Friday, November 30, 2012

Last day of Holiday Lane...and mine is more of a "BLOCK" vs a lane lol

 ( look real snow )

Good Morning, as you will note Mr Iced ( oh the Mrs is below)  is  is as pleased to see you as I am ....
( I am working on the pattern for a Mrs too) 
and my first salute goes out to....
To our dear Jill ( from Jillily studio)  for supplying with this great pattern.... WE all made it our OWN! 
And to  Pauline for organizing this event with such class- even with a very bad flu and pc problems
-she kept moving forward. A cheerleader with Class...yes...!

By now you have seen all the beautiful pillows of our 9 days
of Holiday Lane creators.....
I am honoured to share this last day with these delightful ladies...

Friday November 30
Dora Quilts ( not up yet) 
Quilting, Sewing Granny ( not up yet) 
Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt ( yes this is me) 

and yes big disappointment here ...I MADE BUT 1 PILLOW..
only 1...that is a first lol

My Plan for HOLIDAY LANE was to make it large enough to have it 
snuggled under our window seat in our kitchen... it is exactly 7 feet 5 inches long...
I drew some people and then made them into silhouettes to mirror
the neighbours on my holiday lane...

( this photo was taken on our steps off the deck to the garden, you will note how
large it is, it is laid on 6 steps...) 

I added buttons and of course some fluffy white fur to accent it as my snow...
I stitched all that fur on ...the ones on the roofs is a thinner version and the sidewalk
snow much thicker....

I also added  a border with dots, and when I saw a few of our creators pillows  with
piping like finishings.. .I took my pillow out of the window and turned
 it under to mirror the same look...
The weight and stuffing of this pillow just had my border lying down flat..
so big thanks to Bente and Marlene for their lovely suggestion! 

When I was trying to take photos of my pillow, it was hard to capture it inside
as we face south east exposure, so the photo always came out dark as I was shooting
into the sun, unless
I did it in the evening, which was what I captured below......

So with assistance of my DH, the pillow weighs approx 10 pounds...
 he carried  it outside and placed it on our outside window bench...
"Sparky, I think you could have made it longer" lol
( what he calls me, " yes but it fits the window bench perfectly'
He then says,  " Then you will have to make one for our here"
We both laugh!
I had every plan too for next summer...this one will be 8.5 feet long!

I purchased 3 king sized pillows, it was less expensive then trying to stuff it
with stuffing... I went to Sears and got the pillows for $5.oo each...Canadian! 

I left an opening in the back so after the season, this pillow will be folded
up and tucked away with all the rest of our Christmas decorations...
I may keep this up till March though...as it will suit our home and surroundings
till then... I want to replace it with a cafe one for the summer...
 or a black and white and red one like Janes....
( did you just not love that one) 

I am sew pleased with the result....I am not sure which photo I liked best
so I included them all....( well- not really I took over 40 pics) ...lol

NOTE here...I did NO piecing...but I did cut every house, door
and window using only wonder under by PELLON.
#805, I have found it the best to trace, trim, iron and stitch with...
I have always used it, always will. 

Now this one was taken at dusk on the window bench...it was hard to get the whole
thing visually...as it is sooooo large...but by golly...I just adore it..
YOU can see it from the front door of our home..
it's height is 22 inches high... 7 feet 5 inches long...

                                                       and this is what I created it from....

Here are the fabrics that I used... from Connecting Threads...I was soooo excited when I found the background fabric to mirror a stormy sky.... I included all the fabrics and numbers of them...

Blustery black 5272   background...looks like snow swirls..
Pin Dot Peridot 5034 that is the green one ( sides of pillow and backing) and some for the houses.
Twirl Cherry 5367       trees and houses
Crimson Berries Honeysuckle 5102 ( the top one)     houses,  trees  and window shutters
Chantilly buds 4313  for a variety of trees..
Little Stars 3980 for trees and shutters

                   Will you be making another HOLIDAY LANE?

                            What will yours look like?                                            

He was lonesome sew I made him a MRS...if only it were that easy! lol

Return later to see who made our top 3 and the winners of all the giveaways
will be announced in the MORNING! 
all the prizes are from JILL...we  all sew grateful for her generosity! 
 3 lucky winners will win this...

OUR TOP 3 for our last day....

Ohhh Look at this one....Pauline and I live on the same street....I love that it really looks
like a holiday lane....I want to live there for real...

This lady chose such a perfect fabric....I had to show both front and back...
I can see why she had to make this pillow...I love the hues of blues....

and this lady turned hers into a runner and still has effective..
we will call it a flat pillow lol. LOVED the lights on the tree...and the dotted
fabric looking like falling snow....pretty cool! 

Congrats to the following ladies who won this delicious bundle...
they all have been contacted with much excitement.

To Tracy for participating she is from farmroadquilts
To Lyn who just had a birthday, she was most certainly hopping lol for leaving comments..( no blog) yet lol
and to Sue for being in the top 3 and this was her
 first blog hop and win..
( chickadeescountrycottagecrafts) 

p.s and return SATURDAY for an announcement of our Blog HOP 
for January, PLANs have changed! 
I think this may interest many of you...
hint...it's wordy!

 Yes this will be our button....
more tomorrow! 


  1. Wow, your pillow looks great, I'll bet you sneezed a few time making it LOL, lovely job!
    Happy Christmas

  2. Woohoo I get to be first!! As always your project is just fabulous!!!!!! and fabulously long and how funny sbout buying pillows for stuffing. I have used them for tuffing too! Great minds right? Lol!! What a cool idea about a summer one and Jane's black and white was ths bomb!!!! I am making one like that in shorter versions loved the black and white!! Can't wait for new hop...... I never seem to be our of words even mis-spelled ones lol!

  3. The silhouettes are so charming. That is one big pillow. It looks so good there. Love the fur. A lot of work went into that, but so worth it. And what an ending to this fun hop! Thanks to you, Pauline & Jill!

  4. Woweee! That pillow is awesome! You're so creative. How fun it's been to see all the different interpretations. Thanks so much for a fun blog hop!

  5. What a wonderful idea to make a "block" pillow! Love the silhouettes of your neighbors and the fluffy fur snow on the roofs! Good to see Mr. Iced has found his true love! jbechosend at sbcglobal dot net

  6. Love your pillow and your Mr. & Mrs. :)

  7. Now why am I not surprised to see Mrs. Iced decked out in red "fur"?... all ready for the Snow Ball on Christmas Eve. I was smiling all through your post but when I came to HER...I laughed out loud!! Disturbed #1 husband watching his movie and got an eye-roll when I told him I was looking at Samm's Pillow on the blog hop as if "why am I not surprised?" He has had to dutifully rave over my Black & white pillow for days....yep...I think he's ready for me to move onto another project!
    Lovely pillow, Samm
    Gmama Jane

  8. I love your pillow!! Wow 22lbs of pillow!! Thanks for organizing all these blog hops.

  9. Your "one" pillow is humongous AND gorgeous! The silhouettes are perfect for your holiday lane, uh, block, and I wish I had thought to add them to my pillow. Yes, I will be making another pillow, hopefully. Thank you for this fun hop!

  10. Wow Madame Samm it is wonderful...I love all the additions and your Mr & Mrs Iced..thank you for such a wonderful hop.

  11. What a fabulous pillow! looks like you had lots of fun making that. I too take about 40 pictures for one thing - it takes ages doesnt it! I love the idea of a cafe version - my little brain is buzzing away designing one in my head as I type! Hope you have enjoyed the hop as much as me!

  12. Terrific pillow and wow the size if it! I love the snow on the roof tops and the silhouettes are fab!! Great bog hop - again!!

  13. WOW!!!I love your pillow! The silhouettes are so charming. Wonderful work.
    Greetings from Germany

  14. Oh I love this loooong pillow! So cute! Especially the snow looks so fun and I adore the idea with the silhouttes! Have to try this too! And Mrs Iced is just the perfect match for Mr.Iced. Great job!

  15. It is just perfect! Great pillow! And look forward to the big announcement tomorrow!

  16. Gosh golly, I had to stop and reread where you wrote your pillow was 7 feet, 5 inches. That is a long pillow! But reading it's for your window seat all made sense. Your pillow is gorgeous as is everything you do. Mr & Mrs Iced are too cute! This was a great hop and can't wait till I can make my own Holiday Lane. Looking forward to 2013 and all the great things I know you have planned.

    Thank you and Jill for the generous giveaway and the chance to win.


  17. Your pillow is sew wonderful and big. Such a good idea to have your neighbours on it. And mr and mrs Iced are so cute. Thanks for sharing and giving us all this fun pillow adventures.

  18. I just love the snow! This is so pretty. I would never have thought to use white fur. The snow couple is adorable.

  19. Fantastic - I love the fluffy snow and your silhouette people look wonderful.

  20. Samm, you are definitely an over achiever. Love your enthusiasm. Your pillow turned out cute and I will come back for the announcement. Wordy? You? Never! lol

  21. Wouh, beautiful! Thanks for this Blog Hop.
    I had a great time with it. I will sew the pillow also.
    Greetings from Germany, Marita

  22. Your pillow looks great!!!! I love it!!! Mr and Mrs Iced are so cute:)
    You're so creative, MdM Samm:):)

  23. That pillow is sure beautiful. It turned out great. It's amazing how there are so many ideas out there. Everyone is so creative.

  24. Oh my, your pillow is absolutely fabulous!!!! Mr. & Mrs. Iced are adorable.
    What a Blog Hop this has been .... totally amazing to see so much creativity.

  25. Wow! Love your pillow and the way you made your pillow to fit your window seat! Love the silhouettes, and the fabrics, and the snow! Love your Mr and Mrs...too cute with the red hat and mitts! You are such a creative soul! Thank you and Pauline for another wonderful hop! Great choices today...and of course I am very curious about January!

  26. What a lovely pillow. So perfect to create something to custom fit a space in your home. Thanks for another fun blog hop - intrigued to hear about the newest one.

  27. LOL Samm, wow! What a great pillow you made. I love the silhouettes and your snow people. It's really neat seeing what everyone has come up with to make these pillows their own.

  28. Love your Holiday Lane! Your mind must run 90 miles an hour with all of the creative ideas you bring to us! Mrs. Iced is just precious! and who would have thunk... red fur?? She is gorgeous! :)

    Excited to see the January Hop rules! :)

  29. Your pillow is gorgeous! Love those silhouettes so much! And a texty hop, I'm in!! Thanks for the top three again, not sure mine is worthy since this was a pillow hop, lol!

  30. All I can say is - WOW!!! Once again you and yours have blown my mind with all of these very talented people. Thanks.

  31. Mdm Samm, my pillow can be done in the blue combination- I already know that you have my address!

    I am so jealous- this is brilliant!

  32. Samm the fur is absolutely wonderful but the silhouettes are over the top perfect! It never crossed my mind to add people. :( And the door and window decorations are a great touch...are they buttons? I searched and searched for buttons but for some reason there weren't many Christmas ones in town when I was looking. Are you sure you don't want to trade pillows? :) I love this! blessings, marlene

  33. Your fluffy snow is just like what I am seeing outside my window.... it snowed again all day long yesterday .... flurries as in my title ...lol
    I have picked up a foot for my machine to stitch yarn and then brush it out ... I will try that for snow the next time to see how it will look
    thanks sew much for the inspiration, and getting us connected with sw many other who love what we all love to do
    in stitches

  34. Wow!!! you did a fantastic job Madame Samm....I love your people; snow....everything is adorable!!
    Great top choices!

  35. Beautiful is the word of the day! Your pillow is absolutely beautiful. Love the snow covered roof tops. :-)

  36. I love your pillow! Love the fluffy snow, love your little people, love the dotty border, and love the windows filled with Christmas cheer! I will definitely be making another, and I think it will be a beach holiday theme. It's starting to jiggle around in my head. I hope I can start it right after the holidays. I have REALLY enjoyed this Hop, thank you so much!

  37. Gorgeous pillow! And sew big!!!! Thanks so much for the blog hop. It has been so much fun!

  38. Samm (aka Sparky...I had to laugh because that's what my husband calls me, too!). Your pillow is awesome! Love the "maribou" snow and the silouettes of your neighbors. I thought the same thing...a must have for the summer...maybe make the houses into beach cabanas (can you tell I'm from the Jersey shore?). This blog hop was so much fun. It's amazing how so many can make the same pattern look totally different. Have a great holiday!

    1. Hi Maxzoe....loved that you are sparky too....I tried to answer you but you a no reply blogger next time..leave an email and I can add you to the list of possible winners...

  39. As I sit here this morning looking at all your pillow photos, I have a smile on my face. You did a great job and I do love Mr. and Mrs. Snow.

  40. Fabulous pillow.Thanks for the great blog hop!!

  41. Oh Samm, it is amazing! I had to make it larger so I could see all the details. So many darling touches, I just love it and big wow, 7 1/2 feet, that is just wonderful. and the silhouettes, what a great addition! Super cute, great job!
    PS, I just love the fluff!

  42. The color combo works so well and the colors just pop. It makes you happy happy happy!

  43. Thank you for including me in the top 3! I love your pillow! The silhouettes were a genius touch! Even my five year old was impressed and it is hard to impress a five year old boy!

  44. Oh, Silhouettes? They are so CUTE, I just LOVE them. Now, why didn't I think of silhouettes? Just another thing to add to my next pillow....

  45. Your pillow is BEAUTIFUL!! Those silhouettes make it look like a little village scene. It is just perfect!!

  46. Love, love, love your pillow! Its perfect for your window seat. Hmmm......I have a window seat, too! I really like the fur snow. That is a great touch! The silhouettes are perfect in front of the buildings! Your photos are also great!
    Yes,I will make another one. Mine went home in my 5 year old grandson's carry-on luggage. While he was here, he had carried it around to sit on, prop on and lay on and when it was time to pack, he said, "Oh, don't forget my pillow!" What was I to do. I stuffed it right in there with his other stuff. (And I was happy to do it!) Now I can make one with some Texas accents - Alamo, cactus, horses, longhorns.....this is going to be fun!

  47. What a beautiful pillow! I love the people silhouetted against the buildings--really gorgeous. I didn't do this blog hop, but I will definitely make this project. I'd like to complete it for a friend for Christmas, but you know how it is--so many gifts I want to make and so little time! Thank you for hosting a really fun blog hop. I didn't participate, but I haven't missed a day of looking at all of the great projects.

  48. You did a wonderful job on your pillow. I am sitting here smiling. (Imagine girl sitting in flannel nightgown, smiling at computer.) It is so cute! Mr and Mrs Iced is so you! Yes, I do have ideas for another Holiday Lane! Once I got thinking about it, more ideas popped into my head. Thank you for letting me be a part of this fun hop. Have a great weekend!

  49. Hi!!! WOW!!! It is wonderful!!! I love the silhouettes!!! It is very cheerful!!! It is so big!!! During visiting the blogs I was amazed how creative they all are and then I thought! because of the gran daughter Emma! who has a toddler bed! this would be wonderful over her bed done in little doll houses!! Well you know I still love dolls too!!! Also a bird house lane came to mind!!!! Thanks so much!!! You help us get creative and inspired!!! I love Mr and Mrs Iced!!! Adorable!!!!

  50. I love the silhouttes. Quite a busy little street there! It's wonderful and I love the fabrics. Thanks for giving the numbers to them. I love their fabrics! Good idea on the pillows store bought and then take them out to store the pillow flat. Great job! Now how about a spring themed one!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  51. Your pillow is just darling. I love the people you added to the lane. I can't believe the size of it!!!! That is awesome.

    Thanks so much afor another fun hop. I really enjoyed this one and can't wait to make one for my house.

  52. I love the fuzzy-looking snowy roof tops and the people you added to your pillow. The snowflakes in your photos are just perfect as well.
    Looking forward to hearing about the new hop, so I'll see you tomorrow, lol.

  53. Rosemary B here :-)
    Oh happy day today is your day to display ... lol
    I love this. You know what? it looks very vintage 50's -- oh you should have added a 54 Cadillac
    take your pick: https://www.google.com/search?q=1954+Cadillac&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=RsT&tbo=d&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=NNG4ULLMG-fW2wXzoYD4Ag&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAA&biw=1005&bih=614

    I adore the fabric! and perfect placement of every single retro detail. I am loving this so much I had to put on some Sinatra and my good pal Bing singing some Christmas tunes

    It is a 10 pounder!! My goodness Sparky, you churned out the best on this one!

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Rosemary of course: I just tried to make it a hyperlink but it did not do it ::grumble grumble::

  55. Truly an amazing masterpiece of a pillow - bet that window seat will never look the same to you after having a seven-foot pillow on it, so your plans for other pillows is outstanding. Pretyy ingenious with the silhouettes - so inspirational and creative - I can always count on you my dear. Judy C

  56. Amazing job.Love the pillow.Good hint for the stuffing.I love Mrs. Snowlady.This has been an Awesome Hop.

  57. Absolutely wonderful! That is just the greatest pillow ever. I love the size! Pretty cool that it weighs ten pounds. Thanks for sharing your pictures too.

  58. Your pillow is absolutely fantastic and gigantic!!! any pillow where you need a man to carry it..well that is an amazing pillow! thank you for all the fun! I am waiting on pins and needles cause I have always like anything with words! see ya tomorrow!

  59. Wow! Now that is sew creative. Love your Mr and Mrs Snowman too. Thank you again Madame Samm! See you next year! Judith, Texas

  60. great job on your pillow too, it's huge!! love the top 3, they are ADORABLE

  61. LOVE the people silouettes! So creative. Your snow looks so cuddly. And now a Mrs to go with your Mr. How sweet! Thanks for the inspiration.

  62. A 7' 5" pillow!!!!! Wow! It is fabulous. This blog hop has been so much fun. Thank you all! I am amazed at the creative women out there.

  63. I'm a new Blogger and this was my first Bloghop. I enjoyed "meeting" so many creative people and making new friends. I know you hear it over and over again but I want to add my thanks to you for coming up with these hops, they bring joy to so many people.

  64. Wow. That is definitely a holiday block and not a lane! lol What a happy neighbourhood you've created. :o) Simply gorgeous, Mdm Samm. Love those silhouettes and the furry fabric (makes lovely snow!).

  65. What a brilliant idea with the silhouettes and the snow! Oh I LOVE the Mrs. too!!

  66. Your Holiday Block pillow looks wonderful! I also was thinking that mine needs to be the length of my bench, and one for each season. I think your silhouettes bring the block alive. The white fur makes great snow, it is so nice and fluffy! Mrs. Iced looks very festive in her red fur. Thanks for a very fun blog hop.

  67. I love the silhouettes, they're kind of my thing (I make custom portrait silhouettes in my etsy shop.) Yours turned out fabulous! That is one giant pillow!

  68. I love the idea of adding silhouettes to your pillows, and I feel kind of honored to leave a message underneath that of Petit Design Co., as I think she's brilliant.

  69. I loved your take on the Holiday Lane. Very nice! Thanks again for all the fun.. Sorry to see it over. Will be looking forward to the next one. Also the book review.

    1. Lyn was the winner who left many notes to everyone...

  70. oh my that is HUGELY PERFECT and oh so cute!! This was a great hop!

  71. WOW! It's beautiful! Love the "snow" and the little silhouettes are so clever... and it's huge, lol! Thanks for inspiring us!...
    Yup, I think I will be making another one too, he he!

  72. Dear madm Samm,
    you pillow is absoutely marvelous, beautiful unique details and I love your piping too ☺
    Mr. and Mrs. are adorable.
    It has t been a great honor to be part of this bloghop, thanks!
    Wish you and your love ones a nice weekend.
    Liebe Grüße

  73. The pillow is as lovely and you !! love the fluff !!

  74. This is so creative...love the silhouettes mimicking your neighbors! It looks great with the green piping! Of coarse Mr. & Mrs. Iced are just adorable! Thanks for another great hop! Have a great weekend.

  75. I just love it! so did you just fold the pillows in half kind of rounded? very cute.. I wish I had somewhere for a big one like that!

  76. I have loved this hop and all the "Lanes" B-)

  77. Your pillow is waaaaaaaaaaaaay cute..love the fluffy white fur 'snow' and, of course, Mr. & Mrs. Iced are just adorable!!!

  78. Way too cool! A ten pound pillow is a door stop:) Don't know how I lived without your inspiring blog and all the wonderful and talented people from around the world.

    1. ohh you are funny....now I would have written you directly but you are a no reply blogger..next time you are here..leave an email and I will put you in all the draws too

  79. these pillow are just fabulous and yours is so awesome. Love the snow.Mrs. Iced is a perfect mate. This has been such a fun hop.

  80. Ha! Well, it may be only ONE but it's a BIG one!!! It's wonderful and adding all that furry snow had to be quite a project. You didn't say - I wondered if you had to do it by hand. I am defiitely going to make this pillow though I knew I'd not have the time to sew it for the hop. I have the pattern tucked away on the computer and will tackle it one of these days. So many marvelous pillows and such creative ideas...I have visions of H.L. pillows dancing in my head!! Black and white and red was definitely a top contender!!

  81. Now that's what I call a pillow! More like a village than a block. LOL

    Love everything about your village. The people silhouettes, the full and the feathers for the smoke are fantastic.

    It looks like Mr. Iced likes what he sees when he's looking at Mrs. Iced.

  82. The top three picks for the day are great. I especially love the first one. It looks like Main Street in any small town.

    This was another great blog hop. Loved seeing everyone interpretation of the pillow pattern. So many different ideas.

    Looking forward to the next blog hop.

  83. Wow that is a long pillow. Love how you did the people. Your fabric choices are great. I love blog hops, thanks.

  84. Great job...on the pillow...the hop...and the great job you do of inspiring all us every day! Thank you! Looking forward to the next hop.

  85. Congratulations to all of the winners of that luscious fabric! :)

  86. Hi.. Do you know if I can buy this pattern somewhere..?? I absolutely love it !!
    Hugs Anne MArie

  87. I am trying again to leave my comment. I read the whole post and thoroughly enjoyed it! Your pillow is just fabulous! I can't wait to see your summer cafe version. Thanks for the hop, it was so much fun!

  88. Good morning Mme Samm...thank you for asking me to be hostess of the Holiday Lane blog hop and for always encouraging me along...I have learned a lot...about hostessing, about others and even about myself. It has been sEw much fun visiting all the blogs of sEw many talented and creative ladies. I loved seeing all their creative Holiday Lane projects. I will definitely be making more Holiday Lane projects. It was the perfect pattern to make it your own!!

    I love your pillow, all 7.5 feet, especially the silhouettes. What an awesome idea! The monogrammed doors and the windows with their embellishments, the many different textures, the fur are perfect. Thank you for sharing your time with all of us...for inspiring us...and encouraging us to be creative!! I appreciated your support and enthusiasum more than you can every imagine!! Thanks bunches and happy stitching, xop


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