Monday, October 8, 2012

Leafs me happy day 6 and we are 172 photos not counting todays

is our cheerleader in residence..
This blog hop begins on Monday!
OCT 1st... That is today..

The Schedule is here...

And LOOK who is up for today...

( we will wait to choose winners when the rest of 
our ladies get up lol)  

  ( many had problems with blogger...
I could not even post till this morning)

We will vote now...I think one of the ladies
may not be aware of this yet) 

A big thanks goes out to 

they are our sponsor  for this hop and will be giving away
3 fat quarter bundles of their newest line

( a lovely fall collection)

And one lucky winner will also be getting a silicone sheet too
with their bundle....this is for the category of top 2 and honourable
mentions...Sew BE CREATIVE, you could win BIG...
( and I always add a few extra things too from some
very generous sponsors) 

YOU can view all participants lovely entries here daily..

 Top 2 and Honourable Mention..
( see you in the morning) 
everyone seemed to be having some kind
of problem posting today, it was indeed
blogger...sew not to worry...even I could
not get the post up till now....

Our top 2 today are ......

and if YOU are not feeling it today
then you must not love FALL...

This lady did try her best, with blogger problems,
she took this pic with her phone...we know it looks good...
great idea too. She wanted to make it like our button..
When she does up a new photo, we will replace it with that....
I could not make it larger without distorting it...

This is really lovely...looks more like a painting...great colour choices and love her bush...
great pattern to it...

And our Honourable Mention for completed project 
goes to this lady! 

And this was lovely...with fall colors and fall leaves..I see them there...reminds
me of the winter cabbage we plant for the winter months...

Hello Sunshine bundles can be won this way! 

#1 all those who participated will have a chance to win

#2 All those who are in our top 2 and Honourable mention

#3 All those who leave comments

It pays to participate in our blog hops
YOUR chances are a possible 3 in 100 chances..
I think that is amazing...
Where else can you get that kind of opportunity? 

YEP! I was thinking the same! 
HERE at SEW We QUILT where everyone is a winner..

for Fall and our pretty outstanding participants
and our cheerleader too CHERRY! 

To a great weekend..


Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Friends!

I smell pumpkin pie and turkey and all its trimmings! 


  1. Good morning. Lovely cool morning in NC for hopping. Kinda wet here though. A couple of the blogs weren't up yet, so I will hop back to them later. Have a lovely day. Gotta go work on my U R Priceless projects now.

    1. HI Charlotte...we all were late as blogger just was not playing with some of us..me included...I kept trying to get my post up...you too have a lovely day...and coin purse...I have a few I am working on lol

  2. Another good morning from NC!! Looks like we are up and ready for the day! Bring it on!

    I feel sorry for our workers this morning.. Wet and cold in the tobacco field! Maybe I will make them some hot cocoa!!

    I saw everyone's blocks... even Little Mama Hen rolled had finally rolled out of bed down there In FL.. :)

    Will be back later to check on the other sleepy heads.

    As my nephew Jordan would say, "Get up! The sun is up!" :)

    1. HI T, and yes I am with Jordan, the sun is up....lol but we all seem to be having troubles this morn...

  3. Rosemary B here:
    Happy Thanksgiving dear friend. I hope you have a lovely celebration. We do have so much to be thankful for.
    I am thankful for new friends to help me on my new adventures.

    1. Hey there Rosemary B here lol. and yes I have a turkey going into the oven..yesterday it was tortieres...today turkey with all the trimmings...
      it smells mighty fine over here...take a whif lol

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing today's choices. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Mary..and I am thankful for you my dear....winners are now up

  5. There are still two sites not up, but I'll have to see them later. The others were great! I'm looking forward to seeing your choices too. Hopefully, your enjoying turkey and all the trimmings. (Pumpkin pie would have been good for breakfast, but I guess the steel cut oats were better for me! Although, pumpkin is a vegetable, right?)

    1. HI LInda....you was most certainly in our top today...and yes pumpkin is a vegetable..Ibelieve it is a fruit... according to some scientist anyway..which I am not..apparently if it flowers, which pumpkins do......

      What does that mean? It means that a pumpkin is a fruit. Yep! Specifically, it's a type of fruit called a pepo ('pee-poe'). Pepoes are fleshy with a hard rind and many seeds, which, if you add 'orange,' describes a pumpkin to a T.

  6. I am honored that you picked my finished quilt as honorable mention! I am humbled yet again by all of the praise! Thank you for hosting a wonderful hop and I look forward to my month of Cheer! :) HUGS ~

    1. Well Christine, despite having to use neighbors pc, you still were able to accomplish some amazing pieces and photos too..sew yes...you is on our top pick today

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and hubby and kitties.

    1. to you too Evelyn.....can you smell the pies and turkeys lol

  8. Visited all (will check again later to see if Jane posts) and enjoyed all the creative ladies on today's hop! Enjoy your turkey dinner :o)

    1. Ahhh great to hear Terry...they will all be pleased..

  9. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Mmm.. the cooking smells are heavenly as is the time spent enjoying the day with family. Best wishes to you and yours, Madame Samm. :o)

    Fantastic eye candy from today's hop participants. Well done!

    1. Ahhh thanks Katherine...it was a wonderful weekend....hope the same for you..

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Samm and David!Hope everything in your life is wonderful! XOXO Christel

  11. really nice! love the flower quilt.


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