Sunday, July 15, 2012

Red White and Blue Blog Hop Day 15 July 15th

we are at day 15!
only 1 more day left...

can you believe the number of blocks we have...
on our link here to our Pinterest Page

excluding today's..
I think we are nearly at
293....we will top over 300 tomorrow...
you watch...

I wonder what todaywill bring?

July 15th

Be sure to return later

to see who was chosen as our top 2 blocks of the day?


ohhhh and at the crack of dawn we have the top
2 to reveal this morning...and what a delight 2
they are..

This lady did an amazing appliqué...and perfect for a sunday morning to wake
you all up and ask you to be sure to visit our amazing creators...

and this young lady who happens to make her star into
a  great bag give-away.....get over there and sign up...
She is one funny lady! 


Now go out there and be great cheerleaders..
cheer on our fabulous team....they have been amazing...


  1. I was hoping that Mr. Cockle Doodle Do would put a smile on your face this morning and find himself on the front page of the newspaper! And he did!

    You have made mine and his day! :)

    Thanks so much for the blog hop!! I have several to go visit but I will get there!

    Now to watch more closely since there is a more relaxed atmosphere at home once again! I missed out on 2 great hops coming up and I don't wanna miss out on anything else. :)

    1. yes your cockle doodle made the top pics for today...lol
      have a delightful day dear

  2. oohh and by the way...

    Congratulations on the Top 25 Blog Award!

    Definitely deserving!!

  3. I loved that rooster! The bag from Duff would be a great prize, but it's her humor that always makes my day. :)

    1. I so agree with you Carol. isn't she just a funny girl....most of it goes over my head..I had to have DH explain it to me...blushing now of course lol

  4. Thanks so much for putting them all on Pinterest. I have visited all the Blogs hopping and know that there are quite a few blocks I want to try and can't remember where they are!! This really helps. Thanks also for arranging this hop I have had a great time. Susie x

    1. nice to hear that Susie...I thought from the beginning that Pinterest would serve us well...for things like this..and it does link to everyone's blog...but not the post..but you can always query them

    2. And since it doesn't go direct to the post, everyone gets to see lots more of everyone's work as they scroll to find it. :)

  5. Great blocks today and great picks for Pinterest! Love how you've been able to post them every single day! Guess we'll be seeing some pretty interesting blocks from you in the morning....finally it's your turn and I can't wait! And I guess with the end of this absolutely stupendous blog hop, it's time to start Thinking Christmas in a big way! Here comes Santa Claus! Cheers from all the elves!

    1. I know lesley it has been a wonderful hop, i have already planned my blocks for think christmas ....yes i have lol

  6. Wow I've had fun. Thank You Yay Duff!!!!

  7. It has been fun, can't wait to see yours tomorrow!!


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