Thursday, July 5, 2012

RED WHITE and BLUE blog hop Day 5 JULY 5TH

WE are only on Day 5 and we have
75 blocks posted   presently 92 blocks 
on LINK here on PINTEREST....
Can you believe it?
 There has been a lot of sewing these days
and I proud to say  I know all you 
talented quilters...

Today here are participants...

July 5th

 ( no button, she may be an error, nothing added today)

AND OUR TOP 2 blocks today are....

a block made into a bag... a delight

the contrast of colours against backdrop quite stunning

Although we encourage all of participants
to schedule for midnight, some perhaps
are not sure how to do this...sew please ask...
( we will help you on how to do this) 

To keep the comments coming in for you...
it is nice if you are there to answer the door 
when we knock.. lol

And please turn off word verification
to encourage even more lovely comments.....

Now let's get hopping...

Jane has the whole list on her blog
if you like to see all those who have
been posting since the 1st....


  1. I'm not participating in the hop, just following along. But I did want to say something about word verification. I had to turn mine on because I was getting so much spam, I could not keep up with. Then a year or so later I turned it off again, and the same thing happened. So, I HAVE to have my word verification on. Just FYI

    1. Hi missy not sure why you shared this....perhaps you meant it for someone else...but some will no doubt benefit..lol

  2. Those pinwheels were just too cute and that dresden (dresden, right?) one is very nice--good choices!

    1. yes dresden...do you think that should be our next thing wink...to try to master lol

  3. Such stunning blocks/tote - rightfully deserving - and so inspirational. Judy C

    1. Hi Judy....could not agree more...you know we have some pretty amazing peeps out there...wish you had been feeling better to join us..
      but this is the next best thing..


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