Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's a month of kitchen stuff and look what Jane has for us....APRONS ARE THE FABRIC OF OUR PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE


Thank you Madame Samm for allowing me to share my love, or more appropriately, my RESPECT for 
Warning:  This is a Picture heavy post!  Aprons can not be simply "talked about" they must be SEEN, WORN, RESPECTED for the stories they tell about our lives.
THINK FAST...What comes to your mind when you hear the word APRON??  Did your Mother or Grandmother wear an apron?  Do YOU wear an apron?
EllynAnne Geisel has written the definitive book on aprons, called simply

Making and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort

I ADORE this book and highly recommend it if Aprons are of interest to you.  She has also written another book  KITCHEN LINENS which is just as good!

May I share a treasure with you?  
This Christmas apron belongs to my mother who passed away at age 87 in 2003.
Mama wore an apron every day.  My sense of order and home is sealed in the memory of my mother's aprons.  Growing up, my father was a very difficult man and my childhood could have been clouded with sadness and anger if not for looking at life through the prism of my mother's unconditional love and protection.  In keeping her daily routine of cooking, cleaning, and laundry, all under cover of the apron of the day, my sister and I felt a sense of order and calm despite the mood swings of a troubled father.  My sister and I grew up to be resilient, successful, happy women because of the strong woman who wore the apron in our home.
What I love best about this apron are the coffee stains still on the fabric.  Oh did she love her coffee.  I would NEVER want to even attempt to remove these stains.  If I want pristine, I"ll go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  But if I want to FEEL a MEMORY, all I have to do is look at those coffee stains and my mind goes back to my sweet mama sitting at our kitchen table with a cup of coffee in her hand, Brown mug, exhausted from preparing the Holiday meal, and taking a little coffee break before clean up.  I can bet she had a "little something sweet' to go along with that cuppa!!  
Do you own some items with "memory stains"?
Next, are Aprons made with a more Modern Twist!
I made the above polka dot apron for an Apron Swap.
This springy green apron was made for me in an Apron Swap!
I love the extra long strings and two deep pockets.

Aprons on the clothesline in late February
says a lot of housework gets done here on the farm.

A dainty little white apron found in an antique store.
The embroidery is beautiful
A Blue Gingham Cotton Apron covers my entire dress from waist down! Great on Sunday Mornings when getting ready for church.  The Grandpeeps think it makes a great hand towel!

I like the front flap on this modern twist apron.

One of my Go-To Full-Size Aprons
It's also reversible!  
I won't let you see the other side...let's just say it's been a busy bee!


Here is my uniform, my baby, my well-loved and well-worn apron of choice.  I wear this olive green, cotton duck apron by CANNON while baking, cooking supper, canning green beans, carrying a load of fresh picked tomatoes, holding eggs retrieved from my hens, making strawberry jam, peeling potatoes, washing dishes, fixing lunch, potting plants, crafts with the grandpeeps, hanging clothes on the line, doing laundry (check out the bleach stains), pretty much everything I do in the course of a day requires this APRON.  She almost needs a name, don't you think?

BIG GRANDMA made this little Apron for me in 4th grade.
Can you see the little torn corner at top left ?  Gives it character I think.

I've shown my Coat of Many Colors in a long ago post but thought I would show it one more time since it hangs in my Kitchen as a permanent reminder of my Great Grandmother who made this little house-coat from scraps of fabric.  I actually remember wearing it while watching Sat. morning cartoons and my daily does of ROMPER ROOM...
I was a Good DO- BEE!

I'm now on the hunt for more aprons with embroidery work.  Aprons with embroidery work are "historical artifacts as well as vintage domestic treasures."(The Apron Book)  I also believe in order to appreciate the beauty of Aprons, Aprons are to be WORN.  It is their purpose and we can never pass on *our stories* with aprons that sit in drawers.  Get those aprons out of the drawer, buy one, or better yet make one and then make another!  I like to trace and make my own patterns from an apron I already have.  I'm not much on store-bought patterns.  I hope you've enjoyed my Apron Stories.  Make your own Apron Stories to pass down to your family...stains and all..."perfection slightly flawed...a candidate for GRACE, that state of unconditional love and forgiveness."  Judith Olson Gregory, artist.

As an ode to this APRON POST, I will pick a winner at random and make a custom order APRON of YOUR CHOICE!  It should take me a week to make the apron if you tell me what you like and give me a mailing address.  Would you like that?  I LOVE to make aprons for friends and family!
This has been a LONG POST
Please go to my blog for an added bonus of a tutorial for making a kitchen bag for recycling plastic bags.



  1. Thanks for the story about your mothers apron. It made me remember the one and only apron my mother had. She was a divorced due to my dad being what we now think was bipolar. My mother worked a full time job in the 50's and 60's she never wore an apron but did have one that she kept packed away from her young children. I call it the Adam and Eve Apron as it has a man and woman on it , both wearing aprons. When you lift the little aprons up guess what is there. Two tiny fig leaves. It's just a little risque' and makes me smile when I think about it. To think that my mother had something like that. Thanks for bringing back a memory that I hadn't thought about in a long time.
    Thanks for the chance to win a custom apron. I have a hard time finding ones that fit as my waist is only 24". Most aprons wrap around me twice! lol

  2. Wonderful story behind the apron(s). My Greatgran had a peg rack with an apron or two or more each peg - they all had a purpose and she changed them to match the task she was about to set to. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing.My mom and both my grandmothers wore aprons when I was growing up. I think all the women in my life did as I think of it now. I have worked in a kitchen for the last 37 years so I wear aprons at work. Not as much at home, but yours are so pretty, now I want to.

  4. Thanks for sharing the story of the historical aprons. I never make an apron for myself. Maybe I should check out the tutorial and make a one for myself. Wonderful post!

  5. I really need to wear an apron when I am cooking. Although I am not sure that it would make much difference. I am still finding flour from my Christmas cooking extravaganza. Then there was the icing sugar incident in February while making birthday cakes. Your beautiful aprons were made all the more lovely for the history and information that you included with them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the aprons. I was into them last year. Guess i better dig out my apron supplies and skills again. Love Bertha too BTW. My mom had one, not sure if she named it.

    Hope I win!! Wish me luck


  7. Oh, what a wonderful story. My grandmother wore an apron and that is who I think of now whenever I see aprons. Thanks for the generous giveaway. I have made a couple of aprons for my daughter-in-law. She loves them.

  8. In my family, it was my grandmother that wore aprons and really put them to use. I can remember her working over the stove, or peeling peaches for jam, or just sitting on the glider on the screen porch, when her work was done - always in one of her pretty aprons. She had such a cute habit of puffing a breath up to a little curl of her hair, to get it off her forehead when it was oh, so warm. Thanks for a sweet post, and a trip down memory lane. I would love to win an apron, as I use them all the time, too!

  9. What a thoughtful and thought provoking blog post. I need to make myself, and start to wear aprons. What a wonderful connection these aprons have provided, and will provide for your family. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I used to listen every time on Romper Room to see if she ever saw me through her magic mirror!! Alas no Joelle (my full name) was ever seen!! LOL!!

  11. I have three aprons hanging in my kitchen right this minute! I love them and treasure every single one. I have both the books you mentioned and they stay out on my shelf all the time. :) I especially love the ones I find in junk stores that are worn almost thin - oh the stories they could tell! blessings, marlene

  12. those are some great aprons... thanks for sharing about your mom and her apron.
    thanks you also for having a custom give wawy
    in stitches

  13. I love aprons. My Mommy wore one often. I have her pattern for a house cleaning one that she wore. I wear aprons all the time. I am quite messy while I cook co I love a complete coverage kind. Don't quite understand how a half apron can actually protect. Ha Thank-you for a fun posting.

  14. It is so fun that aprons are becoming in vogue again! I love all the stories that were attached to each of your aprons. Those books look like they would be real treasures too!

  15. GMama Jane, Your memories mirror the memories of my grandmother. I treasure the mental images I have of my grandmother in her aprons. She wore them standing over an iron kettle in the backyard while doing the wash over a hot fire. I remember her wiping her hands and our faces with the hem of those aprons. I had one of her aprons for a long time. It was destroyed in a fire years ago. I remember exactly what it looked like. You have inspired me to make a duplicate as close as I can to the original. You brought back such precious memories. Thank you for sharing.

  16. good Morning jane....nothing and I mean thrills me more than aprons on a line...and yours are exquisite and to have one custom made well darn it...great ideas..loved this post...filled with lovely warm memories

  17. I don't remember my mom wearing an apron but do remember my grandmother wearing one. I almost always wear one and have passed that little habit down to at least two of my three daughters.

  18. Such lovely memories and wonderful aprons! Thanks for the giveaway. I only own a holiday apron!

  19. what a lovely post!! Thank you for sharing

  20. Great post Jane, I have some aprons that my Mother and grandmother and my MIL made. I just love them so much! Thanks for sharing this fun post.

  21. I just made my daughter a apron that she adores! My mother and grandmother wore aprons. I wish I knew where they all went to! They also wore house coats a lot of the time.

  22. Bless your mother, she must have been a very special lady indeed. As a young bride in the mid 50's I wore little half aprons a lot, of course I made them all. In the 60's I made an apron for my mother- in-law and embroidered the handprints of our four children. When my sister-in-law cleaned out the old homestead she found the apron and sent it too me. Someday I will show it on my blog. I wear an apron every W?ednesday evening when I serve the children at our church dinner. I like to have different ones, don't know if the children really notice, but I think it is fun. Of course, they are the full butcher type like your workhorse apron. Hugs.

  23. What wonderful stories attached to your aprons. My daughter is the 'keeper' of family aprons that belonged to her great-grandma and great-aunt. TFS

  24. What a great apron collection and memories to go with them.

  25. wonderful aprons!!! I have my mama's pretty ones and her mom's very functional one too...shared memories!!


  26. A lovely post about your Mother and her aprons. I have a few aprons my dear aunt made for me and I treasure them.

  27. Wonderful story of memories! I would love a custom apron. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Wonderful story of memories! I would love a custom apron. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Wonderful post!

    I collect and wear my vintage aprons. My feeling is that the spirit of the maker is part of the apron. Flaws don`t put me off. I am touched by every apron I acquire. Thank you for posting your beautiful pictures.


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