Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dots on Dots Day 3 of our blog hop ( 66 dot creations on day 3)

Do you remember polka dots
bobby socks...with ruffles?.
I do! And people wonder
why I like ruffles and dots sew much..
I was raised on them ....

Corrie from  Quilt Taffy is our Cheerleader
for this blog hop...coincidence...
She is an amazing organizer, online
store owner and Dot Enthusiast.
HOW can you NOT LOVE HER! 

Today on our Dots on Dots
blog hop....all these quilters
love dots too...

( for the full schedule, go to link on side bar 
dots on dots button
 Corrie has the entire schedule there)

Wednesdays Dots Enthusiasts
( another dotty day and everyone 
was up and ready to show their dots..

Just a friendly reminder, CHEER for them,
leave comments, be a great cheerleader!
They will love you for it!

OUR TOP 2 choices today are.....

I challenge you NOT to be HAPPY when you view this..
no smiling now...SEE IMPOSSIBLE, this block
is just full of HAPPY dots....

And another very striking DOT block...I am sucker
for reds creams, blacks, and of course DOTS
most deserving of our top 2 of the day...

completed project...

and yes more dots...in fact 12 blocks of dots...
a nice variety, nice free motion...
and a dot parade....yes a delightful choice
for our Honourable mention this morning..

We also will include all of our Dots Enthusiasts
on PINTEREST, sew you can see everyday
who participated - all in one place...
But only after you have seen them on their blogs...

We have some great prizes..once they arrive
and post the photos, I will tell you 
who they are from.

3 prizes to be won at the end of the Blog HOP.

#1 for participating ( creating blocks)
#2 for the top 2 and honourable mention ( winner will be chosen from all those included)
#3 for all of YOU cheerleaders who left comments on everyones blogs ( 1 winner will be chosen
by Random Generator) 

WE can hear the cheers...
it's music to our ears! 

Thank you from all of us !

great comments and you can be assured we are reading them...
however we will not have time today to answer
welllllll, I am a student, I have got
to get some homework done....


  1. I'm new to bloghopping, only jointed this fun with the Bowls with borders, but I wonder... is it always this much fun? I love what I see...

    1. I have a few minute this morning to answer some of your emails...but the rest of the day, I am working on a chapter at school....
      and what were you saying Pauline lol. oh yes, THEY are always this much fun...hands down, with my cup of josephine in hand, I love beginning my day with a hot parade and YOU....

    2. I hope you had a good day, mine started super with all the beautiful blocks and even small or bigger quilts! Great what quilter do when they are inspired! And now at the end of our (European) afternoon I get a compliment for you, enjoying my coffee, what a day, what a day!
      I'm already looking forward to tomorrow morning, I'll be there again!

  2. Good morning Madame Samm and all of you lovely hoppers!

    1. and good morning Thearica..you are up early..I am often right behind you with comments..is this not just a great way to begin a day...lol

    2. Yes it is! and I wanted to tell you that a package is en-route to you as of day before yesterday so be on the lookout. :)

  3. Great choices for todays top two and honourable mention!

    1. Good Morning Nicola...always difficult...you have to see what stirs the emotions..these did, hands down lol

  4. Rosemary B here:
    What are you doing here? Have you finished your homework?
    I love your choices for today... I hope to visit all of the blogs today but if not tomorrow.
    Hubbs and I are leaving in a while to visit the folks in Annapolis (and plead with them to move in with or closer to us, at age 90!) Yep, it is going to be a long day travel trippie.
    So far I love what I have seen. SO inspiring these creative ladies!
    Have a good day Missie, and get your HW done before you play :-D

    1. Hi Rosemary, safe travels... and yes today is such a dot day....hard not to be inspired...

  5. Another fun day on the blog hop and your picks are wonderful Madame Samm!! Enjoy your day............and your homework :)

    1. Hi Connie...not hard to pick when they are pretty fantastic lol

  6. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration Samm! Great choices today...would be hard to choose with all the great dot blocks and projects!

    1. Hi Dawn, hard work...is not sew hard if you are enjoying the process...or you were talking about the hops...ohhhh that is wicked lol
      not that is hard work ...how ya doing? lol

  7. I"m seeing DOTS before my eyes. So fun. Can't wait for WICKED as my blog will be a stop. These hops are so fun and inspirational! Thnx.

    1. Hi Kathy...hehhhh I just mentioned wicked...yes me too ..that one excites me..like we can be bad or something and get away with it lol

  8. Gracious -- I don't know how the choices were made -- there are some AWESOME blocks out there! Glad I'm not the one doing the choosing!! This is a fun hop! :)

    1. Hi Denise... choices are made...well, I don't know if I can tell you the process..it is like " I like that" I love that" gotta have that lol
      glad you are hopping with us in smiles

  9. Great morning on the blog hop! I feel inspired!

    1. HI Linda...afternoon now...downright yes...me too I am inspired lol

  10. Oh so many wonderful dotty blocks this day too. There are sew many creative ladies out there. I was sew inspired and have started to sew my third project. But then I have to stop LOL
    I found some dotty fabrics in my stash, that I have totally forgotten and then I decided that I must use some pieces for a third block.

    1. Hi sweet Britt-Inger way over there in Sweden...you did more..ohhhh now that is pretty exciting..when is your day?

  11. I am having fun on this hop. Love all the dots.

    1. Hi Patty...well it seems like you are in a good company..many feeling the same...

  12. Love your choices. While sorting, AKA de-stashing, I noticed I had a lot of dots! Lots of inspiration coming my way.

    1. Hi Judy...ohhh dots you have...isn't that amazing when we actually look at our stash...all kinds of hidden treasures...

  13. I love dots, and i have loved this blog hop. I have commented on every one so far. . .

    1. HI Annie..they will be thrilled to see you cheering them on..what a great cheerleader you are..

  14. Great picks, Madame Samm. Polka Dots make me happy was my favorite. Dahing dotty doings, darling!!

    1. I know I sew agree...it was downright inspiring....

  15. Replies
    1. HI Terry...yes yes yes ...great you sharing your time with us too


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