Friday, July 6, 2012

Red White and Blue Day 6 July 6th

  Hello Red White and Blue LOVERS...

here we are on Friday, 
6 days have passed and we have 
92 blocks .. as of yesterday!

( to see them all)

Today here are participants..

 July 6th


blocks today are...


A PERFECT SPIDER WEB LOOK AT her middles...lol

And will you look at her perfect corners, points
well perfection...

Although we encourage all of participants
to schedule for midnight, some perhaps
are not sure how to do this...sew please ask...
( we will help you on how to do this) 

To keep the comments coming in for you...
it is nice if you are there to answer the door 
when we knock.. lol

And please turn off word verification
to encourage even more lovely comments.....
( just for your day)

Now let's get hopping...

Jane has the whole list on her blog
if you like to see all those who have
been posting since the 1st....

P.s we have power outages across
America, I do believe this may have affected
some of our ladies...
sew please be patient....


  1. I also loved the "spider web", great block!

  2. Two great picks for today! Yeah, my wonky middles are a little wacky. I think next time I would make them all the same size. We've made another spiderweb...wait til you see it! It has wonky centers too :~

    1. nothing wonky about this, we just thought, everything about it was top 2 material love to see the other

  3. I think I might need some instructions on how to put my block up at midnight. I have tried the scheduled post one time and it didn't work so I am not sure what I did wrong. thanks.
    off to visit the blogs.

    1. will try to help out Carrie...when you go to schedule on left side of column, add your time. click on DONE< and then go to centre top of page and hit publish, you will then note on your screen, your posts will be reloaded and it will say scheduled...if it does not, then you have not hit publish..gosh I hope that helps?

  4. Two wonderful blocks! Off to see the blogs now!

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, gosh these quilts are so lovely, I can't image ever being that good! I will have to keep practicing! Ada :)

    1. ohhh that is the formula practice and practice and practice a wee bit more lol

  6. Replies
    1. sew agree, and glad you drop us a note

  7. Love the spiderweb and the PERFECT block. This collection of blocks is making me fall in love w/ RWB combo all over again!

    1. it is amazing what 3 colours can do ...

  8. Lovin the spiderweb! Great choice! Judith, Texas

  9. Thank you for putting me on the top list. The spider web block was just perfect! I nearly failed to post yesterday, since I was on holiday and had to find an internet café. But now I'm home, and can follow the rest of the hop on my own computer.

    1. well aren't we thrilled you found a cafe...it is perfect my dear..hope to see you around again


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