Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NO KEEPSAKE ornament for 2012 , sew I ...

this handle came from here...the bottom far right..
The Bag Lady!  it is only 2 inches wide...

For decades now, our family has made it a tradition to get out to Hallmark
to pick up our keepsake ornament. 
Each year we select an ornament that reminds us of something that 
was a highlight of our year. 

Well this was our weekend in TOWN, and we checked off our to do lists,
sour dough bread from Penne Fresco, check...
couple boxes of k-cup coffee, check
chiro visit, check
new cookie pans for Christmas, check..
( wait till you see what I was able to literally get my hands on)
Baking next week..will show then..

Anyway our last stop was Hallmark....we could not believe
it, not 1 ornament with a year on it that reminded us of our 
lovely year together. NOT even a hint of 1 we could 
place a memory for 2012....

We did not leave empty handed...picked up 3 cards and the 
new snowman, to add to our 7 that we purchased a decade ago
one each year...Hallmark stopped for 4 years
and now came back with another series...this is the first...
This one is very cute...he goes back and forth like they
are skiing down a very slippery hill...and of course
they sing....they all sing...

As we were walking to the car, my DH said clearly sensing 
my disappointment...,

 Mr  "Why not make an ornament?"
 Mrs "Ohhhhh, we will find something, I am sure of it..."
 Mr "I think you should make a miniature coin purse,
 put the date on it"
I look at him and smiled...He realized what he just said....
He is really a manly man, he shook himself and laughed with me...
 Mrs " I think I will give that a try, you always surprise me...."
He grabbed me and kissed me on the nose...lol

So yesterday I made this weeeeee coin purse
had to do the pattern over as it is only 2 x 2 inches...
I think this will be perfect...
A great reminder of 2012 with all of you who 
are making coin purses...

MY Mr is PRICELESS as all of you are....!

I loved you yesterday, 

I love you still, 

I always have,

I always will.

This morning I was sipping my coffee 
( Green Mountain Donut Coffee Blend)
on my window bench, and I could 
not help but reflect on all the wonderful
memories that our ornaments of past years have brought to me. 

Take this one..this was taken 
while celebrating another grandchild...we were
sew excited to be grandparents... ( this was our 4th)

This one from a dear colleague-
we sipped over many  cups of coffee
 reading clinical papers through the years.
She gifted this to me as a reminder..
It sew fills my cup per say lol

This from a dear friend who was my 
illustrator for "our" nutrition book..
I think she thought I was a bit bossy
through the process..I laughed sew much
when I saw this, and still today...because
it is sewwwwwwwww true...
( the better ideas part) not the bossy part  lol
This is not up for debate girls...

This was from my husband who somehow
managed on his own to size our book on wee
Kermit here, a reminder of one of our most
successful journeys as authors...

OHHH this one I shall never forget, the year was 2007...
How Hallmark knew enough to design a toaster that year
is beyond me....HOWEVER it was perfect.
I got up this cold October morning, and placed
some english muffins in my toaster...when I heard
some movement....I looked inside the toaster
and there was an itty bitty mouse...I SCREAMED
as only a woman can do, David came rushing downstairs...
" GET that toaster out of the house NOW".....
That day we went out and purchased a 4 slicer....
I never wanted to be reminded of that morning again..
OK, now this brings a smile...cause David found
this toaster as an ornament that year...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh this one I love
another one of my colleagues and I exchanged
gifts every year. She always thought I was 
such a girly girl, ( which of course I am..)
and gave this to me, said it reminded her of me...

Starting to see a theme here...coffee,
One of my very dear male friends owned a coffee
shop, Timothy's...my fav hang out before work.
He gifted this to me one year as I was obsessed with
snowman pins....I love this one, still brings a smile to this day...

When we moved from the big city to this very small town
and built ourselves a small bungalow in 2008, this Hallmark
ornament came out...A perfect reminder of the next chapter
of our life....How sweet it has been..

There are hundreds more, but I have some Christmas
stitching to do today, and I just wanted to share a little 
:ME: with you.....

What is your favorite ornament?
Do you get a new one every year?

Tomorrow.....HOLIDAY LANE blog hop...
working on that now ( the pillow) ....
link to button top right for schedule! 


  1. Great post. Thank you for sharing your lovely ornaments with us.

  2. What a great life jurney and wonderful ideea for this year, the little purse. You sre both so inspired. My favorite ornaments are a lot of little paper stars, made many years ago by my family. There are in good shape and looks nice in the tree, and make me feel happy every year.

  3. Hi!!! Love the little purse ornament!!! Wonderful idea from hubby!!! I always collected ornaments for my children and now grand children..but my most favorites are the ones they made!!! They sure do bring the memories back though!!! I also collect cat ornaments!!! Angel ornaments!!! I really think all of yours do seem like they are just right for you!!! You and hubby sure are a cute couple!!! Sweet!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

  4. Isn't wonderful to have near you a man who encourages you and gives you ideas? I love the mini coin purse. I was wondering how hard was to sew on 2 inch frame. I think these frames aren't available everywhere! Cute, cute cute!
    What does your cat think about all these pretty little things ??

  5. OH, what a perfect ornament--DH comes through again! I remember the story about the toaster because I bought a toaster kitchen timer to send to you and then I read that story-oh! what a mistake that would've been,eh? WEll, here come the holidays--all bright and beautiful!

  6. I try to make a new ornament each year. Last year it was beaded heart with my Mother's old beads. I give them to each of the children and grandchildren. My ornament is usually a Nativity Ornament. Hallmark skipped making one a couple years ago so I know how you feel. Gotta go find out if they are my friend this year... Love the Purse.

  7. What a great tradition and a great way to remember past events.

  8. Oooh, what a sweet little ornament, isn't it just the perfect thing to close out your year? It symbolically holds all of this year's treasures! Sew sweet.

  9. I usually buy a new ornament every year. I love taking them out and remembering when they were bought. Haven't got one yet for this year.

  10. What a delicious morning read! Love this post so much, and especially love your little bitty purse ornament. What a great idea! My tree ornaments are all Santas...each year, I receive a few more from friends and family. Plus there are a couple of non-Santa ornaments celebrating our children's first Christmases....they are pretty special! Loved seeing your special ornaments and reading about your fond memories. Thank you for sharing!

  11. What darling ornaments Samm. How fun you and your hubby enjoy this together.

  12. Samm what a wonderful post - isn't it fun to get out each ornament and spend time with your memories? I love doing that. My ornaments are not gathered annually like yours and are mostly many years old, but my husband shakes his head as I get them out saying, "we got this one when..., this one came from...., this child made this one..." He can't figure out how I can remember all that and can't remember what I ate for breakfast. :) I worked on Holiday Lane a bit more last night; can't wait to see it finished. blessings, marlene

  13. Love your post and all these comments! I try to buy one new ornament a year, at a craft fair if I can. My favorites are the box of 12 plain shiny balls that my husband and I bought the first year we were married. How do you afford to decorate a Christmas tree all at once? So we bought that box of 12 and sat at our kitchen table with Elmer's glue and glitter and made designs. That glue is powerful stuff, because it's still sticking after 35 Christmases!

  14. My favorite ornaments were the ones my kids made when they were little, but they are mostly gone, because construction paper and macaroni don't live forever, especially when crawl spaces flood. How wonderful to have someone to remember those special moments with you. You are blessed, indeed.

  15. I love all your special ornaments. I too get new ones each year, sometimes quite a few depending on what I see that I can't leave behind at the store. And each year the kids get a couple of new ones so that when they move out someday they will already be well on their way to a nice collection of their own.

  16. how sweet! wish I had done that. we do still have the kids home made ornaments, and last year we had two "plastic- GASP!" trees, I kept one pretty and one for the kids stuff, now that we have a 3rd kid, I think about the box of home made ornaments and it kind of makes me sad to think how my kids have grown so much already, now they are 8 and 10. So I think this year, I'll put the trees up, add the lights- with the kids help of course- and just let the kids have fun decorating! for the first time too we're hosting thanksgiving for friends this year, usually we put up the tree on black friday, we might do it wednesday instead, we'll see.

  17. OH, I love this post! Your ornaments and memories are so wonderful!!!
    My favorite ornaments are the vantage glass ornaments my husband's mother passed down to me. To those I added more vintage ornaments (I'm talking from the 40's and 50's) that we found hanging in fret work over a large pocket door when we bought a 100 year old house. I wrap each one individually each year and marvel over them every time I hang them. I LOVE vintage ornaments. They bring back childhood memories. When my boys were little, we made our ornaments every year from bread dough clay. When we lived on the east coast, the high humidity ruined them all despite the heavy polyurethane coating. I still have the memories though. We also always put up a "candy tree" that was decorated with all kinds of candy. Our guests were allowed to pick what they wanted from the tree. Our memories have been preserved in my Christmas village, where I have a rule that I can't buy a building unless it is tied to a memory. For example, I have "Drew's Bike Shop" which is perfect since my son, Drew, loves bike riding, a quilt shop for obvious reasons, an Alamo since we grew up in San Antonio, etc.

  18. Hi Madame Samm: When my daughter was born, some thirty four years ago, I decided that I would make her a Christmas ornament every year. Because I am also a porcelain artist besides a quilter and stitcher, it was very easy to do. Most are porcelain, with a few needlepoint thrown in for good measure, but regardless, she cherishes them all. Each year on December 1st she gets her ornament, and has a special place on the tree each year for the newest one. I have never made her a quilted ornament, nor a silk ribbon, but they are on the list for future years. The only problem I can see is that when she marries and moves out, we are going to have a very bare tree. Donna in Stratford

  19. That purse is adorable...really it is! I'm thinking I need to squeeze a little more time into my schedule to make one. As for the ornaments and your sweet memories, I was totally touched and actually felt a little tear start to form as I read them all. We had a tradition for almost 20 years of exchanging ornaments with my grandmother, mom, and sisters (we drew names for each of our family members) so I have a box full of special memories. Now I can't wait to get them out to take a stroll through Christmas memory lane. Thanks for a beautiful post!

  20. Thanks for that lovely trip down memory lane with you Madame Samm! I love your ornaments!!! So perfect in every way :*) I especially love the little purse - the Mr. has your artsy sense of style I see! I also purchase at least one new ornament each year - I look forward to the joy of the search for the perfect one as soon as they begin to be put out for sale! I also buy one for each of the grandchildren. I hope they will enjoy the sentiment as I do, but time will tell that tale =^..^=

  21. Hi:

    Your ornaments are so cool, well Hallmark don´t sell many ornament now in Costa Rica, but I have a friend that make every year a ornament and write the year. I prefer the miniature coin purse, because you make it and means a good time for you.

    Have a nice day.

    Costa Rica

  22. I have many favorites. I have been working up some December blog posts to cover years of decking my halls. From antique vintage beauties to red birds. Great fun coming to Kwilty Pleasure blogspot.

  23. What fun ornaments! I always love bringing ours out too....so many great memories.

    That tiny coin purse is AMAZING!

  24. My family has exchanged handmade ornaments every year for many years. Most of the ornaments on our tree are handmade! Great memories of the people we love!

  25. The little coin purse is perfect! My sisters and I exchange ornaments every Thanksgiving...love putting up my tree as each ornament has a memory! Drives my DH nuts to listen but thankfully it is only once a year!

  26. What a lovely story to read with my morning cup of coffee :)
    The little coin purse is perfect!

  27. We love our Hallmark dancing snowmen. I can't believe you have 7 of them, what fun that must be. They are such a great gift & little ones love them. The coin purse is so perfect for 2012. Smart man.

  28. This little handmade purse ornament will mean far more to you than any store purchased ornament. How very sweet of you Mr. Blissful...

  29. What a wonderful uplifting-happy memory post. I love your mini coin purse. ( hm, glad to see it's a decoration, not a sign of inflation!). My favorite holiday decorations are Snowmen. Happy snowmen. Have you every seen a snowman without a smile? Not me.

  30. Love your ornaments, especially the itty bitty coin purse!
    Our family has a tradition of exchanging handmade ornaments each year (since 1975. I love the way our tree looks with all the pretty and creative ornaments my mom and sisters/sister-in-laws have created for me and my DH over the years.

  31. Thank you for sharing so many of your wonderful ornaments and their stories. I got a reall chuckle out of the mouse/toaster one! lol The coin purse one is just perfect with it's memories; besides you could add a few notes on paper and tuck that inside!
    I love my ornaments and - mostly - know who gave them to me, when that happened, or if I bought them myself. I think my all-time favorite is an OLD hand-blowen glass ornament my Dad bought when he was in his teens; he was born in 1913 so in must have been in the early 30s. The back was actually broken out many years ago but my mom stuffed some bubble wrap inside and I keep it boxed by itself. I hang it each year way up high and with it's back to the wall; and I enjoy it's lovely pink glittery self anyway. Maybe it represents that we all have flaws even if they aren't always apparent.

  32. ahhh... just a little "me" time as my daughters family has gone to their bedrooms to retire for the evening and a chance for me to grab a quick bit of blogging... I really have missed the past week of blogging but I would not trade my family in for it... no way... Our time together is so few and far between that I ravish every moment I get to spend with them when we come home.

    Does anyone want to buy a 100 acre tobacco farm so we can move west a wee bit and open a quilting retreat center and then I could spend a lot more time with them? :)...ahhh.. the housing market WILL come back one day...and then... I so do hope..

    I loved traveling down memory lane with you and your ornaments. Such a sweet story about each one. And the mini coin purse ornament is so perfect for this year!!

    The first year my hubby and I were seeing each other we spent Christmas Day 650 miles apart from each other. I sent him a gift and had his mom hide it in the far back of the tree so he would not see it. I sent along a Winnie The Pooh Christmas card that had Winnie the Pooh sitting in a window sill looking outside at the falling snow.. The caption read "I wonder what Piglet is doing, thought Pooh.. I wish I were there to be doing it too" From that day on my hubby has called me his Pooh and I have called him Piglet. So each year I go to the Hallmark store and buy that year's Winnie the Pooh ornament just for us. :)

  33. Loved hearing that you also buy Hallmark ornaments! A coworker got me collecting many years ago, over twenty years and I'm still at it. I have been cutting down starting new collections, just trying to finish up the ones I have going. Isn't it great when you can find an ornament that says it all? oh and looking forward to the Holiday Lane Pillow Hop!!

  34. that tiny purse is so sweet. love the little ruffle.
    I have been buying a Hallmark ornament every year since we have been married plus one for each of the kids. My two boys are now married and hang theirs on the their trees now.
    I am collecting a series entitled Season's Treatings. This year is #4.
    My kids collected things that they liked to do. My oldest son bought little fishermen types for many years. It was great that they made them. Of course, soccer ones and for my daughter, her dealt with artists.
    Some years I have been disappointed too.

  35. My ornament box is full of beauties made by my Grandmother (who gave one to each of her 30grandchildren each year till she passed in 1981) and my Mother took over making ours! We would get a new one each year. I treasure the few my own children have that my Mother made for them (till she passed in 2004) I try to make one for my 3 kids however several years I have purchased theirs. Hhmmm what to do for them this year?

  36. Wonderful posts of wonderful ornaments with extra special memories :o) & I love your wee little coin purse ornament!

    We buy at least one ornament a year for each of our kids (and have also made them too. (In fact, when our first daughter was married almost 4 years ago (Dec 31st), at one of her showers, I wrapped all her ornaments from her first one and as she grew up, and also added some lovingly made by hand by my mom and my hubby's mom and me :o) and put them in a beautiful box to give to her as one of our bridal shower gifts....and then when our younger daughter got married this past May, at one of her bridal showers, I also did the same with all her ornaments and some handcrafted by my mom, my hubby's mom and me over the years...and so with our son getting married next year, I have his set aside too, so that I can have them for their first tree :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!


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