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It's all about Runners and we begin with Jane...and her Table Runners with Attitude 2 guests today...look....


Thank You Madame Samm for INVITING me stop by on this very *special* day in March to show everyone a Table Runner I'm working on.Today is my Birthday!!  At age 59, I'm grateful for all my blessings and wonderful moments spent with my family...all 12 of us!  Some of our families' best times are spent around the dinner table with great food and even better Stories!   

Table Runner can add an "attitude" to any dinner.  

Here is a Table Runner I made last spring in a class at Quiltfest in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.
I loved the colors and knew my friend Marlene would love it for her Birthday Present.  I named it "Lil Smokey" for it's birthplace and the fall colors and attitude of the Smokey Mtns. it evokes.

     Today I'm sharing a *WONKY HOUSE* Table Runner.

Recently, I participated in a Wonky House Swap sponsored by Jane at Jane's Fabrics.  Since, I had NEVER EVER made a wonky house , I had to go to several web sites to get an idea for what I had signed up for before beginning to create.  I discovered that "wonky" is a little harder to do than I thought.  Most of us quilters sew straight lines, measure twice-cut once, points are sharp, everything in its place is how we like it.  I definitely needed some inspiration.  SEW...I called in the BIG GUN...someone with real *Wonky* attitude...someone to show me how to *draw Wonky* and *BE* Wonky!
Here she is!
Miss Emma Grace
My Wonky Inspiration!
What better way to kill several birds with one stone, so to speak?!
1.  Spend Time with my Granddaughter and nurture her natural love of wanting to SEW
2.  Sew a Table Runner/Topper for SEW WE QUILT BLOG
3.  Show GMAMA how to "do" Wonky. I let her Draw 
some houses on paper for practice.
After all, A Granddaughter Steals Your Heart
Valentine Wonky Heart Block
Would You Like a Great Project to
 Do with Your Child or Grandchild?

You will need:
Any Fusible Adhesive Backing Product will work
Select Fabric to Adhere the "Sticky Stuff"  (Grandmama Talk)
PUll out your stash of Applique scraps with the "sticky stuff" already on the fabric back.
I have a large basket with all sizes of this type of stash for all my future "wonky" projects.
After the rousing success of the Table Runner project, I suspect there will be more projects like it.
Cut a Background Block the size of your choice.
I used an old sheet and cut blocks 9 1/2 square for Emma G's blocks and 12 1/2 for mine.
Then turn loose the little "artist"
I allowed her to place the fabric to her liking before we peeled the backing off the Heat n Bond.
 I zigzagged around the objects...I had to ask what a few of these were???  She didn't seem to be insulted........Whew! THEN...I pressed with iron to fuse pieces to background and I even showed  how to press a few items since I have a small travel iron which fits little hands perfectly.  I want to teach EG how to sew and craft safely!

Kinda cute for a 7 yr. old, don't ya think?

Choose some fabric to connect the blocks
EG chose the Royal Blue strips (2 1/2 in. my choice)
Here it is *in Progress*
I'm NOT a Photographer, sorry!
I did tell you it's not finished, didn't I?
A little thing called an F-3 TORNADO BLEW Through our community on Friday
and we didn't get to finish our table runner on Sat. as planned
.  Neighbors needed to be fed while cleaning up storm damage
and we were on Kitchen Detail.
But you get the idea, right?!


 See the Solid Pink Block?  I'm going to put the GPeeps Handprints on this block)
Don't you think that will make it special?
Our family eats together A LOT, and having a Table Runner with input from the Grandchildren will make the dinners even more special PLUS, make for some good conversation.  The strength of our family has Grown out of the meals we have shared primarily on Sunday Nights.  The stories,laughs, and even a few tears shared around my table have been and will continue to be... Priceless. 
 My plan is to continue making Table Runners based on special family occasions and celebrations.  Like I said, Emma and I had hoped to finish our Table Ruuner on Saturday but Life intervened so we dropped back to Plan B.  
Emma Grace mentioned that perhaps we should draw a Tornado on the runner!?  What a Great idea EG!!  We will definitley have to do that on Saturday when you come to sew with Grandmama.
Wonky Blocks, Pink Gingham Sashing, Solid Pink Block for Handprints
 Table Runner Backing Fabric...
EG's  choice...
why am I not surprised?
I'll take THREE 12 1/2 in. Wonky House Blocks, TWO SOLID PINK Blocks (for handprints), sew pink gingham sashing in between,
 use cotton batting I have on hand, AND make a 
Quilt Sandwich
Blocks on Top
Batting in the middle
60's Butterfly print on bottom
Narrow binding all around (will select binding fabric when ready for it)

I'll Finish up BOTH Table Runners and post them up on my blog
Grandmama's Stories on Friday or Saturday!
I'm also having a Give-Away of my 
Ghastlies' Table Runner for NEW FOLLOWERS of my blog.

 Fly on over for more details
I've loved sharing a little piece of myself and my family with you.  Thank you Madame Samm, as always, for having me here and supporting the Quilting World in such a unique way/
Blessings, me Jane...


  1. How cute and whacky! Love that you included your granddaughter with the project.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. Not only a great runner tutorial, but a super craft to share with a younger one during Nat'l Craft Month. So happy your family was not directly affected with the storms - be safe.

  3. Seriously, completely LOVE that backing fabric - the brown with the butterflies - Any idea where it came from?
    Looks like a very fun experience!

  4. Happy Birthday, have a nice working day !!!

  5. What a wonderful post with all your table runners and instructions on how to make them! Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have some cake! You definitely had a good excuse for not finishing the runner...hope all in the community are recovering from the storm.

  6. Very cute Jane and all while making good quality time with granddaughter.. Kudos to you...

  7. Well I'm definately into wonky and quirky! Your g'daughter looks so cute at the machine and well done on her project.

  8. Love the Lil Smokey! The design and colors are wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished wonky house runner. Absolutely love the Ghaslies!Thanks for sharing despite the weather. Happy to hear you are all ok.

    It's awesome that you are teaching your granddaughter to sew.

  9. What a special project. It is like a useful family heirloom. Awesome!

  10. I sew with children at every opportunity and it is so much fun. Must be why I enjoyed this post!!

  11. Yea! Loved the blog post here. Love the teaching the GDaughter to sew, and love the Wonky blocks. You are awesome, Jane. Still waiting to meet you. :D

  12. What a fun post....great for getting the creative juices going in the morning.

  13. And happy birthday too. Great runner ideas with the wonky houses and GD. Thanks.

  14. Happy birthday, and here's hoping for more happy times with granddaughter, creating memories and tablerunners! How precious!

  15. I love the kids addition! What a great project!!

  16. Good Morning Jane and happy name sake day..your wonky runner is light and airy and filled with fun...glad you are all safe...

  17. I can't wait until my grandbaby is old enough to sew! What a great idea to kick-start the love for sewing with your grandie.

    Love it!

  18. Happy Birthday! Thank you for the tutorial! Great to see kids sewing!

  19. Really cute runners and I love the inspiration.

  20. Wonderful tutorial and thank you for sharing your "wonky". Happiest of all birthdays to you Jane and hope your day is as special as you are. Judy C

  21. Happy Birthday, Jane!
    Eep. Hope everyone in your community is okay (I'm assuming that you are since you were busy feeding those on clean-up detail). Keeping you in my thoughts.

  22. Happy Birthday to you... Love the wonky houses - what an awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing :-)

  23. It's so great to include family members in the process. It makes the final product all the more special. Love the wonky house blocks!! =D

  24. I love this! thank you and happy birthday! You have inspired me to do some sewing with my nieces!

  25. Happy Birthday Jane....sEw glad you are safe....luv to see Emma Grace spending time with Grandma...I miss my grandpeeps, have not seen them since mid December....how time flies...I like the idea of the hand prints on the block....it definitely would make the block 'special'. Thanks for sharing...(o:

  26. Love your Lil Smokey runner--beautiful! I've been wanting to do a wonky house and thanks to your tutorial I just might get the energy to try it. Thanks!

  27. Jane your Lil Smokey is gracing the desk in my living room - I should send you a picture - and it is absolutely perfect there. I love your wonky houses, kind of wish I could have participated in that swap but it just wasn't to be this time. blessings, marlene


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