Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 15 , today and tomorrow.. our Bowls with Borders...

And the  bowl hop continues...
Today and Tomorrow...
JOIN me will you..hop with me to see
these ladies...and oh yes..YOU have to peak
in on CAROL, yes your CAROL....

August 27th

YOU have got to see 

Good Morning to you !

( Ladies in the hop...please add all of
the list of ladies who are on the the hop
on your blog, so we can find them
as easily as we found YOU)

lt will be a Good Day, I can just feel it...
we are at 239 pins on pinterest
LINK to the second button on your right
of this blog.

Sew far it has been a wonderful
blog hop thanks to all of you
who participate..
WE all hope to see you again
soon...Next week we will be
announcing our next blog hop..
psssst it is FRIGHTENING! lol

OHHHH look who we have today..
I know  some of these people..
I can fill their bowls with stories..
but I will let them fill you
with inspiration today..

HOW this blog hop BEGAN...

IN case you are here for the first time today..
WELCOME , the story behind these bowls..
but not before we add our HOPS TODAY...

The story behind the bowls..
( you will probably know this by heart by the end of 28 days_

It all started with making a gift for a sweet friend
and sharing that gift on my other blog ( with my final posting)
and many asking me where it came from.

Each time I shared another stack, another flood of
emails came in..."where did you get that?"

Flash to today...a blog hop came about..

165 ladies who made these bowls...
will be sharing what their bowls look like..

That I am pretty excited about..
Their BOWLS according to
their selections of fabrics, their appliques
each one will
be totally different...
I have not seen but one completed creation.
I will be as surprised as you...

See what one share of links from an inquiry about paper piecing
 from  Sharon at Vroomans quilts did?
See what one person who knows how 
to make time did ? ( hey, that is me lol)

And here we are....
CAROL from just quilt
is our  fabulous bring in the LIGHT cheerleader for this event..
 She deserves many cheers pulling
off the LARGEST  blog hop...
I think I can say that !!!
in all of our QUILT WORLD
This is the BIGGEST blog hop
Yep I said it...

Top 2 choices today are....

These bowls were set upon each other perfectly.
This ladies choices of fabrics, her background, her borders,
well everything said stop and look at me..
NOTE her first bowl... lovely piece! 

And this lady went over the top with dots...how 
can you not love this one...dots and more dots..
we should have her submit this with our 
next hop DOTS ON DOTS..
Hands down. LOVE IT! 

 and our  HONOURABLE mention 

How can you not love this piece...if you love 
noodles, then you will have to look at this 
and say..clever idea...we sure did...

 And such a big thanks to our Sponsors...

Be sure to link their buttons  and see what is new...
They keep us all in some really amazing things..

I am waiting for some things to come
sew I get some pics for you..
We have 3 combined prizes from both companies!

hint on prizes it will bring out the kid in you...

I know without a doubt 
YOU will want these packages..yes you will !

Carol and  I will see you in The HOP...

REMINDER...all those who are participating
be sure to cheer on all of your fellow creators
and be sure to add the list for today on your blog...
sew we can find them as easily as we found you!
Sew appreciated

Those who are a NO Show after
numerous attempts, jeopardize
their attempt to join in any future blog hops!

1 winner for comments that were left on everyone's blog, ( big prize)
1 winner out of the 164 ladies participants..( 1 man) ( 165)  ( big prize)
1 winner who is in our top 2, honourable mention each day ( big prize)

2 sponsors...( big prizes) announced at end of hop..
their links below graphics


Let's Stick with Pellon

P.s Do me a favour please
if you are from any other country
but these..please let me know..

I am pleased to let you all know
we have women from all of these
countries here, today, tomorrow..
watching you all..
Fills my heart with kindness
yes my goodness it does..
Thank you from all of us 
here at sewwequilt  x

Czech Republic
 leave a message here..
I am working on a little something...
and this would ahhhh help me lol

REMINDER next blog hop
WICKED was just announced.
look below for the WICKED  post...
WE may have to add a few more 
send email to 
Wendy at gracerose172@gmail.com
if you want to play in October...


  1. I am going to miss it when it is over. I'll be looking forward to the next one.

    1. Good Morning Mary...well I hope we will have one of our hops that will have you hopping in and sewing with us too...

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed see the bowls every morning, thanks so much!

    1. Sheila nice to have you enjoy the view with us...we still have one more day..

  3. I cannot believe there is only 1 more day left of this fabulous hop!!! WHERE has the month gone!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to come and visit so many new blogs! I have a couple of new blogs on my sidebar now. :)

    Thanks so much for these events to bring quilters together!

    1. Hi Thearica...I know I know...but look, a month that can be repeated as quickly as we hit the pinterest button..they are all there...thanks for being part of it with us.

  4. Just one more day of beautiful, fun, and creative bowls like your choices today. Just one more day to read all the wonderful comments from people all over the world cheering each other on. And.....just one more day until you show us your bowl creations along with the last day participants. It's been a great hop thanks to your wonderful idea. I've loved it all! PS. your little "what did Carol do now" is too funny. :O)

    1. It was , thanks to you and all those who we gathered for this amazing event...and yes one more day..can you believe it? lol

  5. Super! Again a great day in our bloghop! One more day, I will miss it dearly, but there's always another hop to hop on! What a cheerfull thought!
    I love Carols Wallhanging, it is great, your bowls with her additional pouches, what a way to remember this darling bloghop.
    Bye for now, before I get to emotional! ;-)

    1. HI Pauline...yes one more day...but here is the good news..there will always be more to play, watch, and aweeeee.

  6. More great winners! Thank you ladies for hosting a great hop! I will keep my eyes peeled for another hop to join. Who knows I may have a blog by then. Good luck with your next 3 picks and your winners as everyone has done a bang up job!
    Cathy R

    1. Hi Cathy everyone is a winner who has enjoyed the view.. and good luck to you ...

  7. Wonderful bowls again today, this has been fun!

    1. Applause applause...it has been great..

  8. It was a pleasure to see everyone was here today. Lots of wonderful color and design for a great hop.

    1. HI Sharon, what is great that you were with us all enjoying the view..

  9. Great bowls today and all through the hop! I visited them all! So much fun!

    1. I know you did Linda..has it not been just sweet candy...lol

  10. More great bowls. Everyone is so creative. I smile at each post I look at because of the fabrics and embellishments they all use. Thanks so much for doing this. I know it must be a lot of work.

  11. Lovely picks for the day! The polka dots were one of my faves also.


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