Thursday, August 16, 2012

How I make time part 2... ( by special request)

compliments from  Patricia

Ahhh- you are back you must have some TIME to spare...
This is good..because today we will be talking- how our brains work..
Yes you heard me....it is 4:00 pm EST
many of those who share this time with me,
are almost out of time for the day....

OUR brains are slowing down... sew I will be quick lol.

Sew let's recap from our last visit..

1. NEVER drink anything sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners
our bodies do not know the difference.
( you will waste more time wondering what you did with your day)

Ahhh I see some hands up in the air.... leave your comments below...

2. The night before ( 2 hours before bed) jot down 3 things
you want to complete. JUST 3 for your next day....
( if you do it right before bed, you won't be able to sleep,
tooooo much information) 

Part 2 begins now.....are you all here?

What did you notice? Those who omitted sugared drinks...?
Did you find you had more time. Of course you did... YOU FOUND time
about 2 hours MORE EACH DAY....wow- heh....(  French / Canadian in me) 

Those who jotted down their 3 things for the next day, did you 
accomplish them? ( Did you use your timer?)  Do you have one now?

Tell me- what did you find out about yourself in 
this little experiment? ( comment below)

Ohhh I pray you did  your homework...? lol

compliments from Beth lol
WEll- here are the next 3 steps for you to consider...

#3. Whatever activity or chore you performed and whatever time
you set for yourself- do this again, BUT do it in half the time.
AND this time, do some preparation. 

Take for instance. I like to clean my personal bathroom, from 
top to bottom. The first time it did take me about 23 minutes.
The next time, I had my bucket, sponges, smart cloths, 
and new carpet and towels to lay out.. I did all this 
before I set the timer...AND I did it the night
before, took me less than 5 minutes to do that.

The next day when I was ready to clean my bathroom,
I noted everything was ready for me except the timer..
This time I set it for only 11 minutes. I got it done
with a few seconds to spare...It was some
workout, but I found in preparing in advance
I actually had more time! My bathroom was spotless!

( Lesson here, we waste time in not preparing for things we do not want to do.)
What can you do to shave 1/2 your time the next time you do your activity.
ohhhh the extra few minutes, I sat outside and drank my coffee! 

# 4. OUR brains can only handle about
 23 minutes of  any activity at any one time.
( it then begins to wander)

This is true, being I am still a full time student after all these
years and I study constantly-I have learned the secrets
how to study and retain information.
But first I had to study the brain.
Without going into how the nerve impulses and which
parts of our brain does what, let me simplify this...

Which is why I plan on 3 activities about 5 days out of my week
and they are always 23 minutes in length.  And I get at least
15 things completely done every week!

( I don't expect you all to do this every day, just when 
you want to be productive and complete tasks you may
be putting off) 

Take YESTERDAY, this is what my day looked like...

I have a working table in my studio which was too low,
I wanted it the same height as my island in the kitchen, sew my DH
built some lifts. I looked under the table and there is a lot
of unused space there....SEW......
My task was to make a curtain to put all around the table
6 yds of material with hems, ironing and stitching to do.
I also wanted to work on my bowls for this hop I am into lol
( oh the unused space, I drew up some plans for the DH
to do on the weekend to build some floating shelves)
and it will all be out of sight, because I made a curtain..
Yeah! Oh, and I ordered the wood and had it delivered!

SEW.....timer is set for  23 minutes. I  measured, ironed and sewed
for my table....timer goes off...STOP, then  I went to my island
in my kitchen where I had all of my paper piecing ready for me
to work on....23 minutes......STOP, back to my sewing studio
continue working. STOP...well you know I carried on like
this for 3 hours.  I got all my sewing done for my curtain for
my table, screwed in all necessary screws to hang curtain.
AND completed 4 sets of paper piecing for some bowls ....

My other task was to also complete 3 lessons for my
classes in vector design. I set my timer for you guessed-
23 minutes. STOPPED, got supper ready, I made some
teriyaki chicken, I cut some chicken breasts into strips, make some teriyaki sauce
 ( from scratch) threw the chicken in the bowl, let it marinate in the fridge...AND no not
for 23 minutes lol it needs a couple of hours.... Went back to studies,
STOPPED at 23 minutes..YES you are catching on...
answered some emails., made a couple calls...STOPPED
back to study.... I then put on some wild rice, put the chicken
in the cast iron pan in the oven....
DH comes home..." Ahhh smells like you have been cooking
all day" ...."YEP, all day long" shhh our secret! 

YOU all have heard...

if you want something donegive it to a busy person."

compliments .....?? who's this? lol

Have you ever asked HOW they do it!
This is how, they know how to use their TIME effectively!

I feel very fortunate that I learned this
22 years ago and I just know PAUL
would be smiling at me and urging 
me to get to the next one....


#5 This is the most important one. ONE I do practice every day. 

 If you have young children, wear ear plugs...
not really. lol But don't have the TV on. Turn off any music. Do what 
I do.  When I am with the grand kids.. We do these
23 minute workouts...they can scream, run, do any activity , play
drums, play their music...but when the timer goes off
WHEN ? at 23 minutes..YES, oh you are good...

WE have 23 minutes of quiet time...we can only whisper
and only if it is really necessary.. I put out puzzles, 
crayons to draw, books to read....and yes it works...
no electronics of any sort..during this time...

Now for those with no kids at home....

The reason our society is sooooooo 
stressed, is we are constantly TUNED into
something. YOU will be much more productive
in silence. Try it the next time you have to do 
something, do it in silence for 23 minutes.

Shut off your tv, your phone, your iPod, your radio,

your computer....YES shut it all off for 3 hours

each day. YOU can do this. I know you can.

I am giving you the tools!
MY tools. This is how I get sew much done!

Again without going into what  and how the MEDIA
actually gets into your brain- and has you craving things,
wanting things, shopping for things.....

YOU know my background is Marketing right...?
I know how to get anyone off track....

BUT I would like to keep YOU all on track....

compliments of Wendy...
soon mine! lol 

Sew- here is your exercise for the next week...
that is if you want to continue....?
WE will come back here again at 4 PM 
HERE. OK?  I want to hear
how this little experiment worked in your house..
By sharing, you will learn from one another. 

I will also share how eating well, like my 
darling timer above...would you believe
it is on its way here...YES, I am sew excited..
Note the apples in her arms......

Anyway, as I was saying, I will share with you
how certain foods can keep you alert, thinking better,
and calmer....

YEP, I can, I will, I do...
I am pleased to have spent my TIME with you..

( and all of you who shared your timers with me
thank you...they were perfect)

I need MORE photos of your NEW
acquired TIMERS...
send to Madamesamm@me.com


  1. I'm loving your second post on time as much as the first :) Now to be honest *ahem* I already fell off the bandwagon lol I still need to find a timer! Does that make me a professional procrastinator? Probably ;) I already try to shut off the noise, love it! Maybe luck will strike and a timer will be at the next store searched, and within budget!

    1. Hello Mallorie, ahhh good to hear that...I just put the first post below this one..make it easier to recap lol. And that is ok, to fall off the bandwagon, as long as you catch up to it and let it take you somewhere in the land of time lol. Shutting off the NOISE is actually quite powerful. I get much done
      with this one especially. There are many kitchen timers on ebay that are very well priced...under 8.00...

  2. Wow!! Thanks for the information, it is inspiring and am trying it out on my grandkids, my daughter in college and other family members and most of all for me!

    1. Hi Susan, oh this is especially good for grandkids...they actually enjoy it more than I thought..they ask if we can play that 23 minute game..wink..

  3. Ready to try the next steps. I am always wanting to do more, so this is great for me. I am on board with the no sugar drinks and the daily list of three. I have been putting down three things I know I will get done though so I do not feel disappointed. Not this week though. It will be three things extra I want to do, and I will try to do them in 23min increments.

    1. Hello Patriica...ahhh stick to only 3 things...this is one area that 3 TASKS is all you need to do...remember here, it is the things you don't do that need your attention, but get put aside...those things...23 min increments...is perfect..look forward to hearing how it went..good btw no sugar drinks...

  4. I did sorta, kinda, good with the list, but was waylaid several times by some little blog hop that's going on. I cleaned my bathroom using a timer--under estimated how much work that little bathroom needed, so I'll know next time. My sewing room got 20 minutes of my time getting picked up and vacuumed. Needs a lot more work, but it felt good to know that's all I was going to spend on it. Kitchen floor--10 minutes. I'm loving this! I have a hard time focusing on one task, so the timer is great and the 23 minute rule is right up my alley. As for the sugar or artificially sweetened drinks--failed. But there's always tomorrow. Thanks for this info--I really needed someone to "fix" my lack of time issues.

    1. HI Carol, sorta, kinda, good...well that is good to hear...and yes 23 min intervals are a good workout...keep trying...10 min for a kitchen floor ...way to go...lol oh oh sugar drinks...oh my that one needs a bit more work...you can try it like you said tomorrow..lol. FIX or Change lol

  5. Ahh, confessions...mmmmm....Choc Chip Mocha Frappe...'nuf said. The timer freaks me out when it buzzes, I need to find one with a friendlier "chime", lol. I have been having good luck with the list of three but it takes me longer than 23 minutes and I cheat to finish...and loud music sometimes helps me sew faster?! I will try to follow closer this week ;)

    1. I laughed Kris...I have one of those that buzzes loudly..at first it scared me too..but I like that..keeps me focused...I have a couple others, that don't do anything..like a silent alarm...well what good is that lol. but they look pretty...LOL. now what was this I read Choc Chip Mocha Frappe..yep, let's move on that one lol. Ahhh loud music sometimes if you are working out..but silence and the timer ticking, will get your job done quicker...try it for me lol

  6. OK - now I didn't do the exercise - much like I already have my day go. But my list is more than three and I have since hired someone to come do cleaning. Yes, I work with background noise(low volume only) - a great opera is a must when handquilting.

    1. Hello Sharon....Ohhh me to at times i listen to classical, some opera...but on the days I need to think, like cutting...I do it in silence...to avoid mistakes lol YOU are a master...you possibly do it all with your eyes closed lol

  7. Like the 23 minute limit. Will test drive it tomorrow. I try to keep silence as background noise most of day. Peaceful; no stress. Thanks for this part2!

    1. You are welcome Debby..something about odd numbers that just seems right...like LUCKY lol

  8. Thanks!
    What I learned:
    1) I often underestimate how long something takes (Actually knew this already, but even with small tasks.)[I think preparing will help with this.] Conversely, sometimes I think something I dread is going to take forever... not so. My emotions definitely work overtime in all this. I love one of the comments from last week about not thinking about it... but just do the task.
    2.) I am tired when I get home from work and after-work activities, so in the future, schedule the 3 tasks in AM or on lunch break.
    3.) The way you have structured this process, I am more motivated now than I was last week.

    How it went: I found you late, so I did not practice for the whole week. It went fairly well... some things I had put off I was able to get done. Not perfect performance, but confidence has increased, with the exception of eliminating real and artificial sugar. I'll need to come up with a strategy as it/they are pervasive. As to timer, I like a timer & have used one in the past & used it more since reading your post.

    Going forward:
    Half time. I didn't do a lot of repetitive activities last week for my 3 things. Nor did I use my timer for all my activitites, so I don't have benchmarks to cut time in half. So this week, I'll track more often.
    Loving the 23 minute idea... intuitively makes perfect sense to me. I'll watch for misgivings if any. At work I often have complicated puzzle type problems that I loose continuity in the problem solving process if I pick up & put down. When faced with these, I often do the pick it up/investigate etc process for a long while before it is due, but often I end up at a point in the process where I need extended, silent time to work it out. But for most things and in most cases, 23 minutes sounds just right.
    Shutting off the noise... an interesting idea, and I think I won't have a lot of trouble with this.
    Thanks again! This is all helpful & encouraging.

    1. Wow Becky...you worked it, you watched, you did, you know where you can work on improving...this is good..It is funny you know..when I was taught this decades ago, I still remember being in DOUBT, like I needed work...who was he talking to...( Paul the seminar leader, soon after mentor) lol But as I got to watch how this man just exuded confidence, I started to understand, he was not just preaching about it..he was living it....It was then, I took his principles to task and I learned quicker, I ate better, I fast tracked in business, I made fewer mistakes and I got it...lol The silence thing for me was hard, but now depending on what I am doing I prefer it over the latter.. Good luck with the sugar...and thanks for playing along..

  9. HI! I'm jotting down notes in my journal (a composition book. How many more parts will this be? I'm LOVING it! And, I will be getting started on this soon. Right now, my life is hectic with the new house (putting flooring down) and packing and moving... But, some principles can still apply. Thank you for doing this!

    1. Hello Lee Ann the first lesson is below this one..there is no more..this was it...the 5 principles... YOU have a formula I have been holding on to for 22 years...it worked for me, why would it not work for you lol moving is a tough one..take the notes and do it later...lol and you are welcome..x

    2. Thank you! :-D I will endeavor to try this out because it gives me hope! :-)

  10. I am so going to try this with my students!

    1. HI Fiesta...now that I would be interested to see and hear of the results....but what a class it would be..imagine teens ( I am thinking) having this kind of lesson...WOW, I wish I knew this wayyyyyy back then lol Keep in touch..

  11. I am anxious to try spending only 23 minutes in the grocery store. Wandering aimlessly in stores is a time waster for me.

    1. Ahhh Lana, bring your timer next time...I can do it in less than 16 minutes...of course I am disguised sew no one recognizes me....otherwise it is almost an hour... ( but I love grocery shopping and the people who work there lol)

  12. I managed to get some things accomplished that had been on my "to do" list for...ouch...4 years. Writing down those three things is amazing! I was surprised at how long/how little it took for some projects. On the upside, when my ex-sweetheart stopped by, I put him to work on my list too! I was so thankful that i had the list ready to go!
    I will try to do things in 23 minutes (or less) for next week. I especially like Lana's idea of 23 minutes in the store--I swear it's a time warp for me. I need more time to quilt, darn it!!

    1. HI Duff...of course I caught the certain " sweetheart: yeahhhhhh lol. ohhh back to your note..and yes 3 tasks only...it works yes...I know I get everything done...and I mean everything..that sense of accomplishment, like your day meant something...well it takes you into the next and next...YES you get it.. you should shop with me...I seldom go down the middle section of the store..we write a lot about that in our book...shop only the perimeters of the store...you would be out in less than 16 min..

  13. For part 1 - I wrote down my 3 tasks for each day and accomplished most of them but.....I didn't use a timer, I knew the tick, ticking would drive me crazy and I also knew the tasks I had chosen would take quite a bit of time. For example one day one of my tasks was to quilt a top....which takes several hours. The way I quilt is when the bobbin is empty I take a break, walk around, stretch but I think it is longer than 23 minutes before the bobbin runs out.

    One day my tasks were: 1. Create - new header 2. - Create a new button 3. - Go shopping for groceries - not my favorite thing and I always do it as fast as I can LOL. Are these the right type of tasks??? Of course I did my regular cleaning and vacuumed....no timer.....I don't drink soda, just lots of coffee.

    Part 2 - I find the 23 minute concept interesting....so I will get a quiet timer. Believe it or not I used to a count up timer when I did crafts so I would know how long it took to make something and also to cut the time down. Quiet - that is the only way I can work! I am really enjoying this!

    1. Hi Connie...try a timer..a quieter one...lol YOU will be surprised how you can measure up to your task even more..that 23 minute breaks helps to recharge the batteries per say...and yes bobbin running out could be hours, and not 23 min lol. coffee is good for women anymore than 3 is not good for us...but up to 3 helps to keep many diseases away...YOU are doing good with task..banner looks terrific..

  14. Well, I learned a lot this week. I wake up before the alarm if I have 8 hours sleep. I need a real timer, with batteries. I have always liked quiet more than noise. I accomplish more if I take a big job, and chunk it down to little pieces spread over a few days. Chocolate milk is a better pick me up than juice. Best of all, today you said that the brain only concentrates for 23 minutes. Yeah!! I am not developing ADD, or a short attention span as I get older. I am "normal". Phew.

    1. Good Day Evelyn...a timer with batteries is a very good start..lol chocolate milk is a very good source of protein, it will sustain you on those marathons of 23 minutes...and NOOOOO you do not have ADD , we just have not really understood our bodies...they really tell you in 23 minutes to CHANGE...we just did not know till now...get some batteries or a new timer--- which does not require batteries lol

  15. My time management is going so well, I concentrated on some things that I have been putting off. My ironing is caught up, 5 or 6 pieces a day, done all 28 pieces; finished three blocks for my CW quilt, put that off since Dec; clean out one drawer a day; three Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks finished, put Great Granny blocks together with borders; cleaned out grandchildren's toy box; bought a timer with stop watch feature; other misc tasks. I must admit that most of the timer forgot to set the timer. What I have found out that it doesn't take so long to complete certain tasks, you just have to start. I like the 23 minute rule, used it to clean out a drawer late this afternoon, it took 17 minutes. I don't drink sugary drinks so that was not a problem and no TV, radio, phone or Ipod in my sewing room. When hubby is home TV is on all the time. Grrrrr Mistake I did make, I scheduled three tasks for Sat and Sunday; Saturday was O.K., but Sunday was a push. Thanks so much Madame Samm, look forward to next Thursday, maybe you will share your recipe for terayki chicken.

    1. Hello Betty Lou..ahhh you did good it sounds.17 minutes..yeahhhhhhh lol Men watch TV because they don't have girlfriends to share stuff with..sew they empty their days with TV...I hate remotes lol. see you next week ..lol and yes maybe wink...

  16. Thanks for posting these tips. This week I did the "three thing" list. I admit, I faltered a bit on it, but it really helps me to stay on task. Sometimes life gets in the way of that list (or my scattered menopausal brain...LOL)

    I guess what I like about the three things is that it's doable. Five items make a long list, ten items is downright scary! But our brains settle well on three. Such a good rounded number.

    I definitely can see the 23-minute attention span. Especially when doing an intense activity. I guess that's why I'm such a slow sewist. I take lots of breaks.

    And the noise? I ***TOTALLY*** get that! It frees you from distraction. For example, if I have a DVD on, I'll quit my activity and watch... same with TV. The next thing I know, I get sucked right in!

    I prefer to sew without distraction that way I'm completely on task.

    Keep those tips coming! I'm loving them!

    1. HI Jean, it is morning here...23 min is a key start...and yes 3 is a perfect "round" number lol And yes the noise thing...( which is why it is great with the NO NOISE rule) it keeps you focused...and yes I love music, but only when I am hand stitching where I know I have time to sit and watch a movie ....good on you..love sharing them with YOU>.

  17. I read your post last week and loved it. Though I didn't do the exercise, I can see that this would help me a lot. So, I will start tonight with writing my three things for tomorrow. I need to buy a timer though. I do write things down already so that I don't forget. So, that part should be easy. The sugar drinks will be hard for me. I think I'll have to stick to water, just to make it through. I really don't like coffee without sugar. Hmmmmmm.....maybe I'll have to switch to tea. I love to work in quiet. It's how am able to think things through. When I'm home alone, or working a night shift, I love silence. I'm more calm, and relaxed this way.

    I have been working hard at renovating the last 4 weeks. I've stayed on task and have accomplished a lot more than I imagined I could. I did take breaks as I would tire and finish another task that needed to be completed. Then I would go back to the reno project with more energy.

    I'm excited to see what healthy eating ideas you have to share next week. I'm in desperate need of work in this area. I've really been struggling with my weight and absolutely need to get back on track with this.

    Thanks so much for all the wisdom you share with us. It's definitely appreciated.

    1. Hi Ariane...there is no set date to start..if you start today...this is your day, tomorrow, watch our world Ariane is a on amission lol I like tea just with a lemon or just with honey, or with a bit of milk... renovating..what are you working on ..? Healthy choices...you will be surprised what they are and how it will certainly work with any wt issues...till then...

  18. Does it count if I'm trying really, really hard???? Need to ummm.... replace my timer ;) ... on that LOL ... Thank you so much for sharing your secrets on time and yes, it is going to work for me very soon... I need the routine!!! I also have a very nicely written book by an adorable couple from Canada about good foods, which I believe will go along quite nicely with your soon to be posted tips ... can't wait!! xoxox

    1. Hi Wendy, you will find your schedule...a rhythm to your life..wait and see..and yes YOU need a timer get that chicken one lol.
      oh the book they sound like nice people in Canada lol yes tips ...added next week for energy!

  19. So glad I had a chance to read this tonight. I've spent most of the night trying to get my blog post ready for midnight. Internet has not been cooperating. Thank goodness it finally seems to be scheduled. Unfortunately, it seems the internet is down again, so I'm reading this from my Android phone.
    I did follow your plan and it's kept me on track this week. I do enjoy quiet in the house, so it generally is unless my DH is home (why is it they always need noise?radio or tv, or power tools). I'm excited to add the 23 minute rule this week. Thanks for the knowledge and inspiration. Looking forward to learning more next week.

    1. HI Roxanne..well you did it..internet worked, your blocks A1 lol MEN need TV to wind down from their sometimes stressed lives...they don't have a woman's group, or quilting or that support that we women sometimes take for granted..MY DH is wonderful, bright, caring, but his work is highly stressed, I see it in his face when he comes home..he sits in front of the tv..and he calms down..ITs certainly a MAN thing..I would never have tv if it weren't for him...lol but I like him, sew I will put up with it for now..lol See you next week..love sharing what makes me tick...tock...lol

  20. Thanks for letting us post comments! I'm having a hard time with the no sugar, especially with the artificial sweeteners...I'm addicted to those crystal light water packets. How do you drink your coffee...black? I love plain iced tea, no sugar, so am wondering if that will work. Thanks for all the tips!

    1. Ahh Anita you are right in saying you are addicted to those crystal packets... now for coffee, I just take it with evaporated milk, it is just perfect..and women benefit from coffee a lot...you are welcome...see you again

  21. Very interesting Samm - and I totally agree with every bit of it. :) I've never been able to work with noise on whether it's music or television or just people talking. I just can't seem to tune it completely out and it stops my train of thought. I think I've taught folks at work already that when I'm typing something into the computer they need to wait until I finish the sequence I'm working on or I have to start over. If they start talking I hold up one finger and don't look at them. That way they know I know they're there and I'll be with them quickly. I'm guilty of not stopping often enough but my body soon tells me about it. I get up, walk to the bathroom or just down the hall a bit, and it always makes me feel better, fresher. Great series! blessings, marlene

    1. HI Marlene...I know all about that finger lol... glad you are enjoying it..and glad to see you took some time from work to join in...lol
      our best..you know that wink

  22. Double-dipping. Several folk mentioned needing to buy timers... If they have a smart phone they could use it until they buy a cute one. I also use the stopwatch feature.
    As to sugar, i'm changing my drinks to various teas... Over time. But i have a question: "no sugar drinks". Does tihis also mean no sugar anything? No desserts No sweet/spicy foods? I know real sugar hipes me up/ then drops, so just wondering!
    And sounds like you've hit a cord Samm... Thanks again! B

    1. Hello Becky...mmmmm I know...that is why I wanted to share other peoples timers...the sand ones not sew effective they are only a minute lol but they were cute..and yes drinks, because of the sugar content get absorbed by our bodies tooooo quickly... now speaking of foods with sugar..you have simple carbs and complex carbs...simple are the ones which break down quick such as donuts, cookies, potato chips, candy bars, anything that you put in your mouth and chew and leave in your right cheek...and it gets sweet..that is a simple carb...lol ( a trick we learned in bio/chem) complex are those which break down slower, raising your insulin slower and giving you energy for longer periods of time...( whole wheat breads, bran quick breads, carrots, peas, corn, whole grain rice, legumes, yogurt, apples.. ...) as they break down slower they do not cause our brain to be dull for minutes..they give us the energy...that boost and with the combined protein...keeps us going smoothly..does that help? and I am glad I hit the cord...lol.
      I get questions every day how do I do it? I sense this was a good time to share, as a student, and wife, and manager of this...I need to be effective in my time management...x

  23. Thanks for sharing how you tick :D I really like to work in quiet...it is rare that I listen to music...I do 'watch' TV when hand stitching...LOL. ...I haven't used a timer...or made myself stop after 23 minutes...my breaks are usually either when the task is done or potty breaks :D I don't usually drink sugar drinks, cut those out, except on an occasional basis, a year or so ago. I am a list maker but haven't kept it to 3 task. I have been known to get up when I can't sleep and make a list of things on my mind that I need to remember.

    1. Hello Dawn....yes hand stitching is good while watching TV..you can still be productive and it is work that does not require a lot of thinking but did you know that anything that has repeated motions like knitting and sewing is exercise for our brains...guess that is why quilters are sew smart lol
      Yes stick to just 3 on your task..and that timer is perfect for alerting YOUR TIME IS UP>..lol

  24. I'm so into "quiet" that I had to find a timer that was silent until it "went off"....LOL Love this new concept of 23 minutes. I'll integrate this into my day. The rule of three things is working well! Thanks for sharing with all of us! Hugs!

    1. Yes I can hear you now Jacque...counting those minutes..and doing your thing...of course you can do this and you will excel like everything else..

  25. Thank you so much for sharing....great info! I used to use a timer but it was a loud irritating noise that made me jump when it went off!!! I used my kitchen timer for cleaning, etc. Soooo now I wanted to try this 23 minute idea...sooo I just checked for online timers and I have one going right now on my Ipad....will see how it goes! hugs to you, Caryl

    1. Hello Caryl, I have a couple...I kinda like the loud ones..I get used to the noise..first few times it did shock me a bit lol
      sew good luck in having a timer for your 23 min...

  26. I used the timer when cleaning the house last week. I hadn't done that in AGES and I was surprised at how much I got done and at how I wasn't as tired as I usually am. I get off track a lot so I end up doing twice as much as I need to. Having the timer on keeps me on track. Going to see if I can cut down my time this week :) Thanks for the GREAT tips!!!!

    1. Hi Hayley...oh wow...really...isn't it surprising that sometimes all we need is a friendly reminder of how good we did something in the past can also be done now..yeahhhhhh I want to hear about it too ...and you are welcome..my pleasure indeed.

  27. Rosemary here: I like this.
    So many great ideas.
    I am ridiculously organized. I have been making lists the night before (around 8, or before if I know I am doing something later) since I was a kid. I think for me it is just the way I am wired.
    Howeverrrrrr, I do have the attention span of a flea. So, I work on that every day. You are correct in stating that 23 minutes is a proper time to move on to the next task.
    There is a lot of very good advice here.
    My hubby is on his own level of being organized. A sphere I am not interested in going to, but he is also quite disorganized in the little things (keeping track of stuff) AND that is why I am so important around here hahahahaha No, he has gotten much better now that he is working at home, every single week-day. He is here :-D
    OH! I also sleep like a log 8 - 9 hours every night. I always have insanely crazy dreams too, like last night I had to use a sewing machine that was made out of rocks !!?? it was tricky.

    1. Ohhhh hello Rosemary...another lady who is ridiculously organized..I knew I liked you for a reason...lol sounds like you have this ball rolling...and sleeping is good too..this is wonderful to hear..I bet your cats would not let you sleep past that lol

  28. Ohhhhhh. I was so much better at all this when I was teaching school. I have learned this all before. I let myself forget. (too much sugar?) I will keep trying! I can do it!

    1. Hello Linda...oh you knew all about this..23 minutes, 3 tasks, no sugar,....wow! YOU must have been a whirlwind when you taught...sorry if I bored you with all of this...YOU don't need any reminders either...lol And how was your grandmothers special day with her granddaughter?

    2. My grandmother's birthday was absolutely wonderful! It was so nice celebrating with her!
      AND, I didn't mean to imply I knew ALL of this! I meant I used to better at managing my time by planning it out and working in manageable chunks of time. I also took a few time management courses as a teacher, but I'm afraid I let bad habits come in. I do have a timer that I use, (at one point I had timed and listed how long it took to do simple things like load the dishwasher so that I knew I had time to do those jobs while waiting on other things) but I still have a lot to learn and to start doing all over again. I was taught to work in 15 minute "spurts", but then I was working within a framework of "school time", which was broken up into 45 minute segments.
      I write myself reminders constantly. I have them hanging on my key chain! And no, I didn't learn to list only 3 tasks. That is certainly less intimidating that listing EVERYTHING you think you should do!
      Sorry if I came across like that! I had just walked in from my trip and was rushing through. Poor time management, right? :) You are so good to teach us this! Again, I'm sorry of how I came across. I do know I need to learn all of this!

    3. HI Linda...oh my ...that is not what I meant...I meant that you had done this before...sew you did not need a lesson lol. I thought you had been to his class. He had done many seminars for big companies...I think you were just in a hurry as I was...all is good, you must know that...I really thought you were telling me you had been on the same course lol...

      Glad it went well with your grandmother...sew nice to hear..

    4. It's too bad people can't see your expression when you write. I was not upset. I wrote with a big smile on my face realizing I had come across in a way other than I intended. I wasn't angry or hurt. I'm smiling now! You are such a sweet friend to share your expertise with us! I hope others don't think I was offended in any way! I wasn't! :)

  29. Hi, thank you for your tips. I was wondering, does never drink sweetened drinks included unsweetened juice? Unsweetened juice still has natural sugars in it. Vicki vickilorraine at hotmail dot com

    1. Hi Vicki, it is always best to get your sugar from fruit instead of juice."unsweetened is still cery concentrated made from many fruits vs one...always good to remember how much juice is in one apple...also better for need for fibre

  30. I just saw these ideas. I remember being given 'permission' to sew a short time--sew one sleeve. What an eye opener. I know that when I get something cut out, I will get it sewed. I do need to write things down. I listen to books most of the time. I wonder!!!
    Thanks for ideas; I will try them.

    1. Hello Nancy , yes these points of interest are a staple we can all benefit from. And yes the stopping @ 23 minutes is very beneficial to making blouses and dresses lol. Let us know how you do

    2. Hello Nancy , yes these points of interest are a staple we can all benefit from. And yes the stopping @ 23 minutes is very beneficial to making blouses and dresses lol. Let us know how you do

  31. Very interesting read. I realized that I keep the noise shut off most of the time when I am at home. I discontinued TV service over a year ago. I have Netflix streaming for when I want to watch something (at about $20 less a month - AND I can spend that on sewing stuff!)
    A friend at work mentioned that his satellite was on the blink from a lightening zap - he said that he got a lot done but he missed the noise. LOL. He also missed the point, I think.

    1. Hi Gene, sounds like you get it for sure....and yes when we shut off the noise, we find all kinds of time....and nice to hace more $ for the sewing lol

  32. 23 min. now that is very interesting to me.
    I do a lot of my things in silence. I like it better.
    I am enjoying reading about time management. Some days I am good, other days not so good.

    1. Hello /carrie, I have heard from quite a few people who agree 23 min keeps them not only on task, but they finish it earlier lol
      and me too....wink..but most day real good lol I have had 22 years of practice lol

  33. Love this post :) I came here via Connie's link and started to read your post all the while thinking that I really should get out the front and do that little bit of border tidying before the sun came over. Then I saw your suggestion of 23 minutes. I stopped reading then and went and grabbed my tools and timer and went out the front. I set my timer to 30 mins since that was how much I had intended to do before reading your time. I set the timer on the front step and went about getting that job done. Unfortunately, the neighbour started mowing and trimming his hedges... couldn't believe it DH is on nights... anyhow, I got the job all done as far as I intended but I never heard my timer! Anyhow I came in grabbed some water and something to eat and sat back down to finish your post. I will definitely give this a go. Thank you for taking your time to write this. Elly

    1. HI Elly, well I am sew glad you came by...it has been a long time..you were missed...ok...not 30, 23 minutes...try it ..you will note an alertness about you...and I know about timing of neighbors doing yard work..always the moment when I all cozied up on the deck..and whammo...noise...he does not read my blog lol hope to see you again..let me know how it is going..

  34. Do you have an RSS feed button somewhere? I cannot find it. I would like to follow this thread because I am the most dis-organized/organized person I know and I desperately need more time in my day! thanks

    1. HI Trudie...it is on the side bar...this thread may go on depending on what you are all looking for next lol
      nice to see you

  35. Hi Samm, wonderful ideas. I just had time (lol) to read your post about this. I used to do something similar when working in my art studio as well. I would give myself a certain amount of time to do a project and then start working on something else. I used my radio though so I guess I could have reversed it and worked in silence and had the timer be the radio turning on instead of off.
    Will try the no sugar thing, but that will be hard.
    23 minutes seem like a do-able time frame. thanks for the post.

    1. HI Patti..and yes I am sure some have done some kind of time management in the past..but for me to stick to anything for 22 yrs and counting...this is amazingly simple...sometimes simple works..at least I speak for me. And yes removing sweet drinks is hard for most. The addiction is as great as smoking...we will be here cheering you on...YOU Can do this Patti.. I know you can.

  36. TIME!!! I have such a hard time catching up. I only get these posts Monday thru thursday (my schedule not anything wrong) so I'm playing catch up on Mondays. I thought I could handle the 23 minutes of no TV no radio no computer but you somehow made that grow into 3 hours lol. Usually, you are correct but didn't even mention it, once we turn off those appliances, (phone and hubby too) we can usually keep getting things accomplished for hours. I will try this um soon lol

    1. I know Debbie...I have known for years about this which is why I do get everything done - I have no NOISE. The reason why few do not, NOISE... I think we are sew used to noise we don't realize it is NOISE...does that make sense?
      Sew all of us, not me of course..I am laughing here, because every day someone will ask me " how do you get sew much done"...and I tell them now..go read here...and I give them an address lol.

      I hope to hear you have done this ummmm soon lol wink.

  37. I got my three things done today. I got my list made for tomorrow. Just three things I know I should do, but put off. I can see how this will snow ball to success!!!

    After pursuing your way today, just one day!!!! I feel empowered.

    I think had been back to "doing" this process the past month, but not structured with lists and timer... and I admit to emotional exhaustion hiding the nitty gritty need to do stuff.

    I prefer coffee...french pressed and drinking plain water. I have Celiacs. My TV is "old" and needs rabbit ears and converter box, so static is not interesting. I have been limiting my computer time, using it as a reward. I am a long arm quilter, when I am home. With that noise, I feel like I run a vacuum for hours. I also travel and am gone two weeks a month. I love quiet to be outside with birds and squirrels, which is hard in 100 degree weather. I have gobs of company when I am home. My retired folks live next door. I can and juggle many activities...I thought it was from growing up working in a Mom and Pop grocery store. I love your explanation of 23 minute activity switches!!! You have been the first person to help make sense of what I thought was unfocused behavior.

    One of my latest goals was to keep my kitchen table cleared of clutter, with a daily clean table cloth and a vase of flowers (silk sunflowers, due to drought). I have managed that for two weeks!!! It has been good for my soul to have a pretty place for myself and those drop in visitors!!

    Next is to get back walking daily. After 10 years of walking 3+ miles daily, my walking bud and I took off for the summer, we were both traveling so much.

    Baby steps. I needed some tangible steps to do those daily sweep under the rug things and the ability to see progress.

    I am so excited to understand. Thank you!

    1. Hellllllo....sorry about not getting back here...but I am here now..and look what you have been doing wow...23 minute activities do work as you will be finding out...YOU will be surprised at how much you can get done...and i do the same for rest periods...23 minutes..ok, sans commercial, tape everything, I can even squeeze an episode of deco or cooking show lol OHHH cleared of clutter, this is such a good thing...I don't have any surfaces with stuff on them....makes for less time cleaning wink..

  38. I am so guilty of many of the pitfalls. However, I find music to be soothing. When I was still working in the IT world, many of us wore headphones. It wasn't just the youngsters either. We each listened to our own favs. I usually listened to Christian music which was very soothing to me and helped me with my mood. I was a tester of the software at that time. I had previously been a developer. I had to deal with the developers and their code defects I found. The music helped me to keep my mood on a more even keel. Most developers are very proud of their code and will defend that it is correct. I also learned to ask a question about it instead of being confrontational. So, I do enjoy having music. It tends to de-stress me. That's just me. My brain is always whirring and on overload. I've always known this about myself. Now, I need to turn my television off. It is mostly background noise yet it is quite a distraction. It cripples me from getting up and doing other things. I can use it for an excuse in a second. I even sleep with it on. That's really great for someone with a sleep disorder, eh? There are so many underlying symptoms that go with fibromyalgia that they are mind boggling. I just try to maintain a positive attitude and accomplish what I can each day no matter how menial the tasks. Yesterday was a banner day - we finally had the memorial for my ex-husband who was found deceased in July. I was so exhausted, I came home and slept and slept for about 11 hours. No, I didn't set a timer. I need to get a timer and try your great ideas. As always, thank you for sharing your tips.


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