Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's our last day to be wicked......and giveaways....yes 4 giveaways

 I made this last year...my first wicked heart....
this was the blog hop that really started me thinking..
we can do this...we can do blog hops...?

WELL here we are  on day 8 and I am not sure
about you...but I want MORE.... 
but the time has come....to say goodbye till our next hop
but not untillllll...

Wicked WENDY has been waiting for this
day for months..let's not keep her waiting any longer...
She is our cheerleader in residence...
She has been responsible for gathering you all 
and keeping you inspired and organized...

The whole schedule can be found on our side bar
it will link you to Wendy's blog....you have got 
to read all she has up there in preparation of WICKED...

LOOOK who is up on 
Wicked Blog HOP.
If you are new to us welcome...
if you are known to us...welcome...
I think you are all in for a wicked time...

Wednesday, October 31st

Sew We Quilt ( this is me) 

our top 2 for today

Wellll this one just made me chuckle...never having had a sibling
I would of loved to say this ...lol 

And this lady chose the perfect setting for this ok, is this Mrs Frankenstein..????
I am not up on my all wicked characters....I do remember seeing this one..
I even had it all pieced, but I knew someone would make her...
and I glad it was this lady...You did her sew wicked! 

and most honourable mention

and this welllllll, it is eeerie, downright colourful,
perfect setting and yes our last most honourable mention of
of our hop....Wow!

 ( photos of our wicked participants)

 is our sponsor....

We have a couple bundles of Halloween fabric as well as some 
winter fabric...all from RBD....


#1 all those who participated will have a chance to win

#2 All those who are in our top 2 and Honourable mention

#3 All those who leave comments ( each comment leaves
you another chance to win) 

It pays to participate in our blog hops
YOUR chances are a possible 3 in 100 chances..( more on the comment left)
I think that is amazing...
Where else can you get that kind of opportunity? 

YEP! I was thinking the same! 
HERE at SEW We QUILT where everyone is a winner..

all of our wicked participants...

MONDAY winners will be announced...!
Good LUCK everyone and thank YOU  RILEY BLAKE DESIGNS
We adore you and we will continue to cheer you on...

It has been a wonderful HOP...thanks for being
part of it, cheering on your fellow quilters...

Just a friendly reminder that 
it begins MONDAY, yes this MONDAY....

Begins on Nov 5th- 13th,
Katherine from Sew Me Something Good 
will be our cheerleader in residence...the button
is on our side bar which will lead you to the 

I can tell you I have made a few, quite a few..
yep....and our sponsor is Andover

they will be giving away this lovely collection called RED THREAD...

We will be announcing Next Month..

Nancy Drew is a Clue Blog hop
Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop 
 Stay tuned...I always drop hints....


  1. In looking back through the days and the best blocks, I think you have a thing for mummies my dear. Lots of good ones this year, eh? Thanks for the fun hop and Happy Halloween.

  2. Lots of eye popping candy in blog land this morning! That spiderweb block is so awesome! My Aunt Jimmie Lou made a zillion spiderweb quilts before she passed away. That was her favorite pattern!

    Thank you for yet another fabulous bloghop and thank you to Wendy for all of her time and efforts to coordinate it and keep us in line!

    I hear coins rattling... does that mean there is a coin purse nearby??? lol

  3. This has been wicked fun, for sure!

  4. Since WICKED was my first hop....WICKED it is. So many projects to make the heart beat faster! Thank you for all your work on these and giving each of us an opportunity to share our talents! You are one WICKED lady!

  5. Love the striped socks of the poor wicked witch!!! Another great blog hop!!

  6. I just have to make that "Sometimes I miss my sister" block for my sister!!! (We are very close!) Everyone did a great job!

  7. I loooove holiday blocks! These look awesome! Might have to give a halloween quilt a go!

  8. Glad these pictures are on pinterest. I have told my friends about the hops and then they (and me too) can go and see all the wonderful quilts.

  9. Great inspiration this hop as always...today was no exception...love the miss my sister block! Sad it is ending...everyone did a wicked wonderful job creating!

  10. What a great hop this was Samm - so many cute things. For the first time I actually made it to every single one and commented on all of them. :) I always try but time gets away from me and this time I was determined! blessings, marlene



  12. I'm so glad I found the Wicked blog hop. I can't wait to see the hops coming up.

  13. Thank you so much for putting all this together...you and Wendy are just wonderful and I had a terrific time! Can't wait to see what's next! pbstrand@msn.com

  14. I loved all the entries. Made it a great month of sewing and quilting.


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