Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's day 4 and we have some more of Think Christmas quilters...

It has been such a great hop, bit thanks to all who are part of it..
...we are up to 102 blocks.. and that is only our 
first 3 days...we still have 4 more days to go...

Lesley is doing a fine job leading you on
and beside her--- together we will 
 cheer on our ladies today...

August 2

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Come on back later to see who was picked as our top 2 choices as fav blocks and our honourable mention for great project. We usually do this first thing in the morning...

OUR top 2 winners today and noted exceptional participants, will be in our draw next week for a fat quarter bundle from Free Spirit, all Christmas fabrics from one collection.

This was an easy choice- it just shouts Christmas
doesn't it? She is such a DEAR to participate 
in our Think Christmas!

And this one, another terrific addition to our mix
of beautifully done....now who are these ladies
who created these blocks..?

And our HONOURABLE mention is this lady for 
a beautiful topper that again shouts Christmas.

WEll done! Who made this...
go on, hop along and let us know we got it right today!

PS. todays totals for blocks are 139 and all were posted early and seen..! Thanks for all of your shares...


  1. Another amazing day in Think Christmas land! Congrats to those who are the top picks...fabulous! And the honorable mention quilt would look great on my couch at Christmas...hint, hint! Now off to hop again...one look is just not enough! Thanks, Mme. Samm for keeping the Pinterest page updated...so neat to see everything in one place!

  2. I could not agree more with you Lesley...each day the bar is risen...today I was sweating lol ok, glowing,

  3. those are so great. congrats to the top picks.

    1. Carrie you should be on our judges panel, you agree with us lol

  4. Oh gee... I am so not jealous of the persons who have to pick the 2 winners of the day and the honourable mention blocks! All blocks, quilttops and quilt (great and small) are saying: CHRISTMAS!!!

    1. Ohhh Pauline, it certainly does get us in the mood and we just love having you on board to let us know you too Think Christmas lol

  5. Madam Samm & Lesley....I'd like to thank you and the Academy, my agent, my mother, my father, my husband, and my first grade teacher for making this all possible....

    Okay, I guess I'll save my complete academy award acceptance speech for another time, but I did want to say a very heartfelt thank you for selecting my block today. I can't wait to lord it over my husband! He's not the only holiday winner in the house!

    1. OHHHH you sew funny Kimberly, I thought your wreath was simply perfect...100 pcs you say...oh my..I would be scared to lose something..
      my wreath would not look like yours lol

  6. I so agree with your picks for the top blocks and I am tickled speechless for the honorable mention. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was so worth waiting all day to see this tee, hee, tee, hee.

    1. WEll Selina..it is gorgeous..funny how those blocks turn into a quilt before you know it...really lovely shot too..x

  7. I can't believe all the wonderful blocks and projects and fun blogs in this hop! Great choices!

    1. Good Morning Connie...well there have been so many over the top choices to make..ahummmm


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