Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's day 3 of Think Christmas and we are already at 73 blocks, not counting today ..I KNOW

I post this before I go to sleep- albeit some of you don't think I ever sleep, but I do ...9-10 hours every night....sew by the time I get up in the morning I expect my snowman to be warm water for my coffee....yep, you can smile...lol

Did you see the line up for today, we will be like the snowman...
melting from the choices we will be making...?


                                      August 1

                                          Sheila's Quilt World

A Passion for Applique

                      Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio

Jane's Quilting

 Sew Me Something Good

                           A Stitch in Time

Aurea at That Other Blog

                            Quilt Times

Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting

                                    Patchouli Moon Studio

Quilting by the River

yep! this going to be a great day..... or a wet, perspiring one, you tell me? 

We will be choosing the top 2 and honourable mention as early as we can get up and make our brews....

OHHHHH and we are to 73 blocks....how many do you think we will be up to today on day 3...any guesses.???...I bet we will be over 84 if anyone cares lol..

ok, you can go to our buttons for Think Christmas , 1st one will take you to PINTEREST, 2nd one to Lesley's schedule of all of our blog hoppers. quilters.....

Is she not doing an amazing job...our Lesley...lol

See you in the morn.....toodles..

Top 2 winners today...both will be entered into a draw at the end of the week for a fat quarter bundle from Free Spirit, and yes it will be  a beautiful bundle of Christmas fabric.

The detail in this block in fact everything this quilter
creates is hard to overlook... LOVE the Christmas
bulbs and look close at who is joining in the fun!

Another quilter who never disappoints ...Even though
the temps for her  were well over 100 * she was still able to create
this lovely block and put us in the Christmas mood!

And HONOURABLE mention for a completed project....
Now how could we not have something Snowmen today..
you have to check her snowmen...I do believe
hers were in a colder climate...they seemed
to multiply !

Whew glad that is over....there were sew many lovely blocks it was almost impossible to agree to any top 2 and honourable mention...Lovely day!

p.s. total  99 BLOCKS today...yes 99! 


  1. love these picks today. such talented quilters.

    1. they are you are too Carrie...we are surrounded by terrific quilters

  2. What a wonderful choice for today's picks! Happy Hopping, Judith, Texas

  3. Wonderful blocks -- don't we have an amazing community of quilters? LOL

  4. Great picks...some of my favorites!

  5. There was such a Plethora of choices today!! My choices included ?????? (not telling!!) so I think I'll go tell my personal choice winners a Big Jolly Ho Ho Ho!!
    Blessings and Ho Ho Ho
    Gmama Jane

    1. well everyone is over the top in our books...ho ho ho

  6. I haven't seen one that didn't inspire me or make me wish I could be that good at making something. So fun! Doing a little melting here, too, but the rain has made the temperatures drop a little (thank goodness!) Enjoy your day sewing, creating, and please don't tell me you're making dolls. LOL!

    1. Ahhh all we need are a few cool blocks to cool us all down....and no I am not making dolls lol

  7. Thanks for another fun blog hop and I'm sew tickled one of mine was picked today! Now I'm off to work on some cute bowls and something with dots!!

    1. HI Connie....you are sew welcome....it is all your efforts that make it sew exciting..and me too..onto bowls...
      I am all ready to post Sunday....now my next project..

  8. maravillada con tan hermosos trabajos


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