Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ABC's of UR Priceless....and giveaway!

Since I was the last on this blog hop, I am hoping you went to visit all my dear quilting friends
that I shared by day with .... Here they are!  Welcome if this is your first time here!

This post should come with a warning...lots of pics...lol

                                                       Janice M ( she is there now) 

Last day, day 7  - Nov. 13

I know, I know....ABC's who would even think
of doing such a thing...? 

I am blaming it on CAROL, she began spreading a rumour
I had made hundreds of coin purses.... such silly Rubbish... lol

The truth of the matter  is I ONLY made about 26...maybe a couple
more- that I did not include here, because they were my samples
and our button for this blog hop....

If I wasn't sew busy planning our very SPECIAL DECEMBER
surprise ( the whole month in fact) and working on assignments
and papers for school, I probably would have gotten hundreds done...

Sew I will squash that rumour right now....
Sorry to disappoint you all....lol

Ok, let's get to the Alphabet...my first one here went
to a young lady is Costa Rica, A for Alexandra....one of my fav's for sure.
She made me a delightful sewing kit for my needles. 
A miniature "apple" paper piecing just for her! 

B for Beonce...and not Beyonce...Beonce...
I received this fabric from Kiki, and I was tickled pink
to finally find something that would suit a coin purse
perfectly...very 50's don't you think? 

C for Charlie....Jane  sent me some Charlie Brown
Fabric....I love this one...I love fall! Always a sweet treat
to share one's stash... ( with me lol) 

D for Danielle... How I love this one...I have 
quite a bit of this fabric, always thought it sew dainty,
feminine, complete with ruffles and bows! 

 ( handles from Quilt Taffy) 

E for Emily, ohhh she is such the Matriarch
of "the fam", hard not to be drawn into this fabric line,
just priceless! 

F for Felicity, surely you don't need to be concerned with her,
even though she is holding a hammer...possibly letting
everyone  know, please don't touch this coin purse lol...

G for Gabby, my best friend at boarding school was named Gabriella,
she is from Switzerland, she loves sour apples, the greener
the better. We are still friends after all these years, I sent
her this a couple weeks ago, she wrote back
" I almost bit into it" ....Yes that is Gabby, always a lover
of sweet things lol.... I just pucker at the thought!
( and I love sour, but green apples....I will leave
those to her) 

 H for Hailey, made this with linen gussets , back
and lining. She just cannot understand why her man
thinks she needs a coin purse?
MEN! lol

 I for ISHA,  love the name and the image...
Sometimes I wish ladies dressed like this more...

J for Jane, she loves seeing her name out there I am told ( wink)
I wonder how she will feel to have this lovely in the pink
coin purse named after her ...
( oh and she loves PINK) 

K for Katie, Katie always brings sunshine in my life, the funniest
thing is I have 8 GF whose name is Katie. 4 of them 
want this one. lol 

( andover fabrics the red thread, our giveaways) 

L for Loretta, one of the NUNS at school was named Sister
Loretta Laplante, she wore a frown much like this lady...
I don't think she would be terrible amused! 
Although I love "the fam"and I did fear Sister Loretta! lol

M for Melanie Daniels, you know THE BIRDS star, Tippi Hedren.
Her character's name was Melanie Daniels. 
This fabric and stitched crow was from Kris, even though
it was to be made into a pillow, I thought this one would
certainly be mine, and I would proudly keep this one
as a reminder of a shared passion for crows!
( not really but I just love The Birds, and I just ordered
the fabric to make a similar quilt like Kris made for her son)

N for Nancy Drew, I love Nancy Drew almost as much as The Birds,
sew when I heard MODA was coming out with Nancy Drew
fabric, I just knew we had to have a blog hop...
we will be registering interested Nancy Drew fans 
this week...for January Blog hop... The fabric is divine!

O for Octavia...when I think of Octavia Spencer she played Minny
in the movie blockbuster
 THE HELP, my movie of choice these past couple years.
 I have the movie and ohhhh 
may have watched it a few times....I think Octavia would
love this coin purse almost as much as she loved
 baking chocolate pie! 

( andover fabrics the red thread, our giveaways) 

P for Penelope, I never get tired of orange or dots
or outlines of lovely fabric pieces, combined we have
Penelope. Isn't she a darling ? 

Q for Quinn, I always love names that suits
both sexes. I have gf named Quinn, and we go out
and make reservations for high tea, Quinn and Samm, I think
they are surprised to see 2 ladies walk in! lol 
This one is certainly for HER! 

R for RaeAnn, we all know a lady  by this name and she
is an avid quilter, she no doubt measures up to this one to a T. 
This fabric came by a lady whose name is a fruit. ( wink) 

S for Sabrina, I was going to call her Samantha, but realllllly
I don't think she resembles me at all. And I really don't know
any Sabrina's either. This one was won by Soma...
I could have called it Soma...I just did not want
her to think I thought she was this scary ...lol
Although she did just organize a paper piecing Halloween theme!

T for Timothy, another member of "the fam" he is rather fond of pink,
ohhh he told me...so this one is heading off to HIM...wink..

U for Ulric, I loved this name! Sounds as strong as this
image..."the fam's" home. Love the orange in this fabric...
kinda like pumpkin...and I LOVE PUMPKIN! 

V for Victoria. I had a nursing teacher named Victoria, we all 
called her Vickie, I always liked Victoria better. We still are in 
contact after ahhhh *# years lol  I sent this to her last week!
She loved it ! 

W for Wicked Wendy, our dear friend who hosted and cheered
for the Wicked Blog hop. I made this especially for her...
Thought it would be a reminder of a fine job she did
and I drew the wicked house....the other side
has her name with crows in the air....

X for Xandra.....Ok, I know of no one with this name...
but I also don't know any babies who look like this either...
( another member of "the fam" )

Y for Yvette, being french I had many classmates who had
french names. Yvette, was my study friend. We both spent
more time in the library then we did in the pews....
I had embroidered this with variegated Presencia threads....
and the gussets are blue roses... She would just love this..
She always had blue ribbons on her ponytail! 

Z for Zoe, now I do have a friend name Zoe, and she and I have
taken many baking classes together with a famous
baker in Toronto. Dufflet, before she opened a few bakeshops,
she used to teach classes in a small store.... We certainly
learned from a pro, I made 2 of these...one for Zoe
and another wellllll, can't say at the moment..
But she loves to bake and cook and ......too! 

I thought you would like to the linings...
I took as much care in selecting these as I did the fabrics
for the coin purses... All of these were made
from Andover Fabrics, the RED Thread, giveaway BUNDLES. 

I called these the GIRLS! 
( made from dots and linens) 

This collection "the fam" 

This collection I called 

 More FAM relatives! 

I called these EARTH collection! 

I called these OOAK! 

 I called these PRICELESS!

I have a few more I have already cut out and 
are ready to be sewed...Many of my "FAM" and "Friends will
be getting these for Christmas...
I think they make a perfect OOAK gift...the possibilities
are endless....

ohhhh this is just an extra I made for a special cheerleader....! 

 YOU can purchase Coin purse
pattern here! 40 PHOTOS, worth a 1,000 languages :)

 Corrie AT Quilt Taffy Handles and Fusible Fleece 

And of course we have to have a giveaway
besides the Andover Fabrics, which will be announced 
on Friday....

What are your top 3 favourites 
 ( by names) ?

and 2 people will win their top choices that I designed
and created with you in mind!

Big thanks goes out to Katherine
for being such a great cheerleader and to 
Andover Fabrics for being a wonderful sponsor
and YOU, because you all are kind, smart
and important to me...

Btw, it took me 2 months to get these done.
I got it down to 17 minutes flat to make 1.
I tried to make 1 every other day and somehow
they just kept adding up...

Being a good time manager has many bonuses!

What a delightful job Katherine did in this blog hop..
And Andover Fabrics...we will see you again in the NEW YEAR!
Thank you on behalf of all the winners...

WINNERS- yes- that is why you are tuning in...


#1 Winner for top 3 went out to Ceylyn
#2 Winner for participating, newcomer Julia at that other blog
#3 Winner for comments left - congrats Maria...

( all have been contacted, with absolute resonating excitement lol) 

And Jacque won Penelope....
she loves dots....

Bente Octavia was your 2nd choice
Penelope was won above....
( hope you like her) the coin purse
not Jacque...but yes like Jacque too lol

Congrats Ladies.....

 YOU can purchase Coin purse
pattern here! 40 PHOTOS, worth a 1,000 languages :)

 Corrie AT Quilt Taffy Handles and Fusible Fleece 

                         Next announcement is what we will be doing for the month of DECEMBER...


  1. Gabby, Jane and Katie are my favorites. Thanks again for having introduced us all to such a fun addiction. until next time.

  2. Xandra, Loretta and Emily (do you see a theme here?). Such a wonderful blog hop - full of inspiration and creativity. I thouroughly enjoyed it and appreciate the efforts of all!

  3. Wow!! Can't believe you made so many and gave them each their own name! I love Hailey and Penelope :) Thanks for hosting and the giveaway!

  4. They're all wonderful, but I especially love Xandra, Penelope and Emily!

  5. Wendy, Gabby, and Jane I never knew that a purse could be so creatively designed in so many ways. eatkin85@yahoo.com

  6. Sabrina, Felicity and Alexandra

  7. All I can say is WOW!!! Fantastic!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. ABC frame purse collection- what a fabulous idea! Glad you have so many friends! Each one is most beautiful than the other! Love your photography too!
    Thank you for the inspiration! Can't wait to find out about the next blog hops!

  10. Wow so many you made. They er all great. You have so many nice fabrics.
    Thanks for this great hop. :-)

  11. Raeann, Penelope, and Melanie! Wow can I say that this collection is very impressive! I can not believe that you made so many...good for you!

  12. My oh my, what a fantastic collection of coin purses. Favorites, hard decision. Charlie, my son who lives in Toronto! Penelope, my favorite sewing machines name. Then there is Raeann, who makes it hard for us to measure up to you! Thank you you setting up this fun hop and allowing us, who follow, to purchase the pattern. I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful works of art. Big hug to Katherine for being a super cheerleader.
    jbechosend at sbcglobal dot net

  13. WOW!!! Madame Samm. your purses are fantastic. I love them all, but my most favorites are:

    Charlie, Jane & Danielle

    Thank you so much for the awesome pattern. I am going to be making alot more. My kids have already put in the requests :-)

  14. That is a fabulous collection of coin purses! My favourites are Penelope, Emily, and Charlie.

  15. Drooling with desire for Jane, Octavia and Victoria. It was a difficult choice but these three had that " X " factor for me.

  16. What fun, adorable, sweet, priceless little purses you have created!!! My favorites are Felicity, Emily and Octavia.

  17. Amazing collection. My faves are Charlie, Katie, and Penelope.


  18. Wow Madame Samm you have excelled here! can't believe how many purses you have made - they are all absolutely fabulous - I didnt join in this hop but I have been watching from the sidelines!

  19. Fantastic purses! my top three would be Alexandra, Gaby (just got into paper piecing sorry) and Octavia... but my all time favourite has to be the one in the picture we used as button for the hop. I love it so much after seeing it almost every day for so long! Thanks for you fantastic work!

  20. Wow you rock!! Those purses are all exceptionally brilliant!! I adore the Raeann, Penelope and the Melanie!! So very clever :) Fab hop - thanks!

  21. Isha is my favourite, love Nancy as well and finally Ulric. Some gorgeous options in there.

  22. By the way, I just realised... Are you having a purse block for your quilt?

  23. And I thought you were resting! I connect with Felicity - after all, she was my inspiration for the Ghastlie hop.

  24. o my..That is a LOT of coin purse.. I love all of them.. but my favourite has to be Penelope, Raeann and Victoria...

  25. What a lovely purses. I most love Felicity, Gabby and Penelope.

  26. Wow you are so talented, I love them all but especially Raeann, Penelope and Octavia. Thanks for an awesome blog hop it's been such great fun

  27. You always amaze me! You are so clever and talented! All your purses are gorgeous and it was hard to narrow my favorites down to three but Emily, Penelope and Victoria are my choices. So glad I have a stash of The Ghastlies, hehe.

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win.


  28. I love all of them...but Charlie (my nickname for years) Melanie and Penelope are my favorites. You are amazing Samm. I can't believe you made all these...well, yes I can.

  29. Oh my...what a perfect idea, to use the alphabet and create such adorable little purses! Your creativity has no end. In addition to just being so darn cute, they are all so well made! Yay you...you ended the hop with a resounding ahhhhhhhh! My favs? Penelope spoke to me, and Isha and Octavia just make me smile! Well done and thanks to you, Katherine, and the generous sponsors!

  30. Oh my gosh, I love them all -- you are so creative! If I had to pick favorites I'd choose Jane and Melanie, but all of your gals are lovely. I made and posted a couple more purses in honor of the hop, but posted today's from my phone so I couldn't link. :( This has been so much fun for me. My purses are not as cute as yours, but I get better with every one I make! Thank you so much.

  31. As always I am floored by all that you created. They are all fabulous!

  32. Hard choices for sure!!
    Someone is holding a gun to my head so I choose:
    Melanie, Charlie and Felicity
    I'm safe now.

    these are all so special. Its a hard choice.

  33. Dear, dear Madame Samm, you really went over the top this time, a great big happy cheer for you Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaa! I love your idea of the alphabet purses, they all look cute! Alexandra, Isha and Octavia are the once I like best.
    Thank you for organizing this U R Priceless bloghop with our dear cheerleader Katherine, you both made a super event of it. A big hug for your both!

  34. What lovely designs, difficult to choose from.
    But finially I decided for: Charlie, Raeann and Wendy.
    Definitly will purchase the chart!

    1. Hi Next time leave an email..you are a no reply blogger....love your choices by the way....

  35. Gracious, only three? That's frightfully limiting, don't you think?? LOL! I guess I'd go with Yvette, Jane and my mostest favorite,Danielle (which could just as easily been Denise *grin*)! You did a fabulous job with these!! :)

  36. My favorites are Octavia, Alexandra, and Beonce. So hard to limit my choices on these. They are FAB!!

  37. How fitting that this was the last link that I went to in the hop. What a finale!! I love your alphabet theme and all of the little purses. Pick 3..... (Sophie's Choice).... I chose Alexandra, Emily, and Penelope, but ALL are wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration, the pattern, and all of the hard work behind the scenes!

  38. All the Ghastly ones, but then Melanie caught my eye since I loved the quilt made from that crow fabric at the last blog hop. So I must say Melanie, Sabrina and Xandra. But all are so so cute. Vivian

  39. Octavia, Jane, Nancy, Katie - I would really like a surprise that you just make for me. Is that too direct? Love, love all of these tiny bundles of wonderful - me thinks a lot of people with addictive personalities were represented in this hop. Hee, hee - I am one of them and would have been represented (and had a pattern) if I could have. It is so hard to sit on the sidelines, when there is so much fun and creativity going on all around me. Everyone did a fabulous job. Fingers are crossed that "Vanna" will pick me!!! Group hugs go to Katherine for keeping everyone on track and I think you already know how much I appreciate you. Judy C sends hugs

  40. Well I LOVE all things Ghastlie! So you know my loves are Victoria and Sabrina! I have to giggle when I hear Ulric! It reminds me of the movie A Knights Tale! I love that movie! And I also love Penelope! Which of course I say completely incorrectly (because of another movie!) I say pee-nu-lope! It makes me giggle too! I'm so crazy!

  41. Samm as usual you've outdone yourself but oh my goodness I wish I looked like Isha! :) Of course Felicity is much more accurate if we're talking about looking like me! But if I were choosing a favorite it would likely be Raeann - love that fabric! blessings, marlene

  42. I would have to pick Emily and Hailey as my favorites. You are a busy girl. I need to learn your time management. This was a fun blog hop to follow. Thanks for the giveaway and thanks to everyone who shared in this hop.

  43. What beautiful little purses and what lucky friends! You have done an amazing job on these ans you can do one in 17 minutes!!! Wow! I would have to pick Yvette, Melanie and Penelope for my 3 favs.
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  44. Rosemary B here:
    Oh these purses are like sunshine this morning (we are having cold rain right now)
    I adore each and every single one.... very hard to pick. the Ghastlie ones are really special. that fabric is hilarious.
    I just think this is very very hard to pick, but I adore bright shiny objects, and girly stuff.
    So, my three favorites are eh,hmmm...
    Danielle tottally!, with the tea cuppies and the pink ribbon
    Jane - with the lovely pink roses and the little ribbon
    and finally
    oh my this was too difficult, you could have chosen to say pick 5 or something.....
    okay my last fav is Penelope.

    and Xandra hahahaha and Octavia haha I am so naughty
    I adore the interior fabrics, I know you chose those fabrics with just as much care.
    These purses can become quite addicting. I put them up on my face book page and everyone was all over them like bees.
    Thank you for sharing your massive creativity all around, from the creation of this marvelous pattern, your enthusiam and of course your inspiration.
    Now we will just have to have another blog hop to release us from (yeah right) this obsession with little purses.

    Have a lovely day Miss Samm

  45. Good morning Samm, LOL, you crack me up!! Look at all those pretties. My favorite is Jane, I LOVE that fabric! And Yvette (not fond of a person with that name) but love the beautiful fabric and embroidery. And Gabby, because I, too, love green apples :) and this one is darling! You did a beautiful job on them all Samm.

  46. Emily, Felicity, and Jane! What a fabulous hop! I love, love, love these little purses! I can certainly understand how they are addicting! Now to "design" a "quick-change" purse that uses only one frame - not like the gal who "unsewed" her frame for each photo shoot!! lol Thank you for sharing all your purses and for your inspiration! Makes my head spin!!

  47. Madame Samm, You never cease to amaze me :) My favorites... Alexandra, Charlie, Penelope ... They make me want to stop carrying a billfold and start carrying a coin purse for heaven sake! I just can't get over how cute they are. Janita

  48. My fav are
    3. Raeann

  49. Oh wow...amazing and had to choose favorites....I think mine would be Raeann, Gabby, and Nancy!

  50. DAnielle, Quinn and Gifted are my favorites!

    Need to get these fabrics for my own use!

  51. Reann, Penelope, and Gabby!! Love them- so wonderful! It was a great hop- thanks!!

  52. Oh my gosh you made so many fabulous purses! I love them all, I couldn't even begin to choose only 3 faves. So many wonderful ideas for purses n this blog hop. I am going to try and make a larger version (more space for being creative). I'll have to look around to see what large frame sizes are out there. Thank you so much for this fun blog hop, I had a blast making and hopping around to the blogs too.


  54. You certainly know the ABC's of coin purses...they are all fabulous...characters to precious! Another great hop! Thanks!

  55. I can only pick three? Well, I would choose Alexandra, Quinn, and Gifted. They are all so much fun!!! Great job!

  56. Oh, you are making this so hard! I'd have to say Katie, Penelope and Felicity! Thanks so much for a fun blog hop! Your are an inspiration!

  57. wow, these are so gorgeous and fun and I am totally in love with Danielle! What a great idea you had and it is so sweet looking! Penelope is my second fav followed by Melanie. Just adorable!

  58. Much fun scrolling through the clever ABC's... for favorites Alexandra, Penelope, and Zoe. 17 minutes is amazing.

    1. Hello my dear....next time if you drop in..please leave an email you are a no reply blogger..and your choices..perfect...

  59. Penelope and Wicked Wendy are my favorites, but, every last one is cute! What a great job! What an over-achiever your are!

  60. Wow, It is a good thing there are only 26 letters in the Alphabet! They are just amazing! I love how you named each one and the special meaning they all had for you. What lovely gifts they did and will make. Your pictures are just beautiful! Pick three, I cannot but I will say I love the pink one named Jane. But, I also love Melanie! Thank you for a wonderful parade of coin purses and for all your hard work with the hops.

  61. So...my "rumor" wasn't true, but you certainly made WAY MORE than any of us. Pick three? I couldn't possibly just pick three. Okay, if you insist...Alexandra, Beonce, and Gabby just make me want to run make some more little purses. Lovely parade of purses, Madame Samm!

  62. Wow! You have been busy! Love all of your purse! My favorites are Raeann, Gabby and Quinn. Great blog hop!

  63. wow that is a lot of purses~! the jane, penelope, and the nancy are my favourites

  64. You are amazing! What clever and creative designs and I'll take them all. What, only three? Okay, Emily, Felicity and Penelope need to step to the front of the line.

  65. It's quite difficult, all of them are so nice, but I have to pick 3

  66. You are just marvelous!!! I'm almost speechless....I love all of them. if I must pick 3; Wendy, Quinn and Penelope.
    regards InGa.

  67. Wouw the are besautifull
    1 Penelope

  68. Such wonderful little coin purses! I think my favorites are Charlie, Reanne and Loretta (my Sr. Declan!!).

  69. My picks would be for all of them, your collection is outstanding!! However, since we can only pick 3, my choices would be Ulric (for my heritage), Melanie (for the Poe connection), and Isha (for bygone times)!
    Thank you for everything! :)

  70. I love the girls! The fabric is so much fun! Very kitschy girl glam. (That's my phrase and I'm sticking to it!)

  71. I love all your purses. But the most treasured are Melanie, Quinn and Haley.

  72. Nice work on completing the alphabet, lol! All your purses are wonderful, tho I find 17 minutes quite surprising...I am happy for you that you now have a crow purse to remind you of that movie :) Glad the block came in handy. And I will be awaiting you to dazzle us with a quilt!

  73. WOW! I loved all of them. but my favorites are Katie, Octavia and Gabby.

  74. You are simply amazing. I love all of your purses and your post was a fun read. I am so inspired!

  75. I love Charlie, Jane, and Penelope.

  76. Wow I love them all but my favourites are Jane, Penelope and Nancy. Thanks so much for introducing this new and very fun addiction :)

  77. Holy Moly, look at all of those gorgeous little purses! You won the olympic gold medal for this challenge ... 17 minutes to make one? All I can say is wow.

    They are all so beautiful so it's hard to pick favorites. But since you insist ; ) my picks would be Penelope, Charlie and Wendy.

    Thank you Madame Samm for this challenge and for the giveaway. It was fun to see all of the marvelous little coin purses.

  78. The ABCs never looked so good! What a fun a lovely line-up of coin purse beauties, Madame Samm. I'm picturing lots of smiling faces on friends and family when they find these awaiting them on Christmas day.

    Thanks so much for being our fabulous head cheerleader and for all the ideas, time, and work you put into making these hops happen. It's very appreciated!

  79. I love Emily, Raeann and Victoria! These purses are absolutely adorable!!

  80. Wow that's a lot of coin purses! My 3 favorites are Melanie, Octavia, and Raeann. I've really enjoyed this blog hop. People are so creative! :)

  81. Penelope, Octavia and gabby! You made so many!!

  82. You are just the most creative person I've ever known. What a amazing idea to use the alphabet and name each and every purse!! I tried to look at the purses first and then at the names because some names are rather special; Emily is a grandbaby's name. Soooo, my favorites in order are: Daniella, Alexandra, and Quinn. Thanks Madame Samm for a totally fun hop. Thanks, too, for the pattern and the great tut. The possibilies for this coin purse are unlimited!

  83. Dear friend, thank you for your kind words last night. Our hearts are heavy today; this morning we brought our dear friend back to the farm and buried her in one of her favorite spots. (To anyone else reading this....please know that I'm not talking about a human.) I wanted to stop by and say hello and that all of your creations are lovely. (My fav is Penelope - you're right, how can you go wrong with a sewing machine, orange, and dots?LOL) Thanks again for being so kind and I hope to visit the others who share this day....but for now, I need some time in the woods with Pepper. Hugs to you.

  84. Oh my! They are ALL fabulous. And, by that, I mean everybody in the entire blog hop made a fabulous coin purse. Of yours, Madame Samm, I LOVE the precious pink "Jane" purse. But I also love "Yevette's" blue handwork. "Xandra" is also kick, with that angry baby face. But, I adore Quinn, Ulric and Zoe too. They are ALL "priceless".

  85. A lovely collection, my favorites are Danielle and Jane for the bows, Alexandra and Gabby for the apples (you should make that pattern available, I would buy it), and of course Octavia for the Red Threads ladybugs, love it! Thanks for the blog hop, I had so much fun.

  86. Yikes! Seventeen minutes????? That's just wild... Penelope is my fav because it's sewing-related. You're so awesome to make so many!!!!

  87. In order from first to third... Nancy, Octavia and Jane. You've certainly been able to fill your Christmas list with the purses you made for the hop. I'm sure each one will be loved and treasured.

    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win!
    (supermomnocape at yahoo dot com)

  88. Wow..I am speechless!They are all amazing, I like Alexandria, Danielle and Felicity the best :)
    What a lovely hope so many different masterpieces with just one pattern!

  89. Those are all very cute. It would be hard to pick just one.

  90. My favorites are Penelope (I collect vintage machines), Jane and Danielle! I just love theses coin purses!

  91. HI! My favorites are: Alexandra,Jane+Penelope,
    Thanks for the Show!


  92. corrie at quilt taffy pennelope of i collect vintage machines and gabby thanks

  93. Jane, Charlie and Isha are my favorites.

  94. They are all awesome.My favorite order is Alexandra,Penelope,Victoria ...Great show.Thanks!!

  95. Hi!!! WOW!!! I am amazed!!!! WOW!!! I looked over some of the faves and WOW!!! They are all so wonderful and so many of them!!! 17 Minutes!!! You are the queen of time too!!! This was a BIG BANG of an ending!!!! I knew it would be wonderful!!!! But wonderful doesn't describe it good enough!! I love everyone of them!!! If I have to choose I guess it would be Xandra!!! That little baby cracks me up!!! Then Danielle is so beautiful!!!! And I love Penelope!!! Wonderful cute little machine!!! There is not one of them that would not be totally loved by who ever receives it!!! Thanks for all the fun!!!

  96. I'm gob smacked!!! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!! All of them!!! Great post full of eye candy:) Thank you :)

  97. I loved Quinn, Beonce and Zoe. Actually, I loved them all. Thanks so much for this great pattern - They are LOTS of fun to make.

  98. They are all beautiful, can't pick a favorite. I love all of them.

  99. Oh my...I do love all of the Ghastlies! Penelope, Timothy & Danielle are my favs! And Jane is so so pretty. I bet she loves that one being named after her. Thank you thank you for this awesome hop and pattern! 17 minutes. I'm going to time my next one.

  100. I can't believe 17 minutes. WOW. Thanks again for the wonderful hop. So inspiring. I loved all of them, but my favorite on is Penelope, Danielle, Jane.

  101. They are absolutely splendid. I love Jill and Raeann.

  102. Oh Wow You have been busy
    My top three picks would be Charlie ( we have Schultz in common)
    Penelope and Yvette
    but they are all sew great :)
    in stitches

  103. busy girl! I can't believe this hop is over. It was so much fun.
    My 3 favorites are Jane, Gabby, and Penelope.

  104. You are awesome, as are you priceless purses. Great job on so many levels. Thanks so much for everything.

  105. Wow! You were a busy little bee! Love them all but faves are Alexandra, Charlie(and Woodstock) and Penelope! Great fun and great blog. Glad you talked me into participating!

  106. The entire alphabet - this would be an adorable idea for young learners! Inside each purse, there could be foam letter shapes for tactile learners, too. I love "the girls" the best - they look like 'glampers'! Have you checked out that new book by Mary Jane called "Glamping"? If not, you simply MUST! She even has her own fabric line now, too.
    Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts.blogspot.com

  107. Madame Samm...Wow! You are A.maz.ing! Love all your sweet coin purses! Hm...Only pick 3? Let's see...
    1. Alexandra...polka dots and apples...yummy!
    2. Penelope...with such an adorable print!
    3. The Girls...cuz they are soooo glamourous!

    & Here is my attempt at my thoughts of this blog hop utilizing the ABC's :o)

    Absolutely Beautiful Coinpurses Delivered Especially From Gifted Happy Individuals & Just Kind Lovely Mentions Noted On Posts Qualified ...Real Special Thoughtful Uses & Views With Xtra Yearnings & Zeal...for more, more, more coin purses! (It was truly an amazing blog hop to be a part of...so many creative variations on a beautiful coin purse pattern and so many wonderful bloggers for me to meet...and so many sweet comments I was excited to read...Thank you all!

    I am soooo happy that I was able to visit everyone's posts and coin purses! It helped that there were none shown over the weekend, so that I could catch up! lol

    Blessings & Aloha!

  108. This whole week has been like a virtual vacation,that I personally have enjoyed to the fullest! Thanks to you Madame Samm :) How am I ever going to get any projects done when I keep seeing little coin purses in my stash? ;) Thank You for such a wonderful week.

    Three favorites by name are as follows

  109. I like the Alexandra, Katie, Octavia, Gabby, Ulric.... very cute with all the different fabrics for all the different personalities.

  110. I absolutely adore the Penelope! charlie & ulric are very nice, too :)

  111. Melanie, Nancy, and Zoe. They are so cute!

  112. Yvette, Jane and Danielle. Because I love blue, and love the little bows making it so feminine for the others. Thanks for going out of your way to do these hops for us! Have really enjoyed them.

  113. They are all so cute! 17 minutes? Really? It takes me that long to decide on what fabric to use! LOL My favorites? Gabby. Penelope, Xandra Great show!

  114. Amazing! They are all so wonderful. " The girls" and "the fam" are terrific, but my top 3: Danielle, Octavia, and Penelope.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  115. Amazing! They are all so wonderful. " The girls" and "the fam" are terrific, but my top 3: Danielle, Octavia, and Penelope.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  116. All of these are fabulous, but I especially like Quinn (my granddaughter's name), Penelope (great sewing machine - and it's orange!) and Raeann (I love the tape measure). The linings are great as well, and I've found that over the past 7 days, I find that what people used for their linings is often just as exciting as what they used for their purse outsides.

    WOW! You've gotten this down to making one in 17 minutes? I think I need to practice. :-) Thanks again for another wonderful hop.

  117. Wow you have out did yourself Madame Samm they are all wonderful. I love Danielle, Gabby and Jane. But I alos like Fam...This whole week was wonderful to see all the versions of this little coin purse. I made one but that was my prototype and that even turned out good. The pattern is just wonderful Madame Samm. thanks do much for such a fun project.

  118. Very difficult to choose favorite! I guess I would have to say Alexandra (I have a thing for apples), Penelope, and Raeann are my top choices, though they are all excellent. Thanks for the idea and the hop. I may have to succumb and get a pattern soon.

  119. You outdid even yourself with this set!! My favorites are Charlie (love Charlie Brown), Penelope - great name for a sewing machine as well as a purse - and Katie (my DD's name). Another excellent hop.

  120. Wow! I'm impressed. Not sure I could make that many of the same pattern. They look wonderful! I really like Alexandra, Penelope and Raeann.

  121. I just have to say, WOW!!! you were not kidding! Your purses are so wonderful. You can tell you had fun creating each and every one of them. You have had another priceless hop! Congratulations.

  122. So that's where all the clasps in this country went to!!! ;) Charlie Brown is my favorite for a number of reasons, he's my Eeyore of the comics, and I love autumn it's such a beautiful time of the year. For some reason I like mine in alphabetical order too. Felicity is #2 yes i need someone like this to guard my money. And then Octavia's bright flower and whimsical bugs on the side. The sewing machine one, um Penelope, might have been a favorite but I don't like orange 1/2 as much as you :)
    But I AM trying

  123. Love your sense of humor! My favorites are Charlie, Danielle, and Penelope. You are such an inspiration.
    I'm going to try making one:)

  124. Madam Samm - you are such an underachiever. ;0)

  125. Wow, wow, wow!!!
    I´m so impressed, your purses are alle so beautiful (your pictures too!)
    Thanks for sharing!
    I like every purse but my favorite #1 is Charlie Brown ☺
    #2 Penelope and #3 Oktavia
    Liebe Grüße

  126. You are so talented , those purses are all just adorable but if I had to choose three it would be Nancy as I am a huge Nancy Drew fan , Penelope and Victoria . Thanks for another fabulous blog hop I sure enjoyed seeing the coin purses.

  127. All I can say to you Samm is wow nobody can do it like you do it. You are just so creative, energetic and special. I just love all that you do . Blessings sandra

  128. I can't believe you made that many. Jeez, woman, you are amazing! I thought of you tonight when I went to shop--I said "23 minutes tops!" and stuck to it. Isha, Melanie, and Penelope are my favorites

  129. I love RaeAnn, Jane and Sabrina. Wow. Amazing!

  130. Lots of great coin purses. It is amazing how each one can be so unique just from the use of different fabrics.

  131. All of the purses are very cute, but my favorite is FAM and the GIRLS. The fabric used to make these is so pretty.

  132. Penelope, Katie, and Yvette. But they're all very nice. I have made only one, but messed up the lining, so I will have to try, try again.


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