Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An original exclusive laminate project. ( RBD fabric collection)

Did anyone of you guess it was this...?????
A Clothes PEG BAG. In Europe we call them PEGS not PINS<
you can call it anything you like...

NOW have you ever seen such a bag? lol

The pattern for this can be found  here at RBD ( Riley Blake Designs) 
(they posted it to the wrong page, now fixed but they lost all of your comments) 
for the original C.P.B.  Lot's of photos, pretty easy too with the laminates...
fabric a diff't story....

At the beginning of the year RBD asked me to be part of their
design team, I  was quite taken by their offer, as many of you 
know I am not much of a quilter, sew this is indeed new to me...
I don't do a lot of patterns, I am from the old school, 
I see it in my head, I take a pair of scissors and I cut the material and sew.
Hard to do patterns ....well take a peak...
at their blog...you tell me lol. 

SEW here it is....I have been having issues with the # 3...
it took me that many times to get this just picture perfect..( above)
( and I don't mean in the photo shoot, the actual design of it- 3 attempts)

And then once I got it the way I liked it...I had to make a couple more...
WEll actually more lol

WHY? well because I have these neighbours who don't sew.....lol

This one is made a bit different as it was made from fabric, sew it needed a lining..
All of these are already sold....you see I have these neighbours, who went a bit
girly on me, when they saw my first one...NOW I was not selling that one...
but these....were designed with them in mind....
They let me keep them long enough to take some photos....
( nice of them wasn't it?) smiling here....

You can see more on my other blog of another fabric
and laminate CPB creation..

With all this sewing, I had a bit of time to write
a poem that seems befitting, don't you think?

WILL she ?
by mdm samm

NOTHING- nothing smells as sweet as sheets brought in from the kisses of the sun-
It would be such a surprise if anything artificial could be undone.
Placing the sheets upon a line, is a chore that is loved each week-
It is something the neighbours always seek..

Will she have her whites with pink flowers, or her yellows in buttercream?
Will she be putting out her nighties and her lacy undies with not a care it seems.
Will her mans Tees be all pinned in a row...
one for each day- like a garden that you sow....?
Will the breeze embrace each piece on the line,
will it carry it to the skies one at a time.....?
Will she be sitting on her porch, with a quilt in hand and smile upon her face?
Will she be taken to a memory that was a such a slower pace...
Will she be cradling her coffee cup filled to the brim
Will her heart keep singing, will she.....?

Now be sure to go to Riley Blake Design to get the pattern for this...
say hi for me...


  1. Here, in Southern California, clotheslines are outlaw. I have to hang fabric and the ocassional clothes in my shower or garage. Now Japanese clothespins or pegs I use all the time instead of pins especially with my serger. Just so you know those pegs are called C-47's if by chance you are a filmmaker.

  2. Very cute Madame Samm......

  3. How adorable! I guess that I have to make one of these soon! I am putting it on my to-do-list.

  4. I have been so waiting for this post! I need to do a project in laminates for my darling Johanna. I Love this Bag! Your Poem is so befitting to when I was growing up! I am sew proud of you Madame!! You know I graduated from FIDM in Los Angeles and still to this day I prefer a tape measure a pair of scissors and fabric. Oh a tissue paper pattern just sends me backwards!!

    I have to know though, what was it like sewing on the machine with the laminate?

    Huggs, Nancy

  5. One more thought, this is going to look fabulous in your Red backyard!!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  6. That is adorable! Heading over to RBD to check it out!

  7. These are sew adorable! You are very creative. Riley Blake Design is lucky to have you.
    Going to hop over to RBD now.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. cute, cute, cute!! Love it! It would be an adorable laundry room decoration if you didn't use it outdoors.

  9. It reminds me of the olden days and the little muslim bag we kept our clothespins in. Your bag would have made it a lot more fun to be standing out in the 115 degree heat hanging our undies. Lovely poem, of course!

  10. TOO cute!! I'm trying to think of a "repurpose" for the "bag"! Alas, no clothesline at the Morgan's! Hmmmm - thinking cap is on!! You are SO creative! Oooozing creativity!!

  11. This is just too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Beautiful poem. I'm pretty sure that I'm not allowed a clothesline (stupid HOA rules)...but I do love the bag and I have a TON of "pegs"!

  13. HI Samm, I like this, but then I like all of the things you make. I applaud you for your creativity, where do you get all these ideas anyway? Riley is lucky to have you on board. hugs T

  14. We WISH we could have a functional clothesline. We are in a drought and rivers that have been full and flowing for more than 80 years are now dry and scummy. SO, too much dust and dirt is blowing across the fields to hang out laundry. When I was a mere 5 years old my job was to take clothes off the line (lots of cloth diapers). We had clothespin bags. Yours is just so cute. Congratulations on your great project.

  15. I love it Samm...now if I could just get my husband to agree to me having a clothes line I would make me one! I have an antique one hanging in my kitchen since I use clothes pins for closing chip bags. :) blessings, marlene

  16. They are so adorable Samm and I would love to hang my laundry out once again especially now living in Stratford but I don't think I could do it but I remember how lovely the sheets smelled. Blessings sandra


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