comment left)
I think that is amazing...
Where else can you get that kind of opportunity? 

YEP! I was thinking the same! 
HERE at SEW We QUILT where everyone is a winner..


                                                              This one was made from Andover Fabrics The RED Thread collection!

Here is where you can find pattern and materials to make your very own !

 YOU can purchase Coin purse 
pattern here! 40 PHOTOS, worth a 1,000 languages)

 Corrie AT Quilt Taffy Handles and Fusible Fleece 

                        You can see all the coin purses HERE!


  1. Thank you for the post and for the links as well. Enjoying the hop.

  2. Good morning all you lovely coin purse makers!! I am about ready to go hopping down coin purse lane but I had to stop in here for a second first and say.............

    I need more coin purse frames!!!!!!!!! These are SOOOOOO addicting!!!

    They multiplied in my sewing room last night until I ran out of hardware!! I almost made a 9pm run to JoAnns!! I did call Walmart at 9pm to see if they had any. lol

    1. Ohhh how funny T, well I have to say, a few more handles did arrive yesterday..you know what I will be doing today, after I hand in 4 assignments....lol
      addicting..this is worse than ...well you know...

  3. Just might have to try this one...so cute!

    1. ohhh these ladies are doing sew well we are welllll over 100 + photos already on day 2...yes hard not to want to at least make one lol

  4. How exciting to see mine featured! Yippee! :) Like everyone else, I am ordering more frames, so that I can make more and more of these fun purses! Thanks again, Madame! Hugs to you!

    1. very deserving...and you know how much I love my coffee....gorgeous piece

  5. The purses today were so pretty! I think many of them used your photography tips, too!

    1. welll they possibly could be following your lovely examples too

  6. Lovely purses Ladies! I'm off to look at more...Good morning Samm :)

    1. Good Morning Dorian...agree with you....

  7. Great choices! They are all so lovely!

  8. They just keep getting better and better!! Oh, Madame Samm, look what you've done ;O)

    1. Look at WHAT YOU ALL HAVE DONE>..don't include me YET Lol

  9. This is a new concept to me, I need to find out more!

  10. Thank you so much for picking my little purse! There are soooooo many lovely purses out there, that it has to be really hard to choose 3. I'm really enjoying this hop! Thanks so much!

    1. Wellllll your creativity just rised to the occasion...yes it did..priceless in fact

  11. Great picks for today and I love the idea of adding a little handle to the pouch, such a great idea!

  12. This hop is so much fun. I am loving all the pretty coin purses. There are some really talented ladies out there. Thank you for having this hop.

  13. the fabrics people are using is such fun. I look forward to seeing more.

  14. What a great choise of winners of this day, it can't have been easy, I saw so many darling coin purses today! What a hop and it's only day two!

  15. I thought I wanted one...I think I want them all

  16. Rosemary B here:
    Good waaaaay afternoon Missie Samm, I just finally got to see all of the blogs today and the little ones are so perky and cute. Thank you so much for picking one of mine. I am incredibly honored to have my little purse gracing your page today. It does look really nice on your page haha

    You know... what ever keeps us out of mischief is a good thing. I mean really. We could be out shopping for expensive furniture or even more clothing, but no - we are creating tomorrows heirlooms to be treasured for eternity.

    Okay, I want that little red cuppa Joe bag now.

  17. So many to choose from! And still I don't recall seeing these, such fabulous choices I must say!

  18. These are wonderful again. Thanks for the hard work.

  19. Today has been another wonderful eye candy day! So many different beauties! I am having so much fun picking out my fabrics so I can get started.

  20. Wonderful picks today. I really like the idea to add a handle.

  21. I just found out the blog hop today. I'm hopping the tour now. Thanks. :)

  22. I don't drink coffee but that cup-o-joe fabric is so fun! Love them all.

  23. Congratulations to the top 3 lil coin purses of the day :) Where did I miss the tips for taking photos? I could really use some of those.


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