Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dots on Dots day 9 yes sadly, tomorrow is our last day lol 253+ photos including today

Ohhhh speaking of unmentionables yesterday...
I haven't told you this one...
My Nanny who raised me,  she was an amazing,
sewer, cook, knitter...She used to make
me bed socks, with satin ribbons and she
made them all with a speckled wool that looked
like dots...They were like baby booties for grown ups.
I have worn them out since but I always think of her
when I see baby booties...I need to learn how 
to make some for me the grown up  lol

Corrie from  Quilt Taffy is our Cheerleader
for this blog hop...coincidence...
She is an amazing organizer, online
store owner and Dot Enthusiast.
HOW can you NOT LOVE HER! 

Today on our Dots on Dots
blog hop....all these quilters
love dots too...

( for the full schedule, go to link on side bar 
dots on dots button
 Corrie has the entire schedule there)

Thursdays Dots Enthusiasts

Just a friendly reminder, CHEER for them,
leave comments, be a great cheerleader!
They will love you for it!
Heck we will love you for it....

OUR TOP 2 choices today are.....

A sweet treat this morning from this lady, will you look at all the detail, 
the dotted cupcakes, the hand stitching ...well the colours too...a sweet treat indeed! 

This dotted star is perfection...look at how all the points meet,
the colours are brilliant, look at that black inner border,
creates a 3D illusion...yes most certainly an attention grabber! 

completed project...
( btw H.M. is as good as top 2 ) 

And this dresden dotted florals...reminded me of sunflowers
getting ready to seed. The blues and brown contrast
a dotty sunrise...yep that is what it is a dotty sunrise...

We also will include all of our Dots Enthusiasts
on PINTEREST, sew you can see everyday
who participated - all in one place...
But only after you have seen them on their blogs...

We have some great prizes..once they arrive
and post the photos, I will tell you 
who they are from.

3 prizes to be won at the end of the Blog HOP.

MICHAEL MILLER FABRICS HAS sent these delightful bundles 
and I have a dotty collection from Fort Worth FABRIC Studio..

#1 for participating ( creating blocks)
#2 for the top 2 and honourable mention ( winner will be chosen from all those included)
#3 for all of YOU cheerleaders who left comments on everyones blogs ( 1 winner will be chosen
by Random Generator) 

 Big Thanks to  Michael Miller  they are serving up some large DOTS
They have been a wonderful sponsor for a couple years now..
and they always come through with surprises...

 And again big thanks to Michael Miller they are  serving up some small dots...

and Jodi from Fort Worth Fabric studio is serving up some ocean dots...
Always a treat to have her on board..
She creates lovely bundles and always a sweet treat...
Be sure to check Jodi out...she has great colour
sense and makes great bundles...
WE can hear the cheers...
it's music to our ears! 

Thank you -from all of us !

Will try between coffee brakes and lessons
to pop in to say hi...
love your comments...really do! 

WE did end up adding an extra day! 
( psst that is my day) 

OHHHHHH we have a new blog to announce this Saturday...just saying....lol


  1. Up at the crack of dawn this a.m. Just visited everyone... even the Slow Quilter was up when I got there and she had the coffee on.. lol

    Some more fabulous dots to make you smile today! :)

    1. I am sooooo crushing on the dotty star with the black trim!!!

    2. Thanks T. we included her on our P board...and totally agree with you...the dotty star...mmmmm

  2. Cupcakes for breakfast works for me...I mean, NO, NO, NO cupcakes for breakfast--oatmeal instead. Oh, but those cupcakes look so yummy. Beautiful dotty choices today! Your nanny sounds like an amazing woman, just like you. :O)

    1. HI Carol cupcakes for breakfast..my word lol Oats and steel cut at that ..how many times do I have to tell you lol. and yes Dotty choices were tasty..lol

  3. Great ideas again today! Dotty bed socks! I have had some of those. I can see them now. My mama used to crochet them. (We didn't need anything to keep our feet warm at night since our winters are so mild, but they were perfect when we got out of bed and weren't quite ready to put our shoes on!)

    1. HI Linda...oh my it has been fun...and yes you know about bed socks...yes I do believe the ones my Nanny made had crochet on them too...because the top were ruffled..

  4. I have visited and commented on every blog and if I missed one it was because it wouldn't let me in. I think I got to them all!! Whoo Hoo!
    I'm in the running now!
    Gmama Jane

    1. HI Jane..ohhhh you did good...in the drawing you will go ..for more than one...too

  5. Another wonderful day of dots!!! It has been fun finding new blogs to follow and I am looking forward to the grand finale.

    1. HI Mary...ohhh I am scared about the finale.....lol I am always nervous to show....and even more for everyone on the last day...oh my lol

  6. Hi everyone, its been fun Dotty Hopping with you all, there was one post I couldnt leave because it wasnt a blog but a website. I joined all of them too, I want to keep in contact and see what a few will finish with their dots. funnymesjc at gmail dot com

    1. HI Shirley...glad to have you hopping and contributing..you were noticed...

  7. All I can say is this has been a real dotty experience! Hard to believe tomorrow is the final day. So much happiness, and some sorrow makes you realize how fragile life is.

    1. HI Judy...sorrow...did I miss something lol. Happiness yes..ok, maybe sorrow that we are ending lol

    2. Yes, it seems one of today's ladies just lost her husband. Di of snippets 'n' scraps. She had posted her dots a little late, so I was reading her previous post. Such a brave lady to write what had happened and what she was going through.

  8. What original blocks are made on this bloghop! I enjoyed this hopday very much.

  9. Another awesome and astounding day! Looking forward to seeing more dots tomorrow...what a hop it has been!

    1. HI Lesley..how ya doing....yes we look forward to having you hop with us again..when you can squeeze us in of course lol

  10. Excellent projects aren't they? It has been a fun trip!

    1. Oh yes Susan..a dotty adventure to say the least...glad you were with us..

  11. Your nanny knew that those little toes get cold so easy. I always like to put socks on my grandbabies when it's time for bed. :) I look forward to your post - you never fail to inspire. So sad, though, that tomorrow is the end of these fun dotty projects. Thanks, Madame for a great blog - AGAIN!

    1. Hi LJ....ahhh I still have little toes..but they are not sew cold anymore... but I still love those booties...
      and thanks..I am a bit nervous..hope I don't disappoint....nighty nite...

  12. I would have voted exactly the same today! But all the projects were fantastic, it was just those little cupcakes that melted my heart :)

    1. Hi Nati...ohhh we have great taste don't you think?

  13. I finished visiting all the blogs from today and there were really some wonderful and fun things to see!


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