Sunday, March 4, 2012

Behind the Seams of our March Banner Winners, from USA, Australia and Bulgaria

It was a month of HEART and there is no denying that...
Linda, Deonn, Bente and Christine 
delivered that and more...
I will certainly miss the impact this month had on me
and all those who were part of it....
Cheerio Ladies...come back again!

NOW it's time to swing into SPRING
with these ladies...

302 Green quilts were submitted...gosh a lot of you like GREEN
quilts. lol. I chose these 4 for impact, design, blend and most
of all from different parts of our globe.

Our March line up begins with
LuAnn, Jess, Amanda and Boriana....
Congrats Ladies, you will have us all swinging into Spring
with A RUNNER month....all runners this month will be

Let's take a Peak at their 
Beginning with LuAnn

Thanks to Madame Samm for choosing my Nearly Insane quilt to appear on the March Swinging Into Spring banner here at !Sew We Quilt!  I am thrilled!
I love the story of this quilt. Several friends and I that met regularly at our local quilt shop were intrigued by the Nearly Insane quilt. This quilt is a reproduction of the sampler quilt made by Salinda W. Rupp of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1870.  In 2003, Liz Lois published the Nearly Insane book which is much like the Dear Jane book. There are few directions and just line drawings of the blocks. We decided to form a Nearly Insane Support Group and meet once a month to work on our blocks and share our progress. We analyzed the blocks, redrew lines and even listed them according to number of pieces. Each member brought something to the group. I love to draw in electric quilt so I shared how to print paper piecing patterns and redraw the blocks to make the piecing easier. Another taught us the importance of preparing block kits to be ready to sew a block when we had time; one shared with us why we should photograph our blocks and journal to keep track of our progress.  Another member loves the history of quilting and searched second hand bookstores and eBay until she found copies of the book, New Discoveries in American Quilts which contains the Salinda Rupp quilt to give to each of us. I truly enjoyed the process of making this quilt.
I am from Indianapolis. USA

And now with Jess

Hi Madam Samm and everyone! Yay, I am so excited to have my quilt included in your March banner!
#1 This quilt started with a charm pack of "Origin" that I had in my stash for ages and had no idea what to do with because it isn't my usual style but I seriously loved it!
Then I won a Kate Conklin pattern giveaway and I chose the Charm Bracelet pattern because - yes you guessed it - it used a charm pack...and solids which I was dying to try out, I love solids now BTW...I got the design for the quilting from The Freemotion Quilting Project and it is called Circuit Board.
Anyway, even while I was making this quilt I had no idea who this quilt would be for until one day we were visiting friends who are special to us but live quite far away and as we chatted I was studying their lounge room - the quilt would go perfectly here!
So not long after (about 4 months LOL) they got a surprise in the mailbox and I hear that they loved it and they use it when they are travelling!
#2 The quilt is a Kate Conklin Design called Charm Bracelet. I did put a label on it but forgot to take a picture.
#3 A new photograph  - I don't have the quilt anymore but have attached a couple more photos for you. I am kicking myself for not taking better pictures now!
#4 link to your blog post - More here on my quilt
I hope this is what you are after - I am not a super story teller so I hope it sounds ok!
Thanks so much, Jess

I am from Queensland Australia...

Now let's go to Amanda's

Hi Madame Samm and everyone at Sew We Quilt

You can find my original post here…
It is called “Portraits of My Garden” and is available at various shops and also through distributors.  The main thing I’d say about this quilt is it is REALLY easy.  That surprises people when they first look at it, but there are no seams to match!
I made it with Veranda and it was part of my original collection of six quilts that were the first in my pattern line.
It is twin sized and is really great quilt for large-scale feature prints that you can just not bear to cut, and it takes on a different look with different values and quilting patterns in the background area.  Can’t remember how long it took because I sewed those original six patterns in such a rush.  But again, this was the easiest of the quilts so maybe a few days?
Thanks for featuring it.  

 I am in Charlotte North Carolina!

And now last but not least

Hello Madame Samm I am so deeply honored to be chosen, thank you, here is my story of my Spring quilt
Winters in my country are long and freezing. Usually, at the end of March I am really fed up with all that snow and cold and my soul starts dreaming about blooming flowers, summer dresses and sand beaches. Last April I was looking through the window and I noticed that the lilac shrub in the garden starts bursting into bloom. The blossoms were so fine and lively and smelled so sweet and I was thinking…oh could I have this moment forever.
Same day, going out for shopping, I went to a fabric shop just to have a look. And there I saw some new fabrics in lilac and light green. Looking them, the picture of the lilac shrub under my window came in my mind and I knew I need these fabrics for a quilt that will capture the spring feeling and will keep it in my house forever.
So, here it is, my Spring quilt with modern design and cheerful colours. I made it in one weekend without stopping for breath.
I hope you like it as much as I do..
My name is Boriana and I am from Bulgaria. 
Here is my blog

Wow!, I think I enjoy the stories behind the quilts
as much as the quilts themselves.
To think we are global and that is what brings
us all together. some fabric and threads....

A reminder as we swing into spring, that 
some great comments from YOU, will have these ladies
soaring... Let them know please how much you appreciate
them as they ARE what makes this blog sew unique..
YOU are all Smart, KIND and important to us all.

This month is about runners, all kinds of runners.
sew stay tuned....

And if you have any quilts with RED or WHITE or YELLOW
please send them off..YOU may be on our banner next month...
please send photos to madamesamm@cogeco.ca


  1. Wonderful to meet all the ladies and read their stories. The quilts are all so pretty and so special. Congrats to you all! And Madame Samm, your banner is so creative. In addition to those gorgeous quilts swinging in the breeze, your fabric grass is terrific!

  2. I always enjoy the new look to your blog,the stories and quilts are my favorites, I love green. Thank you ladies from all around the world from this lady in UK.

  3. Each one of you has created a most lovely quilt that will have us all anticipating Spring! Your color choices are so spring like. I LOVE the March Banner Samm... you have outdone yourself with this one...but then I always think the same thought every month and then every month you do it all over again.
    Welcome Spring
    Gmama Jane

  4. What wonderful, lovely quilts in this month's banner!! Makes me feel ready to 'swing' into 'spring'! Great job to all the contributors *and* the illustrious banner-maker herself! :)

  5. Pretty quilts!!! Congrats to this month's "banner" quilters!

  6. The stories of the quilts was such an enjoyable read--thanks for sharing ladies! Love the quilts!

  7. These behind the seams stories this month are exceptionally well written. I do like the spring feeling of the winners for this month's banner. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you Madame Samm for another knockout banner.

  8. Congratulations to each of you for having your quilts chosen for the banner! All of the quilts are lovely and the stories behind each quilt adds so much. Everything is gorgeous! And, Mdm. Samm you put together another wonderful banner, I can feel the spring breese blowing the quilts!

  9. These are all such beautiful quilts.

  10. Just a wonderful Spring Banner and so nice to meet some new bloggers (some I know) - just a super grouping of Green!

  11. Hi Samm, gosh, it feels like forever since I have been here..truth is..life keeps getting in the way of things I want to do..I'm sure you can relate. too much day at the end of the time..Love the fabric grass..this is my favorite banner by far..whoda thunk it right? ha ha you know me and green! The banner is great, you are so creative Samm, and just look at the workmanship in these quilts! Awesome talents. I would LOVE borianas quilt gracing my bed! All beautiful though! Congrats ladies, as you well know, it is quite an honor to have your work grace one of Madames banners! xoxox Christel

  12. Good afternoon ladies....ahhh yes green is here, and everyone of these quilts swings us into spring...love your stories and these small snippets of more of your lives as quilters. Will enjoy coming by each day!

  13. What should I say...just THANK YOU for choosing my quilt from hundreds of quilts for your March banner. It is really a big honor and I feel soooo happy :)
    Madame Samm, is it possible to make a link to my blog bubche.blogspot.com? It is in Bulgarian but photos do not need any translation :))
    Have a wonderful spring!

  14. I too find the stories behind the quilts fascinating! I love historical stories especially! Obviously not seeing well means the stories and descriptions are as important to me as the photos! It's great hearing how these quilts came to be, and how you all made them! Thanks for sharing your stories!

    Giles (Touch And Sew / touchandsew.blogspot.com)

  15. Great works. Hoping the spring will come soon. I am from Bulgaria, too. Like Boryana,s quilt. She and her quilt are very much alike. So stylish, fine and precise.

  16. Congratulations to this month's banner ladies. All your quilts are lovely. It's lovely to hear the stories behind each quilt.

  17. Congratulations ladies! What stunning quilts and delightful stories. The banner is just beautiful Samm, quilts swinging in the breeze. The smell of fresh spring air! I cannot wait!

  18. Congratulations Ladies your quilts along with the stories behind them is a wonderful way to start our March and delightful to look at and think of Spring. Madame Samm as usual you do not disappoint with your spring forward attitude and beautiful colors. I will be looking forward to what we get into this month.
    Congratulations to all the previous months winners your lucky, lucky ladies!!!!!

  19. Thank you so much Madam Samm for picking my quilt this month! The others are fantastic and I feel lucky to be up on the banner with them!

  20. Love the stories! Doesn't every quilt have a story in one way or another. We should probably all keep a journal with the story attached to each quilt.

  21. It makes me smile to see my quilt swinging up there on the March banner Samm. Thanks for choosing my quilt and sharing my story.

  22. Changing the banner each month is a wonderful way to showcase and introduce amazing quilts and their makers. Green is really quite refreshing...just like nature. Joyful sewing...

  23. each are georgous! love the green color so peaceful! nice day

  24. I love to see who/which quilts get featured in the banner each month. I can imagine that it is very hard to choose the finalists. But so fun too. Happy March everyone!

  25. These are all lovely. Congrats on banner quilts!

  26. I sew look forward to the beginning of each month. The new banner and the stories behind it. It's terrific to "meet" new people who are creative and talented.
    Thanks Madame Samm for bringing us all together.

  27. I SEW agree with Carol, the stories are excellent reading. thank you. I enjoy your blog.

  28. I love your new banner, Madam Samm; you are so creative.

    It's wonderful to read the story behind each quilt. It provides another aspect to appreciate. All the quilts are lovely, and if any one of them fell into my hands, I'd be reluctant to let it go.

  29. These Banners are awesome. It's so nice of you to showcase so many wonderful quilts! How lucky we are to have you!! Congrats to all the Banner ladies..These are beautiful quilts...a couple have gone to my TO Do list :)

  30. Love these. Thank you Madame Samm and the banner quilt artists. When I finish the project on my design wall, I'm going to try one of these four!

  31. Lovely Banner, beautiful quilts!
    always nice to visit your blog
    Madame Samm ☺
    Liebe Grüeß
    Bente - Germany

  32. Beautiful banner for March. :) Love to hear the stories behind the quilts and to visit new blogs. Wonderful creations Ladies!

  33. What a great banner for March...love the highlighted quilts and stories behind them...congrats to all the ladies!


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