Monday, August 27, 2012

Did you think I FORGOT? Bowls with Borders Blog hop Giveaway

I won, I won, I won! 

and our last day winners top 2 and
honourable mention..
Day 16....

Not surprising this lady would produce such a lovely set of bowls
the added flowers, gerberas of course. I am thinking this is
what they are, always have been a special flower for me..
This is striking in its completed setting..!

And this lady also brings along her striking chosen colours
her perfectly stacked bowls...her great quilting,
again a piece that I am sure is perfect for perhaps
her young quilter to be ..wink..

Honourable Mention..

And this lady there is no doubt, spent a great deal thinking about
her very artistic piece. It is wonderfully crafted! 
Certainly a OOAK modern piece...well done my dear!
oh and congrats on the new job!

I absolutely love this part of any of ou  blog hops...An opportunity to thank our sponsors...We can still have a blog hop without them..but it is far more fun with them...

 Pellon and Shannon Fabrics, they both are amazing companies..I first came to know Pellon in Canada for their wonder under, the best tracing, appliqué foundation paper on this planet...I have tried others, but hands down , 
I STICK with PELLON, you will too. They also make this amazing batting...AND 3 of you will have the opportunity to know what I am talking about... LOOK, you will each get (1) 60 x60 size batting, great for any throw quilt...
Their Legacy 100% Natural Cotton...it does not get any finer than this...
 Did I say 3 of you will have the opportunity to win....


Each winner will also receive this collection of DR Seuss, 1/4 inch cuts WOF of all these fabrics to create a wonderful quilt for a son, nephew, daughter, niece, grandchild...OR if you are like me a DR SEUSS, lover...I think I would make it for me....lol Shannon FABRICS is a manufacturer of all the minky, cuddly, soft fabric...OHHHH my and it is wonderful to work with...if you take your time...lol Shannon Fabrics is giving us 3 of these for 3 lucky winners... When I think of making the world a softer place, for me it begins HERE, with Shannon Fabrics...Now tell me what's not to like...?

How can you win? 

1 winner, who left comments on all the blogs who participated, taking into account there were a few you could not...using the HONOUR SYSTEM, let us know here, you hopped with us these past couple of weeks..

1 winner, all those who participated will be chosen by Random Generator, all those who posted their lovely bowls, and all those who are on our Pinterest Board.

1 winner, all those who were in our top 2 each day and honourable mention, you all have a chance to win as well. 

Good Luck everyone... I am posting this today as I well aware we reached around the world in this blog hop and want you to be in our draws.... ( taking our world clocks into account)

Winners will be announced on FRIDAY of this week...August 31st...

3 winners will get a 60 x 60 batting in pure white called legacy by pellon
3 winners will also win 1/4 yd cuts of the whole dr seusss cuddle fabric.. ( shannon fabrics)

And if you too want to be part of future
blog hops we announce another every couple
of weeks. We are always at least 2 months ahead.

Presently, Wicked is still accepting YOU...
 please contact
subject line.... I want to be Wicked! 

Our next blog hop is Dots on Dots...
and will be starting on September 10th. 
Corrie from Quilt Taffy will be managing
this hop...And my oh my is she witty~

Leave messages here for Carol
without her, well it would have been 
pretty tough going....
She sew matters to me, and I know
she matters to you~
She was gracious, organized, crafty,
did you see her last bowls?
Having Carol in all of our lives
well just makes it SWEETER!

THANK YOU to all who participated...
It was a worldly event...

winners will be announced 
late Friday! 


  1. Hark! how the bowls
    sweet fabric bowls
    All seem to say
    throw cares away.

    Bloghop is here
    bringing good cheer
    To young and old
    meek and the bold

    Ding, dong, ding, dong
    that is their song,
    With joyful ring
    all Mme Samm & Carols doing!

    (original:Carol of the bells Lyrics)
    Thanks you Lovely Ladies, I had so much fun, I felt like a child hopping up and down, every day again it looked like Christmas was coming!
    Now one more day, I will enjoy it like the others and will miss bloghopping immensely, but I promise I'll hop again with you very soon.
    A big hug, Pauline

    1. Love your poem, Pauline, fun to sing!! :) I am still behind getting around to see everyone, but I will even if it takes another week. I love seeing what everyone did with their bowls and leave comments but SLOW internet access and intermittent days have slowed me down. I have even found one I could not leave a message because she had a contest and closed her doors and ears/eyes (I guess) to compliments early. Have seen your nice complimets everwhere I've been!

  2. What a great experience it has been...thank you to everyone who participated! And to think there are prized too....life just doesn't get any better!!

  3. Those are such great prizes and to list them under your cute little graphic just makes them all the more inviting to see. :O) Thank you Pellon and Shannon Fabrics!

  4. Thanks for the great posts, loved seeing all the bowls, I may have to try some. Thanks for the giveaway, LOVE the Dr. Suess fabric, have a grandson who would also love it.

  5. I have not used pellon batting that I know of unless the sell it by the yard like their interfacing because I've used that batting by the interfacings a lot for craft things. I don't think I've even seen it in a bag like that. BUT I LOVE Pellon's Shape Flex interfacing. I bought it for the first time to use with twilling (a hand embroidery stitch). I've used it for tote bags, and other craft things. But Sunday I decided that it's so nice and lightweight but with enough body that I used it on satin for my granddaughter's flower girl dress I made this weekend. LOVED IT, left material still soft, not stiff, did not really "shadow" like some fusibles!! And still fused with out having to have iron hot enough to mess up the satin. I am thrilled with it. Am going to look for the batting next time I'm in town.

  6. Thank you so much Carol for hosting this Blog Hop and all the sweet reminders and answers!!!It made the hopping so special! It was really fun and it is amazing to see all these creative quilts coming out from one pattern!!!
    Thanks so much Mme Samm also for also including those without a blog. I think this is so lovely! I remember the time when I didn't have one and could not join such events.
    And for putting the pics onto pinterest. I love to have them on one place!
    Thanks to all the bowlmakers, it was so amazing to hop every day and to say: oh, ah,....! And get new inspiration!
    Sometimes a thank you just seems so , not enough! So, ladies, I wish that your "bowls" may always overflow with blessings and joy!

  7. Wonderful giveaway! Fingers crossed! Thank you so much for doing this Blog Hop! It inspired me to try something new, and out of my comfort zone. The friendship and outpouring of encouragement is just wonderful. You're the best! Said I wasn't going to, but I have already got my name on the list for my next Blog Hop! Hugs! Susan

  8. I would love to win any of this! But even without the prizes, it is so much fun to "hop around"!

  9. i love blog hops :) i only wish i had more time to read through all the new blogs i didnt know about... thank you!

  10. Even tho I wasn't able to participate because of my back injury, I visited every single blog and commented on almost all. Several sites were having hiccups and wouldn't take comments. It was surprising to see how many gals hadn't done paper piecing before and made beautiful bowls! Even made my own pinterest board so I could revisit the bowls.

  11. It was so fun to do the blog hop and I really enjoyed seeing what the others did with the same pattern...so fun!

  12. I have had so much fun going to each and every blog! Such pretty work from everyone and I commented and thanked everyone for their great work. Special thanks to Madame Samm! I had a great time.

  13. I have enjoyed seeing all of the creative projects everyone came up with. I commented on all of the blogs. Thank you for all of the hard work you and Carol put into this blog hop.

  14. Thanks for this most wonderful blog hop adventure! I loved making my bowls, but the joy of seeing what the other participants had made was as wonderful as taking part in the hop.
    Think I saw them all and left a comment.
    I'd love to win the give away.
    Thanks, once more, for the great job you did on the blog hop.
    HOPe to to be able to HOP with you again.


  15. I have enjoyed visiting all of the bowl posts each day. Thanks so much for the great blog hop. There are many new - to - me quilters that I am now following.

  16. I have visited every blog that had its bowls posted and left comments. There were a few that didn't show up when I visited but hopefully I got to all the ones that showed up. It was great fun. I will be sure to visit tomorrow too.
    Thanks to the sponsors.
    I was also a bowl participant.

  17. I visited the blogs and left comments (although there were some that this was not possible). Loved all the creations - thanks for the fun!!

  18. This hop has been great fun both as a hopper and as a participant. I visited everyone so far and left happy comments. There were a couple I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment, but I tried.
    This was amazing, with super creative ideas and some really beautiful creations. I'm sew glad I tried paper piecing. It is addictive. A big thanks to Carol for organizing and to Madame Samm for the hop idea. Thanks to Regina for the pattern and to the sponsors for the wonderful prizes. Pellon is my favorite and I LOVE Dr Seuss. I read one of his books each day to my little patient. ( her current favorites are The thinks you can think and Hop on Pop).
    Looking forward to tomorrow's participants.

  19. THis was such a fun hop. I've visited every blog where the link worked. Who knew there could be so many variations on one pattern.

  20. Thank you to everyone who made this blog hop possible! Because of you I have found a few new blogs for my sidebar... a few new fabrics that I simply HAVE to HAVE!... and another pattern that is calling my name!

    Thank you to Pellon and Shannon Fabrics for the awesome giveaway prizes!! :)

    With the exception of the wordpress bloggers who could not get comments from me because I didn't know how to sign in... and those few bowl makers who must have broken their bowls and could not come to the party... I managed to visit and leave comments everywhere. :)

    Now... what are we to do until the next hop starts??? :)

  21. I visit so many blogs and seldom leave comments. But this blog hop was a blast, and I did leave comments at every site on the hop! I never realized how much fun it is to comment and encourage other quilters, since they are all so creative and inspiring! Thanks for a great hop!

  22. A huge thank you to Madame Samm and Carol. What an amazing hop this is and there is still one more day! Thank you to all who shared their work with us. What a joy. And of course thank you to Pellon and Shannon Fabrics, what would we do without your wonderful products. Good luck to all of you in the giveaway. I have my fingers crossed for you!

  23. Wow, the prizes are awesome. I visited all the blogs and so enjoyed all the projects. THANKS

  24. The blog hop was SO much fun! I have some commenting to catch up on as the last few days have been busy for me but I can't wait to see the rest of the bowls. :) Thank you so so much for hosting and making it a fun time for everyone! And thank you to Pellon & Shannon Fabrics, what great prizes! Either would be a fun win.

  25. This was my first blog hop to participate in and I must say it was FANTASTIC!!! I did leave comments on all the posts and added countless projects to my to do list!! Thanks to the BIG THREE for all the work they put into this hop!!!!

  26. I had the best time on my first participation of a blog hop. I can't believe how supportive and wonderful everyone has been. The comments I got just made me giddy with joy. This was a wonderful experience made possible by 3 wonderful Ladies, Madamne Samm, Carol, and Regina. I look forward to doing this again. Thank you, thank you.
    I did try to leave comments on all blogs, but have had some problems with google, on our main computer. Did not know it until this weekend. I found out my hard drive had problems. I know I was leaving comments as other quilters responded, but they did not show up to me that I had. I am amazed at the creativity of everyone. What fun.

  27. I left comments on everyone bowls that I was able to. It was fun to see everyone's bowls and how they decided to use the pattern. I enjoyed discovering new blogs to me. This has been fun.

  28. Super prizes & sponsors! Very generous. It's been quite the hop. Very nicely done by all.

  29. This was my first blog hop and I had a lot of fun making my bowls, but the best part was going through each day, after I finally understood what I should do, and checking out all the sites. It took me awhile to figure out how, but I now can enter a comment in the language that is there without the translator for help!
    I was concerned about being on the first day of the hop, but I've been able to sit back and relax, take my one hour to reply and enjoy. Each day came with new...oh I could do that...love those colours...I can still change mine by adding some...the sky's the limit or is it anything is possible! Thank you for the one stack the side by side stack, the tall stacks, the really really tall stacks, the enlarged stacks, the different levels, length of stack....oh so many variations... I'm just sorry there were some comments unable to be made, those folks missed a good time! I believe I made it to almost all and quite a few to return and follow along too!
    Thank you Madame Samm, Carol and Regina. Thank you Pellon and I love Cuddle - Shannon Fabrics. Thank you for the chance to try your products.
    Cathy R

  30. Thanks so much to Carol and you, Madame Samm, for all the work you put into this blog! It has been so much fun to see everyone's wonderful creations!

  31. I've been hopping the entire time! I left comments where I could (some I did not find, though....). I loved seeing all the creativity inspired by one pattern. I'm just trying to figure out what I will do with my time now.....Thank you so much for all the work you put in to this. I can't wait for the next one!

  32. It has all been so enjoyable to see all the talent and wonderful adaptations of one pattern! I have hopped every day and commented on all (but one person today - and I will keep checking thru the day to be sure to catch her).

  33. Thanks Madame Samm...is has been so much fun....I commented everywhere I could; there were a few that I couldn't connect with for some reason or another....bad link or something...some just didn't go through.But overall it went very well. Tahnk you

  34. My dear Caroline...good morning...YOUR interpretation is one of a very gifted artist. I am not surprised you would be on our top list of our final day...congrats and we would love to see you again. Congrats on the new job..no doubt you will do as good as your contribution here...with depth, conviction and spirit...

    August 28, 2012 5:41 AM
    ( this comment for Caroliine, after 6 attempts on trying to get your message through the word verification...I could not see it...sew here is your feedback lol)

  35. I really enjoyed visiting (and commenting) on all the blog and seeing all the creative stacks of bowls on this hop. This was a fun hop...special thanks to Madame Samm and Carol for all their work and encouragement. Thanks, also, to the wonderful sponsors of this hop!

  36. Just finished stopping by the blogs today and I think I visited everyone that took part in the great blog hop.....so much fun! Thanks so much for picking my bowls today!! Hugs!

  37. What fun this bowl hop was. Thank you to Carol and you for all your hard owrk.

  38. ps.....I visited all the sites and left comments wherever possible.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Let's try this again..... Great choices again today. I loved Shanna's colors and HIGH stack and I think Connie does such an amazing job with her flowers on her Singer. The salmon was wonderful with the sashiko. Many many thanks to you, Carol and Regina for a great hop.

  41. Wow, what a big job organizing all these blogs and posting for those without a blog...you deserve a big prize just for that! Loved seeing everyone's creativity and interpretation of bowls. It was nice to see those that didn't finish too, instead of just bailing and showing nothing. It was refreshing to see their honesty and their little half finished blocks (could've been me). Thanks for hosting and cheering everyone on! Yes, I visited all the sites that were there and posted where I could...interesting trying to figure out "comments" in another language :)

  42. Big thanks to Carol and you Madame Samm for organizing such a big blog hop. Thanks to Regina for a fun pattern. And thank goodness for Google Translate! It was so much fun to see everyone's bowl project(s). I commented on them all.

  43. Could anyone have imagined this a few years ago? From a simple quilting blog to an international success story? Nope, not me. That is, until I met a very unique and special lady called Madame Samm. Samm, you are the same at the corner store, as a neighbour, as you are on line. You are real. You fly with talent and enthusiasm and you attract others with the same enthusiasm and talent. I think the saying goes-that the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. You, your cheerleaders (Carol for Bowls with Borders) and all the participants have made this the best blog hop ever. I have followed them all. The "Sew we Quilt" gang just keeps getting better. Thank you all. And a big thanks too, to all the sponsors who believe in you.

  44. What wonderful bowls with so many ideas! I loved this blog hop! I commented on all that were there! Such fun and I will be watching for the dot blog!

  45. these are fabulous too. So many great designs from everyone. That hanger of Connie's is great.

  46. WoW! What a fun blog hop. Saw some amazing bowls and found some new blogs to follow. I just finished with today's list and catching up on one day, left some comment love with everyone. hehe. Thanks again for making this fun and interesting. It was wonderful to see so many different ideas and visit with others around the world. Thank you Google Translate. hehe. Looking forward to all your future hops!


  47. Thank you, thank you! This has been so much fun. I normally don't follow blogs, but now my email is overflowing. Carol, you were a fantastic Hostess. So many talented quilters out there. I visited each and every one that was available. Everyone did such a great job. It broke my heart that those few that signed up didn't follow through, shame shame on you. After seeing the first set of bowls, I was off the Regina to buy the pattern. Hope others did too. Need to support such a generous and talented lady.

  48. Thanks again Madamme Samm for a wonderful blog hop , I had a blast visiting each and every one and loved the bowls. My hat is off to Carol for organizing such a huge hop and to Regina for her sweet pattern.

  49. Thanks to Carol for managing this hop, Regina for the pattern bowls with borders, Madame Samm for getting it going/rolling, and all of the quilters who posted their work. I enjoyed visiting all of the posts for the hop (and some noshows). I left comments on all except Sophie's blog, and we exchanged emails. Apparently her blog software has a known security issue that blocks comments from posting with my dial-up browser (which I cannot change or have no internet).
    There is no way that I could select one "best of show" project. All of the bowls with borders are so pretty.

  50. It was a very nice experience and I enjoyed it. I discovered many nice blogs thanks to this blog hop. I visited all participants, and tried to comment all but sometimes it is not possible, eg on Wordpress you cannot comment if you don't have a Wordpress account. Thank you so much!

  51. This was a fast and furious trip around the world, I can only say I posted as much as I could and even viewed some but wasn't able to post either because of computer lock ups or just plain I didn't know where to click lol


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