Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leafs me happy on day 7 and we are at 254 photos

Leafs me Happy with 
is our cheerleader in residence..
This blog hop begins on Monday!
OCT 1st... That is today..

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And LOOK who is up for today...

Tuesday 9
Till We Quilt Again ( she is up up up lol)
Stitch, stitch, stitch ( she is up now)
My collection of Things (she is up now) 

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they are our sponsor  for this hop and will be giving away
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Our top 2 today are ......
( see you in the morning)

Now really, does this not just scream AUTUMN, lovely block, photo, pumpkin, leaves, well everything...great job on our 2nd last day..are you feeling it?

Look at all the detail here, the pumpkin border, the geese all flying in the right direction lol
the colours, the photo, the reflection..yes this screams Autumn too...

And our Honourable Mention for completed project 
goes to this lady! 

And look again a theme this morning...PUMPKINS,
did not start out that way...but you have just got to love this..
a circle project. perfect in every way...
YEP< I am feeling it...AUTUMN IS HERE !

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YEP! I was thinking the same! 
HERE at SEW We QUILT where everyone is a winner..

for Fall and our pretty outstanding participants
and our cheerleader too CHERRY! 

To a great weekend..


Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Friends!

I smell pumpkin pie and turkey and all its trimmings! 


  1. YOO-HOO! From NC!! :)

    I have been working away on the pc and now it is bedtime but I wanted to scoot in to see what eye candy I could absorb so I would have sweet dreams!

    I am off to go take a peek or two and then hit the hay!

    1. oh glory be T, time to dream and dance the hours away, see you tomorrow lol

    2. I am feeling my late hours really bad right now.. I think I need a nap. lol

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year and I am really enjoying all the fall blocks in this blog hop.

    1. Hello Auntie Clark...ahhh it is a season of amazing grandeur isnt' it?

  3. Another great day! I look out at my green yard and blooming flowers and it doesn't look anything like fall. This hop has given me a glimpse of autumn! How refreshing!

    1. Ahhh LInda...I forget that many of you do not have the seasons we have....I am not sure I would want to miss any of them...as each brings along it's own special memories and rituals..

  4. Oh my gosh I so LOVE the round pumpkin and leaf creation from Sheila's Quilt World! So full of the celebration of Fall! Beautiful!! Mmmmmmmmmmm pumpkin pie, turkey and all the trimmings! You have set my imaginings on full alert! Wishing you a wonderful day!

    1. And by golly those were my words too....and ditto Susan..

  5. Oh THANK YOU Madamme Samm for picking me for one of the top 2 today !!!! I am thrilled !!!! I had a ball working on this project from the planning, to the picking out of fun fall fabrics , to running around the neighborhood taking pictures (the neighbors are now used to it and I think they're past the point of thinking I'm crazy). AND, thanks so much for organizing these fun blog hops !!!

    1. Well Lucy lover you....you would have loved a dear friend of mine..she too was obsessed with Lucy, even had the same red do....not surprising oranges, red would suit you to a t...

  6. Just finished my visits! Some wonderful projects today. Madame Samm, your top picks are gorgeous...such a creative bunch of leafy blocks and quilts!

    1. HI Les, can you believe this..and with our folder at pinterest, we can enjoy each season for weeks to come...I am already looking forward to our cold ...

  7. The round pumpkin-and-leaves honorable mention is great! The gourd background fabric...have you ever seen anything so cute? :)

    Connecting Threads is a neat place to shop, and their prices are SO good, too.

    1. HI Jane...nope not till today lol and could not agree more with you on CT...they have some great offers.

  8. Fantastic picks. I do like that round pumpkin one.

    1. H Carrie..hands down we have great taste..wink

  9. While I sit outside in the sunshine and low 80 degree temps, I'm so enjoying Fall by visiting all these talented ladies!! Love the top pics today!!!

    1. HI Terry...welllll it is not 80 but the sun is shining and I would be warm with thick socks and a hat on lol

  10. More great picks today! The detail on the second one is amazing!!! Everyone I'd doing such fun projects. I hate to see it come to an end.

  11. Great picks. Again some of my favorites.

  12. It is SO, sew much fun looking at all the things people have done, I love, love, love your blog hops because of all the wonderful creativeness all these people have and I get to experience through your hops. I am a very visual person and all these colors, textures and designs are like going to the beautiful quilty art gallery every day! Great JOB! Thank YOU!! On to the next one with Wicked Wendy.

  13. Oh thank you Madame Samm for choosing me for Honorable Mention today , makes me feel special ,really appreciate it , it was such a fun project to make :-) Thanks for organizing these blog hops it is so interesting to see what everyone will make for the catagories .

  14. What happened to Gmama Jane on Monday???? Oh where Oh where did she go?? She got lost in the State of West Virginia, 600 miles from home only to learn that back home in Alabama, there was a major crash of Phone, internet, and Cable TV at the Farmhouse. There was a helpless felling of being completely out of touch and unable to let anyone know of my dilemma. I have found my way back to the Farm and still have none of the Big Three but have gone to my daughter's house to write this note. I hope you will forgive my absence and allow me back in the fold! I will post my leafy Pictures on Grandmama's Stories tomorrow.
    Gmama Jane

  15. Wonderful blocks today and your choices are perfect!


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