Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 6 of Think Christmas..and there are more Quilt Blocks to see..

I love our line up today...and will you look 
I see your very own cheerleader..Santa Lesley..

This is her day along with some pretty impressive ladies..
WE only have 1 more day left.....
after today...and then we will be announcing
our next blog hop..
YES, we have more coming...
but today let's hop on over to visit all of our ladies..
READY? I am !

August 4

Creations On The Island

Scher at That Other Blog 

Sunshine Girl

Hallbrook Designs

The Recipe Bunny

Sisca at That Other Blog 

Polkadot Classic

Ariane's Crafts

The Cuddle Quilter 

Who will be our top 2 today? Who will be recognized for honourable mention...?
Will it be YOU? 
Come back and see...

OUR TOP 2 Today are.....

A stunning Christmas block caught our attention
it was precise and unforgettable...for those of us who do remember
polaroid cameras, this is just delightful for fussing cutting..

This one reminded us that getting up at 5 am before our parents did
would not guarantee presents would be opened sew early...lol
great applique work, delightful photo..


I don't think anyone would disagree, that this from our very own Santa Lesley, was done to perfection.
Seriously, her stitching around Santa and her name..why it was perfect....

Now don't forget to come back tomorrow....it is sadly our last day...
OHH we are at 191 Blocks...surely we will top 200+ tomorrow.
.I know I have at least that amount lol


  1. Another amazing day of talent and creativity--loving it all! Lesley outdid herself, as usual, and wow'd us with her personal Santa (which you so nicely created.) Did I ever say "thank you" for creating these fun hops? I know I did, but there it is again! :O)

    1. Hi CAROL can you believe all of this..love this day.. you will too...
      ahhh nobody does it alone...but look what some crazy ladies like us, stitching in 100 degrees can do? lol

  2. Just getting ready to go check out all these great blogs today, thanks!

    1. Hi Connie, it's a good day I mean really good day..some nice surprises lol

  3. I love all of these top picks! They definitely stood out to me and they're all so festive! I especially love the polaroid pillow. So cute!

    1. HI Karen, ohhh there were many good ones..exceptional day..yours included too.. sew pleased you played along

  4. I have enjoyed clicking through and seeing all the holiday ideas...thanks!

    1. Hey dear Kelly...my oh my have you been missed...glad you got some holiday ideas..many just out did themselves...x

  5. Madame Samm, you forgot about me. KatieQ

    1. Ohh there you are...I had dropped by earlier in the morning and when I did not see a button on your blog I was not sure you were playing along..
      left you a lovely comment...

  6. Oh my...can you see me blushing! I just got in the door after being away at farmers market all morning, and a spectacular quilt show in the afternoon. Can my day get any better? And then I arrived home to see I have been awarded with Honourable Mention for the day...you are all so generous and loving with your comments...I feel huge hugs coming from all across the quilt community. Thank you so much, Madame Samm, for putting your faith in me. What a ride! Now to prepare the post for Day 7. Madame Samm, are you still in your sewing room?

    1. Lesley, your quilt is so lovely! And I love your display stand too! Care to share your secrets for making/duplicating the stand...dimensions, etc?

  7. This has been another spectacular blog hop that I have really enjoy. Although I didn't leave a message at everyone I did try my best. I am looking forward to seeing what is up your sleeve. Although I am not up to participating right now I certainly enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing. Thanks to you and Lesley for your hard work. Blessings sandra

    1. HI Sandra...well we need you ...we need cheerleaders like you to keep us rolling.. bless you Sandra..x

  8. Oooh thank you so much for choosing one of my blocks for the top two. Have so enjoyed this blog hop and someone has left a great inspiring idea on my blog so I might even make another one! Have also been and bought some spot material (didnt need it but it was on sale - whats a girl to do?) so I can get busy with that hop too. Thanks for all the encouragement from everyone along the way on these blog hops - they are such fun and I am glad I have found you all.

    1. Love to hear that.....and what will you be doing? lol. I am pleased as punch you found us too...be well see you soon


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