Friday, October 19, 2012

Beginning MONDAY we are serving a whole lot of WICKED!

 What can I say....
a spell has been cast...

I am feeling wicked..... 

here are some sneak peaks...

Wicked is around the corner
it is without a doubt
the scariest time you will ever witness
OHHH ---please don't shout...

We are all trying to rest
and stitch away our days 
We are getting ready for the test
before we all fade away....

 Sew be patient as we stir
the wickedness of our brew
YOU are all in for days
of goblins, witches and goo....

is trembling, she is scared beyond the moon
I saw her biting into a staircase
instead of her lovely spoon...
She tells us everything is fine
we know that this is not  true
the only thing that is missing 
now is  YOU, and YOU and YOU..

Be back very soonnnnnnnnnnn

( poem by Mdm Samm) 
dated this day 11th day of October...

Reminder that on MONDAY the following
will occur..

WICKED  blog hop begins...CHECK

Winner of Jill's EBOOK -Home Sweet Quilt....CHECK 

Winners ( 2 ) for the fat quarter bundles of Flannel
 from Connecting Threads...CHECK 

winners will be announced at 4 pm EST 

Join us for some wicked fun

I think I will be wicked all weekend!

How about you...will you be joining me? 


  1. Replies
    1. see you then...and don't be too scared..

  2. What a creative poet you are! One could say that you are wicked good!

    1. ok, wicked. I can wear that...for now anyway lol

  3. I'm almost ready. Question, I'm not on flicker, how do I get my pictures loaded there? My day is Wednesday 24th

    1. no need to worry Cheryl...note sent...just load to your blog

  4. Anxiously waiting.......going to be a blast!!!!!

    1. Ohhh yes....busy stitching and bewitching

  5. I can hear your witch cackle all the way down here... :)

  6. I'm feeling tingly all over just thinking about getting WICKED. Your sneak peeks look pretty wicked!

  7. I'll be looking....but not participating. Can't wait to see how WICKED people can get...ROFL.


  8. I'm intrigued! I wish you were first!!!!!! I can't wait to see yours!! Mine is still just a thought. Can't start until Monday night, luck of the draw has me at the end!

  9. I cannot wait! I should have signed up but I thought I would be to busy and now I am bummed I am not in it but I cannot wait to hop, hop, Hop!

  10. Rosemary B here:
    Ooooh I love black birds, they are soooo bad!
    I am ready to share! I just have to take a couple of pics and write my autobiography j/k
    See ya tomorrow Missie Samm!


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