Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's day 2 of Think Christmas........will they....???

Will our quilting ladies today come close to the blocks of yesterday.....will they top our 43...
I am there cheering them on...will you????

 Look who is showing their blocks today...

I see Jane, and Deborah and  Judith, and Mrs Pickles..
oh and yes I see Susie too...
and only because their names were..

WE are up to 73 blocks on day 2

July 31 

 Jane's Fabrics and Quilts

Quilting Fiesta

Scrapbox Quilts

From This to That 

Buzzing and Bumbling

No Loose Threads

Deborah B 

Judith Handmade Treasures

Gran-Knot-Y Embroidery Lady

Mrs. Pickles

Susie's World

Come back later to see who are our top 2 today....They will be entered into a draw at the end of next week for a fat quarter bundle from Free Spirit... We also have an honourable mention for best well photo, block or project...YOU know the one that has you saying..

                                 " I WANT THAT NOW"

but you know you can't have it..but you would like to have it even if you have to make it yourself..That kind of honourable mention........Yep, you get it... lol

Mdm samm 
is saving the big cheese for 
someone special today!

 go see Leslie second button on your right for the whole schedule...
go see the PINTEREST BOARD, 1st button :Think Christmas....updated every day!
( usually first thing in the morning)

Top 2 Christmas blocks/projects for today on our second day.

WE had a hard time deciding today....
there were sew many wonderful blocks
and projects.  These certainly wrapped us all in warmth
hope they will for you too! 

Who's lovely wrapped block is this? What a great idea
for a block.... 3D 

NOTE : her stocking is paper pieced..look closely
at the detail on her blog...wherever she is lol

Who's blocks turned into this lovely wall hanging..?
EACH block had such lovely detail...

These 2 winners will be in the running for 
our fat quarter bundles from Esprit at the end of our hop..
Congrats Ladies..

And our  HONOURABLE MENTION for today is .....

This lady presented this block and how these lovely bowed blocks can be made
in this over the top lovely quilt... 
What a wonderful day it was...Now we need to return
to each of our blog hop quilters and leave some over the top


If you want to catch up on yesterday's and the rest of the 
schedule for our blog hop...
link the second button on your right...
That is Lesley's schedule page!


  1. Oh the anticipation. I'm sitting here sippin my cuppa, getting ready to hop and check out all the wonderfulness. This is always the bestest way to start my mornings, especially if the kidlets stay sleeping until I am done. :)

    1. shhh tip top "in" sew as not to waken those wee kid lets...
      I could not agree more with you..brings me to tears today...wait and see wink..

  2. Good morning, Madame Samm! I already know how fabulous today's blocks are...I woke at 3:30 am AST and was blown away...again...with the magnitude, variety, and skill of our participants! It's another 'Wow!' day! Then I went back to sleep for awhile...giggle...dreaming of Christmas, and Santas, and quilts...

    1. Good Morning Lesley...yes yes yes...some real winners today..did not hit double of yesterday/s but a good showing..we are up to 73 ?
      will count again and added it to our post...
      ohhh did you not love that Santa lol

  3. Good morning Madame Samm! Can't wait to see all the new blocks today....gotta go check them out!

    1. Good Morning Connie...ohhhh I poured you a cup...make that 2..you may need them this morning...cause once you start, you won't want it to end lol

  4. Oh My! I can't believe you picked my block! I feel like Ive been chosen to be on the olympic team! Thank you! *giggling giddily*

    1. And which one is that Bobbie lol...well deserving you know !

  5. Little red bows was a hit for me--loved it! The little stocking with the mouse peeking out was just too cute on that runner. And that quilt! Sweet! Oh, so many fun projects, so little time.

    1. I know that did us in too lol. and those presents I bet they are all for you know lol

  6. congrats to all - i like that quilt with the presents..want to make that one!

  7. Fabulous entries and I especially love that package quilt!

    and I thought Mr. Moose was a reindeer at first glance too. :)


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