Monday, April 30, 2012

A Craft Taffy retreat with Quilt Taffy....get out of here...!

Haven't you all wanted to spend a couple

hours sipping tea with Corrie at Quilt taffy...How about 4 days
sewing up a storm. Eating with her, sleeping with her...( well that did not sound right) lol sleeping under the same roof...now that sounds better...
She is sew darn funny...I understand
she is having her very first get together..
The cost is fabulous...
The food will be fabulous
The company wellllllll fabulous too...
I am just thinking how wonderful it would 
be with you and you and you ...

are those taffy pins...get out of here...
I want one...lol

Here are more details...

Craft Taffy Retreat

Join Us!

Come for 4 days and 3 nights of
or whatever you want to do - 

to your hearts content
or as long as you can stay awake.
You'll have time to work 
on your projects,
time to relax...
we'll have some demos, 
giveaways and
a lot of fun.
Limited spots available.
In beautiful McCall, Idaho
October 17-20, 2012
All of the details are here.


  1. Gosh that sounds amazing! I'm sadly over in the UK and doubt my folks would allow such a trip! =(

  2. This sounds like you will have a really wonderful time!

  3. ooo. tempting. but too far away! I've attended one retreat...and hosted a few. enjoy Samm.

  4. Sounds wonderful but alas would be an across country flight for me.
    I'm a little confused however, about this blog name??? is this Sew We Quilt? or Craft Taffy??? Or Quilt Taffy ???...Oh dear my brain is spinning...change makes me nervous when I don't know the details.
    Gmama Jane

  5. Sounds great - but I think my happy home would not be happy if I spent yet another weekend or several days AWAY!! How about the AQS show in Grand Rapids, Michigan in August?! Now that's a little closer! Not a retreat - but a wonderful quilt show!

  6. This looks like a great retreat but it is a 34 hour drive! Just a little far....:(

  7. I saw this over on Corrie's blog already. I sew would love to go but being a bit of a hike, I doubt it would be feesable at this time. Never say never but.....please say that you'll miss me.

  8. Sound wonderful! Only one little problem, it's about 1000 miles away so that's way too far. The price is incredible, anything near that price is unheard of here in southern California.

  9. My sister and I are going! We will have lots of fun and tell you all about it when we get back!!


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