Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tune in to our Dots on Dots Blog Hop....Sept 10-21st

I know you haven't even had some shut
eye and we are sharing with you our
next blog hop...


Corrie from Quilt Taffy
will be managing this one and 
she will be YOUR cheerleader. 
If you don't know Corrie for her
quick wit, funny taffy stories,
great weekly giveaways.
Then check her out...you will
love her almost as much as we do..

I give Corrie all the credit  for edging me into
Quilting, I may have looked back
a couple of times...but not anymore...
She has been my cheerleader
from day 1. 

NOW who is PLAYING? 

I believe we have 90+ participants
who will be sharing their love of 
DOTS, yes, if you love DOTS
then you may want to check 
us out here on Sept 10- 21st.
We added 1 extra day to accommodate
more DOT lovers...

I placed the schedule top
button on your right...
It will link to her scheduled page..
If you need her, this is how you can connect..


I have a couple sneak peaks
for you...

See you soon! 

We will  have you ALL seeing DOTS! 

 p.s. Why you should consider Blog Hops?

1. YOU are on a theme!
2. Keeps you focused.
3. YOU have tons of fun.

ohhh there are more, maybe
those who have participated
can add to this list...
go on...who's next? 


  1. Looking forward to the hop. Love the dotted Corrie cheerleader.

  2. You might be encouraged to try a new technique, maybe try a different color palette, play with embellishments, they certainly show that you can make 'one-block' wonders.

  3. I am playing with my dots,,, not sure what I am inspired to create yet, but it will have lots of dots..

  4. You will meet people from all over the world.
    I found that to be the most thrilling part of my first hop. Then you are exposed to quilting all over the world.

  5. It's like a homework assignment & if you have one of those personalities that will meet the deadline, then it's a great challenge to see if you can come up with one or more blocks. Even finishing it into a quilt so it's not a UFO anymore. Or making several blocks in order to make a quilt. It sure gets your creative juices flowing too.

  6. Taking part in blog hops is fun and you can challenge yourself to try new techniques that you might fall in love with! I never did paper piecing until the Bowls with Borders! You meet all kinds of fun people too! Looking forward to working with my dots!

  7. I'm so Type A that I look at a hop as a challenge...especially if it is a technique I've not tried yet. If I have tried it, I try to add a new twist or make it different, more interesting. That deadline keeps me hopping, and I love, love "traveling" the world to see new blogs and make new friends!
    Thanks for cheering all of us on, Madame! :)

  8. I "meet" new people with new ideas and amazing blogs when I take part in a blog hop!!

  9. Dots on Dots sounds like a blast. Polka dots make me smile! Can't wait!

  10. I found my first HOP a bit intimidating and I thought I wasn't ready but once I stuck my toe in the water I wanted to jump right in! I've met some of the nicest people from all over the world and it's a great way to share ideas and techniques. The cheerleaders absolutely R-O-C-K!!! and Madam Samm is first rate. I'm going to be a participant in the WICKED BLOG HOP coming in October, I can't wait!!!
    So come on, take that step and join in the next available HOP!!!

  11. I like the way we have a certain theme but everyones quilts all turn out so different. Hops are very inspiring and keep you focussed on the project at hand (I am terrible at starting five new projects at once! at least this way I actually finish something now).

  12. YOu need to join hops because they are tons of fun and you get to "meet" so many wonderful quilters and see their amazing creations. The inspiration is always overflowing.

  13. Rosemary B here:
    the bowls project was my first blog hop and I really enjoyed it.
    I am doing this dots project.
    Personally I think any and all bog hops are a very good exercise in creativity for everyone -- even the observers but bonus for the participants :-D

  14. I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun!

  15. It is like having a whole 'nother extended family!!!!!!! :)

  16. Blog Hops challenge me to grow, they inspire, I meet great people and they are FUN! Thank you Madam Samm!

  17. I'd like to be in this blog hop..... tell me more please.....


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