Monday, April 2, 2012

Behind the Seams for our April Winners...

There is something about each month that goes by
that takes with it some sadness but also  replaced 
is some joy..
SAD because I hate to say goodbye to another banner and 
 joy to say hello to a new design..
Of course made up of YOUR quilts. 

Sew my dear LuAnn, Jess, Amanda and Borianna, thank
you for adding such JOY to our month of March...
Hope to see you all again someday!
there !that was no sew hard lol

To Sharon, Linda and Dawn
wellllll surprise....wink...

Each month I see a design in my head....
 and it usually flows on my first attempt.
But not this month...this was my 5th design..
I lost my mojo for a bit....lol
( me ladies here saw at least 3 designs...I thought
I would stop sending and just surprise them 
when I finally came up with one that suited me lol)

But I think you all will agree, this one is a delight....
Sew ladies thanks for being part of it all
Again we had 183 submissions....and YOU 3 fit 
well under the umbrellas...
The rest of you...keep sending..
I do appreciate seeing your talent...
MAY we need PASTELS..
sew please send....
( madamesamm@cogeco.ca)

With Sharon..
This is Sharon from Vroomans Quilts my blog  and it is an honor to have my grandson's 'Broken Crayons' as a banner quilt.  Oh, I had to go back for this was the first quilt I made as a blogger.  Looking for a project idea for a Scrap Along and the Modern Project, I dumped my 32 gallon tote (now I have three of those) hoping to be inspired.  My daughter and grandson made a surprise visit and he immediately enjoyed jumping thru the pile of scraps.  Then started to pick pieces up and naming the colors.  Bad NaNa me, only a simple little baggy of broken crayons became the focus of matching fabric to a bit of crayon - and Broken Crayons was born.  I made blocks like crazy while my daughter kept widget finding color bits. 
I like to label all my special quilts being gifted - and made a fitting 'crayon box' label (insert picture of label).  Unfortunately when M. Samm notified me of being on the banner and getting some 'new' photos, I found out that 'Broken Crayons' had been lost in one of widget's travels.  No full alert is called for as there is a new opportunity (and NaNa still has that baggy of broken crayons and lots of scraps)  for there will be a Crayon II as there is now 'little widget' to teach colors to.  And widget has expressed he wants a 'colorful cars driving on the moon' quilt.  Hmm, wonder where the inspiration will come for that!

Now with Linda...

Madame Samm! I'm so excited and honoured to be chosen for this April banner - you did such a pretty, spring-like job! I LOVE my quilt! It was started in a class with Heather Stewart my blog as a colour study. What a challenge! Working from stash and lots of swapping with class mates, with 3/4" logs, each block needed a range from light to dark in one colour. Making this quilt certainly revealed where the gaps are in your stash. The chevrons took for-EVER but I am so pleased with the finished product. I'm still looking for the perfect place in my home to display it, there isn't a label on it (I know, I know!) but I am really bad at naming quilts so if anyone has any ideas!!!
Thanks again Madame Samm

and last but not least, 
here is Dawn

I am sew excited to have my quilt featured on the April banner at Sew We Quilt! It is such an honor to see my quilt along side these other beautiful creations. My quilt was created as a challenge after Madame Samm requested red, yellow and white quilts for the April banner. I thought, nope I don't have those colors. But I kept thinking of that color combination and thought why not? I do love the colors in the fabric line Charlevoix by Minnick and Simpson however it also included blues. So I dug through my stash to see what else I could find...only 2 fabrics with those colors. Do you know of a fabric line using only those colors? I'd love to know. 

I got out my graph paper and colored pencils and started drawing a couple of ideas. Then I remembered the chunky chevron tutorial that Amy Gibson taught on Craftsy in February that I wanted to try. I extended the chevrons to make it into a mini quilt. I really love the way it turned out. It finished at 16" square and will hang in my sewing room that will get a fresh coat of yellow paint soon! The label (yes, I label my quilts) has the name of the quilt, Rambling Roses, the words red, yellow; white challenge, the date completed, March 2012, and my name. You can read more about it at my blog: take a look here Thanks sew much!

Sew there you have it....another new banner for the month made up of stitches
by You. I love that every month the design is a reflection of what  I see in my inbox...
YOUR creations... Thanks April Ladies. you make us all  smile...

This month we will be featuring tutorials for the Kitchen...
Sew if you are passionate about anything in the kitchen...this may be your month..
I can see you giggling...I know...I would love to close my kitchen for a month and just stitch...

The month of May will be made up of PASTEL quilts...sew if you have
any please send along to me...May will also be about pillows....Mmmmm already coming
up with ideas for this one...

Sew visitors and friends alike, your comments will shower our winners with butterflies, there is no doubt!

YOU is kind, smart and important to me..


  1. Love the new quilts! The mini is so cute and I do love chevrons at the moment!

  2. What a wonderful surprise banner - truthfully didn't think you were done playing! I love the umbrellas and oh my - the log cabin is just gorgeous! The mini Chevron is so cute and just love it photoed on the chair - oh so sweet. Thank you for not only picking my quilt, but pairing it with such wonderful inspirational quilts.

  3. I love all 3 quilts, and the banner is such fun.

  4. Sharon, Linda and Dawn your quilts are lovely and the colors are gorgeous....congratulations on being this months cover girls......

  5. Love all three. The mini chevron, I may have to try. And the colors...great! The broken crayons is too cute. Love the color play on that one and the log cabin, well one of my all time favorite patterns. A great new setting for that one. Thanks for another banner month Madame Samm.

  6. Congrats to all the April banner winners! Your quilts and their stories are so special. And Madame Samm, I think this is my absolutely favorite banner of Sew We Quilt...until next month, giggle! You amaze me with your creativity.What a wonderful Monday morning wake-up call!

  7. Another month of great choices Samm - and they make a beautiful banner! blessings, marlene

  8. Three wonderful ladies, and three lovely quilts! What a beautiful banner, Samm! You always surprise and delight us!

  9. Samm, I love the surprise banner but no surprise that it would be wonderful! I am honored to have my mini quilt featured on the banner with Linda and Sharon. Thanks!

  10. Congratulations to those who are now our April banner winners. Great job. I really love Linda's!! It's an awesome quilt and very close to one I had seen which is one reason I chose to start trying to learn to quilt.

    And then the banner itself ~ I just LOVE that with the 'look' of Spring.(even though our Spring has been more like those horribly hot dog days of August around Northern IL lol) I love the colors you used and the way it looks. Very cool!

  11. Gorgeous quilts ladies, congrats!!!

  12. Beautiful quilts!
    I love the new header - rain is SEW my favourite weather :)

  13. This banner (and the quilts!) made me smile! No April showers on this blog... It's all sunshine!

  14. How cute! What a great display for the Spring!

  15. Ladies, you inspire us all with your talent and artistry. Congratulations to all three of you!!
    Love the banner MS!!

  16. Oh my! Samm the banner is wonderful! (I really love the bunnies holding hands!)
    Such talented ladies!

  17. Beautiful quilts! Love the stories ladies and Congratulations! Samm the banner is wonderful!

  18. The banner is lovely, sew are all 3quilts.
    I'm especially proud of my sister, Dawn. You did an awesome job. Your quilt is actually prettier in person. Thanks for turning me on to this website and quilting. I hope to make beautiful quilts like the 71 you have already made.
    Madame Samm thanks for bringing all the inspiration together on this awesome website.

  19. April banner & button are wonderful, bring on Spring! Enjoyed the quilt stories -- ladies, thank you for sharing your talent & inspiration!

  20. Love the new banner! The quilts are great on the umbrellas! Cool!
    Have a wonderful day!

  21. Love the quilts and the banner! Those two little bunnies in the corner or so cute!

  22. Mini quilts are the best. I use the patterns for my baby quilts and for doll quilt ideas.

    Your ideas are SEW beautiful.

  23. The winners are to be congratulated for creating such interesting and colorful quilts. I REALLY like all three. I usually have a favorite but I could take home any of these quilts. I'm excited to see quilters I regularly visit their blogs and they mine! Sharon is a special friend and prolific quilter AND a Grandmama Extraordinaire!! Love em' Ladies!
    Gmama Jane

  24. Wow! Madame Samm, The umbrella theme works so well with the quilts made by the winners. Congratulations to Sharon, Linda, and Dawn!

  25. Just perfect! Love it and the quilts.


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