Friday, September 14, 2012

Dots on Dots on day 5 and we are up to 126 photos on Pinterest

One Halloween, I designed myself one large
circle, pulled it over my head..it was RED
I had black tights, a red dotted hat..
and I called myself DOT.
I had appliqued 
My name is Dot on the back..
sad I know lol 

Corrie from  Quilt Taffy is our Cheerleader
for this blog hop...coincidence...
She is an amazing organizer, online
store owner and Dot Enthusiast.
HOW can you NOT LOVE HER! 

Today on our Dots on Dots
blog hop....all these quilters
love dots too...

( for the full schedule, go to link on side bar 
dots on dots button
 Corrie has the entire schedule there)

Fridays Dots Enthusiasts

Just a friendly reminder, CHEER for them,
leave comments, be a great cheerleader!
They will love you for it!

What a lovely way to finish our first week...
THESE DOT creators today, wellllll were stunning...

OUR TOP 2 choices today are.....

 This ladies creation is filled with hugs and kisses, her dot selection
is absolutely brilliant...I am such a sucker for white backgrounds...
Most deserving of recognition and she comes from overseas....

Ok, sew I said I was a sucker about white backgrounds, 
will you just look at the impact this grey has on those dots..
YES, hard to overlook, striking for sure, and her photo is picture perfect.

completed project...

YOU have to note how effective this green and blue together are...sew clean
and crisp and makes you want to sing a tune...
Absolutely GORGEOUS! 

We also will include all of our Dots Enthusiasts
on PINTEREST, sew you can see everyday
who participated - all in one place...
But only after you have seen them on their blogs...

We have some great prizes..once they arrive
and post the photos, I will tell you 
who they are from.

3 prizes to be won at the end of the Blog HOP.

MICHAEL MILLER FABRICS HAS  delightful bundles on its way
and I have a dotty collection from Fort Worth FABRIC Studio..
Jodi is sponsoring once again...
They arrived....

#1 for participating ( creating blocks)
#2 for the top 2 and honourable mention ( winner will be chosen from all those included)
#3 for all of YOU cheerleaders who left comments on everyones blogs ( 1 winner will be chosen
by Random Generator) 

 Big Thanks to  Michael Miller  they are serving up some large DOTS
They have been a wonderful sponsor for a couple years now..
and they always come through with surprises...

 And again big thanks to Michael Miller they are  serving up some small dots...

and Jodi from Fort Worth Fabric studio is serving up some ocean dots...
Always a treat to have her on board..
She creates lovely bundles and always a sweet treat...
WE just love JODI and her collections...

WE can hear the cheers...
it's music to our ears! 

Thank you from all of us !

great comments and you can be assured we are reading them...
however we will not have time today to answer
welllllll, I am a student, I have got
to get some homework done....


  1. I'mmmmmmmmm up! Where are youuuu?? lol

    I actually got to sleep a little late this morning... hubby isn't going to the tobacco field until 7. But he still set the alarm for 5! When I realized he wasn't getting up I rolled over and took another nap. lol

    1. I am up...I had an assignment that needed tweaking for my professor..got that done, grabbed a cup of josephine and here I am ...in awe...absolute AWE of all of dotty contributors today...

    2. It is a delightfully dotty kind of day! :)

  2. Hugs and kisses, little bird, dots and dots all over--great choices (though so tough with all the fun projects to choose from.) I'm off to visit them all...have a good day!

    1. Hi Carol....well a day later...but psssst I have been sewing...LOTS lol

    2. You do have a lot of catching up to do....LOL. "My name is Dot" is just too funny of a costume--made me laugh with that visual. As for the sponsor's giveaways, those are just amazing and so nice.

  3. Another inspiring day! What great projects!

    1. Good Morning Linda...refreshing isn't it..who would have thought we could do sew much with DOTS lol

  4. What a great week of dots! Each day has been filled with dotty goodness and so much inspiration. Oh, my!

    Surprised and tickled to find one of my blocks among the top two... thank you.

    1. Hi Katherine..well it had impact and we thought wow....we like it lol

  5. Just wanted you to know that I am really enjoying this blog hop. When I first saw the words Dots on Dots, I thought, OMG my head will be spinning now. LOL! But all the projects have been so beautiful that I hardly notice the dots. My blood pressure hasn't gone up any!(I am an elderly woman with high blood pressure.) Looking forward to seeing some more. Have a great day.

    1. Good Morning Joyce...hope we need not raise your BP too much....just in a happy way lol

  6. I would have chosen those two as well!!!
    Gmama Jane

  7. Great blocks...and I agree with your choices for today! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. good morning Terry...you too...will you be sewing ?

  8. Thank you for your sweet comment :) I'm glad you like my block and coasters!! I am so excited that I can participate in that play.
    All the best,

    1. Hello Debuko...we are the ones that are thrilled with your dots...hope to see you again soon..

  9. Wonderful blocks again today. I was surfing looking for some runner rugs, and what did I see, lots and lots of dots, lol!

    1. Good Morning Judy, ahhhh and you found us...well hope it was not disappointing...

  10. More wonderful blocks! I love the bird block - so cute!

    1. Good Morning Linda...that was indeed a fav here...great pic

  11. So many wonderful dotty projects!

    1. Hi Lesley...how can anyone not love dots...I bet you do too...if not..you will after this hop..

  12. Beautiful dot projects today, this was really fun!

    1. HI Connie..I sew agree with you...I can't wait to sew more this weekend...

  13. I love the linen and dots, beautiful .. they are are great, the bird has a fabulous eye twisting magic, the white quilt xox is so adorable and complete tight looking. It was fun for me today,met alot of nice folks with some super sweet comments on my blog. Enjoyed Girls, Sleep tight.

    1. HI Shirley...ahhh did you sleep tight...i did....now I want to sew more ...YOU did good too...loved what your dots reflected...

  14. Fabulous picks again today and what wonderful prizes on offer too. Very exciting!

    1. ahhhh yes Nicola...what is a hop without prizes...and dots too...can you believe it lol and of course there are always extras added..wink

  15. Rosemary B here:
    Good morning Missie Samm,
    um, I got up late, but maybe you got up later than me :-D :-D

    these prizes look lovely
    Oh and your silly DOT costume... hey we have all done some snarky ones over the years.
    That reminds me of a story related to Halloween. One year back in days of olden I was out with my daughters as they were riding their bikes.I was just standing on our cul-du-sac watching the girls go around. It was the day before Halloween.
    A car drove down our street and two ADULT clowns were in it- full dress and make up. They very seriously asking me directions. I was laughing lightly at them and they were just sitting there in their car, very straight faced and expressionless. they just wanted directions

    1. I just figured it out, no week-end Dottses.
      Okay! It took me T H I S LONG to figure that out o_O

    2. HI Rosemary...ohhhh yes btw we don't do weekends..gives everyone a breather and also some time to relax with family...at least that is what I try to do....catching up after a very full week..now to do homework...I have a few hours scheduled for today...some assignments to get done for next wed. OHHHh loved your story with the clowns...x

  16. I must say that I really am enjoying all the dotted fabrics and the blocks each person is making. Love the 3 you have on the blog today. I wait until evening to see all the ones posted on Pinterest. I am partial to blues, so I really like the one with the bird. Owner gets first place for today in my mind! LOL!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

    1. Hi Beckie....how nice to see you here....I thought you were gone forever lol....glad to see you are observing and enjoying the view...we do gather a variety of talented ladies and gents...how ya doing? missed you know...

  17. I am really loving all the dot projects. I think we must have the same tastes though, because all the favorites you pick each day have been my favorites as well. I am just glad I don't have to do the picking.

    1. Well Charlotte, since we have such good taste..you should be helping me lol. glad they were your fav's too...

  18. Replies
    1. Ahhhhh Alessandra...that just makes me smile...


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