Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 12 - Aug 24th, Bowls with Borders Blog HOP

Ohhhh mon Dieu, I want to say..
this is an amazing day...lol

August 24th

And the  bowl hop continues...
on our hop today are the following:
JOIN me will you..

( Ladies in the hop...please add all of
the list of ladies who are on the the hop
on your blog, so we can find them
as easily as we found YOU)

lt will be a Good Day, I can just feel it...
we are at 200 pins on pinterest
LINK to the second button on your right
of this blog.

Sew far it has been a wonderful
blog hop thanks to all of you
who participate..
WE all hope to see you again
soon...Next week we will be
announcing our next blog hop..
psssst it is FRIGHTENING! lol

OHHHH look who we have today..
I know  some of these people..
I can fill their bowls with stories..
but I will let them fill you
with inspiration today..


IN case you are here for the first time today..
WELCOME , the story behind these bowls..
but not before we add our HOPS TODAY...

IN case you are here for the first time today..hind these bowls..
but not before we add our HOPS TODAY...

The story behind the bowls..
( you will probably know this by heart by the end of 28 days_

It all started with making a gift for a sweet friend
and sharing that gift on my other blog ( with my final posting)
and many asking me where it came from.

Each time I shared another stack, another flood of
emails came in..."where did you get that?"

Flash to today...a blog hop came about..

165 ladies who made these bowls...
will be sharing what their bowls look like..

That I am pretty excited about..
Their BOWLS according to
their selections of fabrics, their appliques
each one will
be totally different...
I have not seen but one completed creation.
I will be as surprised as you...

See what one share of links from an inquiry about paper piecing
 from  Sharon at Vroomans quilts did?
See what one person who knows how 
to make time did ? ( hey, that is me lol)

And here we are....
CAROL from just quilt
is our  fabulous bring in the LIGHT cheerleader for this event..
 She deserves many cheers pulling
off the LARGEST  blog hop...
I think I can say that !!!
in all of our QUILT WORLD
This is the BIGGEST blog hop
Yep I said it...

come back in the morning to see...

Top 2 choices today are....

This lady attention to details was remarkable !
look at the falling heart and petal and leaf...
Lovely colours and her bowls...well perfection! 

Ok, Ok, Ok, I thought this ladies bowls were
just amazing, love the idea of bowls falling over.
Did you know something, it is sewwww wonderful
having ladies all around the world doing bowls..
They make my heart sing this morning...
My favourite of all bowls to date! 

 and our  HONOURABLE mention 

And this Ladies well, her bowls are soft, sweet, ohh
the mouse not sew lol...but yes even her mouse
was perfect...Loved the soft colors of this 
bowl quilt...Sew glad you joined us...

 And such a big thanks to our Sponsors...

Be sure to link their buttons  and see what is new...
They keep us all in some really amazing things..

I am waiting for some things to come
sew I get some pics for you..
We have 3 combined prizes from both companies!

hint on prizes it will bring out the kid in you...

I know without a doubt 
YOU will want these packages..yes you will !

Carol and  I will see you in The HOP...

REMINDER...all those who are participating
be sure to cheer on all of your fellow creators
and be sure to add the list for today on your blog...
sew we can find them as easily as we found you!
Sew appreciated

Those who are a NO Show after
numerous attempts, jeopardize
their attempt to join in any future blog hops!

1 winner for comments that were left on everyone's blog, ( big prize)
1 winner out of the 164 ladies participants..( 1 man) ( 165)  ( big prize)
1 winner who is in our top 2, honourable mention each day ( big prize)

2 sponsors...( big prizes) announced at end of hop..
their links below graphics

Let's Stick with Pellon

P.s Do me a favour please
if you are from any other country
but these..please let me know..

I am pleased to let you all know
we have women from all of these
countries here, today, tomorrow..
watching you all..
Fills my heart with kindness
yes my goodness it does..
Thank you from all of us 
here at sewwequilt  x

Czech Republic
 leave a message here..
I am working on a little something...
and this would ahhhh help me lol

mmmm at 4:00 PM EST
there will be an announcement made
here..you might want to check 
at about that time ok? wink!


  1. The link for Francisca goes to Linda M...I found her though, not sure how :)

    1. Hello Anita...ahhh it is because they are on the same blog...for no bloggers..thank you..

  2. Loved the hop this morning! So many incredible quilts!! Lets see if you choose mine once again! :)

  3. There were some gorgeous quilts this morning. It is so amazing seeing how differently people can interpret the same pattern!

    1. Oh Linda..sew true. everyone has been doing sew well...I have loved this...and we still have many more days ...

  4. Rosemary B here today:
    Great choices today! I would have picked these as well. They really stand out!

    and bringing out "the kid in me" ... um, ... what? haha

    1. Hello Rosemary, I missed you many mornings this week..glad we both chose well...

  5. It's another day of bowl creations that are so different from the others and just as beautiful. I'm loving the variety! I hope you enjoy another day of hanging out with your favorite guy. :O)

    1. Good afternoon Carol...noon for me here in Canada...ahhh what a lovely day it is there and outside here...OH MY guy is at the grocery store...he has called me 4 x I could have done it quicker on my own...I love him sew despite him not knowing these sort of "woman things" lol

  6. Jeden Tag eins schöner als das andere, ich wüßte nicht was ich wählen sollt, wenn ich dürfte ;D

    1. Every day, one more beautiful than the other, I did not choose what I should, if I could; D

      and thank you for your lovely comment...I have to agree with you...it has been just wonderful..

      und ich danke Ihnen für Ihren schönen Kommentar ... Ich habe mit Ihnen zu vereinbaren ... es war einfach wunderbar ..

  7. Such cute bowls!!!! I love the falling ones too. They just look like they should all be falling.

    1. Good Day Mary, oh me too...I wish I could make those today..but canning in on my list lol

  8. Great bowls today, not sure how you chose just three. I am thinking I may have to get that pattern. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hello Sheila...ahh it is an easy pattern, if you ever do them..let us know..we will add them to our collection on the pinterest board...

  9. Please share the pattern or where ot find it.

    1. Here you go my dear... info@reginagrewe.de she will help you out..

  10. Great bowls today, and love all the additional flowers...mice and other things added to the pattern!

  11. I think the toppling bowls is one of favorites. this has really been a fun hop. thanks so much for putting it on.

  12. Three absolute winners today! Congratulations dear, dear ladies who made these beauties!


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