Monday, April 16, 2012

It's a month of kitchen stuff and look at what Cherry has for us in her Retro Kitchen

Hello everyone! My name is Cherry and I'm so happy to be back sharing my little kitchen quilt with you all!
Thanks Madame Samm for having me over.

Back in the 70's, both my Mom and Grandma had these large fork-n-spoon sets hanging in their kitchens, and then, the other day, I was at a friend's house and spotted a beautiful modern version of those in her kitchen! That's when I decided I needed to have my own quilted retro fork-n-spoon set!!!
So, this is what I came up with...

a fun, easy, and fast little project for a retro kitchen made with a few charm squares!

This is what you'll need

1 fat quarter for the background
12 charm squares for the fork-n-spoon
1/8 yd binding
1/2 yd backing
Matching thread for appliques
Paper-backed fusible

I had this beautiful Chrysalis Charm Pack in my stash that had the perfect colors to match my kitchen. To make my fork-n-spoon fabric, I chose 12 of the darker squares for good contrast against my background fabric 

Start by cutting (2) 2" x 5" strips from each charm square

Arrange (2) matching rows and sew them together

Press the seams open.

Next, using a fine tip Sharpie marker,
trace the fork-n-spoon templates onto the paper side of the fusible

 and cut them out about a 1/4" away from the drawn line.
Place the fusible side down onto the wrong side of the fork-n-spoon fabric
and fuse down with a hot/dry iron. 
Next, cut right on the drawn line.

Cut a 13.5" x 21.5" from the background fabric.
Center the fork-n-spoon and fuse onto the background fabric with a hot/steam iron.

Stitch around the appliques with a blanket stitch.
I like to reduce the length and width of my stitch so it barely shows :-)

Square the block to 12.5" x 20.5" 

And it's done! Wasn't that fast? 
For the quilting, I wanted my fork-n-spoon to pop out, so I used two layers of batting: Warm & Natural Cotton on the bottom and Quilter's Dream Wool on top, then added heavy quilting all around the fork-n-spoon. Don't you you think they really stand out?

   Before binding, I wanted a little hanging sleeve...
Well, I've never been too crazy about the whole sleeve idea, until I found this wonderful method for small quilts at The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative for Fast Finish Triangles

So... what do you think? Are you making one?
Come by my blog to get the templates and for a chance at a little giveaway ;-)

Bon appétit,

R U Kidding me....line up...there will be many 
who will want it Cherry..
*editors note


  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great idea, I remember those huge sets too, love them

  3. Oh that's awesome. I have always had utensils hanging in the kitchen - I hang a 1/2 cup measuring cup, a set of measuring spoons, an ice cream scoop, and an egg slicer. My Grandma gave me all of those things when I moved out into my own house for the first time. My cousin lives in her old house now and I always want to steal the rest of the measuring cups, they are still hanging on the wall. LOL

  4. Qué lindo!!!!!
    Gracias por compartir!!!

  5. love the hanging triangle idea!! great for a small quilt

  6. You made me laugh - we had all we could do to get my MOM to part with those huge wood utensils!! But a large wooden mixing spoon would work for a cute pattern. Love it. Yes, I like to use the triangles on small wallhangings.

  7. That is just too freaking cute! I wish I had a photo of the weird art my Mom had on her wall at one time. It would make a killer quilt.

  8. Love these! What a great idea!

  9. Hi Cherry - these are really cute. Is there a pattern name for the background quilting you did?

  10. We have a wooden fork and spoon on our refrigerator that is similar to this! Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. What an adorable quilt. I LOVE this. It's just too friggin cute. Thank you so much for the tute.

  12. What a gorgeous wallhanging!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Good evening cherry...a first for me leaving notes at night.....but that is what happens, when you schedule for the next day and you think tomorrow is today....did you get that lol..enough about my hiccups....this is something I can dig into with gusto...just too frigging cute ....and sew agree on the triangle thingamajig....clever oh sew clever...
    Your quilting is just too good too....get out of here, you are making us all re-evaluate our lives...ok.... Speaking for myself here.....I am off to bed..way too much excitement for me today ...nighty nite..

  14. Adorable!
    I think these would be cute on place-mats also!

  15. Love all my wooden spoons and on my travels I always try to look for unique ones. My favorite was the spoon made from a Myrtle Tree in the Redwood forests of CA.

  16. Unbelievable,!! We wer just talking about these things! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!


  17. Your fork and spoon quilt are fabulous! I was one who had the giant set in the 70s. I made mine out of cut up Clorox bottles and painted them to look like wrought iron. Wish I had a photo. I absolutely adore your quilt version!!! Creative Bliss...

  18. Those are fabulous! Cherry does such wonderful work.

  19. superbes !!!!!!!!

    félicitations et merci c'est très joli
    bisous de France

  20. I saw one of those sets the other day too! Love this project!

  21. That is a great little quilt! Thank you for sharing. My parents had a giant fork and spoon hanging on a wall for many years.....Then left them behind in the roof when moving.

  22. Wonderful and very nicely done!

  23. Thank you for sharing your quilted fort-n-spoon set! What a great way to add a splash of color in the kitchen using my favorite fabrics. Also the fast finish triangles was perfect. I can't wait to try it. I do admire your quilting. OMGosh in between the fork prongs, WOW!!!!

  24. Oh Cherry, almost every mom I knew growing up ahd a set of Fork and Spoon in their kitcehn. I think I had one given to me as a wedding gift back in 1973. I'd love to have it know to help me redecorate my kitchen. It would look so vintage spray painting a set, don't you think? Your quilt set is Perfect!! I definitely want a template! Why can't I think of these cute ideas??? I'm very good at copying cute ideas but not as good at coming up with them on my own. That's why I love all my creative quilting friends like you Cherry!
    Gmama Jane

  25. I remember having a wood fork and spoon set hanging in my kitchen many eons ago. I definitely like your new version much better.

  26. Lovely idea! Love how the double batting and quilting make them really stand out!

  27. How fun! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  28. Unfortunately I can't leave a message on Cherry's blog so I am trying it here ?
    My favorite kitchen helper is my Husband...since he chops the onions for me. Without him I would be in tears :-0

  29. That is such a cute idea. Love it.

  30. Really a great mini quilt! Thanks for the tutorial

  31. Beautiful project and great quilting on it too. I have that set of wooden utensils from my mother. Thanks for sharing.

  32. OMG...I ran across a picture of the fork and spoon quilt somewhere on the internet and I didn't bookmark the page, and I have been searching for it.... now weeks later I finally find you! Hooray! Except now I can figure out how to download the template....Help, please! I think this adorable and I even bought fabric to make happy!

  33. Please, how can I print the template?


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