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It's a month of kitchen stuff and Dawn is waking us up to potholder cover( pssst and 2 featured guests today....Jenny too below

Good Morning! I am thrilled to be back at Sew We Quilt to share a tutorial for the kitchen. 
Thank you Samm for inviting me.  Let me start by introducing myself. 
Hello! I’m dawn and I blog over at quiltingbydawn. It is so good to meet you.

Now I must admit that I really don’t like to spend a lot of time in my kitchen but I do have a simple tutorial to share with you.

Potholder covers have been an idea that I’ve had for a while and an alternative to making your own potholders requiring having some Insul~brite heat resistant batting. This is not to say that I don't use Insul~brite...because I do and it is great stuff.

So let’s get started:

Supplies you will need:

Inexpensive 7” pot holder ( I bought mine at the Dollar Store for 2/$1)
Foundation fabric ~ I used muslin
scraps of fabric strips approx 8” long and varying widths
scrap of fabric for loop
usual sewing supplies

Cut your foundation fabric to 7 ⅝” x 16 ¾”.
Note: if your pot holders are larger or smaller than mine, you will need to adjust your dimensions.

Starting near the center of your foundation piece, lay one strip of fabric right side up across the foundation. 
It is not important if it is perfectly straight or centered.
Then lay a second strip right side down over the first matching one long edge.
Stitch through all layers using a ¼” seam. Press open.

Choosing another strip, lay it right side down on top of second strip matching the raw edge. Again stitch ¼” seam and press open.

Continue adding strips and pressing open until you completely cover that half of the foundation. Flip and continue in same manner for the other half.

{back view}

You are now ready to square up and trim your piece.

I also stitched a ¼” seam, sewing the last strips to the foundation. This made it easier
to make a finished hem on both
short sides.

To make a finished hem, turn under 
¼” and press. Turn under again and stitch close to edge. Set this aside while you make your loop.

Cut a scrap piece of coordinating or contrasting fabric 2” x 2 ½”. Fold in half lengthwise, press, open and fold each raw edge to the center. Press and top stitch close to both edges. Fold in half so raw edges are even.

Now back to your main piece.

Find and mark the center with a pin. Measure approx. 4 ½” to 4 ⅝” from center on each side and mark with pins. Do this on both long ends. These points are your fold lines.
Place loop at one marked fold making sure raw edges are even and loop is inside. Baste.

Fold over right sides together at fold points. The back will overlap as if making an envelope style pillow case.

Stitch ¼” hem on both edges securing your stitches at the beginning and end of each seam. Clip corners being careful not to cut stitching.

You are now ready to turn your cover right side out and 'stuff' with an inexpensive purchased potholder. You are all finished! Easy Peasy!

I also used this technique to fussy cut this novelty print for the front panel and added the red gingham fabric for the back, loop and front detail. 
I also think it would be a great idea for orphaned blocks!

When the cover gets soiled, take out the potholder and throw the cover in the laundry.  
It would also make a quick and easy hostess gift.

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial for my potholder covers. Thanks! It has been fun to be here!
I hope you will come and visit me at quiltingbydawn!


  1. Tack för beskrivningen.

  2. Tack för beskrivningen.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. It is fabulous! I'll be off to get a couple of potholders next time I shop....

  4. This would be wonderful to dress up those old potholders that still have life, but just need a perk. Rather than make totally new ones, cover the old.

  5. This is a great idea! My pot holders get dirty and when I throw them in the washer they shrink, never really get clean and take forever to dry. Taking a cover off to wash and dry will be so simple and no more gross pot holders!

  6. Great idea! I really use my pot holders, and they get so grungy looking. Super tutorial to fix the problem AND look great. Thanks Dawn!

  7. This is a wonderful idea! Thanks, Dawn, great idea to spruce things up!

  8. Wow this has been a wonderful tut on sprucing up some hum drum potholders I have added dollar general to my list. Thanks so much

  9. This is a Really Nifty idea- thank you!

  10. Such a clever idea to use a purchased potholder for the inside .... why couldn't I have thought of that, lol. Thanks for sharing your design and the great tip!

  11. Now why didn't I think of that before I threw those old pot holders away? super great idea and good tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great idea for potholders! I like to wash mine often and they tend to lose their heat resistant properties after awhile. Now I can make them pretty and change for the seasons too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. I agree with all of the other comments -- this is an inspired idea! I really like this, and your fussy cut one is so cute!

  14. What a clever idea! I just mentioned over the weekend I need to replace my potholders because they look so terrible, even after washing. Here's a solution that extends their life. Thanks! Linda Hardesty

  15. Quite clever indeed, Dawn! Great idea and thanks for sharing it with us all.

  16. Wow. I have to say that I have never heard of potholder covers before but WOW! WHAT a GREAT idea. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.

  17. OMGosh!! I love this idea!! I have tons of old pads that I can dress up!! thank you for this idea!

  18. Good Afternoon Dawn?...this a great idea...sew we can wash them instead of throwing out when they get too sticky lol not that that happens around here lol love this...
    You always come up with some pretty cool stuff

  19. What a great idea! I have a couple of light colored potholders that look pretty disreputable, though still in good usable shape...this will spruce them right up! Thanks for the tutorial!

  20. What a brilliant idea! Now I can update my old yucky ones and make them look like new!

  21. What a great idea! Thank you for the tutorial.
    Gun, Sweden

  22. A good way to cover up those holiday potholders for getting more use out of them too.


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