Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A new MOM and her design for a baby quilt

Just right for baby. Hi, I'm Dorian from Ridge Top Quilts. Thanks for inviting me Samm.

I made this quilt originally for a challenge I did with my online quilting group. It's quick and easy and I thought you'd all might like it.

You can use a charm pack, 5 FQ's (fat quarters) and a 1 yrd of background or cut into some yardage. As this pattern mainly consists of 5" squares, made into HSTs (half square triangles).

I used some yardage, for the quilt in this tutorial. But I made it with a charm pack for my challenge, which I'll show you at the end of the tutorial.

You will need:

Three 4.5" dark blue squares.
Twelve 5" pink squares.
Ten 5" light green squares.
Six 5" purple squares.
Two 5" dark green squares.
Eight 4.5" dark green squares (cut down charm squares if using).

You will need a half a yard of background fabric.
From the back ground fabric cut:

Six 5" squares
Twelve 4.5" squares
Two 24.5" x 4.5" strips
Two 35"x 4.5" strips
Two 32.5"x 4.5" strips
Two 42.5"x 4.5" strips

On a piece of paper, make a grid like the one below. Coloring in the squares so that you know where you'll be placing your HST's.

Take your squares and place them right sides together.

Six Pink and White squares.
Six Pink and light green squares.
Four light green and purple squares.
Two dark green and purple squares.

Draw a diagonal line on each set.

Take your pile over to the sewing machine, and sew 1/4" on both sides of the drawn line.

Cut apart on the drawn line.

You should now have:

12 pink and white HST's
12 pink and light green HSTs
8 light green and purple HSTs
4 dark green and purple HSTs

Iron them open and trim to 4.5". When I trim HSs, I use the 45 degree line on my ruler. Put that 45 degree line right on top of the seam on your block. And line up the place where the 45 degree mark and the 4.5" line meet, right at the corner of your block.

Cut your 3 dark blue squares in half, so you have six 4.5"x2 1/4" rectangles.

Now lay everything out on a table, placing all the colors where they need to go. Look at your drawing, to make sure everything is right.

Sew your six rectangles in a line.

Sew your wings together. Here's how I do mine. First sew this way.


Then sew this way.

Do both wings. Then sew wings to either side of 'body'.

Sew a dark green 4.5" square to either side of both 35"x4.5" white strips. And to either side of both 42.5"x4.5" white strips.

Sew a 24.5"x 4.5" strip to both sides of your butterfly.

Now sew the 35.5" x4.5" strips, with the corner blocks on them, onto the top and bottom.