Monday, November 19, 2012

Recipe for Marshmallows and updates for Blog HOPS

 and yes recipe calls for 1 1/4 cup of light corn syrup...

As the season approaches I am reminded of how much I love love love making marshmallows.
A dear friend the other day asked me for my recipe...and I thought since I was making some next weekend, I would share the recipe with all of you too....  This is the same recipe our family has been making for decades..still a favourite, still a treat...

This is also part of my homework at school, designing our own recipe cards...I love having a list of ingredients on my right, and enough room at the top to add, love this, fam favourite, and dates... You know something personal....I did not add anything here, cause this will be yours...but these are fantastic, you will be sooooo surprised at how easy they are to make...and delicious, well let's not even go there....make them first...I add coconut, dip them into chocolate, caramel...wellllll and pssst I don't even like sugar...but these are a delightful treat...

A Variety of candy thermometers

YOU can print it right from here in a PDF file I made for YOU.

And speaking of delicious.....HOLIDAY LANE begins..on Wednesday, this WEDNESDAY, like after Tuesday.....lol...The link for the Schedule is right up there on the right... Pauline is our  HAPPY resident Cheerleader..LINK here to her blog...I have seen some pillows and can I say....WOW, Gorgeous, Uplifting...Homey....yes all of those pretty adjectives---- well describes my thoughts....

And look what JILL will be sending  to 3 winners...
her newest collections and a few extras....
EACH winner will receive this collection..

I will be sending off the cup with a wee miniature coin purse ornament...
YEP, working on it now...

Ohhhhh and we are still accepting YOU for our 
NANCY DREW blog hop....

What is expected for this blog hop...

#1 YOU can make anything you like, no limits, no sizes,  no unlimited creativity..
as long as you use NANCY DREW FABRIC from MODA,
YOU are in. You can add other fabrics, but NANCY DREW MODA
must be in your project. 

( I am told the collection will be in your local quilt shops
by the end of NOVEMBER) 

 #2  Order some material soon. Or get out to your local quilt shops
and let them know you will need some Nancy DREW! 

I have a couple online shops who will be getting some very soon! lal

All of these online stores take you to the FABRIC...

#2 All those who will be participating  must
 A) add button to their blog from acceptance to completion of hop. 

( code is on the side bar at the top)

B) Must have their post up my midnight EST
C) Must turn off their Word Verification, just for the day if they can
D) Must add lists of fellow sleuths to their blogs
so everyone can find them as easily as they found YOU.

#3 Connect with Carol here if interested by NOVEMBER 25th DEADLINE
( although I think we will fill up very quickly, according to emails already) 

#4 For those who have NO blogs, we have one 
for YOU. So we will accept 15 ONLY for this blog hop!

THAT IS ALL of our Guidelines..no mystery there..


All those who follow our blog are  eligible


Obviously my ornament is missing here...was hoping to show you today..
but it needs a few adjustments in the pattern....
maybe tomorrow...


OHHH and here is a link to see a Round Robin 
I was involved in...love to show you my 
project, but it has not yet reached here..( that must of been the mystery part for me) lol
when it does I will do a post about it...
Meanwhile check here with Michele and the ladies

I did manage to do a special design for a lady who loves
frogs...now who could that be...?
I just called it THE FROG! 


  1. Thank you for the yummy recipe! I have always wanted to try to make marshmallows, every Christmas it's on my list but I never get around to making them. Maybe this year is the year!

  2. Samm I'm in love with your recipe cards....gorgeous! blessings, marlene

  3. Oh, this is something I've made with my grandkids and since they will be here this week, I had bought all the ingredients so that we could make them for our hot chocolate on Thanksgiving night or when decorating the Christmas tree! How timely! Thank you for the beautiful recipe card. I'll print it out so they have a copy to take home!

  4. So many cool things going on....it's like Christmas has already begun! Thank you for the recipe card. It looks like something fun to make with my Monkey Boys. Oooo, and I love that little froggy purse. :O)

  5. I have all the ingredients so we can make the marshmellows over Thanksgiving when my granddaughter comes down...but when I read the recipe it did not say what the 1 1/4 light corn syrup should be, is that 1 1/4 cups of light corn syrup..Can't wait to try this...and love the little froggy purse................

  6. Hi:

    Thanks for the recipe.

    Have a nice week.

    Costa Rica

  7. Rosemary B here:
    Hello and afternoon greets to you Missie Samm!
    I am just taking a quickie break (yes coffee) from putting lights on the outside. HAHA it is only 50º here so I better address that job while I can.
    I just clicked on the recipe care, it got bigger, then I dragged it to my desk top. I will print it out and force my daughter and her boyfriend make these.
    I love sugar. sugar sugar sugar. I know it is bad, but I am thin as a rail.
    I hope you have a marvelous day with sun and everything nice

    1. PS: love that little froggy purse too

  8. I love marshmallows. Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Heehee! Ribbit! Thanks for the recipe, and love, love the design of the card! (Looking forward to seeing "The Frog"....) I'm off to bed...bet you are too -- unless you have more homework!

  10. Dear Samm, as we celebrate our Thanksgiving this week, I am reminded of all I have to be thankful for. You, my friend are among those wonderful things! xoxox Christel

  11. Awesome recipe card design. Looking forward to trying the marshmallows. (if they are even close to the recipes in your book like the lemon quick bread (yum), the pumpkin date(absolutely delicious)or the pb granola (wow), I will have to make multiple batches for the family.

    Super cute frog purse.

    I will always be thankful for you and your inspiration. I will always be thankful that my sister told me about SewWeQuilt.

  12. :) Been away from blogland for a couple of months.. ready to be back.. Got an open blog hops in Jan or Feb? Or am I to early or I maybe to late ;; )
    Thanks Madam Samm


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