Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's a runner month and with Petra....she is ready with a Plus Quilt

I am so happy to be back here visiting with you all and sharing a runner this month!

This is my + runner I made for the fall. At the time I had been wanting to try a plus quilt and the nice thing about runners is they're a great way to try new things with minimal time commitment. I love how it turned out so there is definitely a quilt in the future and maybe a summer runner in some bright colors. For this tutorial I am going to focus more on what fabrics to use and layout then the specifics of the sewing.

I used 10 different fabrics for my runner but you could use more or less. This is a perfect project for using scraps or fat eighths. The trick is picking the fabric, what I think makes a good plus quilt is a balance of pattern and contrast of tone. 
The breakdown is 

 3 solid fabrics (A,C,H)
 4 small print fabrics (B,D,G,J)
 3 medium print fabrics (E,F,I)

 In each group I picked a light, medium, and dark tone for more contrast between the pluses. If all of the prints or colors are too similar the pluses will blend together too much. In the case of the small prints I did two light toned prints the grey Heath and yellow DS fabric.

Laying them out is actually my favorite part but it's not everyones so I am going to make an easy pattern for you to follow. You can follow my suggestions or pick 10 fabrics of your own.

Here's the fabric that I used and how many 2 1/2" squares to cut of each.

  • A - Eggplant solid 10
  • B-  Brown Heath 16
  • C-  Rust 10
  • D-  DS Quilts Modern Texture Yellow 10
  • E-  Wood grain 10
  • F-  Anthology High Society yellow 14
  • G-  Kaffe Fassett 7
  • H-  Gold 10
  •  I-  Anthology High Society mixed colors 14
  • J-  Grey Heath 7

Once you have all of your 2 1/2" squares cut lay them out on your cutting table following the pattern above. You will have 6 rows of 18 squares each. To sew a row together I stack the squares left to right keeping the left square on top and start sewing them together using a 1/4"seam until you've completed the row.

After you have your 6 rows sewn press your seams open and lay your rows out in the correct order. Then sew 1 to 2, 3 to 4, and 5 to 6. Sew these 3 groups together and you have your runner top! Your finished runner will be 12 1/2" by 36 1/2".

Make a mini quilt sandwich pinning or spray basting together. Quilt however you like. I went with a simple diagonal but I think next time I'll try something a little more detailed. Sew on your binding and your done. I love the Wood grain fabric for binding I think I need to track down some more of it!

 Thank you again Madame Samm you bring us all together! I've enjoyed the wide variety of runners this month and we're only halfway through. Stop by and visit sometime at Sew Paint Create I'd love to see you!



  1. I enjoy making runners and this looks like fun...thanks for sharing this pretty runner and tutorial!

  2. Beautiful runner. I love this design and your fabrics are gorgeous!

    Thanks for a great tutorial, Petra!

  3. WOnderful choices of fabric and color! Such a pretty runner, thank you for sharing.

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  5. Ein toller Tischläufer. Vielen Dank!!
    LG Grit

  6. Beautiful runner and I love how you laid it out with numbers to use for choosing our fabric. Thank you!

  7. Great design and I agree the wood grain looks so perfect! Lovely runner :)

  8. Beautiful runner Petra and the wood grain fabric used on the border is awesome. Very good tutorial also. Thank you.

  9. I am left wondering what I can do with just squares and a pen and paper. Started the brain working

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  12. Great tut Petra. Thankyou for the alphabet layout and colour list. This would be a great take-along project for hand piecing.

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  15. Thank you everyone it's been fun! I hope to come across some of your runners someday. Madame Samm will you be doing a link party at the end of the month?

  16. Thanks for sharing this fun runner , interesting pattern and colors.

  17. Very nice runner. And it is nice to see a scrap version that doesn't have to have really big pieces of fabric to make it work.

  18. I love the Plus Quilts after making my granny squares I ended up with a ton of the 2 1/2 inch cut by color group and my plan is to do something like your quilt with it. Love how those work.


  19. I need to make a couple of runners for gifts and I love this one! blessings, marlene

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  21. Hi Petra, you are just the best when it comes to simple and this runner

  22. I have been wanting to make a + quilt. What a fun way to try it. Thanks for the tutorial.

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