Friday, March 2, 2012

A special story that unites us all.... Guidelines4Quilting

You may have heard of Giles from Gile's Blog
( he is in the US)
he leaves comments ( he did here just yesterday in fact)
 I am sure he leaves comments on  many of your blogs too.
He is challenged with his sight and possibly is unaware of 
the global kindness that really surrounds him this very day.
He is a quilter and he has a friend in UK.
another quilter and her name is Patricia. 
She has her own unique challenges and they both
have befriended one another....
Don't you just love when that happens?
Globally, through quilting we unite!

ENTERS this company, 
Ritzko and John from Guidelines4Quilting
principle owners.  Patricia notes that Giles would certainly benefit from this
very special ruler that this company has designed.
She had seen it on YouTube
(from the US)

Grip Stris on Guidelines Ruler

Patricia requests assistance for another, a quilter on the other side of the world-and this company
comes through. For anyone who has limited sight, and limited dexterity from arthritis or any ailment that robs you from your strength...This is something you too would benefit from. 

I wanted to share this story and company, because I get approached
weekly with a variety of requests, but this one struck me...
I am familiar with both these quilters, their challenges, their hearts
and their passion for quilting. I wanted to share this story
because it is a reminder of what one simple request 
can do to enrich the life of another.

And besides I think their system would benefit many of you!

What one gesture, for one individual from a company
who clearly understands what it means to spread

Our quilting world is enriched by you all
Giles, Patricia and Ritzko and John.

my best
{and I from Canada!}


  1. I just ordered mine!!! YIPPEE!!!! to straignt cutting. Thank you so much for this post!

  2. Great story and I will be checking this product out, too. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, it is most welcome news in this day and time. May I join in wishing Giles and Patricia the best ?... something they have undoubtedly already found in their friendship.

  4. What a story of kindness. I know many will benefit from this too. Thank you Samm for bringing this gadget to our attention. Sounds like a company I want to deal with.

  5. Thanks for sharing this story, Madame Samm. Beautiful and moving. Looks like a great product but hearing about how these four people from different parts of the world have touched each other's lives with their kindness is so uplifting.

  6. Sounds like a great product. Thanks for sharing the story and product.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing my story - well not exactly mine but I did the asking. The wonderful kind people from Guidelines4Guilting did the making and sending. I am so impressed with this company that I have ordered a full set for me too and can't wait for them to come. You see I have MS and feel that this system would work perfectly for me too.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  8. Giles just told me about your post so I came to read it. It's fabulous and I'm so glad you featured the ruler and Giles and Patricia. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!

  9. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This looks like a great tool.

  11. Great history.I`m going to have a look,Thanks!!

  12. Hi Samm, this really looks like something that will really help me with the arthritis in my hands, I have such a hard time holding the rulers down to get a straight cut. Thanks again for bringing something useful to our attention. Blessings Sandra

  13. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.I will check out this company too.

  14. That is just one reason that I love the quilting world....our love to share with each other, whether it be encouragement, tips and hints to help us do better or recommendations of products that we can't live without. Thank you for spreading the word about this awesome company and these special quilters.

  15. A wonderful story about the continued generosity in this quilting community of ours. Thanks for sharing this story!

  16. What a lovely story, and a great product....I'm off to the site to see more!

  17. That is news worthy of sharing for which I thank you!! It really is heart warming to know such good kind people still exist in this world :) And quilters to boot, of course! :) :)

  18. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. It is so nice to hear about good things and good deeds. Blessings to the good people that made it happen and to those who told their story.

  19. I might actually use a rotary cutter if I had a tool like that! Brilliant!

  20. I've seen this product being advertised but didn't know anything about the Company. Thanks for sharing this story and kudos to Guidelines4Quilting for their generosity!

  21. Hi Madame Samm and friends. This is just awesome to see how companies such as Guidelines4Quilting has thought of everything that a person might need that is not the best at cutting a straight line or being able to hold something down to cut straight this is wonderful!!!! And I am sure that people who are not limited can also receive relief from this company. Kuddos to you Madame Samm and Guidlines4Quilting, thank you!

  22. Thanks so much! I will definitely check this out :)

  23. It is always wonderful when someone reminds us how we can rise above our disabilities and make them abilities... Another like quilter, from Texas, USA is Diane Rose. She is totally blind now... Yet still makes beautiful quilts... You can read about her here http://www.theamazingquilter.com/


  24. Thank you so much, I am heading over to check this out. Suffering from Fibromyalgia and muscle pain, sometimes I just can't put the pressure on my rulers and they slide around! Blessings!

  25. It never ceases to amaze me how those of us in the quilting world are so caring, loving and giving! This sounds like a product I could benefit from with my arthritis and fibromyalgia. Anything to keep me quilting! YOu have been given a large platform to share such good news and I love you for always thinking of others.
    Gmama Jane
    Thanks to so many of my quilting friends for their words of prayers and encouragement after our Tornadoes on Friday! This one was 1 mile from my house and hit the building my son works in giving him 45 sec. to seek shelter. Yes, indeed, I have much to be grateful for on this Sunday!

  26. I love it....I say I have friends all around the world, because of my blog...I so enjoy the kindness, stories and sharing!!!

  27. Being a friend of Giles I would like to take the chance to thank you from the bottom of heart for thinking of him. It warms my soul to know that people are always thinking of someone other than self. Thank you so very much.

  28. I've got to check this product out. I am always sliding my ruler... OOPS!

    This is a great story. The world is still sprinkled with lovely and caring people and companies! :)

  29. Where do I start? I read this post the day it was posted, but I was at work so couldn't comment ... and since then I've tol so many people about it but keep forgettting to come back and leave a comment ... how terrible is that! But it's wonderful to come bac a few days later and read all the positive comments!

    I have so many thank you's - to Patricia for finding such a great ruler that might work with my needs, and Guidelines for their imaginative thinking and genuine generosity ... as others have said here, it the quilting community is a special connunity to be a part of! And thanks too for Madam Sam and this blog ... this isn't the first time she's taken time to reply to something I've commented, though this post itself is extra wonderful!

    Finally I am so thrilled to see so many positive much positive interest in the Guidelines ruler - that's the sign of a really great product, one that works for so many different needs ... I hope everybody who tries it finds it as helpful to their continued quilting!

    And thanks to everybody who has stopped by my blog and become new followers! I am very happy to meet you and am slowly working through following everybody back! :)


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