Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's a month of kitchen stuff and with Lisa, she is serving up some TEA coasters ...

Hi there, its Lisa here from Lazy May embroidery. I was so pleased to be asked by the lovely Madame Samm to contribute to her wonderful blog once again, and even more delighted to find out the theme was 'in the kitchen'.
I love (almost) everything about the kitchen, cooking, baking and especially eating (you'll notice washing up and cleaning are excluded from the list!) and I also love embroidery! So here is an easy little embroidery project that combines the two, simple stitched (and pre-stained!) mug mats.
So when you have finished toiling in the kitchen you can sit down with a nice cup of tea and a large piece of cake and place your mug on a fabulous handmade mug mat. I hope you enjoy this little make, if you like what you see you can check out more of my iron on embroidery patterns and makes at
To make 4 mug mats you will need:
  • About 1 metre/yard patterned fabric (I used pink spotty cotton)
  • About 1/2 metre/yard lining fabric (I used some old fleece material but you could use heavy interfacing or toweling material too)
  • Embroidery thread in four shades of brown, pink and red
    Needle, pins, scissors, embroidery hoop, ruler
  • The mug mat pattern below printed out on A4 (letter) size paper, click the image below to get the full sized version.
1) Cut four squares from your fabric, the squares need to be large enough to fill your embroidery hoop.
2) Transfer one of the four mug mat patterns to the centre of each square, there are various ways of transferring the pattern, you can find a handy guide printable guide here
3) Once transferred embroider over all the lines apart from the square border. I used the following threads and stitches:
4 different shades of brown for the coffee/ tea stains, I used three strands of embroidery thread and a stem stitch.
Red for the text, I used 2 strands of thread and a backstitch
Bright pink for the brackets, I used 4 strands of thread and a split stitch.
You can find some simple stitch diagrams here
4) Next you need to trace the transferred square through to the back of your fabric, push a sharp pencil through each corner and then join the dots up with a ruler on the back.
5) Now you are ready to assemble your mats, cut around the square line leaving a gap of around ¾ inch, do the same with your other 3 embroideries. Then use one of your cut out squares as a template to cut another 4 squares of your patterned fabric and four squares from your lining or fleece fabric.
6) Stack the squares in threes in the order show below.
7) Place the three squares directly on top of each other and pin in place.
8) Stitch over the penciled square leaving a opening of about 1.5 inches, you can either machine stitch this or do it by hand using a small tight back stitch.
9) Turn the mat inside out, use a pin to pop out the corners as much as possible
10) Trim the lining fabric that is poking out and tuck the two layers of patterned fabric inside, sew up the hole neatly.
11) Press your mats with a hot iron and make yourself a nice cup of tea, you’re done!


  1. Good Morning were scheduled for 1 am but for some reason it did not post till I manually did it this I know you were there lol. but nobody else did...but here I am with cup of coffee with stain and all celebrating you this cozy...this I will most certainly make a la Lisa...yeahhh cheers...

  2. and ps I know yours are tea

  3. Love this project, thanks for sharing!

  4. Love tea, thanks for this tut. Lisa it is so cute.

  5. Very creative idea. Love your stains on these cute coasters.

  6. How can you keep doing this to me, Madame? I have a list of "to-do's" a mile may take me into 2019....and you show me these cute kitchen "must have" items! LOL
    Lisa, thank you so much for a great idea and a super tutorial -- I'm off to check out your blog now!

  7. I love anything with embroidery...just makes it more personal!
    Gmama Jane

  8. Gah! A sense of humor is always appreciated!! These coasters are fun and make me smile :O)
    p.s. checked out your shop--the one red sock is a heart-stealer♥

  9. Thank you so much for the tutorial and pattern! cute!

  10. What a cute design! Thank you!

  11. Very nice, time for tea. thank you for sharing, Betty

  12. Great Tea Coasters! I had not thought of making Tea Coasters before and I have a girlfriend who only drinks Tea. Thanks.


  13. Made me smile. Those are clever. Might as well beat the stains at their own game, since you know they are coming. :) Cute!

  14. Sooo cute! I'm printing them now!

  15. Love the tea coasters. What fun, especially for my iced tea drinking husband and girl friend.

    Thanks for sharing the tut!

  16. Very cute! Those "stains" made me chuckle. Thanks for the fabulous tutorial, Lisa.


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