Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 3- Bowls with Borders Blog HOP 60 pins including today ...wow! great day

OHHHH look who we have today..
I know  some of these people..
I can fill their bowls with stories..
but I will let them fill you
with inspiration today..

OMG I just saw all of them except for one who
was a NO show..YOU are going to be WOWED!

August 15th
Bee Tree Designs (  she is now up..and WOW)

On our 3rd day we are now up to 43 pins...
to Pinterest board , not even included today!


IN case you are here for the first time today..
WELCOME , the story behind these bowls..
but not before we add our HOPS TODAY...

The story behind the bowls..
( you will probably know this by heart by the end of 28 days_

It all started with making a gift for a sweet friend
and sharing that gift on my other blog ( with my final posting)
and many asking me where it came from.

Each time I shared another stack, another flood of
emails came in..."where did you get that?"

Flash to today...a blog hop came about..

165 ladies who made these bowls...
will be sharing what their bowls look like..

That I am pretty excited about..
Their BOWLS according to
their selections of fabrics, their appliques
each one will
be totally different...
I have not seen but one completed creation.
I will be as surprised as you...

See what one share of links from an inquiry about paper piecing
 from  Sharon at Vroomans quilts did?
See what one person who knows how 
to make time did ? ( hey, that is me lol)

And here we are....

CAROL from just quilt
is our  fabulous bring in the LIGHT cheerleader for this event..
 She deserves many cheers pulling
off the LARGEST  blog hop...
I think I can say that !!!
in all of our QUILT WORLD
This is the BIGGEST blog hop
Yep I said it...

Oh look our top 2 choices today are....

This young lady better consider a blog someday,
her rainbow effect is worth noting for her choices
of fabric and detail...congrats sweetie.

And this lady, drew us all in her fabulous choices of pinks and blacks,
her photography, exceptional, yes we loved it....as you will I am sure...! 

and our 

 HONOURABLE mention 

And this lady who created this extra long runner, wait till you see the other
side and it's flowers close up...YES this lady most certainly
thought outside the box....get it...? It really loses
something when I have to explain lol....

Be sure to link their buttons  and see what is new...
They keep us all in some really amazing things..

I am waiting for some things to come
sew I get some pics for you..
We have 3 combined prizes from both companies!

I know without a doubt 
YOU will want these packages..yes you will !

Carol and  I will see you in The HOP...

REMINDER...all those who are participating
be sure to cheer on all of your fellow creators
and be sure to add the list for today on your blog...
sew we can find them as easily as we found you!
Sew appreciated

1 winner for comments that were left on everyone's blog, ( big prize)
1 winner out of the 164 ladies participants..( 1 man) ( 165)  ( big prize)
1 winner who is in our top 2, honourable mention each day ( big prize)

 2 sponsors...( big prizes) announced at end of hop..
their links below graphics

Let's Stick with Pellon


  1. Oooh what fun, I am loving these bowls!!

    1. I could not agree, TODAY was exceptionallllllllll

  2. It isn't even 7am and I have seen the bowls for today with the exception of 1 who must be sleeping in a little... This cooler weather makes you want to snuggle under the covers a little tighter. but I am loving it!

    1. HI Thearica...wow wow wow...wasn't it something...I spent far toooooo much time just awing them allllll ...
      too bad we had a no show, cause her work is very good....she no doubt would have been in the running for our top spots..
      wow....great day

  3. RosemaryB here:
    Oh!! there is a man? okay okay I just hope I do not miss him and call him a miss :-)

    these winners today are adorable... just got my coffee (what time do you get up anyway, 4am?)
    I am going to have a look at today's creations!


    1. Loved your salutation Rosemary...I know a man...I am not sure who just yet...but I was told we have a MAN in our parade of bowls lol
      and yes todays parade, well made me think of why I wanted to do BLOG HOPS....today is why...I am just sew inspired...we are all sew lucky to enjoy the view...and my time...ohhh I get up every morning about 5:22 am ...lol. I go to bed around 9 or 10 PM. Somedays I do get up at 4 am...those days I go back to sleep lol. see you tomorrow...

  4. Oh, man! now these are some really awesome bowls. Such great fabric choices for these 3.

    1. HI KNOW Carrie...it was certainly a fabulous day for bowls...lol

  5. It was really fun to visit the blogs today and see all the different projects that everyone came up with! wonderful choices Madam Samm!

    1. HI Connie...ohhh my it was a very tough day to pick...would you have picked them too? I am telling you it was very tough but lot's of FUN

  6. These bowls are just wonderful.It`s amazing visit all the blogs!!

    1. I hear you Rosa...I cannot believe how much I am enjoying the view with you ...

  7. Wonderful bowls today. Glad Bee Tree was able to join, weren't hers fun!

    1. HI Roxanne, I could not agree more...if she was up at the time of choosing , no doubt she would be in our top choices...

  8. I liked the three picked today!!I even bookmarked the flowers. I am so enjoying this hop!

    1. HI Patty, glad to hear...glad you liked the choices too..we too...

  9. Sew, where can I find this pattern? I went to Regina's website, but can't find it there. The Bowls with Borders quilts are adorable, and I'd love to make one, but I don't think I could do it without the pattern. Help!

    1. Hello, look on her site for piling up..that is what she called them... if you still cannot locate them , you can just write her here..info@reginagrewe.de
      hope that helps..

  10. Everyday I'm amazed by these talented ladies.How wonderful!

    1. Hello Jodi...I know what you are saying..it has been wonderful...and we are only on day 3...lol

  11. Yes one man, it's a shame there are no more men taking part, it's my dear friend Marcel from Quiltenvilt, he's showing on August 26th.
    I hopped with great fun today, what a beauty I saw! Great colors, great big and small piles. I think Regina is amazed what her pattern did to the bloghoppers ans we are just in the beginning of this hop!

    1. Hello Pauline...and thank you for our mystery man reveal hello Marcel...see you on the 26th....all it takes is one to get others at least thinking about it...
      and I share your enthusiasm...it was a great day..superb..

  12. Sorry to be late posting!!! Next time I know who to call, email when I need last minute assistance. I contacted Carol at 12:30 am but we didn't know how to fix it. Great talking to you, Will play again with better access to the internet, and better use of my sewing time. my own deadline needs to be set 48 hours before yours!!! Living in a rural area has it's moments but in a technical world is over-looked and lacking in signal access, internet, TV, cell phones, etc. My phone only works well if I stand on my deck.........is bad when it's raining, lol I have to sit in my car!! Had a great time making the stacked bowls and like several have said, it does look like the kitchen sink but the quilt version is prettier! (at least at my house, mine are plain white)

    1. Absolute delight you are and your apology is accepted with zest..great lesson in always having a back up plan..I have another like you who has to depend on the signal strength...see you next time with anticipation...

  13. too bad BeeTree didn't get in on time cause her bowls are just amazing!! looks like she had a good time anyway.

  14. OHHH I think she will be fine Debbie..the compliments she is getting is I am sure her reward....teaches us all though to always have a plan B....lol

  15. These are all sooooo cute. Everyone is doing a great job.

    1. HI Needled Mom, oh how nice to hear you are having a good time..I think you would not be alone in that thought...it has been WOW...

  16. Ahh!!! I'm so excited I was one of the top 2 picks! I'm so thankful for all you ladies that made this great blog hop possible.


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